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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☥ Another Roadside Attraction ♌ What If The Second Coming Didn T Quite Come Off As Advertised What If The Corpse On Display In That Funky Roadside Zoo Is Really Who They Say It Is What Does That Portend For The Future F Western Civilization And What If A Young Clairvoyant Named Amanda Reestablishes The Flea Circus As Popular Entertainment And Fertility Worship As The Principal Religious Form Of Our High Tech Age Another Roadside Attraction Answers Those Questions And A Lot It Tell Us, For Example, What The Sixties Were Truly All About, Not By Reporting On The Psychedelic Decade But By Recreating It, From The Inside Out In The Process, This Stunningly Original Seriocomic Thriller Is Fully Capable Of Simultaneously Eating A Literary Hot Dog And Eroding The Borders Of The Mind Tom Robbins was recommended to me aeons ago by a friend now an occasional friend I confess a little disappointment with Another Roadside Attraction, but the depth and range of ideas explored in the book is amazing.I loved the ludicrous metaphors, the freewheeling insanity of language, the satirical humour and the intelligently argued discourses on the death of religion.On a craft level, I felt the plot could have used a huge pair of scissors, and many of the characters suffered from having the same voice, or the same habit of launching into erudite philsophical treatises for no reason.So with a little strimming this could have been a classic It certainly packs a mean wallop and sits pretty on the bookshelves of athiests and agnostics alike. Tom Robbins writes one sentence at a time I read that in an interview once He has a general outline or story arc for his books but he starts out by writing the first sentence, and then perfecting it Once he is totally satisfied, he moves on to the second sentence and then perfects that one and so on I m not sure if it s 100% true but reading his work certainly makes me believe it.Another Roadside Attraction has always been in my top 5 of all time Is there a way to mark that Guess not Oh well. There are three mental states that interest me These are one, amnesia two, euphoria three, ecstasy Amnesia is not knowing who one is and wanting desperately to find out Euphoria is not knowing who one is and not caring Ecstasy is knowing exactly who one is and still not caring. What a book I honestly can t believe it myself, but this will be my third five star rated book in a row A cousin of mine sent me Robbins Jitterbug Perfume for Christmas, and then a co worker advised me to read Another Roadside Attraction, describing Robbins as C.S Lewis on mushrooms That seemed interesting, so I picked up the book and started reading it Immediately, it seemed reminiscent of the works of Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea most notably, The Illuminatus Trilogy And it took about 100 pages to get into the book, but then it sucks you in and takes you on a wild ride.It s a hard one to summarize, but I ll give it the old college try A newly married couple, John Paul Ziller and Amanda, decide to open up a hot dog and juice stand on the side of a road The stand is just another roadside attraction, complete with a flea circus and a collection of snakes They have with them a baboon by the name of Mon Cul and a child, Baby Thor Ziller is a legendary magician musician, while Amanda really digs the old religions of Tibet and China She experiments with trances and yoga a lot A friend of theirs, Plucky Purcell, corresponds with them via air mailed letters for a good portion of the story, and his own tale is too crazy to describe in this little blog post And finally, Marx Marvelous, a sensitive scientist who has a hunch that the Zillers will help him on his anti religious quest, shows up unexpectedly for a job interview at the hot dog and juice stand When these characters meet up together, a lot of crazy stuff happens.This one is really good be patient when you begin the story and let is carry you through to the end.5 Stars 337 pages Published in 1971. 5 I wasn t a fan of this one I love Tom Robbins writing, but I can t stand Amanda, who Robbins idolizes I just wanted to tell her that condoms are cheap and easily accessible. three stars might be a bit harsh I really liked this book, and wanted to give it four, but I just couldn t do it.For you see, I have discovered something terrible Tom Robbins has almost no re read value.Seriously It is almost nonexistent While reading his books for the first time can be an eye opening, hyper enjoyable experience, trying to go through them a second time proves taxing, irritating, and slow going All of the surprises have been used up THe joy of language has been dulled In effect, you have been desensitized to the book s initial magic And that is just sad.Because the book really is incredible It is informative, funny, and incredibly well written In fact, ALL of Robbins books are amazing The man really does have a gift But that gift is a one term president.It just doesnt have what it takes to be re elected. I enjoyed parts of this book and it did refrain from long tangents unlike many A couple of flower children types open a hot dog stand in the Pacific Northwest and correspond with a friend who has inadvertently joined an order of assassin monks They are joined by Marx Marvelous, a self proclaimed scientist who believes that Christianity is drawing to a close And about that mysterious Corpse that shows up at one point.Written in 1971, aspects of this novel seem awfully dated drug counter culture references abound plenty of sex, too , but the underlying philosophy is still valid faith vs science and do they have to be versus one another Many clever turns of phrase as well.Recommended to those who are interested in discussions of faith science can handle a couple of steamy love scenes.