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Re Lost In Love Michelle Reid s sixth HPlandia outing is a reconciliation story Out of all the best selling and most popular HP author s, MR probably has one of the smallest backlists, however why she is a top tier name is ably demonstrated by this book.The trope she uses is not new to HPlandia and there are at least a few hundred attempts at it scattered all through the Annals of HPness, but MR has a talent for seriously intense character interactions and a style of writing that leads to a pretty solid HEA.This book starts with Marnie, a 25 yr old divorced artist, confronting her older brother Her brother needs her to hit up her ex husband, Guy pronounced like ghee, as a really pricey car he was restoring for a customer got totaled before it could be delivered and Marnie s brother s fragile and pregnant wife, who miscarried a baby a few months before, forgot to renew the insurance.Marnie pitches a fit, as you do when your only relative wants to pimp you out to your cheatin toe rag, pimple pus , rat sniffer ex husband But she eventually agrees to hit Guy up for the money After calling around and intimidating Guy s employees, Marnie finds out Guy is in Scotland So it is off to catch the shuttle flight we go.While we are waiting, we learn that Marnie was a sweet little 19 year old who stopped by her brother s work one day to see him Since her brother worked as a mechanic for Guy, who was a famous Formula one Italian racer, she winds up meeting Guy too and then spending time with him when he messed up her car so she couldn t leave his estate.The two of them as a couple are very passionate, in all sorts of ways Marnie had fallen in love with Guy, but she figured he would be moving on to a new model soon enough and so she never mentioned it Marnie also did NOT approve of Guy s antics, or his lifestyle, or his friends, or his vast, vast lady buffet experience that has him believing that all the ladies should be worshiping at his feet But then the old Treacherous Body Syndrome came into play and Marnie just could not resist the intense rapacity of Guy s Lurve Force Mojo Overwhelmed and outflanked, Marnie finds herself married to Guy and wondering what the heck just happened Guy liked being married, he could have Marnie any time he wanted But he had issues too The main one happens to be that he feels like a despoiler and debaucher of innocent, unicorn petting maidens and the unicorns are really angry at him Guy also knows he is an arrogant rat sniffer and he knows that Marnie hates his life, his friends and his arrogance Somehow, Marnie is not succumbing to his fateful charm and it makes him feel old and horribly insecure Especially when Marnie takes exception to his friend s wild parties and his friend s propositioning her and then tells Guy that she has better things to do than sleep with an aging old stallion who sees his mission in life as putting himself out for stud So Guy may be all things donkey butt HP Alpha, but Marnie is than capable of putting him into his place Marnie has another passion too, and this drives Guy nuts because he wants everything all the time to be all about him Marnie is an artist, apparently a very good one So when Guy gets all full of himself and starts making comments about how inadequate Marnie is and maybe some other woman will be better at putting out when she won t, Marnie takes herself off to paint and she channels her passion into her art.This makes Guy even insecure and he parties harder and Marnie withdraws into her art Eventually the fighting gets so bad that Guy leaves Marnie and goes out for a night When he stumbles in the next morning, Marnie assumes he has been with another woman and the pot really starts to boil.Guy dumps Marnie on his estate with his delightful and very nice dad and then he goes off to drink and party Marnie makes a big discovery and tracks Guy down, her brother happened to know that Guy was at party at the friend s house this is the same guy that propositioned Marnie pretty crudely and she totally shot him down.So it is with a certain amount of malice that Guy s friend sends Marnie upstairs to a drunken Guy Marnie opens the door and finds Guy in bed with his former mistress and Marnie is done She has verifiable proof that Guy really is a cheatin snot gulper rat sniffer and she is out of there Marnie runs off for six months to hide and upon her return she files for divorce Guy tries to fight it, but Marnie threatened world wide paparazzi coverage of adultery and disgrace and Guy won t put his father through that So Marnie gets her divorce and sets herself up in a studio and continues to paint.Guy won t let her cut him out of her life tho, he wants his wife back and blames her brother for the demise of their marriage Guy knows full well he is an idiot to say this, but pretending to be irked at Marnie s brother means that Marnie is the one who has to come to Guy for help when her brother needs it, so Guy gets to stay in Marnie s life and continue to try and get her back Marnie, for her part, still believes he is out there sampling the lady buffet and Marnie isn t down with that Guy doesn t answer the charge either way, he tells Marnie that if she was at his side as she is supposed to be, then OW wouldn t be an issue To be fair, we never see Guy actually with another woman after the divorce and Marnie doesn t cite a specific instance of OW being present either Marnie assumes he is based on gossip mags, rumors, and her own personal knowledge of Guy s Lurve Mojo Drive But it is entirely possible and very probable that Guy really wasn t with any OW, he wears a full hair shirt of guilt of his own and I found his celibacy to be very