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If you didn t believe me before believe it now I m a sucker for a Meg Cabot book A very nice bit of fluff a true summer read I ve totally added Chaz to my list of literary men that have ruined me for real men I m sorry, but remembering that stupid stuff, the I like a side of ice with my wine stuff, is totally romantic gold I was actually just channel surfing the other night and saw Kevin James The King of Queens stand up routine he was advising the men of the audience to remember little details about things as often as possible the clip that she wore in her hair and throw them out whenever possible It s a stereotype for a reason men tend to overlook the details I think I m a love is in the details kind of a girl Plus, Chaz totally made Lizzie and myself laugh, and that s the true key to pretty much every good relationship in my opinion A nice third book, that s for sure You don t need me to tell you to go pick it up if you read the other two If you re looking for some summer nonsense, check out the Queen of Babble books Again my suggestion is to stop at book number one.Book number three goes beyond annoying As I said in my review of book number two, I think the author should have left it at the happy romantic ending of book number one.The last book of the series completely destroys the romantic hero of book number one, Luke, which had been already largely abused in book number two, making him a spineless jerk.But then it goes way too far DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU STILL WANT TO READ THIS BOOK The author makes the protagonist s best friend a lesbian, so that the Queen of Babble can discover without regret of being in love with the best friend s ex boyfriend Hello The perfect romance of book number one, badly battered in book number two, now it is completely erased. Download Ebook ♾ Queen of Babble Gets Hitched ⚉ Big Mouth Big HeartBig Wedding Big ProblemsIt S The Wedding Of The Century Things Are Looking Up At Last For Lizzie Nichols She Has A Career She Loves In The Field Of Her Choice Wedding Gown Restoration , And The Love Of Her Life, Jean Luc, Has Finally Proposed Life S Become A Dizzying Whirl Of Wedding Gown Fittings Not Necessarily Her Own As Lizzie Prepares For Her Dream Wedding At Her Fianc S Ch Teau In The South Of FranceBut The Dream Soon Becomes A Nightmare As The Best Man Whom Lizzie Might Once Have Accidentally Slept With No, Really, Just Slept Announces His Total Lack Of Support For The Couple, A Sentiment The Maid Of Honor Happens To Second Lizzie S Midwestern Family Can T Understand Why She Doesn T Want To Have Her Wedding In The Family Backyard Her Future, Oh So Proper French In Laws Seem To Be Slowly Trying To Lure The Groom Away From Medical School And Back Into Investment Banking And Lizzie Finds Herself Wondering If Her Prince Charming Really Is As Charming As She Once BelievedIs Lizzie Really Ready To Embrace Her New Role As Wife And Mistress Of Ch Teau Mirac Or Is She Destined To Fall Into Another Man S Arms And Into The Trap Of Becoming A Bad Girl Instead Before I begin this review, please note that this has spoilers that will apply to all three books in this series I don t normally do spoilers, but I feel their appropriate for this one as what I m spoiling is part of the reason I liked this so much Keep reading at your own riskReady As the first book in the series offered happy cotton candy reading material the third installment was no different Lizzie, the main character, has however grown up quite a bit and things have changed a bit She s become fairly well known for her designs and refurbs of wedding dresses, so much so that a well known tabloid celebrity very Paris Hilton thoughlikable has commissioned her for an original design Leaving off from the book prior, Lizzie has spent the night with Chaz, her best friend s ex and her boyfriend s best friend Though nothing sexual actually happened even if it was heavily implied , Lizzie finds herself in a dilemma when her commitment phobe lover shows up to offer her the engagement ring she never thought she was going to get and had broken up with him over Here s where I have to give Meg Cabot high marks for taking the chick lit formula and giving it a real life twist While most of these premises aren t exactly real life for most of us, some arebelievable than others While we like to read about love, romance, and happily ever after, there s actually something refreshing about reading something that s a littlelikely to happen on the reality scale Book One could have given us the end all and be all of Lizzie s relationships Anyone who s read it knows that the happy ending was her forming a relationship with Luke As Book Three progresses, Lizzie has done the real girl thing and fallen in love with the other male character, a guy given a humorous though flawed personality, a lesbian ex girlfriend, and the role of the seconds man Yes That slike it As a reader I could get swept up in the summer romance with Luke and two books later get caught up in anotherpermanent thing with Chaz Sure, this made part of me a little apprehensive What happened to happily ever after I rooted for Luke alot in the first bookso now why do I want him gone from the rest of the plot But as Meg Cabot finishes off book 3, there sof a satisfaction in the read, a mix of riding that fun little chicklit cloud for 200 pages along with the feeling of actually kind of understanding the main character for once Four stars goes to this one, and it misses its fifth one because of the repetitiveness of Lizzie s inner monologue trying to tell herself she s not in love with Chaz As a whole, the trilogy is fun to read and if a fourth book finds its way to the shelves, I ll be right there to grab it. 2nd Read Rating 3.5 StarsI had to read this book a