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Actual review rating 2.5 starsMean Spirits, the third book in the Mediator series was extremely underwhelming We follow Suzie while she tries to control the spirits that are causing havoc in her new home She also must keep her secret hidden from her best friend Gina who is visiting from New York While Gina was a spunky character I didn t feel like she added anything to this story I felt like she was put in place to put a rift between the other characters in this story and Suzie For example, she cannot see Jesse because Suzie and Gina are sharing a room and Suzie avoids her brothers because they are all over Gina.I did like The Angels and thought it was interesting that they were so bitter by their deaths When Suzie was nearly drowned by them it was highly entertaining and I was suprised by how far they took their fight The ending was a little abrupt and I wish Jesse and Suzie would just get together already I needof a romantic storyline in these books crappy review as I need to sleep Might edited in the morning. These books are great In this installment our heroine has taken her popularity to a new place dating a nerd I know You would expect it to be a football player or some other popular guy But those did not end well in the last two books so maybe the nerd will end better Or we can just assume our heroine is not destined for your average love story This book was lots of fun and I m still enjoying the series On to the next one. Free E-pub ☨ Reunion ⚐ Accidents Happen With Ghostly Consequences, If You Re Susannah SimonThe RLS Angels Are Out For Blood, And Only Suze Can Stop Them Since She S The Only One Who Can See Them The Four Ghostly Teenagers Died In A Terrible Car Accident, For Which They Blame Suze S Classmate Michael And They Ll Stop At Nothing Until He S Joined Them In The Realm Of The DeadAs Suze Desperately Fends Off Each Attempt On Michael S Life, She Finds She Can Relate To The Angels Fury Because Their Deaths Turn Out Not To Have Been Accidental At All And Their Killer Is Only Too Willing To Strike Again I normally don t like pop culture references in books but I love that I get all of the late 90s early 2000s references this series makes It definitely dates the books and I m sure that new younger readers wouldn t enjoy it but I m just having so much fun retreading these books This installment had good moments but it definitely wasn t my favorite the plot kind of felt recycled from the other two books The concept was slightlycompelling than the last book but it also wasn t too new These books definitely aren t earth shattering but they are so much fun Re read 4 26 17 Still adore this series just as much now as I ever did before when I was a wee lass Can t wait to carry on and finally get some Jesse action Heart eyes for DAYSSSSSS 3.5 starsEven though this is probably the most underwhelming part of the series, I would like to symbolically dedicate my 600th review on Goodreads to Meg Cabot Meg Cabot is the author who absolutely played a huge part of my elementary and high school days and even though her books may not be masterpieces, they made me overcome a lot of problems and made me feel good when I was down The Mediator series is fast paced, action packed and swoon worthy and I loved both Suze and Jesse I ve always been putting off writing reviews for this series as I don t know what to say except that I formed a huge bond with it and that I often gladly reread some parts of it.Anyway, 600th review Can t believe my little fingers wrote this many reviews on here To 600 2.5Not as enjoyable as the previous two, that s why it would belike 2.5 stars I had some problems with the way Michael s character and his sister s was treated view spoiler Suze had some victim balming going on inside that head of hers from time to time here She did blame everyone involved with the accident but also quite a lot the not even 14 y old girl who was in a coma, I felt like she didn t deserve the blame at all hide spoiler The story starts with Suze s best friend from New York coming to visit her in Carmel, California Suze s stepbrothers Brad and Jake aka Dopey and Sleepy suddenly start fighting over Gina s Suze s friend from New York attentions Gina and Suze were hanging at the beach and decide to go getdrinks because it was warm At the market, something catches Suze s attention, four people in formal wear Upon further inspection, she notices something else, they are all dead or otherwise known as ghosts Suze finds that they were called the RLS Angels because they were all brilliant and leaders.Suze learns in one of her classes that it was Michael Meducci who had accidentally rammed the Angels The Angels are furious at Michael for killing them so they will not stop at anything to kill him One problem though is that Michael thinks Suze is in love with him so he tries to pursue a relationship with her The Angels go after Michael but Suze is usually there.Father Dominic and Suze investigate the scene of the accident Jesse tags along while at home Gina is covering for Suze Jesse is able to calm the Angels down so that Father Dominic and Suze can talk to them Suze discovers the truth that Michael killed the RLS Angels on purpose to get revenge on them because his is sister in a coma after drinking too much and almost drowning at a party at one of the Angels house Suze tricks Michael and he confesses but realizes Suze is going to expose him for what he did and he tries to kill Suze Suze summons the RLS Angels saying the okay to kill Michael but see s she made a mistake and tries to call it off but the Angels are furious The Angels go after Jesse who was watching the Angels and Suze When the ambulance came Suze is pretty beat up and taken to the hospital after finding out Michael confessed to the police and is going behind bars.The day after Michael s arrest, her sister woke up from her coma Everyone visited her except Jesse, which made her sad Suze caught Jesse trying to dematerialize and felt hurt by that Her grounding for going with Michael will not start until Gina leaves so it ends that her tests turned back to normal and she can leave the hospital. THIS SERIES IS SO GREAT This one perhaps had asomber mood than the others Less wacky andoh, shit things are getting serious.I love meeting Suze s best friend, Gina who seems very cool and distinctive I seriously love how the characters in this series are so relatable and fleshed out They never once feel too 2 dimensional or undeveloped I also appreciate the fact that Suze s stepbrothers are becomingandlike her family Doc of course cares about her since the 1st book I kinda miss him in this book because he s not present much Sleepy Jake in particular seems to actually care about her well being My heart warmed up to see him and Dopey Brad call her mom their mom too And she is low key freaked out about them doing that, but she already seems to be so used to them as her family.And Father Dominic is hilarious and fatherly as always Love him Also, it s interesting to see that he has a backstory, and I hope we get to find out .Anyway, I think this might be my least favorite of the 3 so far, but I still greatly enjoyed it I m going to give this 3.5 stars I just love Suze Her character is just incredibly funny and relatable I literally want to be her Or want to be her best friend She s just amazing Also, side note but romance is underway but in slow mo pace I don t really mind though because I am focused on the adventures of Suze and the romance seems to be developing naturally.Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Ends in a happy enough note but not the last book hide spoiler