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The angst was delicious and u could cut the tension between H h with a knife I couldn t put this book down I m not a fan of love triangles but MR sure knows how to engage a reader Must give due credit to Reid when she can take one of my most hated tropes, 2 brothers 1 vagina and make it work Heroine is technically a virgin but she had passionate interludes with her fianc , the Hero s brother and begged him to make love to her before the marriage so it was clear she enjoyed some physical intimacy with him This should have raised the gag factor but Reid salvages it by making Piers, the brother, the bad guy from the first page as he dumps the heroine at the altar in favour of his ex girlfriend Reid focuses immediately on the anguish of the heroine at his betrayal and the charisma and strength of the Hero as he steps up to save the day by taking charge of the situation and turns it around neatly to protect her from further embarrassment and distract her from her own pain.H is a bit heavy handed but Reid redeems him by making his love for h transparent as he patiently and sometimes impatiently waits for her to become aware of the weakness of the man she thought she had loved She in turn, can t help being drawn to the bold, decisive, dependable character of H I enjoy romances that centre solely on the MCs and this one delivers superbly on that front.It was also a delightful surprise that part of the book was set in Hong Kong and having visited pre China HK a few times, for me, she captures the essence of HK perfectly, from the nerve wrecking landing at the narrow strip of the airport, to the markets, the bay and yes, the over crowded tube stations Yes, people, no pretentious cars or limousines, they take the tube like seasoned travellers.But sadly, Reid could not sustain the momentum and the last quarter of the book dragged view spoiler into a love quadrangle between H, h, Piers and his wife though it was a nice touch to bring Piers towards the end to explain his actions hide spoiler I liked this one, but I can see how some would find the hero s actions hard to take He really does ride roughshod over the heroine when she is jilted Plus he isolates her and doesn t give her a moment to think her own thoughts However he s crazy about her unlike the cad who jilted her and that makes it all better in HP land.Second Reading Another jilted story with the groom s brother picking up the pieces I really liked this one Heroine was in her wedding gown ready to go to the church when the hero s brother brought her the rejection letter MR does angst so well.It s apparent from the very beginning that the hero is crazy in love with the heroine and that something was fishy with the brother The hero proposes so she can save face The rest of the story is their trip to Hong Kong and the heroine showing her true personality and resilience I enjoyed seeing the heroine recover and fall for the hero, all along wondering just what was going on.There was an interesting twist at the end and it was the evil bro who had to man up and confess Finally the person who wronged the other actually had the discomfort of admitting their sins view spoiler Turns out the hero fell in love at first sight when someone ran into the heroine at work and she dropped papers all over the floor The hero helped her pick them up, but he couldn t do anything else because he had a plane to catch to Hong Kong The evil bro, who was jealous of the hero, moved in and swept the heroine off of her feet and planned to marry her to spite the hero The hero begged him to jilt the heroine knowing how he felt about the other girl he had on a string who he was scheduled to marry later that afternoon hide spoiler I read this book because I have postponed to read it for years So, last week a Goodreads friend suggested me to read it, and it was when I finally decided to do it The conclusion isI didn t like it, this romance was awful IMO, it is not the best book by MR, there are other books better than this one, I didn t believe their chemistry, if there was any because I didn t feel it I didn t think they fell in love either.There are many spoilers in my updates of this book I was desesperated to finish it Definetily, this is a book I won t re read again It wasn t memorable in my opinion, Rafe, Shann, Piers, Madeleine, Jemma, Addio While I was reading this book The first half of the bookThe second half of the bookAt the endThe conclusion I didn t like it 4.5 starsI loved it when Rafe swooped in like a knight in shining armor to save the day and help Shaan recover after being jilted He did play a major part in foiling her marriage plans, but I forgave him because 1 I love a smitten hero who will do anything to get his woman, and 2 Shaan s ex was a turd, so she definitely dodged a stinky and slimy bullet Helping to convince me this was a match made in HPlandia Heaven was the intense sexual chemistry, passion and tension which vibrated between the two Vroom, vroom One thing that could have