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The Secret Wife by Lynne Graham is a novel that I seemed to have missed out on previously It tells the story of how Rosalie Waring s world collides by a twist of fate with that of the ultra rich Greek tycoon Constantine Voulos brought about by the conditions set aside on the will of Anton Estrada, adoptive father of Constantine.Rosie is stunned when after a period of blissful happiness of 4 months with Anton, he dies suddenly leaving her bereft and alone once again When Constantine jumps to the worst of conclusions about her relationship with Anton, Rosie s bitterness towards Constantine who has had a lifetime of moments with her own father lets her keep the explanations under wraps until Anton s will forces Constantine to ask for her hand in marriage.It is a blazingly resentful Constantine who calls Rosie a gold digger and much worse that turns up for the wedding along with our prickly as a hedgehog heroine whose instinctive reactions of self protection is the tendency to lash out and give as good as she gets, an aftereffect of being in state ward care since the tender age of nine, that makes the joining of holy matrimony of these two a volatile one at best.Though Rosie tries to come clean with who she is, Constantine is not one to believe a word that comes out of her mouth and this charade continues throughout the book, each of them insulting one another blinded by the fury at the inconvenient desire that they feel for each other.For me, The Secret Wife didn t make for such a great read The premise of the story which promised to deliver an angsty read failed to do that when Constantine refused to listen to whatever Rosie had to say and Rosie refused to try and make Constantine see the light afted his initial rejection For me, I would gladly take Rosie s side because Constantine just grated on my nerves with his inability to see beyond what he wants to see, and even when eventually the truth does come out, he is quick to lay the blame at Rosie s feet rather than accept his own doing in complicating matters.This story is told from Rosie s viewpoint and I for the world of me cannot understand how it is that Constantine falls in love with Rosie For someone who loves finding the hero s feelings via his reactions towards the heroine I just didn t feel the love in this one.Recommended for those who love the marriage of convenience theme and fans of Lynne Graham Rating 3 5 Original Review posted at MBR s Realm of Romance Painful to read from the first to last page. Download Ebook ♫ The Secret Wife ⚖ Rose Acedeu Casar Com O Milion Rio Grego Constantine Voulos Porque Este Tinha Sido O Desejo Do Seu Defunto Pai, Mas Partia Lhe O Cora O O Facto De Constantine Ter Uma Opini O T O Errada Sobre Ela Quanto Mais Tempo Passava Ao Seu Lado, Mais Se Apercebia De Que N O Podia Continuar A Ser Sua Esposa De Forma Tempor Ria S Havia Uma Maneira De Solucionar O Caso Algu M Tinha Que Revelar O Seu Segredo This is really a 3.5 star read not quite a four because the bickering goes on a bit too long for my tastes And there were times the hero crossed over into verbal abuse, but he did apologize for going too far Grown up secret baby heroine raised in a foster home is found by her father, but they only have a few months together before he dies of a heart attack Her father never told his wife about her because she was infertile and he doesn t want her to know he was unfaithful Greek billionaire hero lived with h s father and his wife as a child after his parents died and he thinks h was the father s mistress The terms of the will are that the H must marry the h to inherit the father s business His wife had money of her own Hero is convinced the h is pregnant and that is why the father was talking about her on his deathbed He won t believe that she is his daughter They marry and then the fun starts There is an OM to gum up the works and the heroine is great at lashing at the various OWs that show up All in all a fun romp. 2 starsThis one was kind of dull I skimmed a lot h gave as good as she got but not enough to carry this book The majority of the story occurred in the course of 1 3 days And, I swear there is another HP with this same plot device that is much better I am going nuts trying to remember title and author I have it packed up in a box and can t get to it at the moment That s how sure I am If anyone knows the one I am thinking of, please let me know. The guy is a mean bastard and no hero He came bearing down upon her like a vicious storm, lashing insults whore and derivatives thereof usually , blowing her hither and thither according to his commands, his roars so deafening blocking out any objections or attempts from her to tell him the truth Even when he found out he was wrong about her and that he had earlier taken he her virginity without appreciating it, he still bizarrely