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Great reading material Unfortunately the old school grammar made it difficult to understand the idea The reading will be so much easier if you already have good logical reasoning come from natural science major It will be lots of section that you can skip and go ahead to Malaka s thought.In general, I recommend those of you who want to develop a rational thinking process to read this book for once. i wanna be the smart boys The world is matter which always dialectics to a better form and we must reflect it in logic.This book is not the best about matter, dialectics, and logic BUT the writer, as he confessed, use his own memory to wrote and described those things in a simple way, with examples, even to those who only got elementary education. This is the best book I ve ever read from an Indonesian author It s so original, specifically Tan Malaka s atom explanation in relation with logic and dialectic Every Indonesian must read this We should appreciate our Bapak Republik Indonesia I challenge everybody to translate this from Bahasa Indonesia to English long to go..still in confuse on ur solitary Taste the leftist Indonesian philosophy it can be dangerous for your mindehehe Good book (FREE) » Madilog ⛈ Ditulis Di Rajawati Dekat Pabrik Sepatu Kalibata, Cililitan, Jakarta Di Sini Saya Berdiam DariJuliSampai Pertengahan TahunMempelajari Keadaan Kota Dan Kampung Indonesia Yang Lebih DariTahun DitinggalkanPengantar Penulis Pada Halaman Awal Madilog Bila kaum muda yang telah belajar di sekolah menganggap dirinya terlalu tinggi dan pintar untuk melebur dengan masyarakat yang bekerja dengan cangkul dan hanya memiliki cita cita yang sederhana, maka lebih baik pendidikan itu tidak diberikan sama sekali Have you ever heard the quote above It was Tan Malaka s And the book I m currently reading right here is a 462 page full of his critical, if not brilliant, way of thinking and thought provoking ideas.Reading his works especially this one has convinced me in a way which Ann Leckie exactly phrased it on her book, Ancillary Justice That,Thoughts are ephemeral, they evaporate in the moment they occur, unless they are given action and material form Wishes and intentions, the same Meaningless, unless they impel you to one choice or another, some deed or course of action, however insignificant Thoughts that lead to action can be dangerous Thoughts that do not, mean less than nothing