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READ PDF Ã In Bed With the Boss ⚛ From Model SecretaryFor Three Years, Kalera Martin Has Been A Model Secretary To Duncan Royal, With Only One Hiccup In Their Otherwise Perfect Relationship A One Night Stand That Should Never Have Happened, And Which Both Have Tried To Forget Or So Kalera Thought The Boss S Mistress But Duncan Is Haunted By Their One Night Of Unbelievable Passion, And Secretly Longs For Their Relationship To Develop After Office Hours As A Rule, He Can Have Any Woman He Wants So He S Furious When Kalera Announces Her Engagement To Another Man Whatever It Takes, Duncan Intends To Entice Her Into His Bed Once And This Time It Will Be Forever I agree with another reviewer, Amber, who said she didn t really LIKE the couple but was nonetheless invested in their relationship That about sums it up for me Truth be told, I was slightly interested in the Stephen Terri story line and only towards the end.I think Harry deceased spouse was a supporting character in this book and still played a prominent role in the lives of the heroine, and we find out later the hero.It was kinda creepy to me that whole soul bearing thing the hero did about his relationship with the heroine s deceased spouse I know of very few men who would tolerate another man s open longing for his wife with the same amount of trust Harry must have been a saint among men. This book was kind of boring and strange so I gave up on it Despite the hero wearing a velvet matador jacket and getting a dangling earring maybe because of that since he thought that made him cool I just don t like books where the heroine is with someone else during part of the book, plus the hero s personality was kind of rubbing me the wrong way I think he was supposed to come off as some sort of rebel but he seemed like a loud, dorky man trying to be cool who had a sense of style straight out of the 80 s this was written in 1999 I did not finish this book so any comment are based off of the first few chapters before I decided to DNF it But below you can enjoy the funny quotes describing the jacket and earring.Description of the matador jacket the hero wore He was dressed head to toe in black, his sculpted silk velvet jacket cropped like a matador s, the wide lapels and cuffs stiff with flamboyant gold embroidery THE EARRING rawr You re wearing an earring she gasped, sufficiently distracted to forget she was about to edge her chair away from his Yes, do you like it He turned so that the elongated jet and chased gold teardrop swung against the tanned column of his neck, almost brushing the collar of his jacket A stud or a ring was a fairly commonplace decoration of modern macho cool, but the wickedly frivolous elegance of that dangling earring made an entirely different statement It was the exquisite piece of jewellery that a languid Elizabethan fop might have wornor a modern rock and shock star I didn t even know you had your ear pierced murmured Kalera faintly I didn t until this afternoon, he said For some reason I had this sudden, compelling urge to go out and do something just for sheer hell of it, something satisfyingly primitive, and preferably masochistic I know I shouldn t be wearing anything but a stud in it yet, Duncan went on in his confiding tone, but you know me, Kalera, I like to experiment If you stick to the rules all your life you end up never doing any real living Holy crap there was so many funny things in those quotes that I just couldn t take this seriously Modern macho cool Rock and shock star Dangly black and gold earring makes you such a bad boy Duncan Rawr. Re In Bed With the Boss Susan Napier does a breezy little office romance with the opposites attract trope in this one.The h is widowed and works as an executive secretary for the H She is very conservative and reserved, mainly because her parents were all about the free love and lifestyle and left her to pretty much raise herself The h remarks at one point that she wasn t even sure if her parents even knew who she was when she was around The h s dead husband was a hugely stabilizing influence in her life and her marriage to him gave her the security and comfort that she had always longed for So when her husband died, the h found herself having a one night of purple passion with the H and she is really frightened and puzzled that she let herself go to such an extent She feels a lot when she is around the H, but it scares her and just going with feelings seems to be tantamount to leaping out a plane without a parachute, so the h is pretty consistent in thinking she needs to keep herself safe The H is the exact opposite, he is a computing genius entrepreneur and the loudly joking, fun extrovert to the h s quiet introversion The H is also massively in love with the h and tho the h doesn t know it, the h s first husband was quite aware of this fact But the h s first husband also knew that the h was totally devoted to him and so he kindly befriended the H, in spite of the H really wanting his wife, mainly because he was a nice man, understood that sometimes the heart just wants what the heart wants and also totally trusted both the H and the h The H is thinking it is time to renew his pursuit of the h, she has had a few years to grieve and his loving heart isn t getting any younger Then the h pops up with the announcement that she is engaged to the H s former friend and now ultimate rival who publicly accused the H of having it off with his wife..The h also thinks that the H had an affair with her new fiance s wife and believes that is why her new fiance got divorced What the h doesn t know is that her new fiance is a controlling, abusive jerk whose wife left him when his jealousy and his intransigence in his domineering possessiveness got way too much out of hand and the ex wife couldn t handle it any The new fiance had gotten to the point where he believed that his son was actually the bio child of the H Which is absolutely not true Tho the h s new fiance refuses a paternity test to prove it, he can t stand not being right I had to wonder if SN was thinking about a sequel to this, featuring the h s new fiance