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I read this book when i was in a highschool, so, i didn t remember the detail He was a rare person that live in Indonesia at the time Soekarno was a president A smart journalist who really loves Indonesia, he critic a goverment with his article, thingking for a better Indonesia, till the end of his life. YAS GUYS I M FINALLY FINISHED WITH THIS BOOK.It s not that I dislike this book I really like the first half, the part where there are a lot of uprising and demonstrations and basically students engineered the whole thing and they managed to overthrow Soekarno s Regime Students were the one that first to act and engineered the whole thing Students were very critical and sensitive with all the social problems I love the way we re all uniting for a better Indonesia But then, after 1966 1967, this journal became too private It tells Soe Hok Gie personal lives, like his girlfriends and family I love reading about his inner struggle, but the girlfriends part Not so much Plus it s dissapointing reading about people who fought together to overthrow Soekarno now turns into corrupt officials It s like they get what they want, and they did what Soekarno s regime did It s pretty pathetic and dissapointing to read how quickly they change their minds Humans.Overall, I think this book should be read by Indonesians college student at least once It really animates the spirit of students the struggle, the rebellion, the fight for justice And it gives real insight about what happened in 1966. #FREE DOWNLOAD Î Catatan Seorang Demonstran õ Buku Yang Berisi Pemikiran Pemikiran Alm Soe Hok Gie, Mahasiswa Jurusan Sejarah FSUI Disusun Lewat Pengumpulan Karya Karya Tulisan Gie, Baik Di Jurnal Hariannya, Maupun Dari Tulisan Tulisannya Di Koran Nasionalnarik Untuk Dibaca Terlebih Lagi Lewat Penggambarannya Sebagai Mahasiswa Pada Era Orde Lama, Gie Dapat Membawa Kita Menyelami Kehidupan Rakyat Indonesia Sekitar TahunAn i like it If you are a young student and you care for the goodness of the world around you, than this is absolutly the kind of book you should read Top priority, as it shows the strugle of a young man s vision in the real world Such strugle that connect to your soul directly as you will feel that you do share the same emotion and idealism.Frankly speaking, this is one of the book that confirmed my ideas of how things should happen in my country and effect the way I live my life today I mean, certainly the situation is different as i live years after him, but than considering the timeMan His vision is awesome. The diary shows how critical Gie was, even as a young boy The book started with some diary entries from when he was in middle school He criticized everyone around him, his ignorant fellow peers and teachers whom he always debated with Gie developed interest toward philosophy and writing as he spent his time reading works from writers such as Goethe He began to criticized at Indonesian politics from his late years of high school and entering University of Indonesia He questioned how the independence that we achieved in 1945 had then only for the leaders Gie s diary remind me of Lu Hsun, a Chinese famous revolutionary writer Both didn t seem to be either too left or too right as they criticized the two sides I have to admit, they had somehow shaped some basic thoughts in politics. Only three stars Don t get me wrong, I really like the book He was really a great person with a great mind Love his writings And Gie the movie was not good enough DBut it s a diary As in a diary I don t think he meant other people to read it when he wrote But I don t know if he blogged DPS having reading this book was used to be very sexy, until the reprinted A Mild edition with Nicholas Saputra on the cover came out WTF Haven t fully finished the book yet But already got this idea Soe Hok Gie is definitely if not one of the most sarcastic outspoken insanely brave egoistic son of a bitch that ever walked in Indonesia no offense The book is a journey through his mind Provoking, sometimes funny, interesting Guru model gituan Yang tak tahan kritik boleh masuk keranjang sampah is one of my favorite His activism story, secular ideology, defending the poor, demonstrating govt gave us the concrete sight of what happened in 60 s Indonesia. I read Soe Hok Gie Diary after reading Ahmad Wahib Diary My comments are the same what kind of person that wants to publish a dead man diary, its sad, tragic and frustrating I don t think that people should publish a diary, even that we don t have any scholar that could write long enough to be considered as a book Reading the commentary section at least both of Hidayat Sutarnadi and Salim Said questioning what is the motive behind publishing this diary, to be reminded again, this is mid life crisis diary of in single relationship confused person.Its also sad that people want to compare between Wahib UGM Madura published in 1981 with Soe Hok Gie UI Chinese published in 1983, both of upper middle class intellectual at that time, both interested in politics but not his study It might be the same people that want to have a new symbol for 1980s political balance Why a dead man should be rise again as a symbol, and why choose a diary I understand that there is no living person that has a better idea, but, publishing a diary is wrong on so many levels.One day Gie sexual orientation will be explored What kind of person that does not like a porn movie, and over what kind of person that wrote that in his diary publishing diary is risky activities, a human is human, it got feeling and some of them is very silly like his failure as a lecturer, in anthropology class 70% of his student absent.I don t want to judge Gie or Wahib, but their writing is not a scientific nor philosophy nor a thinking, its a diary And the only thing that can be analyzed from a diary is their psychological, their sexual orientation, their perception of failure and success Normal people did not write a diary, the first part that needs to be questioned is why both of them write a diary However, the biggest question is what kind of person that wants to publish a dead man diary Definitely impressed and inspired with Gie s bravery, sincerity, intelligent, and his idealism on upholding the humanity, morality and justice either in his daily environment or his country.The only downside from this book is the many parts from the original diaries which were omitted in the very first publication of the book It is unfortunate that we might have missed to seepolitical views from Gie and other special events in his life.