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!READ KINDLE ⚇ Heir Apparent ♡ In The Virtual Reality Game Heir Apparent, There Are Way Too Many Ways To Get Killed And Giannine Seems To Be Finding Them All Which Is A Darn Shame, Because Unless She Can Get The Magic Ring, Locate The Stolen Treasure, Answer The Dwarf S Dumb Riddles, Impress The Head Chopping Statue, Charm The Army Of Ghosts, Fend Off The Barbarians, And Defeat The Man Eating Dragon, She Ll Never Win And She Has To, Because Losing Means She Ll Die For Real This Time This book has the unique accomplishment of being on both my YA science fiction and YA fantasy shelves It s a fantasy RPG role playing game with magic, dragons, princesses, etc., wrapped in a SF shell technology gone wrong The main character is a 14 y o girl, Giannine aka Janine, who is playing a total immersion RPG that requires her to prove herself the rightful heir to the throne and overcome conniving relatives, dragons, rebelling peasants, an angry king of a neighboring country his magical crown was stolen by Janine s father and various other problems typical of a fantasy RPG Unfortunately, almost as soon as she starts the game, it malfunctions because of some misguided protesters Giannine Janine needs to win the game so it will end before the technology fries her brain in real life If you ve ever been into role playing fantasy games, you ll probably enjoy this It s a cute story and kind of fun, if you like this kind of thing But I always got bored when I used to watch my brothers playing these games, trying to break through to the next level, starting over at the beginning every time you die, needing to replay the same scene over and over. I ll be honest, I mostly picked up this audiobook because it was narrated by Carine Montreband and I was so in love with the Uglies books by Westerfeld that she narrated that I wanted to hear her voice again The unconscious mental comparison between Westerfeld s book and this one may be skewing my opinion of it Summary Fourteen year old Giannine becomes trapped in the virtual reality game Heir Apparent when an activist group attacks the gaming center where she s playing Suddenly the safety measures that are supposed to protect her aren t there and every time Giannine dies in the game she edges closer toward a fatal brain overload.Overall, the story stretched out too long for me and seemed rather thin It was frustrating how many times Giannine had to start over and the same events repeated While Giannine faced some tough decisions and lots of machinations, the pacing was just off There needed to be action and happening Too often it felt like Giannine was just floating along in the game, buffeted by various forces The fact that none of the characters she was interacting with were real, and the reader knew that, also made it hard to form any sort of attachment to them The characters were just a program with no personal consciousness and thus no real stake in the outcome of the story.The dialogue and description are well done throughout and this is a well written story It s missing a spark however to take it from so so to a really good book. One of my favorite books because it combines fantasy and reality, as well as future tech gaming with present day frustrations But besides the content, I continue to be amazed by the way the book is set up The main character Giannine is stuck in a virtual fantasy game in which death can occur to the protagonist Every time Giannine dies, she begins anew from the the start, able to revise her decisions and react differently to the opportunities and threats presented to her As she goes through the game differently, the other characters react to her differently as well I admire this unusual way of telling a story, as well as the effort needed to create characters who are recognizable despite their new reactions. This book is an excellent example of how much the YA genre has shifted over the past decade I read a fair amount of current YA, and while I m technically old for it, I m clearly not that far out of the marketing department s sights Publishers Weekly informs me that today s YA is generally aimed at the sixteen to twenty five set.But Heir Apparent was published in 2002, when YA was still aimed firmly at young adults that is, at kids who hadn t yet left home Even if I d found in 2002, when I was still a teenager albeit one a couple years into her college career, I m pretty sure I would have found it painfully young The protagonist is fifteen, but if anything I d say this book is targeted at twelve or thirteen year olds, following the classic make the protagonist older than the audience formula of middle grade fiction.I will say this for Giannine unlike the protagonists of many of today s YA novels, she s convincingly teenaged Unfortunately, at this point I m far enough removed from teenagerhood that this only makes me sigh and grit my teeth And yet I kept reading, because the game Giannine plays was genuinely compelling to me I m fascinated by