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4.5 starsDefinitely a hit I ve read quite a few books with similar plot, Girl is engaged to younger brothers finds him in bed with someone else or younger brother gets married to someone else girl marries the older brother But somehow this plot seemed fresh in comparison to the others I believe the reason was that in other stories the younger brother disappears after the first or second chapter whereas in this book he had a big role throughout the story.I loved the angsty romance feel of this book. Re Comparative Strangers SC brings us a most unusual MOC that of course turns into and is practically epic for the h s famous words It seemed like a good idea at the time, which can be applied to a lot of the h s actions in this one The story starts very dramatically, the h is ready to throw herself off a little bridge parapet and is saved at the last instant by the H, who also happens to be the h s cheating ex fiance s older half brother The h isn t really suicidal, she is just really, really angry and hurt and the bridge incident was a temporary aberration of wanting to make her newly acquired ex really, really sorry and well it seemed like a good idea at the time.Upon further reflection and with the companionship of the H, whose girlfriend was the lady involved in the few hours earlier discovered cheating incident, plus a warming brandy, the h decides throwing oneself off a little bridge with an inadequately raging river below that would only lead to some uncomfortable injury rather than dramatic death probably was overreacting a bit Ya think Anyways she is much calmer now and can go dry her red hair off and the H can go back to his boring test tubes tho the h is sorry about his lady friend being the bouncer on her exe s bouncee That doesn t get rid of the H tho, and it turns out to be good thing Cause no sooner is the h all snuggled up in her cozy little robe than the ex shows up, full of excuses and reasons that it was all the h s fault he had to sample his brother s lovely lady plus she offered her self up like a tempting buffet and he just had to try a little sample The h was holding out on rocking the cradle of lurve and the ex decided he would try knockin on another lady s door for temporary surcease from the overwhelming desperate force of his manly man drive mojo The h just rolls her eyes and asks the ex if he is done, cause she is and would he please leave Then the ex turns nasty, but not to worry the Big Half Brother H is there to kick the exe s sorry lame hiney out The h is now thoroughly depressed and thoroughly irked, she can t help half the snarky remarks that come out of mouth, perhaps she should just feed everyone and the H can get on with his watching Bunsen burners The H does agree to a meal, but declines to leave and tells the h he will stay overnight since her mother isn t home and the ex has a nasty revenge streak Once again the H is proven right when some silent stalking phone calls start and then a brick gets thrown thru the h s bedroom window She and the H have to share the guest room, although a separate cover arrangement is between them.The H leaves the next day and the h is trying to figure out what to tell her meddling mum The h can t tell her mother about the bouncing incident because her mother would want to know why the h was there to begin with The h with all the innocence of the truly ignorant, cannot seem to just say she was seeing her fiance about the wedding plans or a lunch Nope the h knows her mother s x ray eyes would just blaze into her brain and know that the h was planning on taking a ride on the exe s pocket rocket But blast off was permanently frozen down when she found the ex with the OW Now mumsie dearest is having conniptions that the h has dumped such a handsome and virile manly race car driver, who takes good care to flatter older mumsie s ego The ex shows up once again the next day after the nefarious bouncing and the h implies that she and the H slept together and that she will be marrying the H as a viable alternative to the ex He gets nasty and vows revenge The h finds out that the ex has gone to the press and made all kinds of nasty comments about how the h has dumped him for his half brother in the gossip columns Then the h goes to apologize to the H about the whole mess The H may be a science geek, but he knows how to seize the day He tells the h they will just get engaged until the whole thing blows over The h very reluctantly agrees, but she is a kind person at heart and she HAS made a big ole mess, so fake engagement it is The H and h don t see much of each other, the h is working in London and the H has a big pharmaceutical company to run Eventually mumsie dearest tries to pimp the h out to the ex again and the h is thinking she is going to have to leave the country to evade the ex The H has a better idea, they will marry instead He needs a hostess and the h is pretty hot, so eventually they might get together The h isn t too keen, but she really doesn t want to be hounded by the ex forever, he is a bit psycho really So marry they do, with mumsie dearest being left off the register office guest list, she is still cavorting with the enemy ex The H and h go to Bali and they don t really seem to spend much time together The H says he doesn t want to impose, but us readers in the know are starting to suspect this is a Wolf H in sheep s clothing, he is just watching the h a bit too closely The h has some undercurrents going on too, but for all her impulsiveness and rather heedless tongue, she still thinks she might love the ex a bit and needs to get over that Lots of readers get mad at the h for this, but I thought it was reasonable, the ex was her first big love and then the H rushed her into marriage with no wooing or courting, just a business