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To see full review click here.And this is where the shit hits the fan.Man, this book is so outrageously unrealistic it s sort of laughable But at the same reason, that s why I love this particular installment Honestly, I could see it as a midseason finale if this was ever to get a proper TV show not one that simply uses its premises then has the main character regulated to background character and has a guy played by Mateo Santos be Not Rob to Vivica Fox who s just randomly in the TV show.And as outrageous as this one is, there are a few good messages there that even transcend ten years later And no, I don t think it gets too preachy.Once again, subtle develops are done with the development between the relationship of Jess and Rob that appreciate And I like the fact that other relationships side romances are developed as well.However, I just couldn t help but think during this book s climax.Ridiculous.Just ridiculous.And again, I kept seeing plot holes Like Chick being completely oblivious to just who Jessica is despite encountering her in the first book.Whatever though it was a fun ride. Re read book 4It s Thanksgiving and like the Gils Jess has found her self invited tothan one Thanksgiving diner Ok only two, she s not quite the over achiever the Gil are But one is Rob s house, that has got to count for something right Wait what Rob has actually invited her to a date like situation Is this progress Yes, Yes it is and we are rewarded with a pretty awesome scene after dinner But before we get to that Jess has to endure dinner with her family, including crazy great aunt Rose, Ruth s family, and Claire While having dinner we get our first plot hint when their new neighbor, Mr Thompson stops by and asks if anyone has seen his son who left to get whipped cream hasn t returned yet I don t want to go to into the story on this one and give things away, but it s pretty easy to figure out Unless you re Jess who has some trouble connecting the dots Though I can t remember if I figured it out right away the first time I read it, but 10 years and about 4 re reads later I think Jess could of connected the dots a little faster Following the good old formula, children go missing, Jess ropes Rob in to driving snowmobiling her around, buildings get burned and blown up, and there is some nice progress in this one And not just with Jess and Rob, but we get to see her brother Douglas continue his progress I like the time spacing of this series, especially since there is murder and violence, it nice that it doesn t happen every week making it truly unbelievable Why would anyone want to live in places like Sunnydale or Rosewood Some one dies like once a week and it s a small town It also allows for some character development, Jess Rob wouldn t be half as exciting if he gave in in a week And for old times sake The events in this fourth book were quite intense There were a lot of action going on gunfires, injuries, explosions, bumpy rides, etc I might say it was one hell of an adventure, though it did not really give me the very thrilling feeling or excitement. Jessica Jess Mastriani was never what anyone would call a normal girl, but ever since she was hit by lightning, she can find anyone if she sees a picture of them Since getting this new talent, Jess life was made miserable by the media and the military, so Jess pretended that she can t find anyone any and so is officially without powers However, there are a few people that know she can find people and most of the people in town, as well as the FBI, are pretty sure that she is faking So when Dr Thompkins, the new African American doctor who just moved in across the street, swings by on Thanksgiving to ask Jess if she knows where Nate, his son is, Jess tries to explain that she doesn t do that any Turns out that Dr Thompkins has no idea what Jess can do and was just trying to find out if she had seen Nate, as in with her eyes while awake Anyway, Jess is way too busy trying to sneak out of the house and over to Rob s house for her second Thanksgiving dinner to worry about where Nate is, until she is on her way home While Rob follows her on his motorcycle, Jess is stopped by a roadblock on the road and immediately assumes it is because she doesn t have a driver s license Okay, Jess is way old enough to drive and is a totally safe driver, she just likes to go a little fast I mean, how bad is it to be going 80 in a 25 mph zone Anyway, Jess soon finds out that the reason for the roadblock is they found Nate s body in a cornfield with a weird snake like tattoo carved on his chest Unluckily for Jess, Dr Krantz, a special agent who is in charge of an elite team of specially gifted crime solvers is on the scene to once again question if Jess has really lost her talents.Jess feels guilty about not being able to save Nate and she knows when Seth, a