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FREE õ Killer of Enemies (Killer of Enemies, #1) ⚣ A Post Apocalyptic YA Novel With A Steampunk Twist, Based On An Apache Legend Years Ago, Seventeen Year Old Apache Hunter Lozen And Her Family Lived In A World Of Haves And Have Nots There Were The Ones People So Augmented With Technology And Genetic Enhancements That They Were Barely Human And There Was Everyone Else Who Served Them Then The Cloud Came, And Everything Changed Tech Stopped Working The World Plunged Back Into A New Steam Age The Ones Pets Genetically Engineered Monsters Turned On Them And Are Now Loose On The WorldLozen Was Not One Of The Lucky Ones Pre C, But Fate Has Given Her A Unique Set Of Survival Skills And Magical Abilities She Hunts Monsters For The Ones Who Survived The Apocalyptic Events Of The Cloud, Which Ensures The Safety Of Her Kidnapped Family But With Every Monster She Takes Down, Lozen S Powers Grow, And She Connects Those Powers To An Ancient Legend Of Her People It Soon Becomes Clear To Lozen That She Is Not Just A Hired Gun As The Legendary Killer Of Enemies Was In The Ancient Days Of The Apache People, Lozen Is Meant To Be A Than A Hunter Lozen Is Meant To Be A Hero A post apocalyptic post technology future adventure with an Apache protagonist Of course I was in I loved seeing the collapse of civilization through Lozen s point of view, loved the exploration of what such collapses not to mention the economic disparities that precede them mean for different communities and sub communities, and loved the ways in the setting and the protagonist s religious and moral beliefs did and didn t intersect And of course, I do enjoy a good kickass female protagonist, too The very ending denouement as in, the very last chapter felt a bit rushed to me though I wasn t looking for the pat answers it seemed to be trying to avoid, either, just a littlesense of where we go from here , but that s pretty minor, ultimately this wasa journey book than a destination book for me, and I did very much enjoy the journey. I loved this book I am a librarian on a reservation, and had a Native student ask, Do you have any books where the Indians aren t poor I was so happy to have this book to offer The protagonist in this book is Native and her cultural upbringing is the reason she is so successful at what she does This is an exciting fast read that s so much fun, you re sad when it s over. My first 1 star of the year I seriously hated this book Yaaaaay I would like to share with you two reviews that perfectly sum up my feelings 1 readknitreads insightful review which is what I would have said if she hadn t have said it first and if I were better at saying things.2 Addley s truth bomb which explores the main character s role as a female and a Native American as well as how this new, electronic free world works Or doesn t At all.I kept flipping back to the front to see if this had a copyright date of 1977 because that s how it s written, like some cheapass poorly planned actionsuspensedystopianfantasy crap that was churned out in mass paperback form with some bizarre, cheezee cover But, no This was published in 2013 Not re published, this pile of misery is only 5 years old.Ok, maybe it was written in 77 and some fool publisher only just now had the guts to put it on paper and peddle it to the masses Who knows for sure I don t.Here are some things I learned Numbers are hard gift given way back in the mid nineteenth century by Rezin P Bowie born 1793 to his older brother Jim born 1796Yes, 1796 is a bigger number than 1793 but that s not how birth order and age works, kids.Why didn t someone catch that Were there no editors for this book Women are defined by their physical attributes and rape ability.I don t know why it s important but Lozen tells us, the reader, several times that she s thin or lanky or scarecrow like, and yet Sadly, though I wear clothes that are all bulky as I can possibly wear without slowing myself down, they do not hide enough of my figure to disguise the fact that I am not at all shaped like a boy.And then a dude leers at her and thinks rapey thoughts about her, which she can see in her mind because sometimes she can read people s thoughts But not always Just when it s most convenient And, conveniently, many of the thoughts she can see involve what men want to do to her In a rapey way, not like in a make dinner and talk about the day way But wait You know how else we know Lozen is a bone fide girl She thinks she s unattractive I hope everyone who identifies as female is reading this little secret We will all know you are a girlperson if you think you are horribly unattractive And this is super important to the story because, you know, when you re killing all the GENenticallyMODified animals in the desert and your family is being held hostage to keep you under control, you need to think about whether or not people think you re pretty That s what a legit girl would do in this situation That s how you