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The events surrounding the Boston Massacre as perceived by a maid in the Adams household whose name was Rachel and is in the process of figuring out who she is and what her values are, and she wants to become Probably one of Rinaldi s readable books and she s a bit less heavy handed with the fact dropping than in most of her other books Not sure I particularly like this character all that much, but I could see it being very appealing to girls who are themselves deeply insecure Also, the book continually promotes the value of reading, especially for girls from low socioeconomic backgrounds who want improve their lot in life always a good thing.One of the great things about Rinaldi is her final chapter always lets the reader know what is truthful and what is constructed in her books Rachel apparently was a real girl and is mentioned in the famous letters between John and Abagail, as applying for the position they were offering as a nanny in their household, and even cites the letter Apparently Rachel lived with them in Boston and left their employ with no comment when they moved back to Braintree However, Rinaldi admits that the whole story line of her romance is fictional, even if the boy she supposedly had it with was not i.e., the review by the gentleman complaining that this book is historically incorrect because the Adams never had help in the home therefore bares little weight in the grand scheme of historically inaccurate fiction Rinaldi admits that the point is to get students, specifically young girls, interested in history, and that any sugar she includes to make the medicine go down should be forgiven. This book was very good I ve read one other of Ann Rinaldi s books and enjoyed it immensely as well for her writing style is superb and her story telling amazing although this book was a little slow in the beginning This is usual though and predictable for a historical fiction book I really felt like I was with Rachel as she walked through the streets of Boston and by the end of the book I was turning pages so fast to see what happens next I almost got a paper cut So yeah this book was really good although the one problem I had with it was how the Adam s treated Rachel in the end, by the end of the book I hated them for being rude jerks I thought it could have ended better but oh well. @EBOOK õ The Fifth of March: A Story of the Boston Massacre ë Amazing Books, The Fifth Of March A Story Of The Boston Massacre Author Ann Rinaldi This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Fifth Of March A Story Of The Boston Massacre, Essay By Ann Rinaldi Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Waffling between 2.5 and 3 stars It did have one quote that seemed quite Deep to meI don t know what this liberty thing is all about, Rachel None of us do, yet I pray that if we ever achieve it, we will know how to control it And not let it control us I really liked this YA Historical Fiction novel I am currently homeschooling my girls and trying to figure out how to inspire them to desire to learn on their own I appreciated the heroine in this book who had a great desire to make something of herself and determined in her mind that learning and books were the tools to help her do that She also found a mentor or two to help her along her way I plan to read this out loud to my girls next year when we are studying American History. Rinaldi is a brilliant and creative story tellerthe two stars aren t a reflection of the author, just this story Maybe historical fiction isn t my cup o tea I found the protagonist to be completely unbelievable Her choices, her actions were soooo 21st century, and, I couldn t reconcile that with the time period the story is set Rinaldi states that the catalyst for this story was the riots in L A in 1992 maybe her story should have just been written with that as the setting instead of extrapolating characters from one century with an event several centuries in the past. Read this entire review here YA REVIEW THE FIFTH OF MARCH SEARCHING FOR PEACE AND LOVE IN A TIME OF WARReview by Clarissa HadgeOverall Rating 4.5 Romance Rating 4In The Fifth of March, Rinaldi gives Rachel a strong voice and allows her protagonist to question where her loyalties lie I appreciated this, as far too often with similar narratives, the protagonist is staunchly American no qualms about it This portrayal seems much realistic As Rachel sees what is happening around her, she takes it all in and must decide where she fits into the events The historical accuracy of the narrative is excellent and will intrigue readers looking into the events of the Boston Massacre for the first time, or readers familiar with the events and seeking a fictional narrative.Rachel and Matthew s romance is sprinkled into the text enough so that it doesn t overwhelm the main plot of the Massacre The characters are a good juxtaposition for two teenagers thrust in a violent world that doesn t always present itself in a straightforward manner The overall pace of the book is a bit slow in the scenes where the action is not taking place, but there is than enough within the pages to keep the readers interested in moving forward.Read this entire review and others especially if you love old fashioned chivalrous romance at THE SILVER PETTICOAT REVIEW Growing up my favorite author was hands down Ann Rinaldi I owned probably about a dozen or so of them and I would frequently borrow those that I didn t own from the school library After about age 15 I got distracted by other books and really forgot all about this author until a few weeks ago I was exploring the author s website for a feature I was doing on YA Historical Fiction and realized that she has still been releasing books, almost every year, and still is This made me want to take some time to get back to reading those books I loved this time on audio book.The Fifth of March is a story of the events in Boston that lead up to the Boston Massacre, the event itself, the trial of those British soldiers, and some of the outcomes of this conflagration But it is also the story of Rachel dealing with figuring out who she is does she still see herself as a British American or just a plain American to use her own words It is a really interesting question when do you start to see yourself as something different You get to see Rachel really starting to open her eyes to what is happening around her and see how it affects her I also really loved the sweet, little romance that developed You really were able to see how this put added stress on a young girl too.The author does an awesome job at giving the reader a visual layout of Boston She also has a great ability to convey the drama, hysteria, tension, panic and drive to choose sides that enveloped Boston during that time.Although this book is written for a primarily high school audience, I enjoyed it immensely The historical facts and events were not brought down a level and would still be very enjoyable for an adult reader This is a coming of age story with a teenage narrator but also consider, people had to grow up a lot faster back then and were encountering situations that many teens wouldn t be today.Audiobook Impressions I have to say that I didn t love this narrator The way she read for the main character of Rachel made the character seem dumb Having read this in paperback several years ago I had never gotten that impression a little na ve, yes, but not the way this narrator made me feel about the character The narrator did do a good job at evoking the feelings of the story and the world the characters were living in the fear and panic I think it would have been a enjoyable listening experience with a different narrator.3.5 out of 5 stars for the audio. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first half of the book 4 stars for the reading Minus one star for my unresolved questions at the end Such a sad situation for the British soldiers in Boston I enjoyed reading about the turmoil in Boston and as people try to pick their sides during a time when they were still loyalists Revolution was not yet being called out on the streets But, there was a hunger for liberty in Boston Spoiler alter The second half the book had issues I wish were explained better Why was it okay for John Adams to defend the soldiers because that was the right thing to do, but not for Rachel, his children s nanny, to bring food to the soldiers There was nothing morally wrong with her actions, it was all above reproach And yet, John Adams let her go because of it That was not adequately resolved in the book Rachel just takes it as the way things must be And that is cause for dismissal There was never a true resolution to Matthew s character Was he really what Rachel believed John Adams accused him to Rachel of stealing a woman s coat and other unseeming things Was Rachel too in love to see that, or was that gossip and prejudice against the British I never felt that was resolved in the story.Why did Rachel leave behind her payment for all of your years of service Her payment for her years of service was her dowry and the silver coins She leaves both of those behind as a message to the Adams family about her integrity Does leaving most of your earthly possessions behind denote integrity To me it denotes lunaty Rachel s last words are anyone who needed an explanation about what I ve done, wouldn t understand I obviously am the one who doesn t understand She is going out into the world, penniless, where life is not too kind on teenage girls, to an uncertain place, leaving her savings for what To make a point Her friends in the story understood why, but they didn t bother explaining it adequately to me And if Rachel really wanted to stay with the Adams s, why didn t she say so, not just acquiesce Content Clean but for mild language darns, hecks, gosh, etc. DNF I love Ann Rinaldi but this particular novel revolves around an extremely problematic romance guy claims girl owes him affection, girl feels guilty for setting boundaries , and I just don t feel like putting up with that kind of nonsense right now.