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~Book ☰ Victoria and the Rogue ♇ VictoriaGrowing Up In Far Off India, Wealthy Young Heiress Lady Victoria Arbuthnot Was Accustomed To Handling Her Own Affairs Not To Mention Everyone Else S But In Her Sixteenth Year, Vicky Is Unceremoniously Shipped Off To London To Find A Husband With Her Usual Aplomb, However, Lady Victoria Gets Herself Engaged To The Perfect English Gentleman, Even Before Setting Foot On British SoilThe RogueHugo Rothschild, Ninth Earl Of Malfrey, Is Everything A Girl Could Want In A Future Husband He Is Handsome And Worldly, If Not Rich Lady Victoria Has Everything Just As She D Like It That Is, If Raffish Young Ship Captain Jacob Carstairs Would Leave Well Enough AloneJacob S Meddling Is Nothing Short Of Exasperating, And Victoria Is Mystified By His Persistence But When It Becomes Clear That Young Lord Malfrey Just Might Not Be All That He S Professed To Be, Victoria Is Forced To Admit, For The First Time In Her Life, That She Is Wrong Not Only About Her Fiance, But About The Reason Behind The Handsome Ship Captain S Interference Apesar de gostar bastante dos livros da autora, n o gostei muito deste, ficou bastante abaixo das minhas expectativas. This book is exactly what it looks like a charming, funny, quick read with no added depth While Victoria ostensibly has multiple love interests, it s obvious which rogue she ll end up with view spoiler Lord MALFREY come on, we ALL read Harry Potter hide spoiler 3.5 StarsThis was actually a lotcute and fun than I expected Not historically accurate in the slightest I don t care what her Father s will said, no one reached their majority at 16 In the Regency era, the age was 21 Also, what kind of idiot allows his daughter full control of her fortune at 16 and the love interest occasionally grated on my nerves But to be fair, he also wasn t cookie cutter wish fulfillment and I really liked that about it In fact, I think I would almost bump the romance up to 4 stars because it reminded me of one of my favorite books of all time The Grand Sophy And in the romance, the author answers one of the biggest hesitations I have with Sophy and Charles s romance What happens when the meddlesome heroine runs out of things to meddle in Unfortunately, things felt too underdeveloped by the end to really push the story to a full 4 stars It is a short book and depends heavily on some foreseeable drama to push it along Cute, but not quite enough. Victoria Arbuthnot was just four years old when her parents died while the family was visiting India Since then, she has been raised in India by her uncles, but now that she is sixteen, she has been sent back to England to find a husband On the long sea journey from India to London, Victoria meets Hugo Rothschild, the ninth early of Malfrey, who proposes to her shortly before the journey s end Victoria is thrilled with the proposal But why is Jacob Carstairs, who was also a passenger on the ship, trying to get her to end her engagement Now that they are in London, why won t he just leave Victoria alone And why is she even attracted to such an infuriating man as Jacob And is Hugo hiding a terrible secret I enjoyed this book eventhan Meg Cabot s first Avon True Romance It had a really good romance and also a good mystery subplot. I really find this very cute The story is simple and predictable, but it has this spark that will let you ask for what s next We have Victoria, daughter of a Indian duke, who was shipped to England to look for a husband She fell in love at first sight with the handsome Earl of Malfrey Hugo who also confessed his love for her in an instant, but there is this one person who kept on annoying her and that s none other than Captain Jacob Carstairs Based on the synopsis given above from the book you could already predict who is the rogue and who ends up with who One thing that I would commend upon is the character development realizations especially on Victoria Given that she is the daughter of a duke, she is expected to be perfect or strong willed and all, but she has her imperfections, kinda nice to see main characters having flaws than none at all There are a few issues raised or morals taught in the story such as those about how love and hate go hand in hand, love vs money and also being wanted vs being needed.Overall it s a nice read if you don t mind cliches and just want a sweet, warm young adult story I just wishedwas revealed as to why how since when did Captain Carstairs fell in love with her, or maybe it just goes to say that love needs no reason and just happens.Kinda reminded me of some animes like Kaichou wa Maid sama and Skip Beat. I might like this onethan Nicola and the Viscount because of Jacob the other short novel is light and funny but also would never happen to me because of the time period and circumstances While I also probably wouldn t be trying to marry an earl at a super early age, I can understand roguish men and being taken by surprise by feelings Jacob is swoon worthy The popped collar scene between Victoria and Jacob has forever been etched into my mind This novel is a combination of sass and plucky, and I feel like I m like Victoria a bit love love love how fun it is to read this book. This may have been fluff, but it was lovely fluff About the best written book of this type possible The heroine is so funny, the hero so dashing, and the villain has a villainous mother, just great Aside for Natalie quite a few good kissing scenes Best YA Romance I have ever read the perfect steppingstone to classic Regency I gave PANTS ON FIRE by Meg Cabot only two stars, but I am proud to give this story a full five or evenSo strange, this is a Regency novel and yet the heroine, Victoria, iswell rounded,assertive, andindependent by far than obnoxious Katie in the contemporary PANTS ON FIRE All of Victoria s strong points, her self confidence, courage, and her desire to organize and improve the world around her, are presented with great charm And her weaknesses, which are really strengths are just the same The hero is Jacob Carstairs, a pretty typical rake, except he works for a living He s barely out of his teens and yet he s already a ship s captain, which really captures his relaxed yet self confident personality perfectly His attitude towards Victoria is amused, but NEVER condescending He loves the fact that she feels like she can manage everyone, except him And she can manage all her feelings, except the ones he sparks within her And speaking of sparks, if you think a kisses only teen Regency can t have some truly spectacular sexual tension and some very grown up heat between two attractive young people, think again Meg Cabot has written every type of book you can think of but I wish she d written a fewlike this one. Not aggressively bad, but I did find myself mostly disliking it Probably better suited to tween girls than discriminating adults.