survive.ExampleLozen, she always says, you have such nice hair Why don t you let me braid it for you Or Oh, sweetheart, your eyes are so beautiful Or, and this is the most obviously false of all her little fibs, You have a beautiful face It just lights up the room when you smile Context Lozen is thinking about the things her mother says to her but obviously, her mother is biased regarding her daughter s looks because no one would ever find Lozen attractive because of her scarecrow like, lanky, thin, malnourished bodywhose shape cannot be hidden under bulky clothing.OMFG, people What is this crap And consistency is not a thing in this future world of ours Neither is logic I guess that s what happens when a giant silver cloud encases our planet and kills off all the electronics.And First Nations People, or at least Apache Chiricahuas, are magical with incredible abilities and they have ancient spirits to guide themif they re named Lozen Also, one who was here before humans view spoiler Bigfoot A bigfoot hide spoiler In the author s note to Killer of Enemies, Joseph Bruchac says that he feels the books asserts that, Indians will be a part of whatever future this continent holds post apocalyptic or not Given how many all white casts have been featured in the YA trend of ended worlds and dystopias, it s a mindset I can understand I just wish he d done a better job of it Killer of Enemies is a mess When I stumble on something in a book that makes me confused or frustrated, I tend to make that commentary out loud, because I m alone anyway so I m not bothering anybody With a good book, I m either quietly enrapt or reciting lines that I find clever With Killer of Enemies, I stumbled on a new headache every page First of all, I cannot stand how our narrator, Lozen, delivers exposition She ll be describing herself stalking an animal on a hunt, only to stop dead like she ran into a wall and talk about an unrelated memory of her father for a page and a half Then she picks right back up with the stalking like nothing happened Sometimes she does this in the middle of a fight scene And it s not like there aren tconvenient times for it, because the girl spends a good two thirds of the book completely alone There is plenty of time for introspection and backstory dumps, but that s instead wasted on pointless cameo visits from useless spirits guides who add nothing to the story It doesn t help that the backstory is extremely convoluted and a dozen timesinteresting than what s actually going on Basically, the entire world was extremely technologically advanced until a mysterious silver Cloud from beyond the stars arrived and shorted out all electricity The world plunges into chaos, especially since hordes of bio engineered creatures were released from their zoos, but some people like Lozen s family managed to retreat out to the countryside and establish little village homes for themselves Only sometime before the story started, their happy little home was raided by the soldiers of a place called Haven, which killed Lozen s father and uncle and her oh so precious dog and took the rest of her family hostage so Lozen would use her special powers to work for Haven s rulers Okay, fine, that s all well and good, but there is no established sense of chronology for this Lozen is a teenager, but she s still able to remember in detail what life was like before the Cloud, what happened the day it arrived, how her family established this little village, how they lived in that village, and when the Haven guards came to capture her Moreover, she s been there long enough to be an established presence and know all the workings of Haven, so she and her family must have been living there for quite a while Years, maybe But we are never told that There is no way to know This is all excused later on with a story that basically says, Time keeping came from the Europeans and has brought nothing but hardship on the native people, who always lived in the moment, but I call bullshit to that Traditional views on history and the flow of time are a complicated cultural issue, but they still had a concept of personal chronology They could still remember, this important event happened after I lost my first tooth or just before I started my monthly bleeding or during the hunt where Lozen shot her first bear So the fact that we get none of that is just ridiculous And I just don t buy that all the craziness she talks about could possibly happen in the maybe ten years she ought to be able to remember things clearly.On top of all that, the world Lozen winds up living in makes no sense Her little community of Haven is ruled by the four Ones, remnants of the privileged upper class that ruled pre Cloud Except there s no reason for them to be the privileged upper class any, because they have no skills, minimal resources, and are basically just lucky to have not been fried during the Cloud s initial arrival All of the lower population hates them and they re infamous for being mad and violent, yet people still