Jewish boy, is missing and the synagogue is set on fire that she has to do something She dreams of Seth and knows where he is, calls in an anonymous tip, but doesn t tell the police that there are men with guns guarding Seth One of the cops is in critical condition after being shot and Jess knows that it is her fault She is determined to find Seth without getting anyone else involved except for Rob, of course Rob gets a bunch of bikers from Chick s Bar to join them on their insane quest to rescue Seth from a group of white supremacists who live out in the woods and Jess is off on another one of her wild adventuresThis is the 4th book in the Lightning Girl or 1 800 WHERE R U series and it is just as hilarious and entertaining as the first three Of all of Cabot s Carroll s series I would have to say that Jess is my favorite heroine and always makes me laugh while I am reading She is very honest and just says what she is thinking or feeling and it is just so funny Jess is always trying to get Rob to kiss her and to be her boyfriend, but he cannot date her because she is only 16 and he is 18 and on probation The situations she gets Rob and herself into are very entertaining I cannot recommend this series highly enough all of the books by Cabot Carroll are great, but this one is the best I simply cannot wait for another book in this series I really hope that she keeps writing This Book Was So Intense From the first page, it had me hooked, and I finished this in a day and a half Jess was especially witty, Rob seemed especially hot, and the entire thing fit into one action packed book Filled with angry motorcycle gangs, evil backwoods militia groups, and creepy FBI agents, this book will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.I love Jess She s a great female lead, telling the story with sarcasm that has me wanting to roll on the floor laughing She s independent, doesn t take no for an answer, and knows how to get her point across with her fists She s not afraid of danger, but in no way is she naive.Oh, how I wishbooks had characters like her I d be in reading heaven.Rob, though I didn t really like him in the first book, is quite fantastic in this one.I flew through this one, and can t wait to get my hands on the next, and final, book I m not looking forward to the end of this series, because I don t want to have to say goodbye to these characters And yet, I desperately want to know what will happen .The contradictions are killing me Sanctuary, book 4 of the 1 800 Where R You series, gets 5 5 stars It s a fun, fast read that will leave you craving I probably should ve read the first three books first, but this book was the only one in the shop So sue me.16 y o Jess has been constantly stalked by the FBI ever since a freak lightning bolt gave her psychic powers Disliking her ability, Jess lies and says she has lost the power But when view spoiler the body of a local boy turns up in a cornfield, with a possible gang symbol on his chest hide spoiler I just want to sayFINALLYYYYYYYYYYY Fine A Leee Rob admits his feelings, Jess just spits out what she is thinking when it comes to Rob and his family.And when that scene ended I was, like, at peace.Which makes you think that the ending was my favourite part it was P But Jess kinda gets everything she wants in this one Nopissy FBI stalking her though she is now kind of a member of their team , she gets a boyfriend that isn t ashamed of her, she tells her parents about Rob, her brothers are happy with their girlfriendsa and her powers wil not be leaked to the media.The plot in this one with the whole group Got me thinking and while I was thinking I thought, Maybe Rob did think so I mean with the whole speech he said to get into the organization Because I don t learn that from public television LOLI fricking loved that part when Jess just flew over the bridge for some reason.Anyway, Cabot did amazing work with this one and I can t wait to read the next book D that meansRob D A really cool and jolly book Really missed meg cabot never knew such a book existed it was funI just loved jess and rob romance really sweet hmm psychic to find missing people pretty cool Really love her carefree writing totally enjoyable. (READ E-PUB) ´ Sanctuary ⛅ JESS MASTRIANI Knew She Wasn T Going To Be Able To Hide Her Psychic Powers From The US Government Forever But She Never Thought That She And Dr Krantz, The Special Agent Brought In To Convince Jess To Join His Elite Team Of Specially Gifted Crime Solvers, Would Have Something In Common When A Local Boy S Disappearance Is Attributed To A Backwoods Militia Group, It Turns Out That Jess And Dr Krantz Have The Same Goal Suddenly Jess Finds Herself Collaborating With One Enemy In Order To Stop A Far Worse One In An Atmosphere Of Hate And Fear, Jess And Dr Krantz Must Work Together To Unite A Community And Save A Lifewithout Losing Their Own Enjoyed it