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I ve been reading this aloud to Luke age 9 for the past several weeks We took a break here and there, but last night we had to read the final 50 pages all at once We ve been really enjoying this series which currently numbers about 8 books Sometimes I wonder if it s a bit too creepy for Luke but he s been digging it After finishing this one he said, Let s start the next book tomorrow night So far I think this book might be my favorite out of the series so far In this story our three heroes, Tom the last apprentice , the Spook his master, John Gregory , and Alice a young girl descended from a witch clan face off against three covens of witches in the town of Pendle They are trying to put aside their differences long enough to bring the Fiend over from the dark into our world And the Fiend is no less than Old Nick himself One of the things I like about this series is that even though there are priests in the story, the religious aspects are toned down and impartial It s not assumed that you the reader, or a certain character is a believer In fact, there are characters of every stripe It s well done And the wood cut illustrations that begin every chapter are very cool too. 7.5 10Another enjoyable outing in this series which keeps on impressing This is the fourth in the series and each one has been consistently good The only negative I could say is that there hasn t been a great deal of character development throughout but for the type of books these are and the audience they are aimed at i.e not me you can t really knock it They seem to follow a similar formula in each one but if it ain t broke don t fix it.The stakes are raised somewhat in this outing with Tom, the Spooks Apprentice, facing off against 3 Witch clans who are all trying to bring back the Devil to earth Tom, the Spook and their trusty witch Alice are on the hunt to try and stop this from happening because it would put a real crimp in your day having to fight the devil instead of some pesky witches We learn a lot about Tom s mam and where he comes from throughout this which does add an extra dimension to the story and we also learn about the witch assassin Grimalkin who is destined to turn up in the next few novels Even though these are aimed at a younger audience think early teens I still find myself enjoying them and reading them quite quickly The overall setting is one of the highlights for me in this series as are the descriptions of the actual locations visited in each outing, in this case Pendle You get the sense that something is brewing with an overall plot arc ready to come into view sooner rather than later which keeps your attention also An enjoyable read and I will look forward to picking up the next one in the series If you like this try Magyk by Angie Sage @EBOOK ⚢ Attack of the Fiend (The Last Apprentice #4) õ I See Your Future Clearly Your Master Will Be Dead, And You Will Be Alone It Would Be Better If You Had Never Been Born Thomas Ward Is The Apprentice For The Local Spook, Who Banishes Boggarts And Drives Away Ghosts But Now A New Danger Is Threatening Tom S World The Witches Are Rising And The Three Most Powerful Clans Are Uniting In Order To Conjure An Unimaginable EvilTom And The Spook Set Out To Stop The Witches Before They Unleash The Demon But When Tom Finds Himself On His Own, He Wonders If He Has The Courage And Cunning To Defeat The Most Powerful Enemy He Has Ever Encountered Up to this point I ve liked this series, and I didn t really dislike this one It was however a bit waring before it tied up.One of my friends here on Goodreads observed that her only complaint with the series was that Tom didn t develop At the time I was only 3 books in and took the view I d wait and see So far I d only covered about a year in Tom s life This is the 4th book in the series, and right out of the gate so to speak Tom pretty much makes the same mistake he made in the first volume.Oh well.This volume attempts a somewhat involved plot and tries to tell a slightly intricate story It only sort of succeeds Without spoilers and being cognizant that this is my opinion, I ll say that the story stumbles about than the prior novels It didn t hold my interest and I was ready for it to end The hook of the novel, the Fiend of the title works as a threat hanging over this book and then as a set up for what s to come in later volumes.How a younger reader will like this book I d hesitate to say Again, be aware that the plot points in this book deal with murder, consuming human blood, child murder also witches and other things that can look into other s houses through mirrors This could all be a bit much for younger children That aside however, the fact that I and older readers will see plot points coming a few miles off may not be as big an issue for younger readers who haven t read the plots that often before.They may however by now if they are following the series note that Tom seems to be pretty thick in that he placed himself in the soupagain.So, not as good as the previous volumes slightly tedious and slightly disjointed I have the next book s from the library here already so I plan to follow through at least one volume. The pictures are amazing So spooky Review to come Audiobook CommentsChristopher Evan Welch is the narrator of my dreams Such a great audio for this series. This is the 4th book in the Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney Wow was this an excellent book After hearing over and over about how bad things are in Pindle Tom and the