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~FREE EBOOK ☤ Safe House ♫ JESS MASTRIANI Was On Vacation When Amber Went Missing Most People Blame Jess For Amber S Brutal Slaying, But How Could Jess Even With Her Psychic Ability To Find Anyone, Anywhere Have Stopped The Cheerleader From Turning Up Dead, Without Having Known She Was Even Missing When Yet Another Cheerleader Disappears, Jess Has A Chance To Redeem Herself If She Can Just Find The Girl Before It S Too Late, Maybe Jess Will Finally Have A Chance To Be Part Of The In Crowd Except That It S Starting To Look Like Being In Might Just Get You Not To Mention Your Loved Ones Killed So Much For Popularity Hands down the best book in, so far in this series It had , plot twists,danger,mystery, and was definitely the darkest out of the first 3 The first 2 were kind of light and fluffy, you didn t expect anything really bad to happen or at least I didn t This one, quite a bit of bad stuff happened, And oh my goodness, it was awesome I really enjoyed reading this book It was definitely my favorite out of the first three, and now I can t wait to read the 4th Spoilers Ahead Okay so wow, where to start First I want to say, I so knew it was Mark, I mean come on, who starts hitting on a girl 5 days after your girlfriend is murdered Not cool dude, not cool at all, every time she was alone with him, I got the creeps, I really just wanted to know where Rob was, Also why doesn t this girl have a phone yet, come on, I think at this point it s for her own good I did find myself liking Robin this book See the problem, in my opinion with Rob, is that we don t get to see enough of him, and when we do see him he never opens up, EVER But we did get to see a bit , and I did find myself liking him, and I ve always started to smile when he shows up, for no apparent reason meaning I smile for no apparent reason not that he shows up for no apparent reason Although come to think of it he has a couple of times but anyway Now for my least favorite part of the story Karen Sue Hankey That girl is really a pain in the dairyair I was actually happy when Jess punched her, Don t get me wrong totally against violence, but she did really deserve it I must say I really liked Todd I m gonna miss him if he isn t around in the next book He was pretty awesome I was really glad he wasn t apart of the whole kidnapping thing Oh and the whole FBI using Douglas against Jess low blow people I found themannoying in this book, than I had previously Also didn t they have Jess s phone bugged, Didn t they hear the call From Jeff, You know where he was threatening her life Come on if you re going to stick around like a bad hair day, at least be useful Okay I funny thing at the end of the book, when they are leaving the hospital, and Mike comes in I totally went blank, I ad no idea who Mike was for almost a whole minute, I was like Who is this guy Do I know this guy Then it hit me oh yeah Micheal Don t know why that s the way I refer to him in my head And Jill and Allan got taken off Jess s case What I don t know if I like this new guy Come on, Jill and Allan, are like a part of the family now, Like that annoying dog, you just can t bare to get rid of You can take them away from us Haha This should be fun Okay so In case you didn t notice I really enjoyed this book Another excellent book in the series I just couldn t put it down, probably the fastest I ve ever read a book.The plot was enticing though the suspect was still a bit too obvious to me and I find it hard to have anything negative to say about Jess and Rob as characters Rob remains perfect, as usual Their romance is really developing at a pleasing rate Can t stop rooting for them Douglas is so adorable, really Getting a job was A character growth.Ruth unfortunately only continues to beandannoying as the series progresses I still can t comprehend their friendship at all Please grow on me All in all, and excellent 3rd book in the series Starting the fourth book immediately This is one of those This series is t that great, why the heez do I keep reading it situations I d like to say I m done and not gonna bother with the 4th one, but it s Meg Cabot and we all know that s just not true. The first four books were put into 2 volumes and at the same time they were given a different series title Vanished.Let me tell you a story about a girl, maybe even a sort of hero, Jess Mastriani She s quick with her fists there is never any doubt about that and that often leads her to trouble usually in the form of another week of detention More than that though, Jess is a loyal, quick witted, kind, just and hardworking girl and even now that I am older than her, I still look up to her and would be pleased to be even half as good a person as she If I had read this book earlier in life, I do believe that I would be a different person Nothing major, but I like to think that I d be a littlepatient, a littlekind, a little less patronizing As it is, I m working on it Now do not get me wrong, I got my hands on this book series a while ago over five years ago and I will freely tell you, I have read this series over waythan once Its one of my go to book series for when I m bored or away from home and feeling lost or even if I m gone for a day at the beach and need a good book This series and I have been many places together it s one of my many homes.Jess got struck by lightening and now she can find missing people by simply looking a their picture Next morning she wakes up and WHAM, she knows their current address While Jess is happy to be able to reunite worried parents with their missing kids, her newfound powers do seem to come with a bunch of issues including but sadly not limited to two FBI agents that won t leave her alone.I could go on for days about this series but I am not going to Give it a read please and see what you think of Jess for yourself She is well worth getting to know no matter how old you are She shows character evolution over the series as a whole that, honestly, a lot of book series miss out on This whole series is, without a doubt, a 5 star read. Things are starting to get real, way too close to home.As usual, great story line and writing style if some bits were slightly predictable The ending has me looking forward to the next book. the best out of the bunch This book is the sequel to Code Name Cassandra It is about that when Jessica was on vaction, a cheerleader named Amber went missing and then turned up dead Everyone blamed Jessica for Amber s death, since if she was there Amber could have been saved The main suspect for Amber s death is her boyfriend, Mark When another cheerleader named Heather disappered, Jessica is persuaded to find her After a vision in the middle of the night, Jessica and Rob found Heather in a abondon warehouse Heather was in a state of shock, not remember anything When jessica went back to school, she was considered a hero After piecing soome of the pieces together, Jessica figured it was Mark who killed Amber and kidnapped Heather Amber was pregnate with his baby and she wants to get marry but he didn t want to give up his football career, so he strangled her Since heather knew about Amber being pregant, mark tried to kill Heather too. Okay So that summary, taken right from the back cover of the book, makes it sound like Jess is trying really hard to get into the in crowd Um, no.This book picks up on the first day of school Jess is now a junior, and she s determined to make a good start She has a new wardrobe, and wants to have a new attitude aka loosing her anger management issues , and won t spend every day in detention Hopefully.That all changes as soon as she gets to homeroom.This book, I have to admit, was a little slow in parts Not enough that I considered putting it down, but it took over 100 pages to start getting into the plot I loved reading about Jess and her troubles I mean, being a psychic is a big responsibility And a bit of a hassle, when the FBI keeps stalking you , but knew from the back of the book someone else was going to be kidnapped I was looking forward to the plot picking up its pace, and got a bit impatient.I also have to say that I officially like Rob now In the first book, I wasn t sure if I did Now, I think he s a pretty cool dude.Safe House gets 5 5 stars Though it wasn t as face paced as I d have liked, it still had me hooked enough to deserve full credit Go check out this series Jess Mastriani, comes back from summer break to learn that Amber, a girl from her school, has been murdered Then another girl goes missing Using her psychic powers discovers Heather, a cheerleader from her high school that was abducted The feds are after her for her gift for finding missing people Also, the school quarterback, and all time hottie, is pursuing her so he can keep her from discovering the truth about the murder and the abduction But, her heart belongs to Rob, her motorcycle riding boyfriend who helps her solve the mysteries of each girl s case.It s a romantic mystery As is customary with meg Cabot, a chick lit book So, if you re a 14 yr old girl, you ll enjoy reading this one I wouldn t have read it now at age 24 if it hadn t been for a research assignment on Meg Cabot.