made this a perfect read was if Rafe s brother, Piers, had suffered for his part as the antagonist of the story I also would have liked exploration into why and how Shaan fell in love with Rafe He was wonderful, but still She d waffled so much over her feelings, so when the realization that she loved him finally lit inside her it seemed less convincing than it could have been One moment she s not sure, then literally in the next scene or two Shaan now knows because she sees Rafe with her supposed rival Despite these quibbles, this is still one of my favorite romances by Michelle Reid Didn t think I was gonna like this at first Book opens with the heroine being jilted at her wedding and she s just a sobby, helpless, bitter wreck for pages and pages Enough to make you roll your eyes and tell her to please get a grip I prefer my heroines not to be teary Jello.And then she turned into a total sex kitten, which was actually awesome She deliberately seduces her new husband away from an all important business meeting that she doesn t want to attend by crawling all over him in the elevator as they re heading to it, breathing please please please between hot wet kisses, forcing him to abruptly take her back to their room and no show on the business people without any explanation or notice Teehee This is what I like to see a heroine just taking utterly shameless advantage of her sexual power over the helpless in her thrall Hero Enough of the innocent, you can t possibly want little ol me, you can t stand touching me, I must disgust youcrap I want me some of this C mon big boy, you know you don t wanna go to that boring business meeting when you could have me bent over on the couch instead, hmmconfidence I went from irritated by Shaan to totally cheering her on.They did have record amounts of sex, as they decided well she did anyway to use sex as a basis for their relationship You might say they put the sex in sexcessive Or you might not, but anyway the sexual heat between them was very well written You had to like Rafe from the start, because domineering pushy bossypants that he is, it s still obvious from the very first that he s eating his heart out for her, and he s not the cruel type of Alpha Shaan never quite gives up on being just a little on the wrong side of average intelligence, but she makes up for it by being impish, kittenish, and giving Rafe a couple of very sweet gifts Quite an enjoyable read if you can get past the messy start 4.5 stars It is the heroine Shaan s wedding day, but instead of being newly married she is in emotional termoil after he would be brother in law Rafe, the hero, tells her that her fiance has left with other woman Not really knowing what to do, Shaan let s Rafe take her away from all the confusion, but she is shocked out of her reverie when Rafe asks her to marry him instead Shaan has always thought that Rafe disapproved of her, but he makes a good case for them both marrying in order to save face and for companionship After they marry, Rafe takes Shaan to Hong Kong, their getting to know one another is tumultuous at best with neither of them knowing what the other one feels However, there is an undeniable attraction between them and they act on it Even though it seems like they are both in love with other people, Shaan and Rafe grow closer and closer, but Shaan fears that their fragile relationship won t survive once they are back to their real lives.I expected to like this book, but not as much as I actually did This is a brilliant book one of the best of Michelle Reid s books that I have read Every thing in this book is very subtle, and it totally works I adored the hero, I knew straight away that there was something else behind his alpha male veneer the little glimpses of his POV that Michelle Reid adds in really whet your appetite and leave you wanting to read on to find out.Even though elements of this story are a little over the top and clich d, I think that the love story between the hero and heroine is believable There is so much emotion and intensity to this story, and it is perfectly executed.Very, very good.Originally posted at I was loving this right up until the end The author chose to make the hero have someone else do his explaining groveling for him You could tell all along that he was crazy about the heroine I wanted to see him go all out and persuade her of his love And then after that cop out, he is still mad at her and makes her basically crawl to him So the last 10 pages sucked We didn t actually get to experience the anguish he felt as he explained and the hope that he could persuade her and all that other mushy stuff that I read HPs for Maybe I should even knock it down another star But still the love scenes were very hot and believable so I guess I leave it at 4 stars. Re Marriage on the Rebound Michelle Reid brings the wrecki drama to the keepin it in the family trope.This one starts with our 22 year old orphaned, half Lebanese h being jilted right before she is to leave for the church on her wedding day.The H is