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Re Shattered Trust Jacqueline Baird s second HP outing is truly a whacktastic trainwreck with an avalanche wrapped in typhoon epic of a book There is no middle ground on this one and I suspect this book alone has caused home drywall repair than 95% of HPlandia Yet for all the antipathy and back and forth over this book, it is definitely one of JB s best plot holes and serious logic errors included, this book hands down defines the true wrecki angst drama spirit of HPlandia and if you have the stomach for it, definitely should not be missed I would put it on the required HP reading list, cause HP devotees should all share the angst, but I hesitate to go there cause this book s agony is seriously agonizing and painful to read This one has a young 25 yr old h who was divorced by her husband at 21 when he began a series of VERY public affairs with other women Up until that point, the two of them had been delightfully and blissfully in love and the only fly in the ointment was that the H s Greek family was pushing hard for the h to deliver the heir and hopefully a spare The h began to fret under all the family pressure and apparently this completely tarnished the shine of love on the H s part He began flaunting other women in front of the h He implied he was sleeping with his secretary, in fact she was proudly flaunting the H s very pricey baubles in front of the h every chance she got He showed up at receptions the h and he had been invited to as a couple flaunting a half dressed actress and he made it very clear to friends, family and all acquaintances that the h, tho married to him, was not on the menu he was sampling lots of dishes elsewhere cause the h was as bland as blancmange When the h protests these publicly humiliating abuses, the H proceeds with the full on h ravishment, and she just can t resist the H s epic lurve mojo The h, who is still in love and wondering if aliens have done an H brain transplant, is completely bewildered and confused, but gamely hanging in and trying to fight for her man Until the public actress flaunting drives her to tormented tears and the H ravishes her once again, then leaves a note on the pillow the next morning that he will be off with the actress cruising on the Aegean for a month, ostensibly scouting movie locations The h takes this as a sign to retreat So she heads back to London from Greece, thinking the H will come to his senses and chase her down She gets served divorce papers instead Then she finds out she is preggers and she thinks THIS will bring the H back Instead, the H denies paternity and finishes off the divorce He pays the h out a big settlement which she donates to various charities, then she sells her London apartment and buys an art gallery in Wales.The story starts when the h is invited to a business dinner as a plus one with one of her male friend s and his new business partner The male friend is a resort developer and the new business partner and his companion are extending an evening social invitation and her friend needs a platonic date The h finds out that the business partner is her ex H and his companion is the secretary the H had systematically cheated on her with She still has feelings for the H, tho she refuses to acknowledge them She asks her friend to pretend to be engaged to her, as she wants to try a little sauce for the gander move on the H This fake engagement request by the h is the her downfall, and JB almost always puts one in play when she is off on her favorite revenge trope JB is literally the Queen of HP Revenge, no one does it as much or as well as she does, it is her very favorite trope and the revenge seems to replace the old skool forced seduction trope in JB s corner of HPlandia as her h s rarely resist the H s magnetic tower of power So the dinner goes on and the H is perturbed by the h and her supposedly engaged partner The secretary tart is as catty as ever and the H makes a good show of cozying up to her to discomfit the h She doesn t really care, she just enjoys the anger on the H s face when he sees her with another man So both of them are playing quid pro quo and the evening comes to a draw.The H shows up at the h s art gallery the next day and he is full of jealous questions about the h He is angered too that people seem to think the h s son is his, and he is trying to shoot her down when the boy shows up and there is not a doubt that yep, he really is the H s son cause he looks like a mini H The H acts like he has taken a mortal blow and the h angrily denies that the son has any father at all, the H rejected him a long time ago and she isn t in the mood to give do overs after his immoral and slime slurping behavior and she explains that very clearly The H gets the message and he leaves The h starts feeling nervous over the next few days and then she gets a call from the H s secretary The H has announced that he and the h are reconciling and the secretary just called up to rub it in that she is still the H s lover, he just needs his heir and the h shouldn t get any idears about a happy marriage The h is in shock, she hasn t heard from the H and she has no idear what the secretary means, except that apparently the H needs her son to secure his position as head of the family firm The h is pretty sure pigs will fly and aliens will land before she is back with the H Sure enough the H shows up and explains that he never cheated on her before they divorced in fact he claims he has been celibate for four years He tells her his physician, who