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The male lead is possessive, arrogant, manipulative and jealous and yet I find myself liking him The female character on the other hand, I wanted to slap or shake a few times After getting an urgent phone call at the office, Sara runs home just to find her fiance in bed with her cousin, six weeks prior to her wedding With no other place to go, she heads back to the office Alex, the arrogant, sexy, womanizing boss is there to help her from falling into pieces From the very beginning the reader can see right through Alex. This was a very well written book The story was tight and the plot was well developed and made total sense There was drama but no drama for drama s sake The hero, Alex, loves his secretary Sara, and the minute she breaks her engagement to another man he swoops in and hustles her into marriage He had some real asshatty moments but what was cool was that eventually the heroine figured out that he had a pattern and she called him on it That was one of the examples of why the book was so well written You could look back and see along with the heroine that his asshat moments were always of the same type and they were something that totally made sense that a man would feel and his reaction was very realistic.The heroine was not at all a spineless wimp as is often the case with LG Sure she was unable to deny him sexually but she stood up for herself on all other counts and really had him dancing to her tune most of the time She made her share of mistakes in the relationship too but they were well written mistakes and made sense Even though the book was written totally in her POV you could easily tell what was going on with the hero You knew all along that he loved her.The ending surprised me in a good way I thought huh really I totally didn t expect something that happened there The ending was not rushed and every emotion was played out and discussed Loved it and highly recommend it. [Download Ebook] ♺ The Trophy Husband ☧ To Hidden Agendas The Personal Assistant When Sara Caught Her Fiance Being Unfaithful With Her Cousin, She Felt Doubly BetrayedHer Boss Almost Miraculously, Alex Rossini Was On Hand To Help Sara Pick Up The Pieces However, Having Worked For Alex For Some Time Now, She Knew He Never Did Anything Without Expecting Something In Return So Why Was She Surprised When He Revealed That He Was Prepared To Pay The Cost Of Having Her Be It Money Or Marriage Business Or Pleasure Sara Wanted Alex So Badly, She Would Have Given Herself To Him With No Strings Attached But In Order To Win Alex, She Would Have To Play His Game And Choose Her Price I read this years ago, but I didn t really remember much about it Downloading the Kindle and doing a reread was a good move I liked this quite a bit I miss the books where the heroine is a plain Jane That trope doesn t seem as popular nowadays The heroine tends to be exquisitely beautiful now than anything, at least in my opinion Sara wasn t really a plain Jane She just wasn t tall and model Slender and blonde Alex certainly had a very powerful obsession with her Everyone could tell he was in love with her, except Sara I like when the hero is crazy about the heroine, but she s a bit oblivious but not in a she thinks she s too good for him kind of way Alex is definitely a Lynne Graham hero but he s not quite as arrogant as some of hers run He seems a bit vulnerable I think there would have been less trouble for them both if he had just been honest with Sara about being in love with her Instead, he was sending out all these mixed signals and getting mad at her because he thought she was still stuck on her ex fiance.Glad I did a reread when I did. Rating 3 1 2 starsTypical LG Harlequin Presents with a stiff self sacrificing virgin h who has vile relatives that are unrepentant and irredeemable in every way I liked the ruthless hero in pursuit mode of Alex, though at times, he and Sara were irritating in their insecurity and vicious lashing out at one another I wanted to smack them both for being stupid And overly butt sore about the stalest things.Sara was feisty and put Alex in his place What I didn t like was her doormat behavior with her ex fiance, cousin, and family It was too much and made me grit my teeth Alex was really something A man with a plan and unwilling to give up on what he wanted.There is a strategy involved plotting with the H who is Machiavellian to the core I liked him despite his nastiness at times but I appreciated when he put the h in her place for waxing self righteous on him It was timely and spot on All and all, this wasn t a bad HP The twist at the end could have been left out as well as the predictable family shenanigans of You owe us but overall I liked this one and would recommend it. 3.5 stars I laughed out loud in parts and, oh yeah, I love me a smitten hero Alex plotted to have Sara, sinking to depths a master manipulator would be proud of It was quite Machiavellian and sweet in a romantic way LOL view spoiler Alex knew Sara s fianc had been cheating on her with her cousin so he set it up for Sara to discover this fact This led to Sara ending her engagement to Brian, and Alex soon offering Sara a safe marriage of