[Kindle] ♠ .hack//Another Birth Volume 3 (Hack//Another Birth) ☢ Tyrakel.de

this a great book i like it alot it is fun to read and i cant wait to read the next book to this [Kindle] ☺ .hack//Another Birth Volume 3 (Hack//Another Birth) ⚆ Akira Once Again Enters The Onlien Game The World In Order To Save Her Younger Brother, Who Has Lapsed Into A Coma With The Virus Infection Now Spreading To Protected Areas, She Joins Forces With Kite To Unravel The Mystery Of The Epitaph Of The Twilight And The Curse Wave I stopped reading this series a while ago and then forgot who all the characters were, but by the end of this one I was back in the story, and I m looking forward to the last book in the series Really, it just makes me want to play video games An addicting series you just cannot put down. There s a lot romance in this book, like a love triangle They re also getting really into the book, it gets really exciting SWBST THEMEAkira is a normal high school girl unless she is playing the virtual game the world She wants to find out what happened to her brother but she has to put her life on the line to get some answers So she teams up with Kite and the others to find some answers Then book 4 came out.The theme of the book is Good vs Evil because the main character is constantly fighting against something that is trying to take over The World. I really enjoyed the video game series, and although I m a bit disappointed that this book is retelling the events of the video game, I think it was nice to have a different perspective and a little explanation on the situation.