second time and review it to defend my honor Someone, Karla who shall remain nameless, was trolling on my old ratings and poked fun at my chick lit past I believe this person called me a chick lit Hoover It was a fun chat So, yeah BAVR used to read chick lit Point and laugh all you want I regret very little in my life except for the tremendously generous ratings I handed out when I first joined the site You see, when I signed up for GR, they told me they could generate recommendations by having me rate a bunch of titles they splashed up on the screen Like a good little soldier, I clicked through pages of books, and I swear to god that a majority of the books on those pages were chick lit And I was like, Yeah, I read them, because I m not fucking DEAD You can t walk into a book store without seeing some brightly covered book about shoes or credit cards or working a trendy job in NYC while wearing shoes and using credit cards In the excitement of signing up for this awesome site Hi, Goodreads , I basically gave 5 stars to stuff that I tolerated like this and 1 star to stuff that I wanted to die in a fire like the Twilight series It worked, didn t it I eventually found a group of book sluts just like me, and we re currently living happily ever after But yeah, the 5 star thing is a bit much Sue me.In Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, narrator Lizzie is ob fucking SESSED with weddings In the two previous books, she met her boyfriend at a wedding, dumped him because he didn t want a wedding, and basically talked about weddings the way that creepy guy waiting in line next to you at the grocery store won t stop telling you about his personal life I don t understand what it is about chick lit that makes the heroines act like goddamn psychos, but it always seems like weddings turn perfectly reasonable, successful women into this It s the corsets, right The corsets block the air from reaching the brain.The opening of the book presents Lizzie in full on panic mode After the ex boyfriend, Luke, crawls back to her at the end of Book 2 and PROPOSES, Lizzie now has to get his best friend Chaz out of her bed after their drunken make out the night before But Chaz doesn t want to go because he thinks that he s the perfect man for Lizzie Also, no one thinks Lizzie should marry Luke because the only things she seems to like about him are his looks and the fact that he talks about maybe being a doctor to save little kids someday Word to the wise, NEVER trust a man who talks in somedays He will disappoint you 95% of the time As her feelings deepen for Chaz, Lizzie s left with quite a conundrum Can she really date a guy who wears khaki shorts and baseball caps If you live in MY hometown, you can, snob Oh, and onething Chaz doesn t believe in the institution of marriage Chaz has a fair point.So you see where this is going Nothing crazy happens, but the writing and characters are charming, and the book is easy to read I still like that Lizzie chooses the beta in the end I m a bit of a beta whore when the occasion calls for it They never seem to come out on top in these books, and I like an underdog Lizzie s Gram is a real delight, too I love it when old people lose all social filters and start saying everything that comes to their warped minds Unless the old people are bothering me at work Then I want them to go away Not a 5 star to me any longer, but there s nothing BAD about this book Would I buy something with its description today No But my walk down memory lane was a nice enough for 3.5 stars Note I didn t change my initial star rating because fucking with the overall rating seems unfair to me. Meg Cabot s final book in her Queen of Babble series My biggest problem with this book and the series in general is that the first Queen of Babble book doesn t really belong with the last two books It s as if Cabot just decided to use those same characters in twobooks, but just chose to forget about the characterizations she set up in Book One It s almost as if two different people wrote the books.On the other hand, I like the heroine a lot Lizzie Nichols is quite endearing, although she suffers from the same problem that all of Cabot s heroine s seem to share the inability to communicate effectively This book picks right up where Book Two left off, and I admit I had a hard time remembering who some of the secondary characters were But the book was still enjoyable enough, and I might even pick it up and read it again someday I found it a very satisfying comclusion to the series. Update 10 25 still awesome This is the third and last book in the series about Queen of babbles and I loved this one The second book ends in with a cliffhanger and this one picks up where that one left off However, you can easily read this as a stand alone novel as well The story is a classical tale on the theme insecure girl meets perfect guy but is he really perfect Lizzie Nichols is a wonderful heroine who works with restoring wedding gowns She is sincere and truly nice but insecure about her love life and doesn t know her own feelings to well However, on other aspects of her life she s strong and independent In the first book she met the perfect prince Jean Luc and moved in with him in the second book They broke it off in the end of the second book and this one begins with him proposing and she accepts But there is Chaz, her fianc s best friend who she accidently slept with only slept after Jean Luc and her broke it off And Chaz is determined that the wedding is a terrible idea Parallel to the story there is also small bits of history of weddings and Lizzie Nichols Tip to avoid a wedding day disaster For a newly engaged this part is just icing on the cake The main plot might seem to be the love triangle between Lizzie, Jean Luc and Chaz in fact it s almost a square since Chaz is Lizzie s