believable even tho MR doesn t spell that out She does go out her way to suggest it between the lines and that is meant to be a reader compliment, MR is one of the few HP writers that expects her readers to figure out things without being hit over the head with them So Guy s price for helping Marnie s brother is remarriage Marnie, who is downright frantic at the thought of her fragile and newly pregnant sister in law having another miscarriage, agrees to be Guy s wife again Tho she isn t really expecting a different outcome than the last time and when Guy starts making all sorts of ludicrous demands and insists that she give up her painting commissions, Marnie has another fit.However, Guy wins cause he moved her brother and his wife back onto his estate and then he sent them off on vacation He and Marnie remarry after a tense reunion with his father and Guy s father breaks the news that Guy was the victim of his ex mistress s spite With the collaboration of Guy s former friend, who put a seriously drunk and passed out Guy into bed and left him, the ex mistress jumped into Guy s borrowed bed and pretended they were having a thing when Marnie showed up looking for him.Marnie feels very bad that she misjudged Guy so harshly, but Guy says it doesn t matter Whether or not he was drunk, he was still in bed with another woman and so Marnie had a very valid reason for her anger and betrayed feelings Guy also admits that he would have believed what he saw too, if the situation had been reversed However, they are all moving on now and Guy never plans to be apart from Marnie, so any further traveling the two of them do will always be together Finally Marnie and Guy have their big passion purple boudoir moment and in the aftermath Guy asks Marnie what happened to her pregnancy We find out that the reason Marnie went to London was because she found she was having a baby and then after seeing the Guy situation, she fell and miscarried and spent six months locked in grief and mourning.Guy has been rightly blaming himself for causing Marnie such distress He knew she was preggers before she did, but he thought she also knew and that she was withholding the information from him because she was trying to decide what to do about it Guy knew he loved Marnie from the moment they met, but he also knew that Marnie was only with him because of Treacherous Body Syndrome and he was very afraid that the Lurve Force Mojo would expire on Marnie s side of things.So to protect himself, he acted like a big old donkey butt and Marnie wound up dumping his hiney anyway but not before he realized that she loved him as much as he loved her and if he hadn t been being a slime swilling rat sniffer, the whole sad situation could have been avoided So Guy has been doing penance for the last four years, which is another argument for his celibacy, but now the whole situation has been aired out and Guy confesses he really does love Marnie, so hopefully they can build a better marriage this time around.The next morning after the big confession, Marnie wakes up to hear Guy racing his car on his private racetrack around the estate Marnie also hears the wreck that Guy gets into and goes haring off barefoot through the hedge, cause she thinks Guy is dead and she never confessed her love back.Fortunately, Guy is just a little banged up and he gets a little banged up when Marnie beats him up for terrifying her It starts to rain and the two of them have a huge emotional declaration of true love forever moment We leave the two of them at last secure in each other s love and planing on a bath and bed for two out of the rain for the big, pink sparkly and highly believable MR HEA.This one is an excellently written and paced book MR does what few HP author s manage to do Through the skillful evocation of a tone and mood, she manages to convince this very cynically hardened HPlandia veteran that Guy really is a decent man in the end and importantly, she manages to convey a real reconciliation and believable HEA.Interestingly, she doesn t even really get detailed about the big break up or miscarriage confrontation scenes Instead MR relies on conveying the detailed nuances of Marnie s feelings and emotions Through that vehicle, MR not only convinces Marnie to give Guy another change, she convinces the reader too and that makes this story one of the great HPlandia outings. Guy is 15 yrs old than Marnie, she divorces him after catching him in bed with another woman at a party he s drunk and was set up 4 yrs later he forces her to remarry him she needs for her brother.Things I liked really great depictions of Guy s devotion, his pain at her pain, through out book Great scene of her showing her love when she thinks he s hurt at the end Much powerful than the declarations of love in most other books Liked Guy s father s love for Marnie too Things I hated his dictator like pronouncement that she would give up an important part of her career commissions I like an alpha guy but too much Very paternalistic and made age difference seem creepy Also didn t like that he gave her clothes away rather than shipping to her not consistent with his feelings for her and knowing he was in the wrong And just wacky that he blamed her brother for telling her what party he was at when it was his so called friends that set him up But most of all, it seems that during the 4 year estrangement, he was with other women I had heard this described as a celibate hero book and went back to look for signs of celibacywhen Marnie says if the 4 years of estrangement were counted he d have committed adultery a dozen times over or 4 dozen , Guy says That is for me to know and you to wonder about A wife s place is at her husband