convenience He also lied about not believing in love so as to not frighten her off And when Sara asked him if she bore a striking resemblance to the supposed great love of his life Alex offered no clarification in order to make her jealous All because the poor man had fallen in love with her within the first month of meeting her hide spoiler Re read I never reviewed this the first time I don t think I would give it five stars now, since I was missing some of LG s fun touches such as a pet to nurture or the hero s messing up English when he is so upset He does lapse into Italian during his strong emotions I also found the heroine annoying this time around But this is a very entertaining HP The story opens as the heroine catches her fiance and cousin in bed together Heroine has been tipped off by someone view spoiler it s the hero hide spoiler I did not love this one Probably will not re read it.It had a lot of great things about it, but also a lot of frustrating thingsThe heroine s family was so hideous and mean, and she kept going back for a 2nd and 3rd and 4th helping It was beyond ridiculous.Two things pushed this over the edge for methe hero did something that was unforgivable and ridiculous at the end, and the heroine did something ridiculous and stupid at the end There was the potential for a great book in here, but it got lost in some questionable plot decisions that pushed it over the edge of the Thelma and Louise cliff for me.Moving on Re Trophy Husband Lynne Graham makes a foray into the long running 9 to 5 series in this very funny story of unrequited office love.Another staple trope in HPlandia, the secretary boss trope is always great for those little angsty yearnings of anticipation when the long term adoration of one character is finally returned LG gives her own unique and entertaining spin on the topic here Because while other HP authors give us the inner pining of a yearning h, LG wants to see what happens when it is the boss who is caught up in the unrelenting claws of frustrated longing Given that this is LG s HPlandia and H s are bound by iron clad HP Hero contractual obligations to be dominant manly alpha lurve club swingers, it is a pretty safe bet that they aren t going to sit at their desks and blush whenever their love object makes an appearance.When the story starts, Sara, the 23 yr old h, is hurrying home to the flat she shares with her evil cow of a cousin We learn Sara is an orphan who was very begrudgingly taken in by her snob and snot pustule aunt when she was a child Sara s mum had little holiday romance with an Italian, came back with a baby and then sadly moved to a different plane of existence a few years later.Sara is not a doormat, exactly But she was made painfully aware of how limited the amount of goodwill was towards her in her mother s family and the snobby snot pustule aunt is the epitome of a bully Even tho Sara is well aware that her aunt is a snot pustule, she does consider it a matter of personal honor standards to be appreciative of her aunt letting her live with them until she was 16 So when her cousin Antonia s modeling career tanks and she loses her apartment, Sara agrees to let Antonia move in with her as she will be marrying her fiance Brian and moving to her own house soon anyways Plus Sara can t help but have a smidgen of utter glee that nasty bovine Antonia is getting some comeuppance for all her years on slime swilling behavior by going way down in the career stakes Sara s cousin, Antonia, is a blonde of a beauty and hates that she had to share even a fraction of a shadow of the family limelight with Sara Needless to say, this has led to years and years and years of Bovine Antonia trying to either destroy or co opt anything that might belong to Sara Unfortunately this also includes Sara s fiance, Brian When Sara rushes home after the emergency phone call, she finds Antonia and Brian in bed together Sara is utterly gobsmacked and somehow manages to stumble back to the office, where she works as a PA for a big time business guy, and down a coffee cup of brandy the other PA keeps in his desk for emergencies Enter Alex, the big time Italian business guy, who has been massively in love with Sara for over a year But Sara doesn t even really see him, except as a lady buffet lurving arrogant tyrant with a knack for pulling off impossible deals Sara is a bit disapproving of Alex, tho she is too polite to say so So it must have been the brandy that made her tell his latest dumped lady love caller that Alex is a slime swiller toe rag and the lady can do much better Alex seems strangely unimpressed that Sara is completely sloshed and not answering the phones There are some really funny dictation attempts and Alex generously offers Sara the use of the company apartment as she haltingly explains the horror she just walked into.When the other PA calls Sara to ask her to get Alex s brother Marco to sign some papers, Sara learns that Alex told Marco that he would pay 2 million dollars for one night with her Sara s ego and self esteem are at an all time low Her engagement and her dreams of a happy marriage and home are shattered too So a two million dollar offer sounds lovely and Marco wanting to do a pin up