is old and not up on modern treatments, claimed that since the H was exposed to mumps he became sterile The H flaunted all those women to drive the h away, so that she could find someone else and build a family He seems really sincere and the h almost buys that story, but the secretary s phone call comes back to mind and the h believes the H is lying so he can get to her son.The H is all ready to start again, but the h completely rejects him and the H decides that if the h doesn t remarry him and give him his son, he will bankrupt the village and her male friend by delaying construction on the holiday resort until they can t finance themselves any The h doesn t want to see her friends and her village ruined, so she agrees to remarry the H She isn t happy about it tho and angry sex and OW situations continue to happen including the H alone with his former secretary, who has now been promoted, and the H dragging the h to dinner with the mistress actress The H also bought and furnished the h s dream house, complete with studio as he now realizes the h was a lot than his pampered lurve toy The H s family also thinks she kept her son secret and the H refuses to explain to them that he is the one at fault It is HPlandia rule 1 in a big huge way with the h being blamed for every thing and tho the angry lurve clubbings continue, the h finally has enough when the H s father dies and the H won t let the h leave with her son The h also finds out the H has an ocean phobia, so she knows he did not go sailing off with the actress for a month, she thinks they just holed up in a lurve shack instead The h rejects the H s advances once again after she finds him with his secretary, she tells him she only lurved him up after his father s death because of pity The H wasn t too happy to hear that and declares that future lurve clubbings are off the table, from now on it is separate rooms all the way Things are getting really icy between them when the h s son gets chicken pox The H and h develop a sorta truce during the illness and the h finds out from the family doctor that the H really did think he was sterile cause the doctor told him he was after the mumps exposure The h believes the H s story now and she goes to try and repair the damage, but while the H is good for a poke, he isn t interested in rebuilding a marriage and the h starts crying This makes the H miserable and he begs for forgiveness We get the further explanation that the H thought the h had left him for another man they were on the same flight together back to England He really believed the h had lurved it up with someone else, whether in rejection of the H s antics or out of a sense of desolation and that the baby wasn t his He sent his secretary, whom he insists he never slept with, to another country as she lied about the H needing his son to inherit the family firm The H also swears that the actress was his BFF s widow and she only was trying to help him in his campaign to run the h off for her own good The h believes the H this time around and they avow true lurve forever with a baby bonus epilogue and promise to switch family doctors for the big HEA.The wrecki drama in this book is EPIC But ultimately the tolerance for this book is based on how much the reader believes that the H is telling the truth I vacillate on this one a lot The first few times I read it, I bought the H s story But then I got to thinking and I consulted the Captain and two questions just keep haunting me The first is that I have to wonder that a man being told he is sterile in such a machismo society would actually embrace celibacy because he thought he couldn t father a child and it damaged his manly mojoness I tend to think that such a message would drive him into the opposite reaction, he would want to pike and poke as many ladies as possible, just to prove that the mojo was still humming even tho the motilators weren t running The second thing I ponder after five or six rereads of this, is that he was very, very quick to assume the h had left with another man Even tho it was really, really obvious that the h only had eyes for him and was in fact his adorative lurve slave, even while he was engaged in running her off and publicly humiliating her I believe we tend to see in others what we would do ourselves, so my conclusion is that perhaps the H was so willing to believe the h took a lover straight away cause that is what he was doing himself A lot of readers believe he was sleeping with the secretary in the book I truly don t, mainly cause all of her actions were a woman who wanted but wasn t getting Her every action wasn t OW sleeping with the H moves, it was wanna be OW trying to drive the wife off so she could sleep with the H moves and he was encouraging that behavior That is classic HP trope right there and JB did it really, really well I DID believe he was sleeping with the actress even tho he claims that the actress was the widow of his dead BFF and thus inviolate to his lustful urges I did not necessarily believe that he slept with her out of lust Probably for comfort and friendship after his sterility diagnosis and because she was a link to his dead friend where she needed comfort too and because he really believed the h left with another man and his ego took a beating The kid custody issue was a total plot point, there is no way the H could have gotten him on his passport when apparently he wasn t even listed as his father, as the h said the H ceded parental rights and denied paternity OFFICIALLY in the divorce Which I interpreted to mean