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I really was not expecting this book to address the issues that it did, so that was a pleasant surprise Unlike many reviewers I ve seen, I did not mind that our main character, Samantha, has grown up a year since the events of the first book That was refreshing and realistic And I didn t mind the sex part either but what really bothered me was the ending, where she does decide to have sex with him Ironically, I had been rooting for that the whole book through, but the way it happened was just so agh I mean, Sam spends the entire novel agonizing over whether or not to have sex with her boyfriend, thinking when he invites her to spend the weekend away with his family he means they ll be intimate together Up until that point they have not even been naked with each other So when the time comes, Sam thinks she s going to have to turn him down since she s decided she s not ready But in the end they wind up having sex.WHAT That came out of freaking NOWHERE Up until that point Sam had been saying she was going to say no to him Then all of a sudden she does it anyway And the worst part of it is, we have no idea why We get NO insight into her thoughts or motivations on that matter Based on what she says to other characters later, what happens that night is that they have sex and she loses her virginity, and probably not much else, because she reveals she didn t get off herself First of all, I just want to say that this is totally ridiculous Two virgins who have not even seen each other naked get intimate for the first time, and sex happens Really REALLY Two virgins You think they d both be so worked up and nervous about having sex that they d start out with something a littlebasic, and then WORK UP to sex I mean, that s a really healthy progression much less pressure and much less stress But, no They just go right ahead and do it as if there aren t ANY other activities they could be involved in And that s another thing that bugs me Meg Cabot holding up the old cliche that penetrative vaginal sex is THE sex, the only sex, and that s just not fair to girls, who often do not get off from that alone another fact that isn t brought up I mean, she doesn t mention anything else the whole novel through.The worst part, though, is how Sam behaves afterwards We don t get any insight into her thoughts through her narration, we only get a conversation with her sister and a conversation with a co worker that tells us what happened with her boyfriend that night The conversation with her sister only reveals to us that they did it and that she didn t come they discuss other details but they aren t spelled out in the text , and the conversation with the co worker reveals that Sam had fun Oh How did she have so much fun if all that happened is she was penetrated for the very first time which had to have hurt , and didn t even get to come herself Especially after she was so nervous the entire book about losing her virginity, there s no way she could all of a sudden magically unwind enough to enjoy it Further, I really resent that she doesn t give any confessions to the reader in her narration, like Okay, so it did hurt a little or You know, I actually don t feel all that different I m not sure what the fuss was about But no Apparently, it was perfect and dream fulfilling, since she never tells us otherwise.The reason I m so upset that nothing was spelled out is because this book is for teenagers A lot of whom may be contemplating losing their virginity sometime sooner or later, and may be looking to this book as an indicator of what it will be like And according to this book, it s no trouble at all, with no pain to speak of, and fun the first time Um, try fairly complicated, at least a LITTLE bit painful no matter what, and somewhat awkward which is not to say there aren t positive aspects too, but to focus ONLY on them I m not saying a first time can t be perfect and magical and easy and totally painless, I m sure that occurs on rare occasions but those are RARE occasions, NOT the norm It s really just giving unfair, unrealistic expectations, and I would expectfrom Meg Cabot Mostly, I just resent being shut out of Sam s thought processes after the most important event in the whole book, when we ve been privy to them all up until that point.Meg Cabot I really expected better 2.5 starsNot bad.But I wished it was better than the first one.Many of the reviews were negative since the book was all about sex But then again, this is a young adult book so that won t be a big issue for me.I think the ending should have beendescriptive. DOWNLOAD EPUB ♤ Ready or Not ♺ Top Ten Things Samantha Madison Isn T Ready ForSpending Thanksgiving At Camp DavidWith Her Boyfriend, The President S SonWho Appears To Want To Take Their Relationship To The Next LevelWhich Sam Inadvertently And Shockingly Announces Live On MTVWhile Appearing To Support The President S Dubious Policies On Families, Morals, And Yes, SexJuggling Her New After School Job At Potomac VideoEven Though She Already Has A Job As Teen Ambassador To The UN That She Doesn T Get Paid ForRiding The Metro And Getting Accosted Because She S The Redheaded Girl Who Saved The President S Life, In Spite Of Her New, Semipermanent Midnight Ebony TressesExperiencing Total Role Reversal With Her Popular Sister Lucy, Who For Once Can T Get The Guy She WantsAnd The Number One Thing Sam Isn T Ready ForFinding Out The Hard Way That In Art Class, Life Drawing Means Naked People I was so so so disapointed in this book its not even funny This book not olny was a let down but it angered me too because It sent a terrible message to the millions of young women who read it myself included I read the book before this one and enjoyed it as a nice light sugar read and so I figured the sequel would be along the same lines but I was shocked and outraged by this books out right support of casual sex The message any young women would get from reading this book is that there is no reason to wait to have sex and its just meant to be casual and fun NOT the message that teen girls need to be hearing at all My opinion of the Author Meg Cabot has definately been altered forever because of this book and not in a good way at all Wow So many salty reviews from people because there s a YA book about a girl who has been dating her boyfriend for over a year and is considering whether to have sex with him or not I don t know if it s just because it s an older book first published in 2005 but DAMN So many angry people that a book dares to go against abstinence only education I remember loving this book back when I first read it It was one of the few YA books I