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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚕ Trouble Triangle (Tylers Trouble Trilogy, #1) ♟ Tyler Chambers Finds That His Luck Has Run Out Almost After Several Brushes With The Law, He Avoids Jail By Enlisting In The Navy And Gets Himself Stationed In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Such Is His Good Fortune Tyler Is Ecstatic When He Lands A Date With Holly, The Best Looking Girl On The Base, But Things Sour Quickly When He Discovers How Controlling And Annoying She Is As He Is About To Dump Her, A Revelation From His Past Comes Back To Haunt Him, And Holly Is The Only Person Who Can Save His Navy Career And Keep Him Out Of Prison He Should Be Grateful, But Is Besotted With Another Girl Debbie Meyers Is Sexually Confused And Has Her Own Ideas For Tyler She Beds Him Easily Enough, And Uses Him In A Vendetta Against Holly Tyler Finds Himself In A TROUBLE TRIANGLE When Both Women Want Him For Their Own Needs A Story Of Lust, Love And Blackmail But Who S Doing What To Whom I m not going to rate that one, because of the book slump I m in.It s not a terrible book, it s just that I didn t feel compelled to finish it I thought light and funny would release me of my slump, but it s not the case It felt like a vaudeville.The music reminded me of my long gone youth, it felt weird to read a book that obviously took place in the 80 s, even if I m a Pat Benatar fan too Hilarious I absolutely love Trouble Triangle If you like your humor a bit off color, prepare to laugh.Tyler Chambers thinks he has it made, living the sailor life and a dream most men would love two of the hottest girls on base want relationships with him When things turn ugly, Tyler will have a hard time talking himself out of some sticky situations.I don t want to give the plot away, but I really enjoyed this one In the beginning, Tyler is a character you have to struggle to love kind of a bad boy with a chip on his shoulder However, he is very funny and stole my heart by the end I enjoyed watching his growth throughout the book The cast of characters is great, all feeding off each other with some very funny scenes I love Mark The further into the book you get, the funnier things are Though this is an easy read that keeps the laughs coming throughout, the author did a good job of loading in some unexpected twists I can t wait for the sequel I would categorize this book as adult only Be prepared for strong language and sexual situations they re sailors, after all If you are looking for a light read with a splash of romance that will keep you laughing, give this a try It s on my automatic re read pile First of all I have to say I didn t realize this was the final book in a trilogy until I saw the other reviews here I had no trouble getting into the book and never felt lost so even if you haven t read the others, you will still enjoy this bad boy with a heart love story I also have to say that this is only the second time I have read a male written, male only point of view romance, and I m glad Travis Casey has written.So if you like forbidden romance and uniforms, this book is for you and come on, who doesn t like forbidden romance AND uniforms The main character, Tyler, acts first and thinks after which often gets him into all kinds of trouble But underneath his sometimes gruff exterior, he is a good guy who wants to do the right thing even if he might not want to admit it He s a bit of a rascal, but never a jerk, and I found myself cheering him on and wanting him to get it all right.Forbidden Trouble is a fun world with multiple twists and turns that leaves you wanting and now I can go read the first two books As a former sailor I was turned off by some of the terminology that was used such as payroll instead of disbursing and dorm room instead of barracks Unfortunately, the plot in this book is a series of sexual escapades and little else I really wanted to enjoy this book but found I had to struggle to finish it because I felt it focused on a self centered jerk and his sexcapades and alcoholism. I bought this book to take away with me on a week long holiday I could have taken it for a weekend break as I couldn t put it down and finished it in two days This is a very light, easy read that doesn t take itself too seriously I kept bursting out laughing at Tyler and his antics Him taking a urinalysis in front of a Master Chief nearly had me wetting myself as he tried to pee with this guy staring at his willy.Tyler is a fresh lively character who kept me guessing throughout the book as to what he might do next It was great to read about a guy who had real feelings and emotions and faults and not about some stereotypical Alpha male knucklehead.More than just funny, there is a story of love, lust and blackmail, just like it says on the cover I loved Tyler s sidekick, Mark When ever Tyler had serious problems, he talked it over with his friend Mark who had me laughing every time he appeared.I hated Holly to begin with, but she grew on me as she did Tyler And her father, Reverend Knight, had me in awe He was larger than life and brought laugh out loud moments.If you want a fun, easy read, not to mention naughty, you won t be disappointed in Trouble Triangle. Loved this book It s ComplicatedThis book is a fun romp in the US Navy as seen through the eyes of the main character, Tyler Chambers, an enlistee who has decided to serve in order to avert a downward spiral in his life He seems to be one of those people who can t help being in perpetual trouble We can blame it on the parents the mother, who kicked him out of the house, and the father, who has been nonexistent for years.Tyler had me rooting for him from the start he is one of those endearing jerks who somehow rouses sympathy in even the biggest critic He is incorrigible I was torn between wanting to pull his socks up for him, and wanting to smack him around and send him off to a psychiatrist for help But Tyler would say something like, Ooh, you smacked me, you bad girl, and then ask for He seems genuinely interested in turning things around and trying to do the right thing apart from his complicated sex life, which is full of twists and turns Just when you think things cannot get any ridiculous, something else happens yet again Action packed, this book is not about porn or smut there are no graphic descriptions of what happens in the bedroom What happens in the women s restroom is an entirely different matter If you think that the Tyler Chambers type of character is a moral sort of low life, you may not particularly like this book I found it entertaining.I would compare this author s style to that of John Grisham, the American author of legal thrillers The work is heavily invested in plot than detailed descriptions of surroundings and settings the reader is mostly at liberty to visualize these, with the exception of the various articles of women s clothing, and a bit about the Hawaiian scenery near the end There is no deep thinking required here it is what it is a light read presented very clearly There is an interesting twist at the end, and I find myself thinking about Tyler and wondering if he will ever straighten himself out Fortunately for fans of Travis Casey, there are two books in the series and you can be sure I will read those Fun read This would be great for the beach.