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@Read Book á Jinx ë It S Not Easy Being JinxJean Honeychurch Hates Her Boring Name Not Jean Marie, Or Jeanette, Just Jean What S Worse Her All Too Appropriate Nickname, Jinx Misfortune Seems To Follow Her Everywhere She Goes Even To New York City, Where Jinx Has Moved To Get Away From The Huge Mess She Caused In Her Small Hometown Her Aunt And Uncle Welcome Her To Their Manhattan Town House, But Her Beautiful Cousin Tory Isn T So Thrilled In Fact, Tory Is Hiding A Dangerous Secret One That Could Put Them All In Danger Soon Jinx Realizes It Isn T Just Bad Luck She S Been Running From And That The Curse She Has Lived Under Since The Day She Was Born May Be The Only Thing That Can Save Her Life 3.5 This was cute enough, and quick enough, but it felt a little throwaway for me I ve had a number of people recommend it, and have a friend who loves it, and maybe if I d read it when I was younger, I d have loved it, too, but I was a little underwhelmed I liked it, but just Oh, Meg Cabot One day you will write a book featuring a main character that is not completely stunted in the romantic awareness department One who can look at the boy who is suddenly spending lots of time with her, in spite of her new country super secret powers general likability, and realize that maybe he, you know, has the hots for her.On that day, I will likely propose to you on the spot.Until then, well It was cute Teen Idol was better Try not to make Mia too annoying in the next Princess Diaries, okay Love,Chelsea Seriously though, when did you become the Nora Roberts of the teen set I hate to say it, but try something new, please. So much potential, so little was it lived up to The bones of the story are good It features a girl running away from her little town in Iowa to the big city New York to get away from a stalker I liked that part But that is where the like ended The story was full of repeated sentiments and no emotional turmoil If a girl s gotta run away from a stalker, she may be bit I don t know, scared, lonely, mistrustful, depressed Nope, she s just a well adjusted country girl who s also a witch The witch part felt like it was added at the request of the publisher Like the publisher said, Could you maybe make this paranormal Paranormal is big right now The problem with the whole witch angle is that Cabot, just like our main character, never embraced it If you re going to go paranormal, go paranormal Otherwise this was just a book about a teen in a new school that could have been handled a lot better if it had been in the hands of say, Sarah Dessen. Jinx starts out just about the same as any Meg Cabot book Girl has hidden problem alluded to but not openly discussed, girl sees hot guy who makes her insides melt but doesn t know how to get him to notice her, girl makes a fool of herself trying to get said cute guy But before too long, you find out that Jean is anything but a normal Cabot heroine Jean Honeychurch arrives in New York City thinking that her life can only get better after a stocker forces her to move from her small hometown in rural Iowa to live with her aunt, uncle and spoiled cousin Tory There Jean finds out Tory has changed drastically from her five year old self who used to ford creeks and climb trees now Troy is a little too into boys, likes to mess around with drugs and alcohol and even fancies herself a witch And of course, the fact that Jean instantly falls for the boy next door, Zack, who likes the au pair who already has a boyfriend back in Germany But don t worry, because Troy will stop at nothing to get Zack for herself even though she is dating Shawn with the agreement that they are really only friends with benefits If that love triangle or pentagon isn t complicated enough for you, throw in the fact that Troy is practicing black magic, and Jean thinks she s cursed, and Shawn starts getting a little sloppy at his job as the local drug pusher at their elite Manhattan private school That is when things really start to get good Reading this book reminded my why I love Meg Cabot so much While her romances are pretty formulaic and her characters tend to sound just about the same from book to book, Cabot really shines as a paranormal writer With the whit and romance of her 1 800 Where R You series When Lightning Strikes and Missing You and the darker edge and great dialogue of her Mediator series Shadowland and Twilight , Meg Cabot brings the world of witchcraft and dark magic to an entirely new level.