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I don t want to spoil all the fun of reading this amazing work so I ll keep it simple Times of crises require at least this is the general assumption the government to assume additional power over the economy During these times there is an ideological change that occurs in the public and private sectors This ideological change is one of the main factors preventing the government from contracting back to it pre crisis size. [[ READ EPUB ]] ⇖ Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government (A Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy Book) ↡ Few Topics Are As Timely As The Growth Of Government To Understand Why Government Has Grown, Robert Higgs Asserts, One Must Understand How It Has Grown This Book Offers A Coherent, Multi Causal Explanation, Guided By A Novel Analytical Framework Firmly Grounded In Historical Evidence More Than A Study Of Trends In Governmental Spending, Taxation, And Employment, Crisis And Leviathan Is A Thorough Analysis Of The Actual Occasions When And The Specific Means By Which Big Government Developed In The United States Naming Names And Highlighting The Actions Of Significant Individuals, Higgs Examines How Twentieth Century National Emergencies Mainly Wars, Depressions, And Labor Disturbances Have Prompted Federal Officials To Take Over Previously Private Rights And Activities When The Crises Passed, A Residue Of New Governmental Powers Remained Even Significantly, Each Great Crisis And The Subsequent Governmental Measures Have Gone Hand In Hand With Reinforcing Shifts In Public Beliefs And Attitudes Toward The Government S Proper Role In American Life Integrating The Contributions Of Scholars In Diverse Disciplines, Including History, Law, Political Philosophy, And The Social Sciences, Crisis And Leviathan Makes Compelling Reading For All Those Who Seek To Understand The Transformation Of America S Political Economy Over The Past Century An incredible book Thoroughly researched and cited, well written, entertaining despite its heavy subject matter Higgs is a great historian and poses an interesting theory to account for the growth of government and increase in federal power over the economy since 1920. Interesting overview of a plausible thesis The book didn t entirely meet my expectations, but had a lot of good theoretical insights and historical descriptions. Groundbreaking study in the growth of leviathan government during war and crisis. A staple of economic history, Higgs exploration of ideology and emergency as the forces that created Big Government in the twentieth century deserves the accolades it has already received Particularly for students unfamiliar with the growth of big government, the first section lays out a clear thesis of how ideology can make or break a political movement The second half of the book builds upon that thesis with historical evidence, contrasting the ideology and emergency of the 1890s and the lack of Big Government programs as we now know them with the later crises of the two world wars and the Great Depression While the book is somewhat dated now it was published in 1987 and so misses the crises of the last decade it is an illustrative starting point for those curious about how the U.S federal government just got to be so big in the first place, from its spending to its scope. The book demonstrates some of the dangers of economists doing history The book is mainly a collection of fairly well known events in American history, events that have been extensively and clearly described elsewhere, but with a libertarian spin.A few of the stories here, such as the potential railroad strike that led to the nation s first 8 hour law the Adamson Act in 1916 , and the debate behind the Sixteenth Amendment making an income tax constitutional are fairly interesting, and I had not encountered them elsewhere Other parts go into detailed political economic history than is typical for such a broad text such as the section on WWII , and that s worthwhile But most of the book is take it or leave it. Robert Higgs is a meticulous researcher and digger into data What many suspect as true about the growth of government, he documents It s a valuable resource to put in front of people who think we re as free as we ve always been It complicates the story of the growth of government somewhat by showing such growth is not simply based on modern Liberalism Rather, it is Liberalism compounded with the universal tendency of all governments to increase their power by using crises It allows us to generalize the addage, War is the health of the state to Crises are the health of the state. This is really an excellent book and the only reason I gave it only 3 stars is that it s so damn depressing we can never roll back Leviathan, it seems, only watch it grow until it finally bankrupts the nation I hope that s an unfair summary of the author s position, but since he comes up with no plan on a rollback I have to wait for a later edition. A libertarian perspective on U.S history During each war or domestic economic crisis, the size of the federal government increases It does not decrease after the crisis has passed Over time the size of the federal government keeps getting bigger and bigger.