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I really enjoyed this book about a somewhat alcoholic, somewhat obsessive English teacher travelling around SE Asia in search of meaning and emotional salvation Occasionally the philosophical ramblings can become a bit pedantic, although this is readily acknowledged within the story The surprising love story and rather abrupt ending caught me a little off guard but the engaging descriptions of his travels were fascinating, probably even so because I ve been to all of those places and found his portrayal of them and their eccentricities right on the money. [Kindle] ☪ Mystic Fool ☸ A Spirited Romp Across Southeast Asia, Mystic Fool Follows The Exploits Of A Young Man, Led By Alchemy And Alcohol, As He Explores The Inner And Outer Planes Beginning In The Islands Of Southern Thailand, He Heads To The Ancient Capital Of Siem Reap And Up The Coast Of Vietnam To The Chaos Of Hanoi Jettisoned To A Farm In Northern Laos Milking Goats, We Then Find Him Guzzling Rum With A Guru In The Golden Triangle, And Later In Pai, Embracing The Mystery With Caution Abandoned And Destiny Swooned, This Lyrical Jaunt Soars And Enchants With Each Bus, Train, And Tuk Tuk Ride My review My first impression upon starting this book was that I really did not care for it much It is a story about a 20 something young man Ian who really seems to have no redeeming qualities He drinks to the absurd access does drugs and doesn t even seem to like himself I did find the descriptions of Southeast Asia interesting and had hope for the book after he met someone to care for and seemed to sober up Unfortunately the book abruptly ended there without bringing any good closure to this segment of the young mans life I really felt like it was a waste of time I give the book 2 stars. Great Book Its an exciting read and you won t want to put it down Andy s travel adventures are very inspiring and make you want to know I would definitely recommend this book I loved this book, couldnt put it down definately of the zeitgeist, a timely truth also a really interesting perspective on travelling in south east asia A Lyrical Uplifting Journey Easy to Read, InspiringHe does capture the childlike magic of The Fool, witness this Untangling and swimming to the shore, I moved my legs around in the water to watch them light up one last time before we climbed back onto the sand What I love about this book, is the lyrical and light way it moves it feels like a gently bubbling spring, moving without effort, and with the feeling that laughter is bubbling up from the heart of the spring, and of the writer, in every moment.I found as I was reading Mystic Fool, I became lighter too Mystic Fool s lightness perfectly captures the joy of youthful travellings in an unknown and lost journey through the paradises of Asia, and the writer charts both the craziness and stress that arise with such journeys running out of money, panic about visas, staying in awful rooms and the lyrical divine interludes that also just naturally occur, in those oh so beautiful white sand palm fronded and crystal watered beaches of Thailand, Laos et al.It also does, perfectly capture the sense of freedom and joi de vivre of The Fool character from the Tarot and for me, perfectly evokes that picture of the divine idiot with his knotted kerchief on a stick, gaily going forth humming a song to who knows where to seek his fortune and to discover who knows what simply put to Adventure To leave the daily grind that so many unknowingly live for so much of their lives, and to have the courage to leave what is also safety and stability to explore something a little exotic Andy Hill charts the journey through drugs n alcohol towards discovering meditation, and finding a spiritual practise that ends up getting him of a sense of inner balance and peace He weaves in his experiences often very funny as he personally gets to grips with various spiritual ideas and methods, interprets the Tarot in the light of who he is and what he discovers, and weaves all that into his story, in a very charming and amusing way, which ultimately, becomes a love story.If you love travel adventure books for example The Beach , if you like Kerouac and the Dharma Bums or On the Road , Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or even The Grapes of Wrath or Confessions of an Opium Eater enjoy stories of mystic fools that move you or if you are simply planning to travel through Southern Thailand, Bangkok, Siem Reap, Hanoi, Vietnam, Laos, or indeed, Asia this is a great book to pack into your backpack or download to read on the journey the perfect relaxing beach read with an inspiring, uplifting and entertaining spirit. More of an autobiographical spiritual novel of a wanderlust white dreamy backpacker male character chugging meeting with people and exchanging conversation, drugs and alcohol and stuff You could say there s multitudes of white washing in some parts, add some superficial mystical exoticism that often adds nothing to the content and a rather realistic but redundant dialogues with very minimal characterization and lack of subtle plot made the reading process almost borders on tolerable if not for the short length Its not a bad book if you wouldn t mind enjoying these kind of books If you are a South East Asian, better skip this one More a fantasy novel for the dreamy escapist tourist types.