managed to turn it around and blamed her for orchestrating the deliberate concealing of her innocence, so she could somehow use the later revelation against him Moron, if you experienced manwhore, who has a girlfriend in every port, can t tell that you slept with a virgin, you only have yourself to blame Disgusting for him to try to namecall the heroine, when he was the biggest slut of them all.The heroine wasn t much of one either, because she really didn t put much of a fight, melting at his every touch even though he never ceased to question her motives or morality He got her so screwed up in the end, that she started to apologise for not trying hard enough to get the message through his thick, prejudiced skull, that she was truly innocent of his vile accusations This was a big fail in my attempt to try a light and random read. The H is certainly no Spanish Groom.The h is srtong willed and independent, but unfortunately his magic penis puts an end to her independence Quite tropey, he calls her every name in the book, tramp, whore, slut, and the accusations just keep coming He doesn t just jump to conclusions, he leaps.She view spoiler is the daughter of the man who raised him, and the H is determined that his adoptive mother doesn t find out about her because she must have been his adopted father s mistress hide spoiler 4 Stars Rosie was Anton Estrada s dark secret she was the product of an affair, and it was destined that he would never be able to publicly claim her At the time of her birth, Anton and his wife, Thespina had reconciled and had adopted nine year old Constantine whose parent had just died in a car crash Unknown to Rosie, her mother had sent photos of her to Anton each year, until she died when Rosie was nine How ironic that Constantine the adopted son should lack for nothing but Rosie the blood daughter should be shipped off upon the death of her mother to foster care by a cruel and uncaring stepfather Building a tough skin, Rosie became fiercely independent, so when Anton sought her out when she was 20, she was reluctant to join him in London They shared a rented home, and slowly forged a bond Anton s sudden heart attack and death devastated Rosie, the 4 months hadn t been enough Packed up and about to leave, Rosie is surprised by Constantine demanding to know what hold she had had over Anton When Rosie tried to tell him that Anton had been her father, Constantine refused to listen and jumped to the conclusion that Rosie had been Anton s mistress Further she d dumped Anton into thinking she was pregnant, which forced Anton to change his will, still leaving his estate to Constantine but with a stipulation that he marry Rosie A marriage that Constantine is determined to see takes place, for if the will is left unfulfilled it would come to light that it had been changed, and the secret of Rosie would become knowledge, especially to Thespina It s to be a marriage on paper, and once fulfilled they would go their separate ways, and later the marriage would be dissolved and no one need ever know Once married, Rosie has a feeling of approaching disaster, and it comes in the form of a newspaper article declaring their marriage With their marriage now public, Constantine insists that they remain married for at least four months and he takes her off to Greece to present her to Thespina as his bride Only Thespina isn t there, she s off to Spain visiting friends, and so Constantine takes root in his own home to wait for her return Feeling threatened by her growing attraction to her husband and hurt by his constant belittling, Rosie sneaks away in the middle of the night and heads off to Majorca where her father had recently reclaimed his ancestral home It s only a matter of days before Constantine finds her there.This compelling story is one that I could not put down until I read the last word Ms Graham has a talent for setting a dramatic scene and creating situations that have you on the edge of your seat Poor Rosie, sadly misjudged but too proud and stubborn to set things straight Constantine uses steam roller tactics to get his way, only to be met with one tiny spitfire with the tongue of a wasp Though Constantine has the ultimate upper hand, it s only because Rosie is too soft to hurt Anton s family, but she fights back ever time he tries to corner her There are some moments where I really disliked Constantine, but then Rosie would throw a zinger and it was obvious that she wrapped him up in knots These two spark in the most delightful of ways. Re The Secret Wife Lynne Graham puts a nice twist on the mistaken for a mistress trope in this one.The h is named Rosie and when the story starts, she is twenty years old and has just lost her newly discovered father She sneaks into the memorial service, as she doesn t want her father s adopted son, Constantine, or his wife Thespina to know who she is Rosie was the