semi nude photo of her boosts her ego a little too Alex shows up and freaks out over Marco and his suggestive lewdness, he punches Marco and then drags Sara out Alex manages to get Sara back to his apartment, he seems pretty shocked that Sara was really in love with Brian and cancels a dinner party he had planned for the aftershock of Sara s betrayal So you guessed right, Alex set the whole in flagrante delicto scene up He had one of his security staff check out Brian and discovered he was seeing Antonia on the sly They faked a call to Sara and that takes us to the start of the book Sara is still too gobsmacked and boozed up to realize this Alex tries to comfort a seriously distraught Sara by telling her about his own big failed love affair ten years earlier He met a lovely lady, things were great and then she dumped him and took off Sara isn t feeling much better by Alex s travails in love, but after a nap and a roofie kiss or two, Sara is ready to revoke her unicorn grooming license forever.Sara and Alex have a Transcendent Experience on the Golden Shores of Passion moment and then the next morning arrives Alex was gobsmacked himself when he found out Sara was a unicorn groomer So he sends a bunch of flowers and is all prepared to whisk Sara off to Paris.Sara has come to her senses by now She isn t having any kind of affair with Alex The night before was a mistake brought on by an attack of ego shattering proportions and a copious amount of brandy Even tho she is working on her last week of employment for Alex, Sara goes into work.There Alex makes it clear he wants an affair and after another roofie kiss, this time in front of the entire staff, Sara walks out and goes back to her aunt s house for a while Sara tells her aunt the engagement is over, but she doesn t want to shock her aunt with the reason why Everyone is harassing Sara for being capricious and cancelling the wedding, Brian is arrogantly assuming that he can still marry Sara and Antonia is strutting around like she is the Queen of the sub sewer cesspool It is with a great deal of relief that Sara takes off with Alex to go look at a house when he unexpectedly shows up Alex also tells Sara s aunt and uncle and Brian s family about Antonia and Brian sneaking around together, tho he doesn t mention that Sara found them in bed.Alex takes Sara to an very nice, but needs a refurbishment, Jacobean manor house Sara loves the place and Alex smoothly implies that he is ready to settle down and have kids and if Sara will marry him in a mutually beneficial arrangement, the house will be all hers Thus proving that Alex really does know how to make a deal He initially thought Sara was just infatuated with the whole process of getting married and doing up a house, so he thought he could just dangle a bigger house and a bigger wedding and get the girl But now he realizes that Sara was emotionally invested in her relationship Brian Alex doesn t like to lose tho, so he figures he can still used the trappings of building a settled life, but throw in the Lurve Force Mojo lurve club events too and make Sara love him that way He also strongly points out that Antonia was probably plotting to have Sara dumped at the altar as she ran off with Brian If Sara marries Alex instead, she can totally pip Antonia at the post and get the type of man Sara s aunt really wanted for Antonia.Sara isn t at all sure she should be making ANY decisions in her decidedly emotional state, but Alex is a master salesman and he pushes Sara until she agrees to marry him There is a big wedding that Sara doesn t plan and Sara s aunt manages to interject her own brand of nastiness in when she insists that the now married Antonia and Brian attend her wedding This was the one time where I totally wanted to just smack Sara and tell her to tell her snot snarfer aunt that Antonia and Brian are NOT welcome and for that matter, neither is she At the reception afterwards, Brian tells Sara that Alex set them up to be caught and Sara is really irked She and Alex have a big fight on the plane during the Venetian honeymoon and Alex tells her she just wanted a trophy husband Sara tells Alex he is a manipulative toe rag.The Lurve Force Passion Mojo interferes with Sara staying angry tho, even when some of Alex s friends wanna be OW wives tell Sara she is a dead ringer for Alex s big lost love and that she is a sloppy second Alex doesn t deny what the woman said, he is having a snit fit because Sara isn t collapsing at his feet and swearing eternal worship for Alex saving her from Brian He is also massively jealous and cranky about it.But Sara and Alex do start to connect as a couple, tho when Alex thinks Sara is getting too close, he backs off into office mode Things come to a big boil when Sara tries to call Alex at work and the new office assistant won t put her through Then Alex takes off on a business trip and has his other assistant phone Sara to fax some papers.Sara gets angry that Alex is treating her like she is still his office staff She is also angry that when Sara makes innocent inquiries like when does Alex want to think about a family Alex takes it as Sara being in competition with Antonia, who got Brian to marry her by claiming she was