that the H signed a statement denying culpability and legally wasn t the son s father JB needed leverage for the h to stay tho, so she kinda had to do that to keep the story going Plus they were in Greece and the H had legal leverage via his power and position, so it wasn t that far a stretch to believe that bit of blackmail I don t hold it against her, veteran HP authors have done much, much worse, Anne Mather for one, and this is only JB s second attempt at writing, so I was impressed that she managed to pull off even a semi believable reason to keep the drama going As we all know big misunderstandings and unnecessary drama and angst are the foundations of the entire HQN Universe and there is no way we want those foundations cracked So the H claiming custody wasn t the big issue for me What it really comes down to in the end is does the H really love the h In this instance, I believed he really did I also think that he still believed the h had other lovers during their time apart, even tho she truthfully states that there was only him But he decides that he has to torture himself with images of her with another man and that is his penance for being a mule dropping He certainly won t be calling her out on it and it will help to keep him a bit humble in the future, cause she is hot property and he could lose her if he doesn t mind his p s and q s I also think the H was sincerely sorry, he got blindsided and reacted out of ego and trauma and he spent a lot of time regretting his actions by the end Mainly cause the h was passively hating him for most of the book and it wasn t an easy thing for him to tolerate Still, this H was extremely persistent in his quest to recapture the h, and stalkerific, intense H s are a large part of what we are reading HP s for, so overall this is a pretty good outing for adventures in HPlandia if you don t burn the book in protest at the H s appalling antics. This is an amazing readand you will be sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your nails all the way to the finish.and for that it is definitely a five star read and probably one of my all time favorite HP s But there were some real issues with the book, that held me back from rating as five stars.Abby is an incredibly strong and endearing heroine in the BEGINNING of the story Four years after a devastating end to their marriage, she meets Nick at a business dinner She does a great job in seeing his true colors and takes great delight in dishing out whatever punishment or caustic remark he deserves That night, she ends up walking away recognizing that he just isn t worth loving and grateful that she and her son escaped their marriage It was really enjoyable to watch her safely put the past behind and make plans to finally move on However, shortly after that dinner, Nick blackmails her into marriage by threatening to go back on a financial commitment he has made for a small town renovation project Given her closest friends are heavily invested in the project, they stand to lose everything if he backs out We also learn that when they divorced four years ago, Nick willingly signed away all rights to his son So this is where it starts to break down.1 Why does Abby believe that saving her friends from financial ruin is important than her son She proceeds to marry himwith the commitment that when his father dies, she and the boy can return home Yet she puts her son on HIS passport, prohibiting the boy from leaving the country without HIS consent Which is a trump card the hero readily plays the moment she says she is leaving him He indicates she is free to go, but the son must stay 2 Four years ago when they were married, he publicly embarrassed and repeatedly hurt her by putting his many mistress on display, He stopped being intimate and brutally denied her physical contact even when she begged him So how in heaven s name could she possibly want this guy and fall so quickly into his bed 3 She gives as good as she gets, but rather than coming off as being strong, it just feels bitc , petty and frankly very annoying 4 I could not buy that the secretary was never his mistress Handing someone jewelry and smooching them on a private patio..promoting them when they have breached your confidenceare not the actions of an innocent man or secretary But with all that said, it is still a very fascinating read Nick is the ultimate jerk who knows how to snap his fingers to get Abby running back.Abby is weak and shallow allowing herself to be manipulated every which way with sparks of energy that are often childish, whiny and not very effective. This was a rec from a thread at for wtf, crazy angsty HPs There was definitely some WTF ery It was also very hard to put down, thus the 4 stars It can t be a 5 star wtf crazy HP simply because of some serious logic fail and yes, I realize we re in HP land where the laws of physics don t apply view spoiler The fake mistresses thing was one of the most absurd plotlines EVER and that s saying a lot Okay, the guy thinks he s sterile and he knows the h wants children He s too manly proud to tell her he s shooting blanks and wants her to move on have a life and children with someone else even though he loves her sooooo much Why doesn t he just lie to her and tell her he doesn t love her and ask for a divorce Better yet, why doesn t he tell her the truth and let her make her own decision Why s it gotta be this crazy, involved plot where he has fake mistresses, treats the h like crap, and humiliates her publicly before divorcing her for what he knew wasn t desertion she