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You can t tell me you ve likedbeing trapped in this room for a hundred and fifty years It hasn t been all bad, he said, with a smile Things have picked up recentlyOkayyyy sooooo I wasn t gong to write a review today, but it s going to be a long weekend WOOT Bring it on 4th of July and I know I will finish at LEAST one book and will need to post about it Tuesday So I d rather not get backlogged Plus Any chance I get to boast about my Jesse and Suze addiction to get people aware of it again, I m going to do it.This is a series, I m finding, that not only I liked, but many many of my friends did, too Turns out I wasn t the only pre teen laying in my bedroom binge reading this series and pining about Jesse like I thought I was.no wonder she is so popular Go figure It s so fun to talk to all you guys about how much we loved this and why it s still great, so that s why I feel the need to talk about each and every installment, no matter which are my favorite and which are just plain awesome Pfft They all are even my least fav Jesse has those kind of eyes some guys have, the kind of sad eyes that make you think you might want to try and make them not so sad I must say that I enjoyed the first installmentthan this one, but I remember that being the case years and years ago when I first picked these up I loved Suze s voice, again, and loved Jesse evenBut, as it is, I really wantedJesse lol I couldn t quite pinpoint why this one wasn t my favorite years ago, but now the BBF whore in me knows exactly why There was plenty of Jesse, really, but OMG is it too much to ask for him to be on every page Yes Hmm pouts Now that, he said, putting his hands down, was your finest performance yet You seemed caring, yet disgusted I glared at him Don t you, I asked, grumpily, have some chains you re supposed to be rattling somewhere I actually found this one comical in the most subtle ways the vampire aspect, the dumb jock Suze attempts to tolerate, the references to her monster like poison ivy hands, the step brother dynamic, and, frankly, Jesse s humor I loved this book just like I knew I would, but I love that I get the depth in which all the jokes are meant to be taken Before, yeah I laughed as a kid, but I certainly didn t realize just how wry the humor was I mean, so refreshing I even had forgotten about dear old Father Dominic he and Suze s banter and relationship is something I had long since forgotten and I am so happy it s all coming back to me now even stronger than before A mediator is someone who helps others resolve conflicts Not someone, who, er, kicks them in the face I smiled at him I ll keep that in mind, I said.And I would, too Right after I kicked Red s butt.Whoever he was So, yeah I could go on and on about how happy these books make me, but I know for a fact they get better and better and Jesse s jealousy gets stronger and stronger.What s not to fall for So, with that being said, I think I m going to leave the review here and wish everyone a happy holiday weekend I wanted to pick the third up over the weekend after my fantasy, but I got granted an AMAZING ARC I did not expect to get, so I will probably pick it up first But if I m being honest I already miss these guys I have NO clue what the hell I m going to do when I am done with these all over again Probably cry Yeah Sounds about right Forof my reviews, please visitAhhh this series will NEVER get old Never What a refreshing reassurance Jesse will literally never bore me.I guess that means I can re read these yet again when I m older P RTC Rereading this series makes me very nostalgic I m not sure if a new reader would enjoy these books, but I m having a great time reliving my high school reading days I also love Suze and I m glad I read about characters like her as a teenager. 3.5 starsProbably the weakest in the series but I had so much fun reading it nevertheless I really like Meg s writing and she has a special place in my heart She can write hilarious scenes but sad relatable ones as well But she does it in her own special way which I love I feel like she captures Suze s development as a person and mediator fantastically Oh, and Jesse is cutie as always. Mini review I have been a fan of Meg Cabot since I was in high school When I saw that this series was in my library I read the first book And man was it fun Curious about the second book I put it on hold While yes Ninth Key was still entertaining the first book was better The beginning was a little to plot convenient It was a miscommunication that lead to a lot of consequences I was hoping that Meg would train a bitwith Father Dom but that didn t happen Jesse is still a mystery in this book.There are some things that are revealed And as usual Suze was fun to read about I enjoyed reading about her family The ghost stuff was fun as well I will definitely continue this series.I highly recommend this series Just as much fun as the first one, though the plot was weaker Liked both Suze, Jesse and also Doc I don t have mich to say about these books They re certainly compulsively readable, you could easily read each book in one day Suze is the right mix of sassy, kick ass and likeable Jesse is swoonworthy And there s great cast of secondary characters The paranormal aspect if I can even call it world building is really weak, but at the same time this book never pretends to be something it s not It s light and fun read. I enjoyed it Cozy, cozy read With humor mystery heartwarming moments.Also, I seriously love the protagonist, Suze Her thoughts are just so relatable and hilarious I think I still like the 1st book better because it had a stronger family