arrangement She had to sort the feelings out, you don t just wake up a week later and not feel anything for your first big crush that you have had for ages and was planning on marrying The honeymoon ends and the h and H have a fairly funny and snarky sardonic banter going on between them The H has a very dry sardonic wit and the h isn t far behind The h also doesn t have a very good filter between her brain and her mouth, so things pop out that might have been better left unsaid I got that tho, cause again she only knew the H based on what the ex had told her and how the H presented himself around her The H acted like a dried up stuffed bore, so the h naturally assumed that he was that way, and the H really plays on that assumption in a subtly witty way The ex had nothing nice to say about his older brother we know the ex was jealous of the H, but the h did not know that so her thoughts were in keeping with her perception Tho that perception does change as time goes on However the H takes himself off for business for several weeks right after the wedding, so the h gets to know Harvey, the H s dog really well They trek and trounce about and dig in ditches and things together I really liked Harvey, he was great fun The H finally gets back and is surprised when the h is happy to see him That excitement fades as the h explains that Harvey has a hurt paw and she can t fix it The H sorts out Harvey, who is a bit of a hypochrondriac, and the h and H settle for the evening The h has another brain flash moment and decides to test the power of the H s lurve club It turns into a bit of the H s lurve dud, cause he isn t very good at control and the only the stars the h is seeing are the ones she would like to see swirling around the H s head after she smacks him with a skillet and finds an ice pack for the extreme pain Turns our H is NOT good at introductory mojo lessons at all The h has a big sobby moment, cause that really hurt, and then she is wondering if she had just lost her mind and what on earth was she thinking The h eventually consoles herself with the thought that it seemed like a good idea at the time and puts the unmitigated disaster down to hormones Honestly this is the part I always fall off my chair laughing I mean it really was a bad first time, but the h is so funny in her thought process and her good idea at the time moment that I just can t help myself It really was a very well done scene and kudos to the ultimate pragmatism of the h Other reviews don t seem to see the humor tho, so I am probably just really weird like that The H does manage to erm, bring about a digitally manipulative successful moment of fulfillment for the h later on that evening, then he runs off like a Timid Tessie straight to bed The h is left to ponder his actions and hopefully get the full throttle thrust experience as surely the H will plan a midnight raid But the H never shows up in her boudoir of bliss and is very aloof for the next month around the h The h is left to wonder what is going on now, but she does her best to adapt and be the good hostess the H wants She also has to put up with of mumsie dearest and her pimping the h to the ex Then the ex shows up and he forces a kiss on the h She finds out she isn t in love or even liking him after all In fact he is rather repulsive and she can t think what she saw in him So much for the big love of her life ex The h fails to mention the slimy ex visit, cause she has the H in her sights and is ready to hit the bull s eye She manages to seduce him after their next big party and it is Fabulous Then the H runs off the next morning after being very mean and cold to the h and she just doesn t know what is up with all this shilly shallying virginal behavior The housekeeper finds a lovely bouquet of flowers in the dust bin and the h gets a phone call from the H s office that leads her to believe the H is in America She manages to find out when his flight is returning and she goes to the airport to meet him and sees the H escorting the lovely lady who the h last saw bouncing on her ex The h is hurt and goes home The H shows up the next day and they have a polite little fight when the h goes to let him know she is preggers The H is asking who s the daddy and then shows her pictures of the ex kissing her The h knows she has been set up and so she gathers herself up, tells the H to think whatever he wants and walks off She is getting a separation and she is dumping these idiots and they can all go take a hike or jump off a small bridge parapet Then Harvey makes a great escape and the h gets run over by a lorry saving him Harvey the horror is fine tho She wakes up in hospital and thinks she might have miscarried, but nope the little future chemist is safe The H shows up and he looks really, really bad The h assumes it is over his latest drug trial which isn t going well Ironically, mumsie dearest has come around now that there is the hint of the patter of little feet and the h also gets a visit from the bouncing lady who assures the h that the H doesn t want to be a bouncee, and turn her bountiful charms definitively down Tho she is kinda spiteful about it and makes it a point to let the h know that the ex is the one who courted her and bragged about how he can steal the H s ladies and bragged about setting the h up The h goes home, ready to demand her wifely rights and the H has moved her things into his room He confesses he has loved her since he first saw her and that before he could make his move, his evil half brother swooped in first The H was just so jealous and so in love he lost his reason, he finally figured out the brother had set them up The h is overjoyed, cause she loves the H back and they are lurvin it up for the sweet HEA and Harvey is banished to the kitchen as he is still on probationary disgrace until he learns some