Spook are finally going to go there to deal with the witch problem for good Alice is along to help them, using all her witchy knowledge for good Nothing goes as planned though when the witches strike first at the place Tom is most vulnerable Will they be able to root out all the witches Will the witches raise the devil himself What is in the trunks Mam left Tom Exactly who is Mam All of these questions are answered to some extent.This was a wonderfully written book as usual It may be one of the best books in this series yet It is very suspenseful and spooky, there is lots of action than usual Alice s character is being developed nicely and Tom really comes into his own in this book We get to meet of Tom s brothers and the future looks bleaker than ever This is the first book where the greater outside world really starts to have an influence on what is happening to Tom Usually the books are pretty isolated to a small area, but not this one, things are dire than ever.It was just a great book I was disappointed when I was finished These are so fun to read and so well written I love them and cannot wait to get my hands on the next one The Spook s Battle, the fourth book in The Wardstone Chronicles, was action packed and fast paced, whilst still being very plot driven and fun to read In saying that, it still fell short of the 4 star rating that I gave the other books, as I wasn t completely absorbed as I had been before However, the 3 stars I ve given it is considered a high 3.The cover was really creepy and mirrors what the story tells within, because pretty much from the first few pages I was over come with a feeling of dread It was an increasingly dangerous time for the County and I knew that bad things were bound to happen Tom s luck really seemed to turn for the worst in this installment, and I was always left wondering WHERE THE HELL IS GREGGORY Seeing Tom fending off the dark on his own though was really inspiring to see and gave him further depth and development I liked the introduction to another family member of Tom s and characters in general as it put weight on the risk of Tom failing against evil The contents of Mam s trunks were such a surprise There was a gollum like character in this that was really creepy and some of the prophecies it spoke were really unsettling One thing that annoyed me about the book is that some locations seemed far away at one point and then seemingly close when it was convinent, so I lost a sence of destination length Finally, I really enjoyed Alice s entry at the back and all the new things Tom learned I feel like there was so much detail in his diary, this time around.Pick it up, give it a go and enjoy G n Another solid installment in the continuing adventures of Tom Ward This book worked less well as a stand alone, mostly because the characters mainly fail to achieve the goals they set for themselves at the beginning And when there is success, it comes from some outside agency than from the initiative of the characters themselves.The other thing that bothered me here was, for the first time, I think this book suffered from the Red Shirt of Death syndrome I get the feeling that the last thing anyone should want to be is an old friend of the Spook s at the start of one of these books.Once again, I thought the writing was straightforward and solid The characters are staying true to themselves for the most part In this book, Tom comes across as a bit stupider than in the earlier ones, but to a certain extent that may just be the combination of awakening hormones and the glamour that witches use on him There are at least two times when Tom should have been much wary that he is His tendency to rush off to try to help people by himself is part of his character But by now he should have enough experience to know that he often needs help.All in all, I thought this was a slight step down from the last two books, but its still quite good, and I m looking forward to getting my copy of the next one, hopefully before Christmas. The Spook s Battle Attack of the Fiend The Last Apprentice, 4 , Joseph DelaneyThe Spook s Battle, written by Joseph Delaney, is the fourth story in The Wardstone Chronicles series It was released in America in March 2008, and is titled Attack of the Fiend , as the fourth book in The Last Apprentice series.Abstract I see your future clearly Your master will be dead, and you will be alone It would be better if you had never been born Thomas Ward is the apprentice for the local Spook, who banishes boggarts and drives away ghosts But now a new danger is threatening Tom s world The witches are rising and the three most powerful clans are uniting in order to conjure an unimaginable evil.Tom and the Spook set out to stop the witches before they unleash the demon But when Tom finds himself on his own, he wonders if he has the courage and cunning to defeat the most powerful enemy he has ever encountered.Characters Mr Gregory, Thomas J Ward, Alice Deane 2013 1392 424 104 9789643698515 20. Off to meet the witch clans of Pendle, how exciting However, the fiend is not really introduced until the last 100 pages but is mentioned all the way through the book I find that Tom is growing in experience of being a Spook now and is confident in his abilities BUT, I found some of the characters to be introduced and given a lot of build up and emphasis, only for them to be killed off really quickly, this frustrated me greatly Next is Wrath of the Bloodeye book 5 which I am hoping will do better Still liking the series, I don t want to be disappointed.2 5