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Rating changes from 3 to 2 stars because of this review Queen of Babble in the Big City was meh Lizzie moves to New York which kind of reminded me of shopaholic She is jobless and apartmentless But hey, her boyfriend and her best friends boyfriend solve those two problems real quick However, it s not all sunshine and happiness for her Why Well the girl, just like everyone else, has lots and lots of doubts about her future, her goals and dreams, and don t forget about her relationship with Luke I just don t like the MC, Lizzie She just annoys me and her problems were insignificant to me I seriously have no idea why I even wanted to finish this series. but there s like. what. 3 books in it I think I can manage to suffer in onebook I hope Please pray for me.I feel like Mia from the princess diaries and Lizzie would be best friends because they both annoy the ever living shit out of me This book was highly predictable, one hundred percent boring, and I would rather eat soap for the rest of my life than read this book ever again HOWEVER, I simply can t start a series without finishing it. so again, pray for me guys.Overall, I hate myself for starting this series I am going to be so freaking happy when I finish it. [[ DOWNLOAD BOOK ]] ⇩ Queen of Babble in the Big City ⇰ Lizzie Nichols Is Back, Pounding The New York City Pavement And Looking For A Job, A Place To Live, And Her Proper Place In The Universe Not Necessarily In That OrderWhen Summer Fling Luke Uses The L Word Living Together , Lizzie Is Only Too Happy To Give Up Her Plan Of Being Postgrad Roomies With Best Friend, Shari, In A One Room Walk Up In Exchange For Cohabitation With The Love Of Her Life In His Mother S Fifth Avenue Pied Terre, Complete With Doorman And Resident RenoirBut Lizzie S Not As Lucky In Her Employment Search As Shari Finds The Perfect Job, Lizzie Struggles Through One Humiliating Interview After Another, Being Judged Overqualified For The Jobs In Her Chosen Field Vintage Gown Rehab And Underqualified For Everything Else It S Shari S Boyfriend Chaz To The Rescue When He Recommends Lizzie For A Receptionist S Position At His Father S Posh Law Firm The Nonpaying Gig At A Local Wedding Gown Shop Lizzie Manages To Land All On Her OwnBut Lizzie S Notoriously Big Mouth Begins To Get Her Into Trouble At Work And At Home Almost At Once First At The Law Firm, Where She Becomes Too Chummy With Jill Higgins, A New York Society Bride With A Troublesome Future Mother In Law, And Then Back On Fifth Avenue, When She Makes The Mistake Of Bringing Up The M Word Marriage With Commitment Shy LukeSoon Lizzie Finds Herself Jobless As Well As Homeless All Over Again Can Lizzie Save Herself And The Hapless Jill And Find Career Security Not To Mention A Mutually Satisfying Committed Relationship At Last I don t think I ll be able to marry, attend a wedding, or listen to Taylor Swift s Speak Now , ever again without thinking of this book.This book was fairly fantastic, like all by Meg,what I loooooooove the most about her books is that the characters are always SO real,like they could easily be you, or someone you know,and this book s heroine, Lizzie, is pretty much every woman I ve known,Yeah, you might not admitt it, but we all have a Lizzie Nichols inside,a girl that feels like she is not cute, funny, smart, or skinny enough to triumph in this world,who is scared she might never find her prince charming, and scared she might not make it to pay next month s rent.I love Lizzie, although sometimes I want to shake her, because she just won t seethat she s going the wrong way or guy and I KNOW that she s going with the wrong guy Meg, pleeeeeease make her realize that Okay so, this book takes you in A WHOLE DIFFERENT DIRECTION that I didn t see coming,if you thought you ve figured all the story out in book 1,get ready cause book 2 is full of surprices I loooooooooved that,I mean just read book 1 and then this one and tell me, how could someone have ever expected that cause usually in a book you never get to see what really happens after the girl has found prince literally charming Not everything is what s cracked up to be.And Lizzie is just so dazzled by her sudden streak of good luck,that she doesn t stop to think she might be doing something wrong I think this has happen to all of us, you find someone so good you try tobe who you think is good enough to be with him that you stop being yourself.But she s always herself with this other guyI don t want to spoil but MAN IS THIS GUY WAY BETTER THAN THE OTHER,EVEN THOUGH HE SNORES, WEARS BASEBALLS CAPS EVERYWHERE AND GETS MAD ABOUT PEOPLE KILLING LAB RATS.And the other guy is half french, an excellent cook, has greek god s looks and oh he s also a prince.AND I D STILL TAKE THE OTHER GUY, ANYTIME That s how awesome he is.I mean seriously you just go on and read him, and tell mehow am I supposed to go on my life knowing such men exists only in books I m afraid that s everything I got,I m rushing right now so I can start the third book I think I m officially over Meg Cabot I enjoyed a couple of books in one of her series, but now that I ve read 4 books by her, I ve found that they re all based on the same story, and they always have the same ending By the time I got to this book I was able to predict the ending and storyline based on the other books I ve read, and they re just not as much fun any This was the first time I read a book by listening to it on audio disc, and it was pretty boring Maybe the last 45 minutes was finally fun, but totally predictable I m not sure if I didn t enjoy this because I was listening to it instead of reading it, but it seemed like several hours of the 8 hour disc could have easily been cut out Way too much talking about nothing important was happening, but when the ending finally rolled around, it was sudden and abrupt with no explanation, and the story was done I kept looking for another chapter, but nothing