the 34 year old brother of the groom who ran off with another woman, leaving the h to sink or swim alone in front of the upper echelons of London society The h and her elderly aunt and uncle are in utter shock when the H comes to break the bad news, but the h quickly realizes that the H must have somehow pushed his brother into dumping her The h suspects that the H doesn t want a girl of mixed heritage sullying the H s family name, as the H has been very antagonistic to her from the first time they were formally introduced The h soon lapses into mental horror and despondency Her elderly relatives are not helpful in that regard, they seemed to be in danger of collapse than the h is The H boldly leaps in the fray and soon has bullied the h into agreeing to marry him in place of his brother.Ostensibly the H and h are to marry in order to help the h save face after being publicly humiliated, but the way the H announces it and plays it off to both her friends and family and the tabloid press, the h just comes off looking like a gold digging tart.The H is very autocratic as he sweeps the h off to Hong Kong and decides that the emotionally exhausted h needs to subjected to his boring friends that have nothing in common with the h and that she has to stay awake for over 24 hours to escape jet lag.There is lots of H ordering about, he even puts her to work a few times as the h was formerly a secretary, shopping and some HK market bargaining as the h manages to score a fake Minnie Mouse watch.The h is gradually working through the grieving process of learning that the man she thought she loved is not the man he turned out to be, while also becoming aware of the H on the purple passion lurve force mojo level.As the H and h are sharing a room and a bed and the h is pretty much berated by the H whichever way she turns, the big lurve club event is hardly unexpected What is unexpected is the h s physical response to the H Tho once again she is mocked by the H because she protests lurve club events done in the name of lust, then she is berated because she does respond and the H tells her she should be thinking of her love for his brother All of this is really H gaslighting garbage to manipulate the h Because in reality the H is fascinated by the h and has been wanting to test out tower of power rides with her for some time But his little brother and he have a running battle and to score points, the H s little brother tried to grab the h first The only reason the little brother jilter did not make it to the finish line with the h is because his older flame showed up to fight for her man The h overhears a phone conversation the H is having with someone we never learn who and she takes exception to being labeled as leftovers in reference to the H s statement that he was in love with the woman that is now his little brother s bride.So the h becomes convinced that the H is in love with his little brother s girl and that he too is using the h to save face But what the h has a hard time articulating is that her agreeing to marry the H was done in a moment of shock and the H pretty much force marched her to the altar and gave her enough tranquilizers to keep her compliant.What the H did was an underhanded, deliberately deceitful maneuver His marriage proposal was done under the lie of the H wanting to do a good deed to help the h, but really it was that the H wanted to score points against his brother and punish the h because she went for his brother first instead of him He accuses the h of being childish, but his egotism and selfishness are in the line of a pot calling a kettle black There is also a serious question of just how involved he was with the little madam who ran off with his brother But the serious problem is that the H uses the very deep trauma the h endured to manipulate and maneuver her into becoming a borderline tart In fact the h decides that since she has nothing of inner worth left that anyone would want anyways, she may as well base their relationship on exploring all the lurve club positions she can, as it turns out she is really good in bed.So there is a LOT of purple passion moments throughout their HK tour After the H and h have a fight when she runs off with an American tour group for the mandatory HP travelogue afternoon and when the H wants to drag her to another boring dinner meeting, the h seduces him in the elevator to get him to change his mind Eventually we all go back to London and there is purple passion and a lecture from the h s pretty blunt BFF Then the bleak mopey moment strikes, the h and her BFF see the H coming out of a hotel with the OW They look fairly intimate while embracing in the street and the h realizes that she has been played not once, but twice and by two nematodes in the same family.The h finally gets herself together and leaves the H, only to have him show up and semi forcibly roofie lurve club her to drag her back to the marital home Where we meet the nematode little brother for the first time.The little slime pustule insists that the