game design, and I thought Velde s description of Heir Apparent the game managed to walk the line of telling a compelling story that still seemed believably programmable as a computer game I was glad we got to see so many forks and wish I could explore others.Sadly, that plot kept getting interrupted by the frame plot, which mostly just annoyed the hell out of me It made the unfortunately frequent error of raising the states too high, by which I mean I knew the author was never going to make good on the threat so it provided none of the tension it should have view spoiler Specifically, the frame story has Giannine trapped within her game by a terrorist attack that fried the computer, preventing her from being disconnected safely by third parties if she doesn t win, she ll die But this is a first person novel aimed at middle school students I had exactly zero fear that the protagonist would actually die, and I m pretty sure I would have felt the same if I d read it when I was twelve It doesn t take that much genre savvy to work it out.It s unfortunate, because I can think of so many better frame stories Giannine has parent issues out the wazoo maybe one of her parents could have been an excellent gamer whose reputation she was trying to live up to, or maybe there could have been a cash prize for the game that would have given her the money she needed to finally initiate a visit to one of her parents on her own terms In either case, there would still have been an external motivation for Giannine to win but there also would have been real tension about whether Giannine would succeed in gaining parental approval time, or whether she would need to learn how to do without hide spoiler If someone asked me to recommend a true Scifi Fantasy book, not the cheap, poorly written pieces of junk that some books are, I would tell them that they would HAVE to read this book It is wonderfully written, with the right amount of humour, Drama, Suspense Horror and to top things off it is written in the realm of medieval times Gianne is a believable character, she takes on the situations that are thrown at her whether its reciting a different poem multiple times to searching through spider infested catacombs for lost treasure It is a MUST read over all it was a good book i liked how it turned out the system was damaged because of a group trying to protect kids and ended up nearly killing one i thought it was going to be some virus thing hidden in the game that killed her if she failed to finish the game the queen is a gold digging bitch thoughnot surprising really But honesty i found myself liking Wulfgar that Kenric, which is a bit surprising because i like the Kenric type when it comes to these books, but Wulfgar was much interesting. Heir Apparent is one of my favourite middle grade books Rereading it than 10 years later, it s every bit as good as I remember It doesn t have the most original premise getting stuck in a high stakes virtual reality game but Giannine s narrative voice makes it special I love her dry, sarcastic take and all the puzzle solving Pairs well with Hexwood by Dianna Wynne Jones. Vivan Vande Velde is one of the best fantasy writers out there Her stories are believable and populated with characters you ll remember long after the book is closed Her stories are also surprisingly believable given that they are fantasies Such is the case with this novel, which takes place in some undisclosed future time The story gets into gear when the narrator, Giannine, enters a full immersion virtual reality game by the same name as the title of the book to compete to rule a kingdom The problem If Giannine loses she might not be able to leave the game environment.As you might have guessed by that little summary, most of this story revolves around Giannine playing the game over and over as she tries to win This creates a lot of repetition as we watch Giannine go through the same scenarios repeatedly with varying levels of success If this sounds similar to the premise of Groundhog Day that s because it is Happily, instead of seeming redundant, the story plot remains interesting Vande Velde artfully describes the gameplay so that readers won t get bored This makes the book go by really fast.The characters are extremely interesting and the premise while not totally new is unique, as is the author s handling of it The story features Vande Velde s usual humor throughout What it doesn t feature is her usual ambiguous ending The story is still open ended but it has closure than are found in A Well Timed Enchantment or Companions of the Night both also by Vande Velde and also highly recommended , which makes for a nice change.You can find this review and on my blog Miss Print This was fun and I was impressed that the author was able to keep it interesting even though the main character had to keep doing the same thing over and over Giannine was a likeable lead and there were some very humorous moments.Content warning a few instances of mild language2019 challenge a LitRPG book