manners Poor Harvey, but the h and H are in boudoir bliss together This one is probably SC s highest rated book It is funny with just the right touch of angst and SC does her trope role reversal here in a very effective way The h is actually Alpha than the H It isn t that he isn t manly, he is, but the h is much assertive in her actions and her choices The H really seemed to think that just orbiting around the h from a distance was going to make her love him he was totally clueless and afraid of messing up But he was persistent tho, and probably would have just stuck around forever until proximity gave him an in with the h Luckily the h is the curious and bold sort, cause she really made all the moves in bringing the two of them together and it is thru her agency that we get to know the H and also thru her own actions to know him that she starts to love him I highly recommend this one and I give it a spot on the required reading HP list, mainly cause this H is different and the role reversal is unusual for the run of HP ventures I also laugh myself silly at parts and both the h and the H have a very nice sense of the sardonic AND the wit to use it Give this one a go for the humor, the story and the H, there is a reason this one is so highly rated, the believability of the HEA is high and this is one HPlandia outing you won t regret. [Read Book] ⚖ Comparative Strangers ♧ It Was Outrageous He Couldn T Be Serious One Day Amanda Was Happily Engaged To Nigel, A Flamboyant British Car Rally Driver, The Next She Was The Reluctant Fiancee Of His Stern, Laconic Older Brother, Malory TempletonAs If She Hadn T Been Through Enough Hadn T Finding Nigel In The Arms Of Another Woman Been Than She Deserved The Hard Glitter In Malory S Eyes Told Her OtherwiseMalory Was A Virtual Stranger To Her, But Amanda Had No Choice Her Own Foolish Pride Had Caused The Crazy Switch In Fiances, And Malory, It Seemed, Was Going To Hold Her To It Well, well, nice guys do finish first This marriage of convenience romance is all about the hero for me Malory is a 30 something scientist and the head of a pharmaceutical company One would be correct in concluding that he s quite astute, because he is He could even see how our 20 year old heroine Amanda had virginal eyes Yes, Malory is another romantic hero who can detect a virgin a mile away LOL In addition to being intelligent, Malory is also a gentleman but that doesn t mean he s sexless or weak I love how Malory never visibly pitied himself or moped in response to Amanda s dismissal of him I also love how he never failed Amanda, always being there for her when she really needed him In fact, most of what he said to and did for Amanda screamed how bad he had it for her view spoiler Malory fell in love with Amanda the first time he saw her at a car race But before he could approach her, Malory s flashier, handsome, taller and younger half brother Nigel witnessed this and pursued Amanda to spite Malory whom he despised Amanda later discovered Nigel cheating on her with Malory s supposed girlfriend which made her end their engagement and platonic relationship She then attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge, but Malory stopped her just in time having followed her after they d both witnessed Nigel in cheating mode They later married to protect Amanda from Nigel who d revealed his true colors by making prank phone calls, throwing bricks into her bedroom window, and insinuating to the press that Amanda and Malory were engaged which wasn t true at the time, but Amanda felt she had to say something to ward Nigel off Malory s reason for marrying Amanda It s the same justification given by many entrepreneurial heroes in HelPlessland he needed a hostess But the reader knows his excuse was just that, an excuse hide spoiler 5 stars Amanda is engaged to Nigel who is Malory s step brother One day when she caughts Nigel cheating on her , she wants to end her life and thats when Malory saves her.Malory is the perfect guy OMG I love him so very much He is my book husband cries He is sucha beautiful human being cries again First time Amanda visits his house , He announces their engagement , the second time their marriage I loved how he took matters in his hands , He is isss everything a girl wants Aah Malory , I love him.And of course it is a HP , leads have an amazing chemistry You will want to read this book again as soon as you finish it.Every book I read becomes my favourite until my next book , But this is definitely an exception , it will stay my favourite for a life time. This was excellent I really liked the hero Who would have thought SC could write a beta hero I had to knock off a star because the heroine was incredibly dense first about the OM and then how mean she was to the hero A few bitchy remarks I can understand, but she could see how her attitude was bothering him and she couldn t seem to hold back The OM and OW were both deliciously horrible as was the heroine s mother I was all set to feel for the heroine, but it was the hero who really sold this story for me. 4.5 stars.This book is so awesome I love you, Malory I think you re one of the coolest romance book heroes ever Forget book boyfriend, you ll be my book husband And I like Amanda I could feel her growth through out the book She blundered, but she took responsibility of her action The chemistry was so thick, I could feel it like a heat wave across the pages And even though there s no Malory s point of view, his feelings for Amanda were shown to the readers through Amanda s virginal eyes and not so virginal any later on, giggle.This book is a great example that you can write a sexy hero without him being a manwhore. Amanda discovers her sexy fianc in bed with another woman In response, she decides to throw herself off a bridge Fortunately for her, Malory comes to