H went to him the morning of the abandoned wedding and begged him to run off with his first flame because the H was too in love with the h to give her up The little slime slurper admits he has always been jealous of his big brother H and when his former flame preferred his big brother over him, even tho supposedly the H wasn t preferring her back, the little snot just had to get some of his pride back and he chose the h as his object of revenge Little slime slurper and MR want us to believe the H has been in love since he first met the h, after one of his executives bowled her over in the hallway at work and he helped her back up The nematode brother insists that everybody but the h knows it and have had themselves a good laugh about it That statement is enough of an excuse for the h, who can now fool herself that her lust for the H is really true love.Continuing on in the h s new manipulative sex kitten antics, the h goes back to the H and they make some mutual love noises after the H asks if his little brother explained everything okay We leave them once again adjourning to the bedroom to continue practicing their boudoir bouncing moves for the purple hazed MR HEA.I rate this book pretty highly, but not because I really believe in the HEA or believe that these two people really love each other They are too entranced with each other physically and too distant and different mentally for Real HP True Love in my view I think the H saw the h and fell into a major obsession But he doesn t ever get to know her as a person, he just uses her trauma and some drugs to mold her into the walking, talking sex toy he wants her to be MR definitively spells out that the H took a mentally broken down girl and carefully crafted her into the woman the H wanted her to be the h even acknowledges it herself Then there is the fact that the naive h was grooming unicorns, tho she did have some passionate kisses with the nematode little brother during their courtship So when MR has the h wondering if she is really in love or just finding out about her own personal passion, the scales coming down on the h learning her sexuality side seem to be much heavier.I don t think these two will last the distance, what is the h going to do when the H gets older and slows down and she finds herself struck by the lurve force mojo for someone else If that new passion inducer has a bossy tone of voice, is the h just going to meekly follow as she can t resist her treacherous body syndrome Also, I think that MR deliberately destroys the h s inner integrity too much to for us to rely on her personal moral compass to stay in a marriage that is no longer so physical The h mentions several times that she feels she has nothing else to offer Plus, the h s willingness to let her personal belief that sex should be practiced with caring and love be set aside in the face of the H s angry insistence that of a lot of excellent purple passion moments makes everything okay doesn t auger well for future staying power or integrity Tho it could be argued that the h only started using sex as a tactic to show her love, and that would have been fine if MR had actually written it like that But she did not, the h was using sex as way to retaliate against the domineering demands of the H and it sets a bad precedent for future marital tribulations By choosing to have the h rely on manipulative sex kitten tactics in retaliation against the H s domineering autocracy, MR doesn t convey the sense that there is a deep emotional commitment to build a bedrock foundation in this marriage But all of this doesn t mean that I don t like the book.I rate this one in the four star category because it is just so emotively intense it takes my breath away MR does a fantastic job of conveying every ounce of the h s emotions from devastation to bliss and it is one of the most evocatively emotional books she ever wrote I am not one to project myself into a book s heroine, but I was definitely swept up into the emotionalism of this one Reading this one is like being on a roller coaster blindfolded, you have no ability to discern your position to the real world, but you feel all the twists and dives and bends and it makes for an exhilarating HP outing and worth a read or three if you run into it. `Download Book ⇸ Marriage on the Rebound ⇧ Read This Classic, Passionate Romance From USA Todaybestselling Author Michelle Reid, Now Available For The First Time In E Book Jilted At The Altar Shaan Saketa Has Heard The Words Before But Never Thought They Would Apply To Her Humiliated And Alone, She Stands Facing A Thousand Guests When Her Boss, Ruthless Tycoon Rafe Danvers, Makes A Shocking Proposal Suddenly She Finds Herself Married To The Wrong Man And Whisked Away On A Honeymoon Rafe Has Always Suspected That There Was To His Mousy Secretary Than Meets The Eye, And He S Right But As He Indulges In Exquisite Nights Little Does He Know That Shaan Is Wondering Just How Ruthless He Really Is And Just How Far He Went To Have Her In His Bed Originally Published In