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~Free Pdf ⚉ Wife for a Week (Bennett #1) ⚇ Nicholas Cooper Must Produce A Wife For His Business Deal, And Hallie Bennett Is Beautiful And Intelligent Enough To Pull It Off She Needs The Money, And Nicholas Has Determined Some Strict Rules For Their Week Together Rule No Displays Of Affection In Public Only Keeping Their Hands On Each Other In Public Turns Out To Be Surprisingly Easy It S Keeping Them Off In Private That S The Problem Hallie Is Falling For Nicholas, But Will Nicholas Make His Contract Wife His Real Life Bride Una historia cortita, de lo m s inveros mil y repletita de t picos, pero entretenida y muy f cil de leer. So it is extremely funny, but I need angst and drama in my HP outings and it just wasn t here Srsly, if there isn t any blackmail or forced seduction then how on earth am I supposed to believe they are in love There wasn t even a little tart shaming just to keep the HP vibes up.This wasn t even worth a Captain or a chocolate Tim Tam consult and I feel a bit deprived I know, I am whining and I want some Gouda with that too Fun, frothy romance of a pretend marriage between a graduate student in Asian antiquities and a software video game developer The virgin heroine is to earn ten thousand pounds to impersonate the hero s wife in order to thwart the flirtations of his client s 19 year old daughter The two travel from London to Hong Kong for a week of negotiations, sight seeing and several inadvertent assassination attempts Seems that funeral vase the heroine bought from a shady store also provides an unwitting victim as contents for the vase There is a lot of fun banter The H h are well suited The 19 year old daughter and her dad turn out to be lovely people And the travelogue is fascinating Just a nice romance all around, however it doesn t fit in the Presents style book So if you re looking for angst look elsewhere. Hillarious RomCom Will have you laughing from start to finish Of course, you need to suspend belief and just go with the fun Hallie was one wacko and fun heroine Wherever she was, one could expect Trouble nearby I couldn t help chuckle at Nick s God help us, whenever she said I have a plan And, the guy already has one wacko woman in his life his mother, Clea When the two women meet, they hit it off like a house on fire The dialogue between the three at the start of the book was hilarious Putting it under spoiler for those who does not want to read view spoiler How do you feel about travel he asked her while his mother preened Travel is my middle name And your first name Hallie Hallie Bennett Nicholas Cooper, he said and gestured towards the woman My mother, Clea Pleased to meet you, said Clea, her handshake warm and surprisingly firm Nicky, she s darling She s perfect You need a wife you said so this morning I think we ve just found her Wife said Hallie Wife That d teach her to shake hands with strangers Nicholas Cooper s smile was lazy His mother s was hopeful Probably they were both mad He s loaded, said Clea encouragingly Well, yes She could see that from the way he dressed He was also far too amused for his own good But is he creative You should see his tax return I don t know, Clea I think I prefer my men a little less What She slid Nicholas Cooper another quick glance Sexy Wild Gorgeous Dark, she came up with finally I prefer blonds Well, he s not a blond, conceded Clea, but look at his feet Everyone looked.He wore hand stitched Italian leather lace ups Size twelve Wide Of course, as his mother I can t let you marry him unless you recompatible, so maybe you should just kiss him and find out What Now Ah, Clea, I really don t think Don t argue with your future mother in law, dear It s bad form No, really, I can t It s not that, er, Nicky doesn t have a lot going for him Thanks, he said dryly You can call me Nick Because clearly he does It s just that, well She cast about for a reason to resist Any reason Yes, that would do It wasn t quite the truth, but little white lies were allowed in sticky situations, right I wouldn t be very good wife material right now I have a broken heart Oh, Hallie, I m so sorry, said Clea in a hushed voice What happened It was terrible, she murmured I try not to think of it Clea waited expectantly Obviously she was going to have to think of something Hallie leaned forward and tried to look suitably woebegone He was secretly in love with his football coach the whole time we were together The cad said Clea Was he blond said Nick I m betting he was blond hide spoiler Such a fun book LOL Thanks for the recommendation, Verity Go here to read her review. I m working through Kelly Hunter s backlist after falling in love with the first one I read She has a series going of four brothers and one sister This is the sister s book While not quite as incandescent as Pete s story this one was really good It was humorous but not in a trying too hard brittle edged way The heroine is light hearted and charming and the hero falls hard for her Think old Cary Grant movies The dialog and action are snappy, the locale exotic There was a twist that I totally didn t see coming Be careful reading reviews of this until after you ve read it as some of them give away the delicious twist without warning of a spoiler I would have been disappointed if I d already known it.I m already on to Tristan s book. This story was adorable and very funny I don t know what Harlequin was thinking with this one as there was no bitter, acrimonious hero throwing insults at a mealy mouth inevitably blonde doormat The dialogue was actually witty and believable, and there is quite the twist Definitely will be back for of Ms Hunter Steamy scenes weren t so bad either.Read this Just like 1 of those fortune cookies feel good phrases U discover treasures where others see nuffink unusual WFAW has certainly turned out to be a priceless gem KH is my NTMA New To Me Author This was her debut I hope this wasn t a fluke cuz I can t wait to get my grubby paws on her entire backlist Fake marriage is 1 of my fav themes Coupled w an exotic locale, it s a must try This heelarious book is like a 4 read that got upgraded cuz it s a blast I luved the sassy, whip smart, resourceful heroine They always say it s much harder to write comedy than dwama This li l charmer is a boatload of fun, filled w fab characters, memorable moments, witty byplay, a non slapstick comedy of errors, a mild suspense, a surprising 2ndary romance 1 in a million in HPlandia just what my shrink ordered The opening chapter sets the tone Hallie has a dead end job an exclusive London shoe store While having a 1 sided convo w the merchandise, Clea her gorgeous son, Nick, walk in Clea is charmed by the spunky Aussie gal swiftly concludes that Hallie is the purrfect solution to Nick s dilemma He s about to seal a lucrative deal w a Hong Kong distributor for his latest videogame software a Lara Croft rip off, equipped w ginormous cans Nick is willing to pay Hallie 10,000 pounds to be his 1 week wife, cuz Jasmine, the distributor s 18 y o daughter, tried to seduce Nick during his last trip Since he already fibbed that he had a wife, he gotta produce 1 Hallie weighs the pros cons, then accepts his offer cuz she needs the dough to pay for her diploma in East Asian Art Hallie is a tough cookie, having raised by 4 over protective older bros, she values 3 things above all freedom, equality respect Nick Hallie try to outwit 1 another as they cross the professional boundaries, hilarity ensues There s a sweet subtle 2ndary romance between Jasmine Kai, the stand off ish, Jet Li look a like, long time chauffeur cum chef bodyguard Despite the firmly set sleeping arrangement, Hallie s hands still end up on Nick s family jewels During a wicked shopping excursion, Hallie inadvertently signs Nick s death warrant, literally A business dinner featuring chilli crabs turns into an unexpected calamity Another customer almost keels over after being the recipient of the poisoned dish in error After a series of failed assassination attempts, their hosts finally deduce what Hallie s unique gift for Nick entails Whoops Nick has to let Hallie rectify her own boo boo, tho he simmers helplessly on the sideline realizes that she s the 1 Read it weep 2 This is not HP But who cares, it worked, it was way too funny You only need to suspend disbelief the whole book and have in hand something for the laugh Have to confess I read a chick lit disguised as HP before and it didn t work for me I don t like chick lit , but this was something else.Brenda has the details.