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This is a book assigned to me by my lay zen teacher, Komyo It lays out a method used at the rivers and mountains monastary in NY by the recently deceased John Daido Loori, abbot of the monastary The method is that which is used to train serious long term students of zen There are 10 levels of training accomplishment, which he describes in the first few chapters of the book It is interesting to read about how the long term student progresses and how his her teachers perceive and assess their progress The eight gates are eight aspects of zen practice, including zazen, body practice, liturgy, and art practice I m on the zazen chapter now.I m a little excited and a little leery of starting a formal zen training I know it is my choice, but once I commit to working with someone else, I will go whole hog and try my best I think it would be really good for me, too It s just such an unknown quantity, and I don t know what I m getting into An adventure and a mystery as well as work This book, I think, is intended to take some of the mystery out of it, so that I can commit myself with less anxiety and ignorance.I can see from the content of the first few chapters that I am still a novice in every way I think I need to at least sit zazen every day, to start. [[ E-pub ]] ↜ The Eight Gates of Zen: A Program of Zen Training ⇖ This Accessible Introduction To The Philosophy And Practice Of Zen Buddhism Includes A Program Of Study That Encompasses Practically Every Aspect Of Life The American Zen Teacher John Daido Loori Shows Us That Zen Practice Should Include Not Only Meditation, The Study Of Zen Literature And Liturgy, And Moral And Ethical Action, But Should Also Manifest In Work, Artistic, And Everyday Activities The Eight Gates Are Zazen, A Type Of Meditation Described As Sitting Zen Face To Face Meetings Between Teacher And Student Academic Study Of The Sutras Related To Zen Training, Other Schools Of Buddhism, Buddhist History, Psychology, And Philosophy Zen Rites And Rituals And Their Meaning The Moral And Ethical Requirements Set In The Buddhist Precepts Art Practice As An Extension Of Zen Practice Body Practice As An Extension Of Zen Practice Work As An Active Function Of ZazenBeautifully Illustrated With Loori S Own Photographs, This Edition Also Includes A New Introduction And An Updated Reading List While this book is billed as kind of a beginner s primer to Zen practice, I personally felt after finishing it that it s a better book for someone who has been practicing a while and wants to get a bit insight into how this practice influences all areas of your life Loori s style is a bit too formal and monastic for me, and combined with the fact that he can get pretty deep into the philosophy which I find great , this could be a bit off putting for people who want to ease into it With that said, it s still a good book and worth reading for those who have been practicing for a while and the appendices with the sutras and reading list is great , but it didn t exactly jump off the page for me For beginners just starting out with Zen practice, I d recommend Brad Warner s Hardcore Zen or Kosho Uchiyama s Opening the Hand of Thought. This was a great book to introduce someone tot the practice of Zen Buddhism It is as written by the founder of the Mountain River monastery and give a very I depth explanation of what it means to seriously practice Zen and the steps to begin Having some back group before was helpful but even person totally new to Buddhism or Zen find it good start Be warned towards the end the author does get into some pretty deep philosophy of the falling away and Leaving Home,but it is worth the read.Another nice feature is the Appendix which has much of the Liturgy and Sutras used in the group practice in Shanga and the Zendo. My second time through this Happened to read it this time while at the author s monastery for a weekend.The chapters on the actual eight gates program were brutally uninteresting, but the remaining chapters on zazen, work practice, body practice, etc., were all greatly beneficial in a very immediate sense, even though I ve been casually practicing for years.The book could be retitled Zazen As A Practical Tool. This guide to spiritual practice at Zen Mountain Monastery by its founder is a very clear explanation of what to do, how the eight areas of concentration enable us to realize the mundane as transcendent The technique is very simple, the present abbot writes, and, in that simplicity, very difficult There is no magic in the Eight Gates they are just a matter of how we use our mind This is abook to read over and over again. Was assigned the book during my month long residency at Zen Mountain Monastery I found the teachings contained within to be down to earth and up to date with the American Mind Daido Sensei s knowledge and recognition that Zen and indeed all forms of Buddhism change when they shift into another culture A new Zen for a new world. Started me on zen practice I read this after a weekend at the monastery in Mt Tremper Very helpful in devising structure for my days. One teacher s very thoughtful overview of Zen and his own monastery s approach to training An essential, as well as a revealing peek into what American Buddhists do.