flew back to England while he was supposedly on a cruise with his mistress He loved her, yet decided driving her to brink of a nervous breakdown was the best plan on the table Obviously the author s point was to make it all crazier, to make the h HATE him and create drama angst Seems like she could have come up with something a bit plausible than that I would have even preferred some tried and true tropes, such as lying relatives.So, Nick thinks he s sterile and when the h tells him she s pregnant just as he s divorcing her, he automatically assumes she s been cheating and goes all self righteous Somewhat excusable for an initial reaction, but 4 years of this crap He keeps this up for 4 years He doesn t demand a paternity test He doesn t try to see the child to determine if he looks Greek He just assumes she had another man s child and is off married to her lover with no basis in fact Frankly I didn t blame Abby for putting him through so much crap when he forced her to remarry him Sometimes she said did things she regretted, which made her human in my eyes He put her through hell and insinuated she d been a huge slut while they were apart she never slept with anyone else Plus, she had a very good reason to believe that his sudden reappearance after 4 years was very business related Nick knew she assumed he was using her and their son and he had the proof he wasn t, but didn t reveal that until the end Another case of the author being lazy IMHO He wanted her to trust him, he knew he d been a bastard, so he should pull out whatever guns he had But no, he doesn t reveal he s owned the company for years and doesn t need her son s shares because because it would have built trust and that would have thwarted his plan to build trust So confused hide spoiler Trainwreck Alert This earns five stars because the heroine stays angry and mistrustful for the entire story Even when she allows her treacherous body to enjoy the sex her mind is having none of the hero s antics That is just what I want from a heroine who has been betrayed No mid book forgiveness.The premise is ridiculously trainwrecky The hero thought he was sterile because he had mumps as a lad Heroine is much younger and he thought he should let her go so she could find another man to give her the family she always wanted So he pretends he s cheating with a bunch of women and finally drives the heroine to leave him When she tells him she s pregnant, he disavows the child in writing and divorces her He thinks she was cheating on him.Heroine knows none of this when the hero shows up five years later, takes one look at his mini me son and promptly blackmails the heroine back into marriage Happy sigh He s so ridiculous and the heroine has the added angst of the hero s family blaming her for the break up, the hero still being in contact with the two OWs he supposedly cheated with, and the hero thinking she s been shagging anything that moves during their five year separation.Stay angry, heroine Only an HP hero has the gall to be angry the heroine doesn t trust his word after he deceived her in the first place Sandra TheSnarkyOne thinks Trainwreck Alert is as compelling as the ice cream truck bell I know I would run down the street for a good trainwreck. This was intense like I like my Harlequin Presents I honestly didn t like Nick at all initially I totally thought the worst of him But then there would be moments where he looked so devastated and heartbroken I sort of guessed what his issue was partway into the book, and that he was trying to push Abby away I also felt he must be deeply in love with her and that s why he was trying to get them back together It was heartbreaking to see Nick interact with the son he had rejected four years before But I could see why Abby didn t trust him and certainly didn t want to fall back in love with him, since it had cost her so much the first time around This book really makes you believe the hero was a cheater, but hang in there if you don t like cheating It all turns out well.I liked that both lead characters are so three dimensional You see all their traits, even the ones that aren t as pretty, such as Abby s jealousy of other women Although that is really understandable, considering the situation I like that Baird shows Nick at his worst, but allows the reader to gain the ability to think favorably about Nick and believe he loves his family and his wife He was a very tortured guy and that came across very clearly I think this is one of the HPs where you can feel just as strongly about the hero and the heroine.Books like these are why I avidly reach for the older Harlequin Presents They really bring the emotion and intensity for the reader Overall rating 4.25 5.0 stars. This was a throw back to the style of the 60s and 70s Nick, the hero in quotes because he is anything but is a mean man with anger management problems Nick s Doctor tells him he s sterile and he believes it without seeking a second opinion Smart business man indeed So, altruistically, he sets to drive Abby,his wife, away from him by humiliating her in public with his mistresses Not to worry, he really isn t with anybody else, it s all for show to hurt Abby enough so she ll leave him and possibly find somebody else Somebody who can have kids Never mind we later learn his mother killed herself because his father flaunted his lovers for real in front of her Nick found his mother s body in the sea when he was 19 So why doing exactly what drove his mother to her death seemed like a good idea is beyond me But wait, it gets better In