remember that actually talked about sex, contraception, and female masturbation OH NO Clutch your pearls now if you haven t passed out already This book isn t explicit, it s about a girl deciding if she feels ready or not to lose her virginity She talks to people about it Her sister buys her condoms and spermicidal foam They talk about the possible negative consequences Sam doesn t take this decision lightly I really love how this book was muchpolitical than the first one Sam uses her platform to speak out against the President s Return to Family initiative Which of course is some return to tradition bullshit that actually wants to take away teen s access to birth control Also there s a subplot about slut shaming, even though it wasn t called that at the time This is by no means a perfect book, it s definitely a little bit dated by today s standards But mostly I think it still holds up pretty well. Heard not great things about this one before I read it, but I had liked All American Girl so much that I felt like I needed to give Meg Cabot a shot I have to say that I m with the critics on this one Story and believability are sacrificed by agenda driven theoretical sex education I could not empathize with Samantha at amu point beyong Chapter 2 or 3 since her conflict is entirely mentally fabricated and could easily have been resolved at any point with some simple communication While I am all for writing about difficult subjects that are by all means an everyday part of adolescent life, creating believable scenarios and encouraging open communication in relationships would be a much better resolution to this reader than clarification sex.A very disappointing follow up to an fun, relatable, and enjoyable original. I liked the first book, All american girl, so I was looking forward to the second book I was disappointed Although the book tries to make some feel good about yourself and don t let other people define you and rebel protest, etc, the other half was about her obsessing about naked guys and having sex with her boyfriend She is in highschool, and although they don t get into the steamy parts, I can t believe she did it with him Yeah, there is info on using 2 types of protection, but please I can t believe she gave into the same teen pressure she spent most of the book rebelling against I don t like it when authors push an agenda, especially in young adult books to me, this book was all about a young girl deciding when to lose her virginity i m not promoting censorship, but this book does not have a good direction for its audience with parents unaware of activities, an older sibling willing to purchase contraceptive, and the professions of the two children being in love , why would any young reader not think this is acceptable, and even desirable the girl is 16, her boyfriend slightly older, and it follows that readers of this book could be even younger i think there is a burden of responsibility on the author to becareful in choosing subject matter for books that are marketed to impressionable young people teens are already bombarded with sexual influence in the media. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comIs this book controversial You bet Is it funny No doubt about it Is it appropriate reading material for all ages Depends on what you deem appropriate I ve read with interest the other reviews for READY OR NOT, Meg Cabot s sequel to All American Girl I even agree with a lot of them But before I start my review, let me remind you of one salient point this book is a work of FICTION It was written by a HUMAN who has her OWN views of life Just as everyone onisn t going to agree on whether or not abortion is right, or the war in Iraq is necessary, or whether religion should be allowed in public schools, no two people are going to agree on whether or not SPOILER Sam should have had sex with her boyfriend at the age of almost seventeen That said, I loved the book I m a thirty year old happily married mother of two, and I still enjoyed Ms Cabot s individual brand of humor, the trials of being a teenager, and the ability of one person to make a difference in the world The Samantha Madison of ALL AMERICAN GIRL has grown up She s older, she s dyed her hair because she needed a change, and she s wondering what to do now that her boyfriend, David, who just happens to be the son of the US President, has invited her to Camp David over Thanksgiving weekend to play parcheesi Sam is all ready reeling from the realization that she either looks like a cute Ashlee Simpson her older sister Lucy s comment on the dye job, which is not good or a dead Joan of Arc her younger sister Rebecca s comment on the hair, which could be good depending on how you look at it the fact that life studies in art class obviously means naked people really not good that the first naked man you see is a complete stranger and the knowledge that the President seems to think providing the teens of America birth control should not be done without their parents approval I truly enjoyed READY OR NOT The message is a powerful one the sexuality of a person should be based on their maturity, not their age, and that birth control is a personal decision of the person engaging in sexual activities That said, however, never once does the book become preachy about teen sexuality I can understand where some parents might not like having their teenage daughters reading about a sixteen year old who decides to have sex with her boyfriend, but I personally would rather have my daughter read a book about a girl who knows what a big decision it is, comes to peace with it in her mind, and seeks out ways to avoid the dangers that are associated with sex no matter what your age pregnancy and disease then have her feel ashamed to research her decision I think the subject matter was wonderfully handled, and by no means is the entire book about Sam trying to decide whether or not to have sex with David A lot of reviewers will attempt to make it be so, just because the subject matter is a touchy one But it s also about Sam wanting to be her own person, not just the girl who saved the President It s about learning to love yourself as you are, and understanding the intricacies of your family, and taking important steps in your life to make the world a better place Samantha Madison grew up in this book, and that s how it should be Any parent who thinks their teenager isn t thinking about sex is sadly mistaken it s just a fact of life And Meg Cabot presents a wonderful story about the highs and lows of falling in love, of making life altering decisions, and being the best person you can be. bad sequel to a great book that didn t need a sequel