and his ex wife, they are classic HP characters anywhere else in HPlandia The new fiance tries some controlling and dictating of the h as well But to the h, it just reaffirms her belief that if the new fiance is saying something about what she wears or interrogating her about where she goes, it must mean he cares about her.The H is very insistent that this is not the case, the new fiance is a just a controlling tyrant the H also knows that the new fiance is still very much in love with his ex wife, he just won t change to be with her cause it is always his way or the highway.We get several amusing chapters with the banter and the lurve force mojo tension ping ponging rapidly back and forth between the h and H The h has to train her successor, as being married to the H s biggest competitor is not compatible with continuing to work the for the H.There are some funny scenes where the H maneuvers his way into dragooning the h into taking him to meet her family and then where the H connives to have the h meet his SN uses these scenarios to show that the H and h really do have a lot in common, they both escaped their families to break out of molds that they just did not fit in.Tho the h feels that the H would be at home with her parent s free love kinda lifestyle than she is and she also fails to see that the H s rigidly conservative and disapproving parents could be her in twenty years, if she marries her new fiance and doesn t learn to lighten up.The h doesn t want to hear any nay saying tho, even when she herself starts to have doubts about her new fiance s plans for their life together and with her becoming the main mother figure of his son It seems the new fiance wants to punish his ex wife for her leaving him by challenging her for full custody It isn t until the h and the new fiance s engagement party that the h has to take her blinders off The H sneakily sends her a scarlet dress that the h believes is from her new fiance When he has a conniption when she shows up to the party in it, the h is prevented from having an argument by the arrival of the H, accompanied by the new fiance s ex wife in flamboyant gold lam.The engagement announcement never gets made The h s new fiance and his ex wife rush out of the party to fight and possibly have a lurve club event and the h realizes she has just been very publicly dumped.That is okay tho, cause the H is ready to whisk her away But just because the h lost another man to feel secure with, it doesn t mean she wants to be tossed onto the roller coaster of life that the H likes to jaunt about on The H has to manufacture a possible internal espionage crisis and forces the h, in her role as his secretary, to accompany him and the top seekrit computer design team to the H s seekrit Coromandel NZ hideaway.Once they are all on lock down, the H puts his charm and his sneaky seduction moves on full blast The h soon finds out that their lock down is a total sham and in the very fiery battle that follows, the h finally admits that the H has won her heart The H then explains that her first husband knew that the H was in love with her, but that he felt sorry for him because he knew the h was loyal to a fault Since the H was reeling badly from the very public divorce accusations of the h s former new fiance about seducing his wife, the h s first husband s faith in him and his honor help the H get his mojo back The h and H are now guilt free and relaxed enough to understand that under their different exteriors, they both want the same things in their hearts So they decide is it True Love Together Forever and Pink Sparkly Rainbows for both of them from here on out and we close the page on another fast, funny and pretty entertaining SN HPlandia Outing.The H in this was a riot of fun and quite charming when he wanted to be I found his exuberance a bit wearing at parts, but he did a really good big true love declaration at the end A lot of HP Voyagers aren t huge fans of the h on this one, but I understood her motivations and her insecurities and I had a lot of empathy for her Plus, for where her mindset was for most of the book, I could honestly see why she thought the OM was a better match for her than the H On paper and superficially, the OM really was seemingly attuned to the h s ways, but that is the real beauty of this book.Even tho it is a very quick read, SN deftly illustrates between what is surface and what is substance, so that by the time we get to the HEA, we see that the H and h really do complement each other in some very solid ways.The H pushes the h to take chances she wouldn t ordinarily risk and thus she gets a fulfilling life The h forces the H to slow down and appreciate things, plus while routine and organization can become a burden when taken to extremes, the h is a master at smoothing out a lot of the chaos that seems to explode in the H s life.These two balance each other and both of them have the kind of persistent determination that it takes to makes a loving marriage work So I wholeheartedly recommend this one if you like a fun HP outing that has some serious depth to it, plus a nice HEA that I am pretty sure will last and that always makes for a good day at the HP office romance. Nice and different with lots of wacky humor and heat till the h decides that stupidity indeed has to go a long way with spoilers Despite being evident the h H click in every way possible, while the h om chemistry is as limp as steamed spinach, the h persists in clinging to a not going anywhere relationship till the om shakes her off quite rudely in the penultimate chapter Then the h H go to bed and suddenly she loves the H now The H is eccentric and oddball in true SN style Humor is good with lots of usual double entendre Chemistry physical and emotional is sizzling and believable I like how he pursues her determinedly after the initial explosion when he discovers she s engaged to his rival and bete noire It s quite clear that he s loved her since forever and was waiting patiently for her to come out of mourning her dead husband so her engagement blindsides him But the h s continuing stupidity completely ruined a good romance and surely killed the book