the midst of the divorce Abby learns she s pregnant Of course she s the virtuous heroine so we all know it s Nick s son Nick believing he s sterile completely disavows all knowledge He refuses to put up one cent of child support and signs away all rights to the baby Stand up guy A few years later he and Abby run in to each other at a bizarrely contrived dinner The purpose of this dinner is for Nick to be told by somebody else that his son looks just like him This intrigues Nick so he comes knocking and sees the boy is indeed his spitting image This book was written in the early 90s so DNA testing was very much in it s infancy Otherwise she could have sued the pants of the fool After Nick realizes what an idiot he s been he compounds it by blackmailing Abby in to marrying him again He s caustic and rude because she has the nerve not to fall at his feet in thanks for giving her a second chance Oh Wait The book goes on and on in the vein Abby is the hapless victim of Nick s emotional cruelty Granted, Abby and us through her sees flashes of pain in his eyes every time he s nasty Or it could be gas Who really knows Not us because we don t get a real window in to his twisted little mind Until the final pages of course and the obligatory oh the time I treated you like dirt I didn t mean it love of my life Finally we near the end where Abby overhears a conversation between Nick and one of his faux mistresses Oddly enough she construes the conversation to mean Nick is still with her Distrustful wench How could she possibly think such a thing Well, I surely don t know The story then veers in to the twilight zone because Nick is now the victim Poor poor Nick He s angry that Abby refuses to trust him an inch and doesn t believe the song and dance about sterility, made up lovers and the rest Well dude, remember the old saying Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive Right Abby,finally showing a glimmer of a spine decides enough is enough, she and her son are leaving Nick says she can leave but she can t take her son What He signed a legal document relinquishing all rights Just because they remarry doesn t mean that document vanishes in to the ether He has no legal rights He could fight for visitation but really, he doesn t have a lot to stand on Well, your honor, you see, I thought I was sterile I humiliated my wife with my mistresses in public in front of witnesses even but I wasn t really sleeping with them Honest Then I told my wife I was going on a cruise, but I really wasn t Instead I was stalking my wife to see where she was going after she left me Oh yes, I sued her for abandonment Don t ask It doesn t make sense to me either Then when she told me she was pregnant I told her it wasn t my problem, the kid is not my son Yes Yes I did sign documents stating as much and relinquishing rights What Get out of your court and stop wasting your time But I have a heart of gold See the pain in my eyes Look harder It s there After Abby is completely deconstructed, she actually thinks this doozy she cringed with shame at her own horrifying, blind, selfish stupidity Yes Really I can understand the appeal of alpha males and arrogant heroes However, this was so over the top it descended in to farce For a book written in the early 90s, I expected from the hero than this The hero reminded of an interview with Essie Summers years and years ago, I don t have the exact quote but she was saying sometimes she reads extreme alpha men and thinks she wouldn t want to be married to one of them Well said I wouldn t want to be married to this abusive tool I wouldn t recommend this book to anybody. I found it very hard to stomach the hero attitude the way he divorced the heroine in the first place, the way he forced the heroine to marry him again, than once in the early stage of their re marriage he implied the heroine slept with than one man while he in actual fact showed the world that he was sleeping with other women and expected the heroine to believe him that has only slept with the heroine since marrying her in their first marriage, his refusal to keep his promise almost at the end of the story and let the heroine leave with his son This is not how I see a man trying to win his wife back when he recognised his mistake in divorcing her in the first place Everything is about what he wanted and expected the heroine will eventually forgive and trust him again in the process.He is an absolute unlikeable hero and I just do not see how the heroine can love him so much If during their marriage again he tried to do nice things to amend his past mistakes and really grovel, I will be able to understand why the heroine will give their relationship another chance No, but he has to be hurtful in his actions as well as in speech almost to the end That makes me unable to enjoy their final HEA. What she said (READ EBOOK) õ Shattered Trust ï Nick S Words Were Not Reassuring I Want My Son, He D Said And I Always Get What I Want Since Nick S Cruel Rejection, Abby Had Built A Satisfying New Life For Herself And Little Jonathan And Now Nick Needed His Son And Was Quite Ruthlessly Blackmailing Her Into Returning HimBut He Needn T Think He D Have Everything His Own Way This Time Abby Was Determined To Show That She Was Than A Match For Him If Only The Old Attraction Between Them Weren T Still So PowerfulShattered Trust Harlequin Presents May , Jacqueline Baird I read this years ago and, well, it shattered my trust in this author So much so that it s taken me years to retry her So far, the score isn t looking good 0 2.