s side, warming his bed and keeping his body content Your desertion of those duties leaves you with no right to question how I quenched my needs, and nor ever will it in the future But although he was drunk when he cheated with Anthea, I don t recall seeing him confirm no other women since It ruined the book for me that he went to other women normally divorce status would mean to me it wasn t cheating, but here i feel that would be getting off on a technicalityhe could have swallowed his pride and gotten the truth to her in say, 6 months when she had cooled down Or written to her They were in contact still, he is keeping the misunderstanding alive So even though they were divorced, if he still loved her and was planning to have her back as his wife, and as he says he still considered her his wife, it really cuts into the love he s supposed to feel for her to let her stew in pain and he admits that he knows that he destroyed her, while he goes off for a second sowing of oats free period with other women So if anyone has evidence of celibacy, I d love to hear the quote A well executed, blackmailed into remarriage to pay family member s debt story I really dig Michelle Reid s contempo Harlequins The writing flows, the characterizations are plausible, and the sexual tension hot, just as they were in her Price of a Bride It was also at times pretty funny, like when the hero remarks that heroine s twin proofs still peak in recognition of their master Got a good chuckle out of that line The big, terrible, misunderstanding trope was laid on pretty heavy, and the issue of extra marital affairs was definitely not resolved to my satisfaction view spoiler yes the author goes to great length to hammer the point that when the heroine walked in on her husband in flagrante with another woman, it was just a set up by the evil OW and the hero was passed out, however there were plenty of occasions prior to that when the hero taunted his wife that he was going to find willing women and stayed away from home for days, and the fact that he kept taking her to these swingers parties, disappearing and leaving her to be hit on by his so called friendsuh, gross Especially heinous considering he was a much older, worldly man and she was an innocent, young girl Not really the mine mine mine, crazy possessive attitude that I would be expecting, especially given how fixated he was AFTER she left him on getting her back Bit too late, buddy hide spoiler Oh WOW., WOW, WOWThis one is a keeper, and one of Michelle Reid s finest work This is a story about second chances, reconciliation and most of all forgiveness Guy Fabrioso is a wonderful hero who willingly accepts his past mistakes and will do anything to reconcile with his ex wife, Marnie What I found so incredible, were all the references to his commitment to Marnie The author left no confusion on the part of the reader as to how much he truly loved his wife He had every right to become embittered, but he chose to rise above it all for the sake of their love I highly recommend this one I was so invested in their story, I could not put it down. [ FREE PDF ] ♹ Lost in Love (Harlequin Presents, #1665) ☧ Someplace Between Heaven And Hell Four Years Ago, Guy Frabosa Had Hurt Marnie So Deeply That She Vowed Never To Set Eyes On Him Again And Had Divorced Him In A Blaze Of Pain And Anger He Fought Her, But She D Had A Trump Card And Had Been Desperate Enough To Use It Now Guy Held All The Cards Marnie Needed His Financial Help And Had Little Choice But To Play By Her Ex Husband S Rules He Demanded Her Body And Soul, But The Thought Of Returning To His Side As His Wife Filled Her With A Raging Hatred Made All The Consuming By Her Utterly Wanton Desire For His Lovemaking I just couldn t warm up to the male lead character view spoiler He was encouraging other women to believe he would have an affair with them He continued flaunting different women in front of his wife When his wife left a party after slapping a guy because she was propositioned to have sex outside her marriage by her husband s friend, he didn t stop being friends with him He was angry at her because she embarrassed him in front of his friends This all happened when he left his wife right after they got to the party so he could hang out with his ex lover He stopped coming home, he told his wife he was going to get a mistress Then when the wife finds out she is pregnant and rushes to tell him the good news, she finds him naked in bed with his ex lover For four years, he blamed her brother for ruining his marriage just because he told her which party her husband was at Speechless She ran away, lost the baby, came back after 6 months and demanded a divorce The only reason he agreed to the divorce was because she threatened to file divorce due to infidelity and to airing his dirty laundry all over the media After four years of going through new women like dirty socks, he finally is able to blackmail her to get married again Not once he promised fidelity, but he was quick to inform her she can no longer work and is going to be moving to the country and living in a gilded cage, while he would continue traveling and he would spend the weekend there What a charming man Not Even though he was set up to be found in bed naked with his ex lover, I blamed it on him He encouraged his ex lover enough and even though he knew well enough what his friends were about, he continued his relationship with them He even nagged about she didn t approve of his friends 4 years later which made me believe, he was still hanging out with the same circle of friends What I saw in this story was a lot of demands by the lead male character to have a traditional wife A wife isolated and