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Moving Day is about a nine year old girl named Allie who is moving to a new house Allie went to her best friend Mary kay s house to make cupcakes for her birthday Mary kay does not want Allie to leave Either does Allie Allie s family went to see their new house and Allie met a girl her age Her name was Erika Erika went to the same school that Allie was going to, this new year Ericka s brother told Allie that their house was haunted But over time she saw that the house was not haunted and that she will acually enjoy staying at the house and going to a new school.I thought this book was really good There are so many good chapters I reccomend this book to people if they like funny rules for girls books And also if they like books that they can t put down The part that was really shocking was when Allie put a spatula down Mary Kay s throat on accident This was one of the best books I have read. This book is totally AWESOME I really, really like it and I bet I will like the other books It was REALLY, REALLY GREAT #FREE PDF Ü Moving Day õ The Author Of The Princess Diaries Series Makes Her First Foray Into Books For Midde Grade Readers, With This First Installment Of A New Series Starring Nine Year Old Allie Finkle, Who Is Trying To Adjust To A New Town, A New School, And A New Room The Book Jacket Unfolds Into An Oversized Poster Consumable i am really liking this book so far my favorite part was on page 2 when Allie stuck the spatula down Mary kay s throat that was one of the rules.I think that these are really funny.I just decided to read this because a girl in my class read it and said it was really good.And she s rigt so far.I think this book is realistic fiction because the events in this book could really happen to people.Like anyone could be moving.And anyone could get in a fight with their best friend November 18 2009 My least favorite part in this book is when it says the streets aren t even busy so you don t have to worry about getting your head splattered in the middle of the street YUCK My favorite rule is rule 8 because it is very funny the rule is Don t Put Your Cat In a Suitcase I wouldn t even do that.But I do have a connection to that rule because me and my sister try dress our cat up in baby doll clothes and our cat actually jumps into the bottom of my sisters baby doll stroller and we like to push him around the house and it s really cool,cute and funny.Alot of the rules are funny in here.I don t really like how Allie s trying to stop her parents from moving because I wouldn t do that to my parents December 2 2009 Now I m on page 147 and there is a total of 228 pages.My least favorite part is still the part when Allie says you don t even need to wear a helmet when your riding a skateboard in the street because there not even busy so you don t even have to worry about getting your head splattered all over the street YUCK My favorite part in the book is when Allie saves the cat because I don t think Brittney Hauser should do that to her mom s show cat. I think that girls do rock and I agree with her and all the rules she has but I don t think that she rules for girls I think it was a good book for girls wh like funny books and chapter books when they move from house hoe she and her brother get when their parents tell them they have to move from house. i love this book and she has alot of good rules This was a fun audio book for my trip Meg Cabot is very good at expressing the things that most 9 year old girls think, feel, and do The reader is excellent. I JUST FINISHED THE BOOK FINKLE RULES FOR GIRLS MOVING DAY.I REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK BECAUSE ITS BY MY FAVORITE AUTHOR MEG CABOT.THIS BOOK IS ALSO THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE PRINCESS DIARIES.ONE REASON WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK IS BECAUSE ON PAGE.164 A CHARACTER IN MY BOOK NAME ALLIE WENT TO A RESTAURANT NAMED LUNG CHUNG.SHE WASN T ALL THAT PROUD BECAUSE HER FAMILY WERE MOVING TO A DIFFERENT NEIHBORHOOD AND SHE WAS GONNA LEAVE ALL HER FRIENDS.SO WHEN SHE WENT TO THE LUNG CHUNG RESTAURANT SHE LOOKED AT THAT TURTLE THATS WAS THERE WHEN SHE WAS 4 NOW SHE SIX ALLIE COULDN T BELIEVE THAT THE TURTLE BEEN THERE FOR 4 YEARS AND NO ONE STILL DIDN T ORDERED IT TO EAT.SO ALLIE LIED TO HER PARENTS THAT SHE WAS GOING TO THE BATHROOM BUT INSTEAD SHE WANTED TO LET THE SNAPPING TURTLE FREE.SO SHE SNUCK AND TOOK THE TURTLE AND RANNED IN HER UNCLE CAR BECAUSE HE NEVER LOCKS IT.TO RAP THIS EXPLANTION UP ALLIE UNCLE JUST TOLD HER HE WOULD TAKE CARE OF THE TURTLE YOU WOULD LIKE THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO DON T LIKE TO MOVE OUT OF YOUR OLD HOUSE AND HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR BEST FRIENDS.ALSO IF YOU HAVE A BEST FRIEND THAT CRIES TO MUCH FOR NOTHING AND THAT S BOSSY LIKE MARY KAY,AND BRITTANY ALLIES FRIENDS.YOU WOULD ALSO LIKE THIS BOOK IF YOU THINK YOUR NEW HOUSE IS HAUNTED LIKE ALLIE FINKLE I SAY THIS BECAUSE ALLIE DIDN T LIKE THIS HOUSE BECAUSE A MOVIE THAT SHE WATCHED WITH HER UNCLE DAVE.THERE WERE A ZOMBIE HAND THAT CHASE PEOPLE AND TEAR THEM UP ONE BIG CHALLENGE OF THIS BOOK WAS HOW TO CHOOSE A REAL BEST FRIEND BY THERE ACTIONS.I THINK THAT COULD ALSO BE A THEME IN THIS BOOK.I SAY THAT BECAUSE ALLIE HAD A BEST FRIEND AND THEY BOTH MADE A PROMISE TO NOT TELL NO ONE THAT ALLIE IS MOVING ON MARY BIRTHDAY BUT ALLIE BROKED THAT PRMOMISE AND TOLD SOMEONE I THINK ALLIE FINKLE IS THE INTERESTING AND MAIN CHARACTER IN THIS BOOK.AT FIRST YOU MAY THINK THAT SHE S A WEIRD GIRL THAT WRITE HER RULES THAT SHE ALWAYS TAKE EVERY PLACE.BUT INSTEAD SHE KEEPS THIS BOOK FOR FRIENDSHIP BUT SHE BROKED HER PROMISE AND ALSO MEESED UP HER FRIEND SHIP AGAISNT HER AND MARY KAY. I thought these books were the peak of literature in elementary school I think I still do. In order to create some sense in her life, 9 year old Allie Finkle decides to create a list of rules to live by, including such rules as Don t stick a spatula down your best friend s throat , Never eat anything red , and You can t take your rocks with you This list is evenhelpful to Allie when she finds out that her family is moving to a huge, old house across town She doesn t want to move even though a Dairy Queen is right around the corner, she ll be allowed to get a new pet kitten, the girl next door is her own age and awesome unlike her current best friend that she doesn t like very much and who is known to cry over everything , and her new teacher is very nice Allie thinks this new house is haunted and has no desire to move in there, despite all of the cool things that promise to be a part of that new life She s going to do everything in her power to sabotage the sale of her current house using her new book of rules This is a great book and I liked Allie right away She s funny, honest, and has a good heart Moving Day is the first book in this series readabout Allie in The New Girl Those who enjoyed this book might also enjoy the Just Grace series Harper or the Clarice Bean novels Child.