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go to Egypt once again meet khairul azam, feel his burden imagine how if you were him, a very humble and hardworker man, trapped in the middle of unfordable love when the girl you want the most is already owned by you best friend, you cannot get her due to your limitation low status , and that limitation is caused by your dedication to your family, to your old mother who has been left for nine years, who cries in her every night prayer hoping you to comeback soonwhich one will you choose your family or chasing your girl this novel really teach us where we should dedicate our life, and intellectual title isn t the only measurement to see someone s quality. Rrr @KINDLE â Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Ê Entah Kenapa Tiba Tiba Ia Merasa Berdosa Ia Merasa Berdosa Dan Jijik Pada Dirinya Sendiri Yang Begitu Rapuh, Mudah Terperdaya Oleh Tampilan Luar Yang Menipu Ia Jijik Pada Dirinya Sendiri Yang Ia Rasa Terlalu Cair Pada Lawan Jenis Yang Belum Halal Baginya Ia Hairan Sendiri Kenapa Jati Dirinya Seolah Pudar Saat Berhadapan Atau Berdekatan Dengan Eliana Apakah Telah Sedemikian Lemah Imannya Sehingga Kecantikan Jasadi Telah Sedemikian Mudah Menyihir Dirinya La Beristighfar Dalam Hatinya Berkali Kali Ia Meminta Ampun Pada Dzat Yang Menguasai HatinyaAzzam Meratapi Kekhilafannya Dan Memarahi Dirinya Sendiri Dalam Hati Ia Bersumpah Akan Lebih Menjaga Diri, Dan Hal Yang Menistakan Seperti Itu Tidak Boleh Terjadi Lagi La Juga Bersumpah Untuk Segera Menemukan Orang Yang Tidak Kalah Hebatnya Dengan Eliana, Tapi Bertudung Litup, Solehah, Boleh Berbahasa Arab Dan Berbahasa Inggeris Dengan Fasih Kalau Terpaksa Gadis Itu Orang Mesir Tidak Mengapa Yang Jelas Rasa Terhinanya Harus Ia Simakan Harus Menemukan Kembali Kehormatannya Sebagai Seorang Azzam Yang Memiliki Harga Diri Meskipun Masyarakat Indonesia Di Mesir Mengenalinya Hanya Sebagai Tukang Masak Atau Penjual Tempe, Tapi Harga Diri Dan Kesucian Diri Tidak Boleh Diremehkan Oleh Siapapun Juga La Yakin Akan Memperolehi Isteri Yang Lebih Jelita Dari Eliana, Dan Lebih Balk Darinya Ia Yakin Itu Tekadnya Ia Ulang Ulang Tekad Itu Dalam Hatinya Ia Rajut Dengan Doa Ia Bawa Tekad Itu Ke Dalam Tidurnya Ke Dalam Mimpinya Dan Ke Dalam Alam Bawah Sedarnya a very good islamic novel written by islamic scholar partly from his own experience the writer also produced a big hit movie based on this novel This novel is a two part series revolving around the life of Abdullah Khairul Azzam who is studying in Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt Azzam is regarded as somewhat of a failure among his peers because his focus wason his business of making and selling tempe and mee bakso As a result, he has stayed there for 9 years because he did not pass his exams The sad thing is only those who are really close to Azzam knows the real story He is actually a very intelligent chap who graduated highest in his 1st year and even attained a scholarship But after his father passed away during his 2nd year, everything changes He is a determined and selfless young man who purposely delayed his studies to become the backbone of his family back home in Indonesia He wants them to lead a comfortable life and his 3 younger sisters to complete their studies Thus the story is of the life he lead over in Egypt, the hardships and challenges he had to face, the decisions he had to make and his never say die attitude Such admirable traits in a person The author also managed to weave in stories of the life of his peers close to him And of course there are stories about falling in love too So much to write but I don t want to spoil the fun Anyway the best thing about Kang Abik s books is that there are lessons to be learned in every single incident This book is so full of emotions, it will make you smile, laugh and cry while reading it. A perfect book There are too many character in the first sequel but still for me it is better than the second.I took one week to finish the first novel and went on full throttle maybe have skipped one or two pages for the second novel on Sunday Morning, Maroon 5.A story about Khairul Azzam an excellent student and he was the only Indonesian who scored jayyid jiddan excellent grade in the first year in Al Azhar Unfortunately not long after that his father died because of an accident He have 2 little sisters back in indonesia plus his mom just delivered a baby girl.As for that he made a decision to abandon his idealism of an outstanding and excellent achievement in academic He took responsibility to support his family by selling tempe, bakso and being a cook for special occasion in Egypt.That made his study badly affected After 9 years he still not finished his study yet A very touching and motivating story for all those self proclaimed damn struggling student like me A must read novel category www.makhluk bernama aku.blog.friendst WaaahWhere to start, where to start Totally love this book Its such an inspiring book because after reading it, i realized how precious life is and how grateful i am to be alive Alhamdulillah. It gently tells us stories about different kinds of tests problems we are given by Allah SWT, for which He sent to show us lessons to be learned.This book is a about a life of of a pious, muslim male scholar from Indonesia studying in Al Azhar university, Egypt At the same time, he has to work hard for his part time job to collect some extra money so he could send back far to Indonesia for his family when one day he was fated to meet one muslimah from Indonesia too, when he tried to help her Its a must read Great author, amazing movie I ve watched the moviethan 10 times Totally lost count hehe One of those movies where we can watch with our mom and not get awkward For the first boo Its a really good story until the 2nd book i read Its not as good as i hope ridiculous just tell the story about Azzam, and in the end of story telling how selfish Anna she just left his husband cerai gk mau pokoknya cerai Salah siapa yang mau nikahin, nikahnya aja mau mau kagak kagak. marginally better than Ayat Ayat Cinta, if only for the multi dimensional complexity of the characters and the many predicaments of student life in Egypt This text actually draws empathy, whilst AAC was barely believable due to the black and white portrayal of characters the range of characters and voices probably helped as well.3 stars for the abrupt ending s whilst evidently abrupt to enable exploration in the second part of the series, some of the sub narratives could have been given ajustified ending.