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FREE PDF õ On the Road ⛅ Essential Edition Handsomely Packaged With French Flaps, Rough Fronts, High Quality Paper, And A Distinctive Cover Look,On The Road Chronicles Jack Kerouac S Years Traveling The North American Continent With His Friend Neal Cassady, A Sideburned Hero Of The Snowy West As Sal Paradise And Dean Moriarty, The Two Roam The Country In A Quest For Self Knowledge And Experience Kerouac S Love Of America, His Compassion For Humanity, And His Sense Of Language As Jazz Combine To Make On The Road An Inspirational Work Of Lasting ImportanceKerouac S Classic Novel Of Freedom And Longing Defined What It Meant To Be Beat And Has Inspired Every Generation Since Its Initial Publication Than Forty Years Ago Herein lies that gnarly root of the all American Sense of Entitlement Coupling this with Huck Finn as THE quintessential American Novel is One Enormous mistake Twain at least entertains, at least follows through with his intention, with his American take on the Quixotean legend Kerouac might just be the biggest literary quack of the 20th century The book is awkward, structured not as ONE single trip, but composed of a few coast to coast coastings, all having to do with this now overused motif.I despise it Living in Denver, Kerouactown, makes me hate him A tale of a closeted individual who really has nothing to say He has glorified a ruffian DEAN DEAN DEANDEAN whose selfishness sits well with him What Sal does say, however, ever so dully, is just how Cool those around him are, how his only addition to this incomprehensible BEAT movement is as lame as those of a newspaper photographer he sees and reports, jots idle musings down What he fails to understand the main guy is not even YOUNG he is old stupid, desperate pathetic is how entirely false this sense of freedom can be Can a sheep really outwit the shepherd Here is a supreme example of the blind leading I sternly refuse to follow such idiotic drivel This is a book for followers written by a Conformist, for one can always be some selfproclaimed comfortable conformist of nonconformism.Nothing sticks Everything On the Road is transitory, although this works fine in the everyday, in Literature its seen as nothing than a burden a plotless restlessness to achieve permanence without that crucial element mainly, the artist s virtue of Talent. This is probably the worst book I have ever finished, and I m forever indebted to the deeply personality disordered college professor who assigned it, because if it hadn t been for that class I never would ve gotten through, and I gotta tell you, this is the book I love to hate.I deeply cherish but don t know that I fully agree with Truman Capote s assessment that On the Road is not writing at all it s typing Lovely, Turman, but let s be clear typing by itself is fairly innocuous this book is so awful it s actually offensive, and even incredibly damaging.I d be lying if I said there aren t parts of this book that re so bad they re good good as in morbidly fascinating, in the manner of advanced stage syphilis slides from seventh grade health class Keroac s ode to the sad eyed Negro is actually an incredible, incredible example of something I m glad has been typed For the record So we can all see it clearly, and KNOW.Please don t get me wrong My disproportionately massive loathing for Jack Kerouac has zero to do with his unenlightened racial views I mean, it was written in the fifties, and anyway, it s great that he was able to articulate these ideas so honestly No, the real reason I hate this book so much is that it established a deeply retarded model of European American male coolness that continues to plague our culture today.I could go into a lot depth on this topic, but it s come to my attention that I ve been using my horrible addiction to Bookster to avoid the many obligations and responsiblities of my daily life, to which I should now return So, in closing this book SUCKS This book is UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE And for that very reason, especially considering its serious and detrimental impact on western civilization, I definitely recommend that you read it, if you have not suffered that grave misfortune already. I m supposed to like On the Road, right Well, I don t I hate it and I always have There are a lot of reasons why I hate it I find Kerouac s attitude toward the world pathetically limited and paternalistic InOn the Roadhe actually muses about how much he wishes that he could have been born a Negro in the antebellum South, living a simple life free from worry, and does so seemingly without any sense of irony On every page, the book is about how Kerouac a young, white, middle class, solipsistic alcoholic feels, and nothing But that s only one reason I hate this book The main reason I hate it is because, for me, reading Kerouac s prose is almost physically painful I love the ramblings of self centered drunks when they re self deprecating, ironic, and or funny, but Kerouac was none of these things He was a pretentious, self important bore who produced some of the most painfully bad and inconsequential prose of the 20th century Or any century. A View from the CouchOTR has received some negative reviews lately, so I thought I would try to explain my rating.This novel deserves to lounge around in a five star hotel rather than languish in a lone star saloon.DisclaimerPlease forgive my review It is early morning and I have just woken up with a sore head, an empty bed and a full bladder.ConfesssionLet me begin with a confession that dearly wants to become an assertion.I probably read this book before most of you were born.So there Wouldn t you love to say that If only I had the courage of my convictions.Instead, I have only convictions, and they are many and varied.However, I am sure that by the end of my this sentence, I shall be released.Elevated to the BarI read OTR in my teens, which were spread all over the end of the 60 s and the beginning of the 70 s.My life was dominated by Scouting for Boys.I mean the book, not the activity.My mantra was be prepared , although at the time I didn t realise that this actually meant be prepared for war.After reading OTR, my new mantra was be inebriated.Mind you, I had no idea what alcohol tasted like, but it sounded good.Gone were two boys in a tent and three men in a boat.OTR was about trying to get four beats in a bar, no matter how far you d travelled that day.Typing or WritingForget whether it was just typing rather than writing.That was just Truman Capote trying to dot one of Dorothy Parker s eyes.This is like focusing on the mince instead of the sausage.All Drums and SymbolsYou have to appreciate what OTR symbolised for people like me.It was On the Road , not In the House or In the Burbs.It was about dynamism, not passivity.It wasn t about a stream of consciousness, it was about a river of activity.It was about white light, white heat , not white picket fences.Savouring the SausageOK, your impressions are probably recent than mine.Mine are memories that have been influenced by years of indulgence I do maintain that alcohol kills the unhealthy brain cells first, so it is actually purifying your brain I simply ask that you overlook the mince and savour the sausage.Beyond EphemeralityI would like to make one last parting metaphor.I have misappropriated it from the musician, Dave Graney.He talks about feeling ephemeral, but looking eternal.Dave comes from the Church of the Latter Day Hipsters.He is way cooler than me, he even looks great in leather pants, in a spivvy kinda way.However, I think the point he was making if not, then the point I am making is that most of life is ephemeral It just happens and it s gone forever.However, in Dave s case, the way he looks, the way he feels, he turns it into something eternal.It s his art, his music, our pleasure, our memories at least until we die.Footnotes on CoolCreativity and style are our last chance attempt to defy ephemerality and mortality and become eternal.Yes, all that stuff between the bookends of OTR might be typing, it might be preserving ephemerality that wasn t worthy or deserving.However, the point is the attempt to be your own personal version of cool.Heck, no way am I cool like the Beats or James Dean or Marlon Brando or Jack Nicholson or Clint Eastwood or Keith Richards or Camille Paglia.However, I am trying to live life beyond the ephemeral.That s what OTR means to me If it doesn t mean that to you, hey, that s alright I m OK, you re OK It s cool.Original posted March 01, 2011