have to even ask permission to call her own brother I didn t see any action or read any promises from him saying he would changeactually his actions showed him to have changed into a bigger brute in future.I did love this one sentence Because this woman has respect than sleeping with an aging old stallion who sees his main function in life as putting himself out for stud hide spoiler Enjoyed this book with a few caveats It was well written and I loved how the hero was determined not to give up on their marriage and how he accepted blame for his mistakes Here s a thing I wonder constantly in HP books The hero is seducing the reluctant heroine and she s all I don t want you And of course she is trembling and kissing him back and has not will power to resist him and he says of course you want me, your trembling body and pointy nipples tells me so Why does she never say my body might want you but my mind does not It seems to me that would give her some sort of credibility and plausible denial She never does though Here s my caveats view spoiler You knew all along that it was going to turn out that he had been drunk and the OW had snuck naked into his bed so that the heroine could find her there It was a bit painful to read Also, there was not enough discussion of how their marriage was already on the rocks before that scene I wanted to see him explain why he partied so hard and let other random women come on to him all the time while first married to her hide spoiler This is another one of those urban legend Michelle Reid books that so many people say how good it is And it is worthy of every piece of that praise This is such a wonderful, beautiful story.Both the hero and heroine suffer greatly throughout Their story is fraught with confusion, bitterness, hurt, passion you name it But through it all, I could tell these two characters loved each other deeply The writing is so powerful, Michelle Reid is truly a master at this.Guy has to be one of my favourite ever heroes He isn t afraid to own up to his mistakes, yet also not willing to ever give up on the love he and the heroine had Sigh This book is so romantic, as well as heart breaking So much has happened between the hero and heroine that it would have been easy for the story to get lost under everything, but Michelle Reid manages to keep the focus on the most important part the love the still, despite everything, have for one another.And, the result, is a pretty much perfect story.Originally posted at There are not many Harlequin Mills and Boon books that I give 5 stars to but this is one of them I absolutely loved it and it ticked every single box for me It is one of those that is full of angst, and throughout you can feel the pain from both hero and heroine Towards the end there is a real kicker that I wasn t expecting which ramped up the angst even further The hero is the type of character that even if you disliked him throughout the book, your heart will break and you will fall in love with him at the end when they talk and finally open up to each other. Rating 4.5 stars Reason for rating it made me tear up an indication a book deserves 4 stars and There were sweet moments that I absolutely adored and loved Read date 22 08 2015Relationship toxicity 1 10 8.GUYHe nodded curtly You are referring, no doubt, to the fact that I wished my bride to come to me innocent on our wedding night I hate this double standards I HATE IT I m all for people saving themselves for the right person, heck to be honest, I love it It s absolutely beautiful when a person has only been with that special someone, and not screwed every single person on the block gag But I absolutely HATE IT when men who are manwhores specifically want blushing virgin brides and I know lots that do They ll sleep with multiple women from the club, but would never keep the women on as a long time girlfriend or wife because they re easy Why should a tainted cesspool of % think they re even good enough We need to Tim Tebow esk MEN in this world, not little monkey boys who can t keep their sausage zipped cry cry Another thing with Guy is the paternal way he acts towards Marnie She isn t his daughter, yet he treats her like she is Further, he is extremely possessive about her and he seems to think it is alright for a man to have an affair, as long as the wife doesn t find out Exhibit AMarnie glared at him with contempt So get thee behind me, woman she scorned his arrogance For I am your lord and master Yes he hissed, almost lifting her out of the chair with the hard grasp of his hands That is exactly it Now stop riling me to anger He threw her away from him, to straighten up Exhibit BYou ll sleep where I tell you to sleep, when I let you sleep, he countered, just as flatly Exhibit CAs from tonight, you became my property again which means you ll be taking no commissions which take you away from home I won t give up my work for you, Guy she stated sharply You will do exactly as I say, he informed her I m not going to lie, I did find his possessiveness and commanding nature HOT Like steaming out I love take control men BUT HE IS A VERY FRUSTRATING man It is also understandable why Marnie acts the way she does like a little pampered boy in a man s body who can t keep his pants zipped and his libido in check, if you ask me.That was my first impression of guy But after 70% of the book, Guy starts to redeem himself and get his MAN cardview spoilerIs it OK to find me in bed with another woman so long as you can blame it on the evil drink No, she whispered But That wasn t how it happened, she was going to say, but he cut her short Then I am guilty as always charged, he snapped And that is all that needs to be said on the subjecthide spoiler