If you enjoy light, fun reads, I definitely recommend reading at least one of her books, but you may get bored if you pick up too many of them. Absolutely and extremely disappointed in this novel to say the least For the majority of it I loved it and even was starting to prefer it to the original which I loved This book is a fast read and one I was genuinely enjoying before the end of the book where Meg seems to take every character and demolishes anything likeable and enjoyable about them If I wanted to read crappy soap opera like books, I d read them The ending definitely left a horrible, bad taste to this reader After reviewing and skimming through the 3rd and last book of this series, it gets even worse The whole tone of the original novel with its likeable characters that are great to read and follow just vanishes and changes, but not for the better I definitely expected way better of Meg and as a faithful fan for the past decade, she writes better than thiswhatever it is I ve never read a book before where the 4 main characters I all loved turned into such jerks Shame. Strangely, meeting prince charming and moving in to New York city with him, did not turn Lizzie s life into a fairy tale The only job she can find in her field doesn t pay, her best friend Shari s behavior has become unbearable and to make matters worse, the prince does not want to commit Regardless of all the chaos, Cabot is able to kept up a humorist tone in the story and grant the reader a crazy cliffhanger Loved it It was good to listen to in the car because yelling at all the idiots in this book kept me from yelling at all the idiots on the turnpike. Regina gafelor la New York Meg CabotCartea asta face parte dintr o serie de trei volume, aceasta este vol 2 si este ceva gen seria cumparaturilor scrisa de Kinsella, doar ca nu la fel de amuzanta Sau asa am perceput o eu Lizzie si Becky mi s au parut super asemanatoare Amandoua traiesc in New York, amandoua sunt pasionate de moda, insa ce este putin diferit, e ca Lizzie stie sa croiasca si chiar isi face tinute singura.Cum s a intamplat si in primul vol, Lizzie nu prea stie sa si tina gura si face gafe peste gafe la tot pasul Nu spune mereu tot ceea ce gandeste, dar totusi ii e greu sa se abtina aici m am regasit putin pentru ca sunt la fel de sloboda la gura cateodata Asadar proaspat reintoarsa din Franta, impreuna cu cea mai recenta cucerire a sa Luke , Lizzie ajunge la New York , unde vrea sa si croiasca un drum in moda Stie sa restaureze rochii de mireasa vintage si chiar simte ca aceasta e vocatia ei.Desi planul initial era ca ea sa locuiasca impreuna cu prietena ei, Lizzie ajunge sa stea in casa mamei lui Luke impreuna cu acesta, iar Shari prietena cu iubitul ei Chaz.Cum la New York nu umbla cainii cu covrigi in coada si pentru ca nu isi gaseste de munca, Lizzie este fortata sa se angajeze ca secretara la firma de avocatura a tatalui lui Chaz In paralel face munca voluntara la un magazin de rochii de mireasa unde spera sa aiba sansa sa se afirme in domeniul modei vintage Nu va povestesc mai departe pentru ca ar fi pacat sa va dezvalui tot haosul pe care Lizzie reuseste sa il creeze in jurul ei, dar pot sa va spun ca povestea nu m a dat pe spate chiar daca in recomandarea celor de le editura scrie ca este o carte incredibil de amuzanta Eu nu am ras Actiunile lui Lizzie sunt destul de previzibile si as fi putut trece peste asta daca pataniile ei n ar fi fost atat de fortate Imi plac cartie chiclit pt ca sunt genul de lecturi usoare, delicioase pe care le citesti dintr un foc, chicotind si razand pe toata durata lecturarii lor, dar aceasta nu a fost deloc asa Pai am ras la Poti sa tii un secret si Am numarul tau ale Kinsellei, de am trezit copilul din somn La asta, maxim cred ca am schitat un zambet la un moment dat, si atunci nu Lizzie a fost cea care mi l a provocat ci Henry, seful ei Nu este de vina scriitura povestii, pentru ca este fix cum trebuie sa fie un chic lit lejera, usoara, fara prea multa greutate si descrieri, dar intamplarile prin care Lizzie trece nu s cine stie ce amuzante Asta e tot Recunosc ca mi s a parut mai amuzanta prima carte a seriei, si chiar credeam ca ma voi distra citind noile situatii inedite pe care Lizzie le va trai, insa n a fost sa fie E o lectura usurica, ce nu necesita multa bataie de cap, asa ca na, merge 3 5 stele. I loved the first Queen of Babble bookbut ultimately, there is no where for chick lit to go but marriage and the rigors of planning a wedding Having read it all before, I was a little frustrated and bored with Lizzie Nichols, the aforementioned Queen of Babble, a blabber mouth and vintage fashion fiend The second book returns Lizzie to the States, after meeting Luke a former investment banker and prince with a chateau and vineyard in France Of course Lizzie encourages him to follow his med school dream and she restores his mothers wedding gown, thus reuniting his estranged parents.Now in NYC, Lizzie wants to follow her own blissrestoring and rehabing wedding gowns It is only natural that someone in this path would have marriage on the brain, I suppose I guess, what I am saying is the last few Meg Cabot books I have read have ended in proposals weddings As much as I LOVE Meg, and I do, I guess I want to read something less fluffy andrealistic.That being said, I have to admit, the last chapter was great and it ends on a rather interesting twist and cliffhanger But with the third book being entitled The Queen of Babble Gets Hitched I just don t know if I can do it Are you kidding me That s how it s going to end Ok, so I liked this story, although it took me forever to read no fault to Meg Cabot s writing story I was so happy that finally on page 296 what I was hoping and praying for finally happens Only to have it potentially ripped away on page 307 Holy cliff hanger Batman I d recommend this book if you read Queen of Babble and enjoyed it Otherwise I don t think you d get the same feel for the characters.