product of a brief affair Rosie s father was estranged from his wife, Thespina, over her inability to bear children and Rosie s mother was his temporary secretary They had a moment or two and then Constantine s parent s died and Thespina and Rosie s father adopted Constantine and had their own reconciliation Rosie s mum was preggers, but she knew her affair was over, so she married another man and did not tell him she was already pregnant Then the woman died and the new husband wasn t a fan of Rosie s, so she went into care Rosie met her current BFF, Maurice, when he saved her from some abusive nematodes at the foster home they lived in.Now Rosie shares a house with Maurice and flogs various items at local markets Rosie wants to open an antique store and has a thing for collecting Sylvac Bunnies She has spent the last four months living in her father s house, at his behest.Rosie is pretty independent and very pragmatic Her father was definitely the very patriarchal type, so he and Rosie had some huge adjustments to make to be able to reconnect Rosie is just grateful she finally got to meet her father, but she is also very honest with herself about how much she resents his inability to understand what her life was like and there is also some resentment about Constantine being adopted and raised in what should have been her place.Constantine finds Rosie at the now deceased father s house, she is wearing the father s familial ring and Con immediately leaps into the you re a harlot and my adopted father s mistress mode Rosie doesn t take that tart shaming or the harlot tag lying down She fires right back that Con is a sewer slurping gutter snarfing toe rag and he has no right to think anything about her Just to be clear, Constantine is an idiot He leaps to every negative thing he can think about Rosie on little to no evidence The nasty names and the tart shaming are massive in this and really, Constantine brings it all on himself, so I had no mercy for him Rosie smacks him down repeatedly over the course of this one and he totally deserves it Rosie decides that while meeting her father was great, life must go on Unfortunately on her way out of her late father s house and with Con s nasty names reverberating around, she runs into Thespina on the doorstep.Thespina recognizes Rosie s ring right away and Con is quick to jump in and say they are engaged Rosie is appalled at the lie, but she also has a lot of compassion for Thespina, who is so obviously grieving and Rosie is equally quick to agree that she and Con are engaged, because she doesn t want Thespina to hurt than she already is.Rosie and Con part ways, with Rosie sorry to have maybe hurt Thespina, but vowing never to talk to Con again, cause he is a slime pustule in a flash suit.Rosie goes to her home and has a row with Maurice, her housemate, for messing things up while she was gone In the middle of the big clean up, Con shows up and apparently Rosie s father left instructions in his will that Constantine has to marry Rosie to be able to inherit Rosie s father s estate Rosie s father s business assets are frozen and Constantine can t tell Thespina about the will, so he can t fight it in court Rosie is shocked, she got the family ring and is happy doing her own thing, but when Con leaps to the conclusion that she must be preggers from her father whom Con still believes was her lover Rosie is gobsmacked.Constantine makes some nasty comments, this time about Maurice and Rosie and Rosie smacks his face Then Con gets nasty.He tells Rosie she will either marry him or he will force her and Maurice to find another place to live Maurice s reclamation business is run out of their home, and they rent from Maurice s uncle, but Con is a wealthy Greek gadzillionaire and Rosie is sure he could use his money and power to cause a lot of harm.But it is actually Maurice who finally pimps her out, he guilts Rosie into agreeing to marry Constantine by telling her that her father s employees will suffer and that Constantine is offering her a decent amount of compensation in his bid to make her play for pay Rosie has to think about things, but she isn t ready to concede.We get another confrontation between Con and Rosie, when he deliberately breaks a very pricey Sylvac bunny and Rosie is disgusted and appalled Rosie only sells her Sylvac bunnies to good homes, so while Con did pay for it, he was deliberately harmful to it and Rosie decides to sort the situation out once and for all She tells Con that his adopted father is her biological dad and Constantine, true to the idiocy that is his character, doesn t believe her and Rosie has no proof Instead he makes tarty gold digger harlot comments and Rosie pretty much gives up She tells Con off in excellent style, because while he is calling her all manner of nasty names and being ugly, he has been in a long term affair with a married woman