pregnant She tells Alex she would have to be cracked in the head to want to bring a child into their relationship as it is.So Sara decides that if Alex is going to use emotional blackmail to coerce her into being his doormat, she is going to be done with him She faxes Alex that she is tired of being manipulated and she moves out to the unfinished manor house Alex bought it with her name on the deed Alex is furious and shows up in the middle of a midnight storm He has to eat banana sandwiches and take a cold shower, cause the house isn t really ready to be lived in yet He and Sara have a big fight and Sara tells him he needs to quit blaming her for his manipulations and threatening divorce while telling her it is all her fault, cause he is doing plenty of faulty things too Alex seems to get that his backing off and continual jealousy over Brian is hurting his marriage and another little truce is established We learn that Alex s father has been married five times and Alex felt very displaced as the oldest son whose mum died early Sara figures out that Alex probably needs a solid, permanent home than she does and she also realizes that she has fallen in love with Alex, Brian is now a distant and little missed memory.Then Sara s aunt calls Sara is miffed because her aunt refuses all Sara s invitations and doesn t seem to want to acknowledge Sara unless she wants something This time she wants Sara to fix Antonia and Brian s relationship.Sara decides to go sort Brian out, but she also tells her aunt they are done and then she lies to Alex about what she is doing Brian is mad because Antonia lied about being pregnant to make Brian marry her before Sara s big day.Sara feels sorry for Antonia, cause Brian is making Antonia live in the house that Sara designed and decorated Brian doesn t have the money to pay for a new decor, cause he doesn t make a huge salary and Sara paid for most of the house things herself Antonia has to live with all of Sara s stuff and it is obviously killing her, then Brian is taunting her that Sara is a better person than she is too Which was patently true, but Brian was a cheater nematode parasite, so why does he think he deserves anything better and he never paid Sara back for all the house stuff Sara manages to talk Brian around into settling things with Antonia But then Alex finds out Sara lied and he has a MAJOR blow up He thinks Sara was sneaking around to have it off with Brian and he wants a divorce Sara tries to talk to Alex about what really happened twice, but Alex blows her off and makes a lot of threats and then takes off for parts unknown Sara is gobsmacked again when she learns Alex has gone off to see his big love from ten years earlier It seems Alex has been in contact with her for a few years now and Sara thinks the love relationship might be re established.So Sara drives up north to check Alex s girlfriend out The lady is actually married now, looks nothing at all like Sara and Alex is the financial brains behind their business Alex saved the woman from an abusive husband, but she was older than Alex was and it was a gratitude affair than a big love match Now the lady is happily remarried and Alex is a nice friend.Sara is reassured and after spending the night, she drives home A very worried Alex is frantically pacing around and is so grateful that Sara came back that he promises never to say he is divorcing her again or to even let her out his sight, cause clearly Sara doesn t yell about things like he does, she just takes action and walks off There is a really adorable speech where Alex claims he would have told Sara the sky was pink, if it meant she would marry him and Alex confesses his huge big love and Sara confesses her big love right back We all adjourn for some afternoon purple passion and Sara gets Alex to get Brian and Antonia a job out of the country Alex is happy that some of his devious skills are finally wearing off on sweet Sara and we leave the two of them lurving it up for a very sparkly, rosy glow HEA.This one is hysterically funny in all the maneuvering that Alex has to do to get Sara to notice him Sara is a really strong heroine too She doesn t let Alex get away with bad behavior one little bit, but she isn t mean or witchy about it either LG did an excellent job in reversing the typical gender roles of the unrequited boss secretary romance trope Alex does exactly what an Alpha male would do in that situation and Sara s responses are truly priceless He starts off as a huge nematode at first, but LG manages to turn that around and he is totally adorable by the end His love for Sara is patently obvious and it is always fun to watch an HP Alpha Male squirm That and the really funny scenes are enough to get this on the HP required reading list So grab this if you find it and have yourself a great adventure with a really believable HEA in HPlandia, this one is completely worth the trip. This book came out shortly after the million dollar movie with Demi Moore and Robert Redford I loved the part when she tells him she would have to be a mental case to want to have his baby He was baby himself, therefore, why have one I loved the way they finally get together This hero had a lot of growing up to do.