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A book where the first words the hero utters in reference to the heroine is bitch and his kid is that dirty little creature and revolting is the story of Cesare and Mina, A Savage Betrayal.I struggled reading this book from the first chapter itself The hero was abusive and egotistical, and the heroine was an utter doormat no queen of doormats He abuses, calls her all variations of a puta, pushes and coerces her all the time and all the heroine does is be seduced by him and STAMMER He costs her two jobs and a life away from her kid and she still marries him AAAGHDONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THEIR MISUNDERSTANDING.NopeNope1 5 This one was HP crazy train fun The H was OTT alpha, controlling and crazy jealous I liked the fact that the h wasn t a complete doormat in the face of the OTT alpha H s intimidation She loses her temper several times and tells him exactly what she thinks However, I think if a man had basically accused me of being a prostitute and was essentially holding me prisoner in an isolated Italian villa, I could control my traitorous body Warning There is definitely some forced seduction going on if that bothers you I m going to call it HP forced seduction , since you see it a lot in HPs In a historical bodice ripper, the h doesn t usually surrender to her traitorous body until sometime after the point of penetration In HP forced seduction the heroine succumbs much sooner Yes, it s splitting hairs, but to me the HP version is a bit less rapey edgy than a true BR. #Pdf ⚣ A Savage Betrayal Ð Destination Revenge Once Upon A Time, Mina Carroll Had Fallen In Love With Her Boss, Cesare Falcone, And Into His Bed Only To Find Herself Dismissed By Him As A Gold Digging Tramp But The Story Didn T End There Four Years Later, Mina And Cesare Were Reunited, And He Discovered That She Had Kept The Consequences Of Their One Night Of Passion To Herself Could There Ever Be A Happy Ending, Now That Cesare Had Discovered Mina S Betrayal For Cesare, Perhaps He Proposed, And Mina Discovered That His Offer Of Marriage Was Just A Savage Charade, Designed To Give Their Daughter A Name And Allow Him To Pursue His Revenge At Leisure THIS TIME, FOREVER THREE STARS This story has everything in it that an OTT Harlequin Romance would expect to have Brutish, to the point of being a total dick, Hero Innocent wronged victim and somewhat pushover Heroine Storyline that should have been able to be resolved easily, but wasn t until the very end when the dickhead Hero finally pulls his head out of his butt I enjoyed it, despite the ridiculousness in it. Plotlines with obnoxious moronic heroes who refuse to listen to the heroines side of the story seem to abound, when it comes to Harlequins But for an author like Lynne Graham, who has given us heroes like Cesar Valverde Spanish Groom that are so much reasonable and human as compared to the one in this book, to have resorted to such an unimaginatively formulaic plot is really disappointing And don t even get me started on the spineless doormat of the heroine.Whats worse is that we never even really get to see Cesare attempting to see the heroine in a new light, and yet she keeps falling into his bed and berating herself for it It gets old after the first ten times And then, finally the conflict is resolved Not by positive action on the protagonists behalf to rectify things, but all on its own The huge mystery that had torn their relationship apart just resolves itself conveniently towards the end of the book.Oh yeah, and lets not forget, Lynne Graham also adds in a sprinkle of growing up angst, and messed up familial relationships so that we may excuse Cesare s behaviour Sheesh,atleast she gets full marks for sticking to the formula I like Lynne Graham I m not gonna lie This one was fun Sure he persisted in not believing her but I liked how crazy about her he was Sure she was wimpy as per usual for LG But I have a not so well hidden fondness for secret baby stories It kept my interest and moved fairly quickly Loved how he was trying to give himself up for her supposed crime at the end Ahh true love. Intense, angsty, secrets, jealous and overly possessive hero Recommended , Absolutely horrible Enough said So he thought she committed fraud, she got fired, she thought it was because she slept with him and went and had her baby alone and struggled for four years He comes, gets her fired, meets his daughter and marries her and then punishes her and then they find out she was innocent and he is a moron.I don t think this book knew what it wanted to be This was a very dark book and then it is sweetness and light It s like a blend of Bought by Her Husband and Spanish Groom and it just didn t work And the heroine, come on Practice some self control for crying out loud She annoyed me to no end And it was just too much all the way around I gave it two stars just for the little girl Susie who bit him and said dirty words She was awesome and she should have been in the book because the heroine was an idiot and the hero was a zero I liked him at the end but that was because as I said earlier Lynne forgot that she was writing this a hate Ceasar and made the last half the Caesar from the Spanish Groom I had whiplash at his personality change I really really didn t like him I couldn t tell if he was celibate but probably not He said something about celibacy after their night of orginess but it never clarified it I just wish the heroine would have had a spine. A revenge story with an OTT angry hero who stubbornly continues to believe that the h embezzled from his company until the very last chapter His love overcomes his anger at the original betrayal but it s a long hard journey and the heroine must make a lot of it on her back or with the hero accusing her of all kinds of things What saves this story and this spineless heroine and this closed minded hero are the little Lynne Graham touches that make her stories so fun The secret baby now 3 1 2 and demon spawn bites her father s hand at their first meeting No insta love there The heroine, in petty revenge has the hero buy her an ugly fish in a glass case and dubs it Freddy Fish The twin sister who shrieks like a fishwife at the hero Read for the revenge, stay for the fun ending And yes, the true embezzler does get justice.