and he has no room to to judge However, for her father s business and his memory and to avoid causing Thespina any grief, Rosie agrees to marry Con.The wedding is not spectacular and Rosie has no intentions of even living with Con She envisions a quick registry office wedding and then separate lives and then a discrete divorce Naturally, it does t work that way.Con forces Rosie to spend the night with him and Maurice, wheeler dealer that he is, leaks news of the marriage to the press, or at least his mouthy sister does Rosie gets a few stabs in at Constantine when she plays the Bimbo in the Bar to the utmost hilt and manages to get his bodyguard totally plastered on one drink Constantine is furious, but then so is Rosie and we get a LOT battles with Rosie winning a few when she throws wine in Con s face Rosie gets hauled off to Greece, because Constantine reveals that her father spent almost all of his money buying back his family estate and Con was waiting for him to ask him to bail him out Which kinda negates the reason Constantine married Rosie, if the house was all there was to the inheritance, but Rosie is too upset and to overwhelmed to think about that So we all go to Greece and Con is at his nematode slime swilling best, he treats Rosie horribly and parades her around like a bimbo Then he tells her she has to act like his wife when Rosie is all about ignoring him.So Rosie does indeed act like his wife, especially when his latest fling shows up and is jumping on him in the downstairs reception room Rosie comes in on the OW s act and proceeds to make dire threats and warnings and tells Constantine to get his tart out of her home or he will be sorry It is now Constantine s turn to be gobsmacked and Rosie finally wins again Then Con tries to force an experiment in the lurve force mojo and Rosie freezes up Constantine is shocked that Rosie reacts like he is going to attack her Rosie IS attracted, but she has some PTSD, so she freezes up Constantine is now determined to win Rosie over and get some bonus tower of power rides Rosie isn t going to give in easily, so she decides to take off There is a really funny scene when Takis, Constantine s bodyguard, helps her to escape Rosie goes to her late father s newly purchased house and the housekeeper knows who she is right away.Back in England, Constantine and Maurice are having fits, cause Rosie has disappeared Constantine finally shows up three days later and he has a whole new wardrobe for Rosie Constantine is convinced that every other guy in Rosie s life Maurice and her late father are rivals.Rosie tries to explain about Maurice saving her, but Con still believes that they are lovers and that Rosie is misguided by hero worship.We finally get to the epic consummation scene, after yet ANOTHER of Con s bimbo s shows up at a restaurant they are eating at and Rosie tells the woman she is happy to loan Constantine out, right in front of the tabloids Constantine is furious all over again, but Rosie tells him it is just setting the stage for the big break up.Con decides that he is going to get his leg over before they are done with each other and Rosie finally gives into the Treacherous Body Syndrome Constantine messes things up again when he refuses to recognize that Rosie was grooming unicorns prior to knowing him.Then Maurice shows up and Con gets even crazier He chases Maurice and Rosie down in his car and Maurice tells Rosie that since she admits she is in love with Con, she should go back Con is his usual nematode slime swilling self, as he takes Rosie home So Rosie decides to just ignore him and pretend he isn t there, after she gives him a very funny verbal beratement.This drives Con crazier and the housekeeper decides that she needs to pimp Rosie out, so she chastises Rosie Rosie knows that her and Con being married was her late father s dearest wish, but Rosie doesn t want to be the temporary flavor of the month that Constantine fills his life with Rosie is absolutely correct when she tells Con that he treats her like he treats all of his women and he thought that if he continued to put her down, she would work harder to comply with his wishes and be eager to please But Rosie has self respect than that and she has nothing to say to him Constantine only has his roofie kisses to fall back on at this point and Rosie is definitely feeling the purple passion Treacherous body syndrome strikes again and this time, it looks like Con and Rosie might be able to work things out.Until Constantine finds some papers that Rosie s father s lawyer delivered and they reveal the truth about her being his daughter Constantine has to have ANOTHER ranty moment, cause now he claims he is tied to Rosie for life and she should have tried harder to tell him the truth.Rosie quite rightly says she did and that he did not believe her So Con starts calling her names again and then Con goes