best friend s ex However, I would say that Lizzie s personal growth is the main plot with the love story as a parallel story developing in sync with her own growth The other, equally important, plot is Lizzie s strive to become a successful wedding gown designer In addition, there are several smaller subplots that push the story forward In the end, Meg Cabot nicely puts all pieces together in a somewhat unexpected way I loved this sparkling book It is sharp, fast paced and witty The romance is hot and believable and even though you can figure out the end it is not at all clear at all how they are going to end up there The chemistry between Lizzie and Chaz is to die for The characters have enough depth to make the book exciting and I really cared for Lizzie The subplot is intriguing and the book has a very good story structure I couldn t put it down and look forward to reading it again Update I now read it for the second time and it was just as good as the first time I read through this book critiquing Silently, of courseAfter all, who am I to criticizeHave I written a novel yet the characters, writing and lack of tension surprise interest in the plot Yikes First off, let me say that I only read this book because the book club I m trying to get into picked this as their read this month I am only sticking with the bookclub after this book, because the person hosting sent out an email apology for how bad this book is So I know I m not going to be surrounded by women gushing about this stupid book.Aaaagggggghhhh Awful book In the beginning I could only stand to read this one chapter at a time As I got closer to the end, I read a big chunk at once, sort of like chugging something that tastes bad, so it d be done sooner.I detested Lizzie What a hot mess Chaz waslikable, but much less formed as a character He seemed to exist only to be the object of Lizzie s lust hate confusion I say lust because I seriously don t think she was capable of loving, maybe other than her grandmother When she thinks she s in love with Luke, she just gushes about how handsome and muscular he is And when she s with Chaz, she talks about externals too Anyway, so I found no reason why Chaz would have liked her, much less loved her She was an emotional wreck, incapable of realizing she didn t love someone she got engaged to anyway, or breaking it off, even when she realized she didn t love him, and she loved someone else, with whom she d been sleeping for days weeks I thought Lizzie was immature and selfish and undisciplined Reading about her obsessive love of Diet Coke and junk food, and her resulting weight gain, and her embarrassment about it, resulting in fake stuff like Spanx and hiding her weight from her fiancejust wasn t enjoyable I didn t like her I didn t know why someone seemingly decent like Chaz would either Or Luke, for that matter then again, Chaz loves her, and his best friend is skeezy perfect Luke so maybe he s not so nice as she likes to pretend he is either.The book wasn t even subtle about ANY of this From the first few pages, you know exactly where this is heading, but you still have to listen to endless repetitions variations on Chaz and Lizzie, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G and Lizzie screaming no, no I don t Take it back, or I ll tell Mom or something immature like that It s obvious who she liked and where it was going Luke was barely a character, just an additional foil for her neuroses Her sisters were detestable Her grandmother was a hot mess too Her sidekicks Monique and Tiffany and the rest are annoying at best, and very trashy I hated the constant name brand dropping it s tacky, and unnecessary, and totally dates a book Ava was annoying too And I was completely annoyed and offended by her portrayal of Valencia, who is presented as detestable, for apparent crimes like self control in public, being smart and accomplished, beautiful, and well groomed Petty females like Lizzie are the worst I went to college I behave in public I prefer to look neat and organized in public I guess I m the Devil too, in Lizzie s book If she s so dumb she doesn t even read books, really, that s her fault Not anyone else s Her insecurities, and her pettiness because of it, drove me batty I really didn t like a single thing about this book The wedding gown business her job was only mildly interesting I do not understand, based on this book, how this author is as popular well published of an author as she is I certainly doubt I ll ever willingly read anything by her again. Queen of Babble Gets Hitched is the third and final installment of the Queen of Babbles series Now this isn t my favorite series but when I saw this book while passing by. well, I couldn t just keep on walking I figured I could suffer a little bitand just read the last book of this series and never think about it ever again.Let s just say. I should ve kept on walking This book was terrible and just not for me The main character, Lizzie, ugh. I detested her so much I thought she would magically get better by the third book and I was so wrong to assume that She just kept getting worse and worse in my eyes I didn t care if she was with Chaz or Luke at all In my opinion, both guys are better off without her I mean there were other things that annoyed me like the whole weight thing, diet cokes not really a fan of soda in general and junk food Now soda and junk food don t annoy me on a daily basis. but coming from Lizzie. well, let s just say that she could magically annoy me with anything Like the weather or puppies.Overall, I wish this book didn t exist No, the series I think I liked the first book if I try to remember anything about this series. but obviously not enough to even try to reread this series I m so down with Lizzie and now I m going to be hesitant about trying a new series by Meg Cabot.