arrive asking to be brought in as though this is some oasis in the desert, which it s not The dregs are controlled by the One s guards, who are themselves controlled by being addicted to some super drug, which the Ones don t even control they send the guards out to loot it from abandoned pharmacies There is no reason for the people of Haven to be afraid of their completely unthreatening, melodramatic, and unstable Ones They don t even control the means of production there is no means of production Outside Haven s walls, the world is full of wicked man eating mutants that were engineered pre Cloud, supposedly for viewing in zoos and the like Which make no sense, because the ones we see could only possibly be interesting to watch if they were eating someone, but they were specifically created to be shown off, not for gladiatorial bouts There is one creature that s given the explanation of being one guy s crazy pet project, and it s the only one that makes any sense I mean, think about it if you re going to put all that effort into genetically engineering a golden tiger just to show off the golden tiger, wouldn t you also engineer it to be docile so you could walk it around on a leash or play fetch or something You only keep predators as status symbols if there s not the option to make it a non predator Also haunting the outside world is the Bloodless, which are vampires They exist with no explanation Lozen decides that they must have always existed and have no impact on the plot, existing only to threaten Lozen in exactly two fight scenes Because bio monsters were getting boring, apparently And then there s the mysterious voice Lozen hears in her head, which turns out to belong to spoilers a Bigfoot Sasquatch Yeti Man Ape whatever you want to call them He exists just to get Lozen out of situations that she couldn t get herself out of, managing to avoid being a Deus Ex Machina purely by virtue of following her around all the time before he steps in His explanation for why he does this boils down to, because I wanted to Ugh And don t even get me started on Lozen s Powers, aka Plot Convenience Playhouse Lozen can hear people s thoughts, but only when she needs to establish their character or get the upper hand She can sense water, other life forms, and the general location of anything she needs to find She can confuse her enemies, has super strength, and goes for days without food or water She talks to spirits, but they never tell her anything she didn t already know She has these powers because she is a Special Apache Warrior Her father knew this the instant she was born, which is why she s named for her legendary ancestor who was also Special Anything the Powers don t cover, Lozen gets through because of the teachings passed down from previous generations, because as we all know, Native Americans are pure hearted and inherently bound to the natural way of the Earth Literally everything good or noble or heroic about Lozen ties back into her Special Apache Heritage Even her love for a beloved childhood dog is bound up in a history lesson about how much the pre rez Apaches loved their dogs If you took away everything that s forcibly tied back into being a noble Apache there would be nothing to Lozen at all In other words this is a book specifically written to provide native representation that builds its main character entirely out of the Noble Savage and Magic Native American tropes Ugggggggggggh Besides being a poorly developed native character, Lozen is also a pretty poor female character In my fiction, I write a lot of young women who take on a traditionally masculine role and mannerisms because I like that character type I like Katniss Everdeen I like Deryn Sharp I like Haruhi Fujioka So nothing bugs methan a female character who feels masculine not because she s been deliberately written that way, but because the male writer behind her has no idea how to write girls Which is what Lozen is The only vaguely feminine aspect of her character is her crush on the barely featured gardener Hussien, which is expressed in such stereotypical swooning clich s that they felt like they came from a completely different book I could keep on like this for ages The story structure is non existient The plot twists exist only to make Lozen s life easier Internal consistency is non existent There is no reason why the story began the day it did, and we don t get a decent bead on the plot until we re 250 pages through a 400 page book Etc Etc It s a mess This makes me glad that I took another book which was obviously going to be terrible off my reading list, because I there s nothing I would have learned from it that I haven t learned from this one My recommendation If you re looking for good speculative fiction with a native perspective, go read Sorrow s Knot instead It s better written, hasconsistency, and features a number of awesome and well developed characters interacting, instead of hours alone in the desert trapped in the mind of a walking stereotype.