the rescue.Malory is the sexy fianc s older brother Half brother, as everyone else keeps insisting He s plain and boring He does science stuff and is very rich Amanda doesn t think much of him She quite disparagingly calls him sexless.However, rather awesomely, it s very apparent from very early in the book that Malory has been desperately in love with Amanda ever since her first saw her It s like he s the plain smart heroine that the hero doesn t notice because the sexy mean other woman got to him first, except reverse all the gender roles I loved the book for this plot I really liked Malory, and this book would have earned a better rating if he hadn t completely stuffed the sex scene In fiction we often get sold on this idea that non splendidly handsome people are much better at sex because they use technique to compensate, but not, sadly, in Malory s case He makes up for it later, but he d been doing so well up to then that I was really disappointed in him.Amanda is a little difficult to like Attempting to throw oneself off a bridge is a dramatic book opening, but it does suggest some underlying problems that would benefit from professional help I also got really impatient with her for not telling her mother the truth about the sexy fianc The night Malory rescues Amanda, the fianc uses silent phone calls and a brick through the window as intimidation tactics Amanda makes the sensible decision to end the relationship, but the stupid decision to not tell her mother about it She doesn t want her mother knowing that the fianc is a cheater and violently unstable because she doesn t want her mother to know she was on her way to have pre marital sex Which meant I spent a lot of the book unjustly angry at the mother for attempting to get her daughter back together with a creep Sure, the mother was terrible about sex, seeing it as an unpleasant duty She was also patently suppressing sex desires for the fianc , which was also bound to be a problem later down the track I doubt she would have been satisfactorily sympathetic, but she should at least have been given the opportunity to know her daughter was sensibly turning down a brick throwing, cheating psychopath, rather than irrationally turning down a glamorous and sexy race car driver While I was sympathetic with how Amanda tortured herself over her growing feelings for Malory, and her realisation that she d really shot herself very badly in the foot in terms of getting the relationship with him she wanted, I couldn t like her My biggest problem with Sara Craven s characters is that they aren t very kind to each other They might occasionally abase themselves before their lovers in quite satisfactory ways, but they have a tendency to spend most of their books sulking, saying spiteful things, and being desperately certain that they will be miserable forever The heroines are most often depressingly useless at everything Amanda was no exception all she really had going for her was that her story subtly undermines the handsome alpha hero trope, and she was ultimately sensible enough to recognise the awesomeness of a geek hero. Twenty year old Amanda Conroy is about to jump off a bridge after she sees her fianc Nigel cheating on her Nigel was in bed having sex with another woman But as she s about to jump she is suddenly pulled back Hero Malory Templeton 32 rescues her Malory has had a feeling that Nigel, his younger half brother, has been having an affair with Malory s girlfriend Clare Malory drives Amanda home she s staying at her mother s house at the moment While he s there Nigel shows up to explain and apologize to Amanda for sleeping with Clare, but Amanda turns him away Nigel is also angry that Malory is there Later that night Amanda gets many phone calls she only hears someone breathing and a brick is thrown through her bedroom window It seems Nigel is having a hard time accepting the fact that Amanda doesn t want to see him and that she is in the house alone with Malory The next day Amanda eventually has a show down with Nigel and leads him to believe that she and Malory are lovers and that they are going to be married, which isn t true A furious Nigel leaves and the next day the story of Amanda and Malory s engagement appears in the newspapers leaked by Nigel So Amanda goes to Malory to apologize for the lie she made up about the two of them Malory insists to let them believe it and they end up having a marriage of convenience.Malory was an interesting hero for a Harlequin Presents He was described as not as handsome or popular as his very good looking, half brother Nigelthat he was dull, sexless, he worked in a laboratory and was supposed to be boring in comparison to car rally driver Nigel Amanda, towards the beginning of the book, thought Malory lacked Nigel s glamour and looks But I liked him He was sexy in a subdued way view spoiler And he fell in love with Amanda at first sight, so he was hankering after her through the whole book, which is a storyline I like I really enjoy a besotted, smitten hero hide spoiler Wow Awesomely cool and to think this got lost on my TBR file for monthsI can t believe I forgot about it, I debated between 4 vs 5 stars, and went with 5, because this book delivers so differently from any other HP I have read First, it starts off with the heroine actually trying to commit suicideSecond, the hero is beta, but sexy as hell.Third, there are no evil OW s..except maybe one thrown in at the end, but she really wasn t evil or an OWFinally, it has all the requisite tension and angst that you look for in an HP, without all the sillyI hate you.I love you, then I hate you again..type drama You know right from the beginning that these two are meant for each other and that they love one another You just have to sit back and watch them find their way to the HEAand what a way A GREAT Story.