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There is a distinct possibility that I have failed to update my wishlist, and therefore have two different copies But the light is out and I can t be bothered to get out of bed and turn on the light and look.I am a fool, sure, with too many books But I am a happy fool.Personal copy When I first laid my eyes on this book, I was hooked Period costume, in illustration gasp Niiiiiiiiice My hand reached out to the shelf Meg Cabot Isn t she the one who wrote The Princess Diaries Interesting Viscount Mmmmmm About a male Princess Mia, perhaps started to flipping through OK, I ll take it grinning And it didn t disappoint No, no, the Viscount isn t about a male Princess Mia It s a real historical romance, but written in the style of chick lit I was in chick lit reading era at that time I think this book was the first illustration cover his rom I read Such a refreshing take, compared with all those boring either too steamy that I m embarrassed to be caught reading it OR typography some romantic object which doesn t really tell about the story covers Ok, ok, ok so neither this kind of illustration stuff really represent the story, but like I said, it s REFRESHING.So, cover 5 starsAnother reason which actually has nothing to do with the book at all why I gave 4 stars, biased as it is This book takes me walking back to a certain very pleasant memory lane When I bought it, I was on my first abroad business trip It was only to Singapore, but the for a business trip answer I gave to the what for s and but why s of family and friends despite the avian flu I think at the time gave a certain coolness D For sentimental reason, I wish I still had this book Ehhhhhhhhhh I know this is basically the same thing as Victoria and the Rogue including a matching view spoiler kidnapping plot where the lady climbs out the window to escape hide spoiler This was a really fun, cute, sweet regency romance A really quick read when you want something fun and light to read This story is about Nicola who is orphaned yet has some means in which to survive, her father did not leave her completely destitute She does somewhat rely on friends to take her in, so she can go to all the amazing social outings that they had back in the day Her best friend Eleanor and family are wonderful and take good care of her Both girls have a crush on the God yes they refer to him as this,P please rolled my eyes Nicola is naive, and after one thing because of her station, a man well not any man the God to be exact She is not a very deep person, very in the moment, proper, shallow, but she does get a little better, and the story is still a good story Eleanor, is a littlegrounded but not much, they are both just silly girls and typical for the time period The god is gorgeous, and a little to agreeable in my opinion, but for good reason The characters and the story are both written really well and were fun to read There is a mystery that Nicola is trying to figure out as well, someone is trying to take something from her that she holds dear Plus an added surprise that I will not say anything about Fun and Cute Language maybe one or two mostly just god referring to this guyromance clean I m listening to the audio version of this book It s mildly entertaining, but very, very predictable The Good Nicola s pausing in the middle of all her heart rendings to adjust, mentally or verbally, the attire of other young ladies at balls A few quite funny quips that remind me this author has, in some books, a dry sense of the ridiculous and a nice in the Regency sense feeling on Nicola s part about the Abbey which was her childhood home.The not so Good The obviosity to borrow from another YA heroine of the plot, the willful blindness of the heroine though, fair enough, she s sixteen an occasional infelicity of language that jerks me right out of the Regency mood bloke Really the odd statement that just makes no sense and the characterisation of Nicola s unfriendly guardian as being allergic to flowers, dust etc As an allergy sufferer myself though not to flowers, fortunately I don t like to see this distressing affliction used to make an unpleasant character seemunpleasant It seems the handsome CAN be crass, but the physically unprepossessing CANNOT be an okay sort of person That s a bit twisted.Sum up Fluff and fun, and probably a better story for someone less old and Heyered than I am I ll most probably read listen to another of Meg Cabot s books though, as I enjoyed the only other one I listened to and found it much less predictable. Same plot as its twin Rich orphan girl goes to the London ton in generic 1800 1810 Regency England Falls for Blond Boy 1 Gets engaged quickly realizes brown haired boy who teases her, actually loves her is being used by blond boy can be interchanged in order Breaks off with blond boy now called wanker Wanker steals rich girl, saved by brown boy now called leading man They marry All is well. Cute and light romance perfect for a day snuggling at home under a blanket Whenever I m in the mood to read romance and don t have a lot of time, I come back to read this and Victoria and the Rogue It s silly, it gives me warm fuzzies, and is all around an enjoyable time Actual Rating 3.5 nicola and the viscount along with victoria and the rogue, which i m probably going to re read in the next few days are the childhood darlings i m not sure i m ever going to be able to kill i m not sure how old i was when i first read them, but it was probably somewhere between eight and ten, as a precocious, slightly ridiculous child who loved austen and wilde, and wanted to live a comedy of manners and cabot s historical romance is tailored so perfectly to the child i was, a fond, slightly knowing, deeply melodramatic and charming take on tropes i hadn t even known at the time were well worn i love that version of me and, for all its flaws, i love this book for being kind to that version of me, and for reminding me of her now. `Free ☞ Nicola and the Viscount ☠ Nicola Always Gets What She WantsNicola Sparks, Sixteen And An Orphan, Is Ready To Dive Headlong Into Her First Glittering London Society Season She S Also Ready To Dive Headlong Into The Arms Of Handsome And Debonair Lord Sebastian Bartholomew Nicola S Dream Is A Proposal From The Viscount A Dream She S About To Realize At Last So Naturally, Nathaniel Sheridan S Insinuations About Her Fianc S Flawed Character Annoy Her MightilyBut When Nicola S Natural Curiosity Gets The Best Of Her, She Begins To Piece Together A Few Things For Herself To Her Great Surprise, Nicola Realizes She S Had The Wrong Viscount All Along But Is It Too Late To Make Things Right