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The story gives us a good all round look at the occupation from different points of view Daniel filled out the characters background and made even the young German a likeable person This made the story fun to read and kept you reading just oneoage Well written,nuanced, well developed characters, highly detailed, strong plots and works on different levels One for any fan of war, political or allohistorical fiction. [Read Ebook] ☤ Jackboot Britain ⚆ JACKBOOT BRITAIN, By Daniel S Fletcher, Is Set In An Alternate , In Which Nazi Germany Was Victorious Over The British Empire Jackboot Britain Is A Nightmare World The Book Follows The Trials And Tribulations Of A Range Of Characters From Various Walks Of Life, As They Struggle To Exist In A Europe And Britain Ruled By The Germany Of Adolf HitlerFrom Captured British Troops Held As Prisoners Of War, To Major Jochen Wolf And The Conflicted, And Conflicting SS Men In Whose Care They Are Placed To Auxiliary Partisans In The Underground British Resistance, Anti Fascist Veterans Of The Spanish Civil War To A Young, Female Jewish Teacher In Leeds And Her Clever, Quirky Male Friend A London Shopgirl And An Unwilling German Soldier Drafted To The Wehrmacht Bill Wilson, A Monosyllabic Alcoholic In A Bloomsbury Pub A Humanist Libertarian Journalist Four Young Conscripts To The German Occupation Force A Disabled Cockney Street Kid The Men Of The SS Einsatzgruppen Action Groups , Whose Police Work In Occupied Countries Was A Euphemism For Murder And Suppression To The SS Leaders Themselves And Their Machinations For Power, Including The Blond Beast , One Of The Th Century S Most Notorious Villains In Reinhard Heydrich Himself The Tapestry Of Their Lives Is Woven Through The Powerful Tale Of A Dystopian World That Could Have BeenJackboot Britain Depicts The Grim Realities Of A Nazi Britain And Hitler S Europe Through The Lives And Deaths, Triumphs, Setbacks And Tragedies Of A Diverse Range Of Characters, All Of Whom Are Caught Up In The Carnage And Chaos Of War Starts good, becomes a bit polemic then picks up the pace and ends strong A lot of detail, good development of each character and plot Emotive and fascinating Quite an unusual book Love this book Another alternative history novel where the Nazis successfully invade and conquer Britain It tells the story from the perspective of various characters, most of whom either failed in their resistance to the Germans, or succumb to their entreaties and propaganda, most improbably the British Pows who end up enlisting en masse in the SS There are quite a few instances where characters use phrases which were not in usage then, like when the German officer Hoffman uses the term teamplayer.All in all, not a bad read Definitely recommended if you re into alternate history This is a great book The story at the heart of this of this book was engaging and, indeed, gripping at times, focussing on what might have happened had Nazi Germany succeeded in invading the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1940 It was only one such potential outcome, yet the possibility explored was entirely feasible I guess it s one of the reasons why I am attracted to the genre of alternative history.Unfortunately, the experience of reading the book was less than what it could have been for a number of reasons Firstly, I was never quite sure which of the multiple story threads I was reading, largely because the book was not broken into smaller chapters that would have made this easily graspable Having to constantly go back a page to see where I was and where I had missed the jump to another thread was annoying and distracting.There were also the obviously missing words and misspellings which, for someone who is innately aware of these things, is also annoying and distracting I m not sure if these errors were the result of the transition to the e book format, or the result of poor editing, or what but they were very distracting and off putting Again, I was forced to reread parts of the book that I had moved past to try to untangle things.What could have been a very enjoyable read proved to be less than that. I was surprisingly pleased by this read I was a bit put off by the seemingly contrived title I hesitated digging The start was a little slow, but I soon found myself intrigued by this horrifying alternate world Fascinating story The kindle version needs some spot corrections, but only a few I find myself wondering what is in store in the battle for Russian. When I began reading this novel my hopes were high, as I really enjoy alternate history and counterfactuals, and especially World War II ones Unfortunately the gross anachronisms and elementary factual errors which I encountered completely ruined the sense of place and time it just didn t feel like occupied Britain in 1940.A sample Britain s first motorway wasn t opened until 1958 Nobody in Britain said six and three pence instead of nine pence The hi five was unknown until the 1970s It s the battle of St Quentin not battle of Quentin.And finally, there were innumerable spelling and grammatical errors this book really could have done with some editing and proof reading.