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Finally, I ve finished reading this book Not typical Indonesian novel It s kind of good combination between thriller and history A must read novel.. I don t know much about history but I enjoyed this book so much And I don t really care which part is fiction and which part is the real fact Fool me fool me go on and fool me..If Jakarta had rahasia meede tour like Paris had da vinci code tour , i would join them D #DOWNLOAD ó Rahasia Meede: Misteri Harta Karun VOC Ä Sebuah Terowongan Tua Ditemukan Di Perut Bumi Jakarta Pintu Masuknya Terletak Dalam Museum Sejarah Jakarta Rutenya Diyakini Menuju Tempat Persembunyian Emas VOCSementara Itu, Di Atas Permukaan, Jakarta Dicekam Oleh Teror Pembunuhan Misterius Satu Per Satu Orang Penting Ditemukan Tewas Mengenaskan, Di Tempat Tempat Berawalan Huruf B, Disertai Pesan Aneh Berupa Tujuh Dosa Sosial Yang Pernah Dicetuskan Oleh Mahatma Gandhi Entah Apa Makna Semua ItuHet Geheim Van Meede Rahasia Meede, Misteri Emas VOC Itu, Perlahan Terungkap Dan, Untuk Mendapatkan Jawabannya, Seorang Laki Laki Muda Intelijen Militer Harus Berhadapan Dengan Seorang Anarkis, Karibnya Ketika Sama Sama Sekolah Di SMA Taruna Nusantara Tak Hanya Bersaing Dalam Hal Itu, Mereka Pun Sama Sama Berusaha Mencuri Perhatian Seorang Gadis Belanda, Seorang Mahasiswi Peneliti Sejarah Ekonomi Kolonial, Yang Menyimpan Lebih Banyak Misteri Dari Apa Yang DitampakkannyaLika Liku Pencarian Rahasia Meede Melintasi Sejarah Ratusan Tahun Indonesia, Melewati Pelarian, Pengkhianatan, Dan Persahabatan Kegelisahan Sebuah Generasi Berusaha Menemukan Jalan Keluarnya Sendiri i think that entire history book published in Indonesia should be replaced by this book this book is really a good one, since i love history so much especially the controversial ones.what i learned from this book is the history is not about the fact that has been done in the past, but it s about the fact used by the one who had power to control people.beside the story, i also adore batu august mendrofa, the lead character of this book Another excellent book from ES Ito I rated this excellent since his 2 years research on historical matters for this book had resulted an amazing story Sometime you can not differentiate between facts and fiction Two thumbs up for ES Ito, a young author. In Rahasia meede you can see many things I think the author is such a great person who can mix many Spices of backgrounds into a small beautiful bowl called History I wish it will be translated, so all people around the world can enjoy an Indonesian International taste of History. I read this before Negara Kelima A joyous read, provocative and smart assed Would anyone mind if I call Mr Ito the Indonesian Dan Brown So Great.I like this exploration Wow. I rarely read Indonesian books but this one is recommended The mysteries and plot are a bit too Dan Brown ish, but the historical background and the details of the setting made this book exceptional The writer has done a quite thorough research so it s evenfascinating I love to give appreciation to Indonesian writers who dared to cross the borderlines of safer ground such as romance or religious themes novel Historical mystery is still a rare find among the Indonesian books and I applauded E.S Ito for his cool attempt Also, I think I need to learnabout VOC and Dutch colonization era since my great grandfather came to Indonesia from Holland during this period So it s a bit personal too D About 200 first pages of this book don t give me clues, what is the main plot that writer s want to tell There were many pieces of unassembled puzzle But, after that, WOW Two thumbs up to E.S.ITO the writer He makes me realize the power, influence, consequence and repercussion of history, especially history of Indonesia Proverb saying, a great country always respect of their histories Isn t it so ironic