and friends theme there However, it s nice to seebadassery from the heroine.4 starsThings that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes, but not the last book hide spoiler Re read 4 25 17 If I recall correctly, I think this one is my least favorite of the series, but it was still SO GOOD Like I said before, I don t think I would recommend this series to someone who doesn t already have the nostalgia factor, but I definitely do recommend a re read if you haven t ever done so Sooooo much fun The Ninth Key Part Two of the Mediator Series Final Response by Iolanthe Brooks12.24.09I think Suze is just a confused girl trying to find her way Only for her it s even harder Everyone is pressuring her to do different things, things a girl shouldn t have to worry about Her mom pressures her to go on dates, even if it means walking into traps and her mentor, Father Dominic, pressures her to help all these ghosts If I were Suze, I d be all confused inside Normal girls lean on each other when they are going through tough times, but who can Suze lean on No one understands her It s like she lost, and all alone in world where she doesn t belong But, what world is that I feel like maybe some people are just destined to not fit in No matter how hard they try they ll never be right But, what if those people are the most kind, caring, sweet people What happens Can the sweetest of the sweetest endure being all alone I don t think they can No one can, and just because these people are different from your average run of the mill girl or boy, they re still humans And, no human can ever be all alone their whole life without going crazy I wonder if Suze is going to go crazy, I think she will I think that Suze thinks that no one notices her, no one pays her any attention So, she s already started ruining her life by wearing shorter skirts and kissing random boys and hurting the ghosts instead of talking to them Why would Suze let this happen to her Why won t she just try to talk to the ghosts Maybe she can t bear to talk to them the ghosts It s like all that peer pressure to be normal won t let her talk to the ghosts Maybe, she s mad at them Maybe she s mad that they ruined her social life, that they hurt her, but did they Maybe the ghosts don t have to ruin Suze s life Maybe they only ruin her life because she lets them She lets everyone ruin her life And, then I think she becomes to afraid to admit that she s let people s words hurt her, so she lies to herself She tells herself that she s some super strong ghost buster per say and that no one can hurt her So she hurts the ghosts I think we all do this a lot, whether our ghosts are siblings or friends, or even mentors We convince ourselves that we don t need others love And, then we take out all our pain on others We let peer pressure make us crazy, so crazy that we could hurt and kill, and do beastly things Instead of working things out, we choose to hurt each other And, it s a chain We hurt one person and they hurt another and they hurt another, and it goes on and on and on But, hurting others never solves anything It just generates anger Suze is too stuck on what her mom says, on what others say, that she can t even hear her heart over the roar of their words She s lost in a world of her mom s dreams, and other s dreams and commands She s just looking for a way to be herself, a mediator, but to also be happy and loved, and not alone But, Suze is really stuck By lying to herself she s made almost impossible to get out of that cycle of hate She refuses to admit to herself, that she s not a grown up And, she can t be a superhero She can t do everything right, because no one can As soon as Suze can admit that she s made mistakes, and that she always will, then she ll be able to live as herself She ll be able to be happy being a mediator, not depressed I think that if Suze will open her eyes she ll be free But, no one said that was going to be easy. (Free Ebook) ð Ninth Key ⛈ Ghosts Ruin Everything Especially Your Love LifeEverything Is Going Great For Suze Her New Life In California Is A Whirlwind Of Parties And Excellent Hair Days Tad Beaumont, The Hottest Boy In Town, Has Even Asked Suze Out On Her Very First Date Suze Is So Excited That She S Willing To Ignore Her Misgivings About Tad Particularly The Fact That He S Not Jesse, Whose Ghostly Status Not To Mention Apparent Disinterest In Her Make Him UnattainableWhat Suze Can T Ignore, However, Is The Ghost Of A Murdered Woman Whose Death Seems Directly Connected To Dark Secrets Hidden In None Other Than Tad Beaumont S Past The Mediator series is definitely become one of my favorites Perhaps it s too soon to say that since I ve only read the first two books But I definitely like it.So, let s talk about Suze for a minute This girl is everything I want to be She s tough She s sarcastic, and funny She s relatable She s just freaking awesome I would want this girl as a friend She s just a character I really clicked with And that is a super rare occurrence The thing I like about the Mediator books is you don t have to focus a lot It s a nice, easy read and while I like books that are thought provoking and deep, I also like when I can just relax with a book, when I can just effortlessly turn the pages Not to say it s all fluff the Mediator books do raise some interesting questions about the afterlife But it s definitely a book that doesn t require you to clear your head and focus before reading.Jesse, Jesse, Jesse He is both a fictional character AND dead Simply painful Why can t guys like him exist in the real world Or at least, at my school Overall, a book perfect for relaxing with on a Friday night Five stars.