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Gives a good picture of what travelling through Cuba is like for an American The mix of mellow and mayhem, the kindness of strangers, the fear of the government. @Download Book à Cuba Open from the Inside: Travels in the Forbidden Land Õ Cuba Occupies A Place Of Undisputed Fascination In The American Psyche Despite Its Proximity To America, This Island Nation Remains A Mystery To Most Americans Few Americans Have Traveled To Havana, And Still Fewer Have Traveled Deeper Into This Isolated Country Chris Messner, A Photographer, Is One Of The Few Americans Who Have Been Able To Travel Extensively Throughout This Island In His Book, Cuba Open From The Inside, Messner Documents The Character Of Cuba S People, Its Rich History, And The Vast Culture Of The Country.As Cuba S Leaders Age And The Possibility Of Travel To Cuba Increases, This Book Acts As An Exceptional Resource For Would Be Travelers Through Multiple Journeys, Messner Has Covered Than 4,000 Miles On The Back Roads Of Cuba Through His Words And Pictures, He Provides A Snapshot Of This Island Nation And Documents The Cuba Of Today, The 1950s Time Capsule Country Located 90 Miles From The US Coast. One of the worst travel books I ve ever read Sure they weren t prostitutes re p 107 I never read a bad travel book, just love them.This one is just as good as others.The introduction is little weird though.