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I received this book as part of a First reads giveaway at Goodreads.com.I am sorry to say that I did not finish this book and only gave it a 3 star because I could not finish it I was fascinated by the description and really wanted to increase my knowledge by reading it Unfortunately I guess I am still the same as I was in HS many years ago I felt I was in history class again and I found this boring and dry I tried really hard for days to go back and readbut I was so bored by it I was sad I wasted my reading time with it I can honestly say that of the 35 pages I did read, it was very factual and a lot to be learned can be gleaned by this book But I have never been a history fan and I guess I still am not I bet that someone who enjoys history will and or things related to Native Americans, they will absolutely love this book I thought I would just read a few pages but ended up reading the whole book itself Jeffery Siemers research really showed in this book 1734 to present time I say, give the Indians back what is rightfully there s. I received this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.I thought this book was incredibly well researched but very poorly written The sentence structure was choppy, new concepts and important people were introduced too abruptly, with too little information about their relevance, and there was a lot of information that I think might have been important but was mentioned so briefly that it really didn t make sense From a research standpoint I think this book deserved a 5 star rating It s onvious the author really cared about the subject and from the notes at the end of the book you can tell he really sought out and used primary sources But the writing was so bad it was a struggle to get all the way through. I give this book five stars for the extraordinary amount of time Mr Jeffrey Siemers must have put in to researching, compiling information for and organizing the material for this book The writing is not perfect and the book could have been improved by ainterest catching style as there are some parts of the book that did require a bit of time to get through In spite of these minor shortcomings, the book is extremely well organized and informative It would make an excellent resource for any student of or anyone with an interest in history I would definitely not hesitate to purchase books by this author in the future This book was won from the Goodreads.com website. Very well written and informative I really enjoyed it. This book is full of interesting information, well researched. {Kindle} ⚣ Proud and Determined ê Two Mohican Villages And The Remnants Of Other Algonquian Speaking Tribes Coalesce Around A Christian Mission In Massachusetts Hard Times Force Them To Make A Number Of Westward Removals The Bulk Of The Action Takes Place In Present Day Wisconsin For These Civilized Indians, The Tribal Church Is Not Separate From The Tribal Government, Not Until A Time Comes When The United States Tries To Dismantle The Tribe Will The Stockbridge Mohicans Maintain Their Tribal Identity After Federal Indian Policy Sets Them Against Each Other Will They Be Able To Avoid The Bottle And Other Temptations After Their Philanthropic Mission Society Pulls Its Support Can A Long Suffering, Proud And Determined People Make A Multi Faceted Comeback