and gets paralytically drunk Rosie feels bad, because Con is clearly convinced that she was just withholding all this to be spiteful and Rosie s earlier memory of her initial resentment makes her feel guilty.Rosie takes off while Con is rambling about bunnies and being hung over, but then she decides to go back and sort things out She runs into Thespina, her father s wife, who now admits that she knows that Rosie was her late husband s love child and that she has known about her for 20 yrs But she also admits that Rosie s father was weak and couldn t handle Thespina knowing the truth and Thespina also had to protect her pride Thespina explains that she went along with the pretense and she is sorta, maybe a little sorry for it Then she tackily throws in a bid for a grandchild when Con says their marriage is real and Rosie claims that it is fake Thespina takes herself off and Con has his big explanations to get through Rosie doesn t want to hear it tho and she takes off to pack.Rosie is packing and yelling at Con and he has to say sorry for calling her horrible names and for being a humongous nematode snot snarfer Then Con s married lover calls and Rosie throws his phone in the water pitcher Con is very quick to reassure Rosie that he and the married lady haven t been together for years, he only told his adopted parents he was involved with her to keep Thespina from trying to marry him off Rosie is all set to rain words of fire on Con s head when he finally admits that if she walks out on him, he will feel like his life should end He claims to know that she is still in love with Maurice and that he will be patient and not run off the rails with put downs and demands because he is so jealous, cause he is really, truly, seriously in love with her Rosie caves and explains that she was never in love with Maurice, he is just her friend and that she loves Constantine They decide to lurve it up again and Rosie asks why Con was drunk and rambling about bunnies.Constantine admits that he wanted to win Rosie over, so he had his staff go out and buy all the Sylvac bunnies they could get their hands on Rosie now has two crates of Sylvac bunnies waiting her for her perusal But before Rosie goes to look at them, she wants another round of Constantine playing gangster who seduces an innocent bystander and they go back to lurving it up again for another LG HP HEA.This one is not really a four star book, like a 3.5 But Rosie and her very quality snark are so endlessly entertaining, that I had to bump it up Constantine is of a problem, because his nastiness and epic stupidity go on for way, way too long.Still, his attitude of idiocy is enough to keep the plot moving and he does a decent enough grovel at the end I am not sure it was enough for all that he originally said, but I can be happy that Rosie is happy and it is for the most part a believable HEA and a highly entertaining HPlandia outing. The Secret Wife was essentially an enemies to lovers story about guy falling in love for the first time with a girl who goes toe to toe with him on everything a girl whom he thought was his late adopted father s mistress Rosie Waring s world collapsed when her dad whom she just recently met after twenty years suddenly died leaving her once again Then when she unexpectedly met Constantine Voulos, her father s adoptive son and he started throwing her hurtful words and accused her of being her father s mistress, Rosie decided not to tell him the truth and walked out on him until her father s will forces Constantine to marry her Though Rosie tried to tell him the truth once, Constantine didn t believe her word Accusation, after accusation kept being sent Rosie s way He didn t gave her a choice but to agree to a pretend marriage for the sake of his adoptive Mother Can these two just continue their charade without crossing the line No one can create a stubborn, arrogant, domineering and possessive hero like author Ms Lynne Graham In this book, we have Constantine Voulos, the adoptive son of Anton and Thespina I liked Constantine, it was actually obvious that he liked Rosie and he was having a hard time dealing with his emotions that s why he continues to say hurtful words to her And I liked the way was he acted with jealousy with Rosie s best friend and kept calling him names Throwback and Yob There s one thing I didn t like about him he was quick to lay the blame at Rosie when the truth came out Hello Rosie tried to tell you the truth before.Rosie Waring is my kind of heroine Independent, sassy, strong, feisty, gave as good as she got and I found myself amused by her antics She didn t let him walk all over her Whenever the hero insulted her, she insulted him back I loved that Rosie had a back bone She had him twisted up from the first page up to the last And I loved the fact that she didn t sleep with him the first time they ve met Their banter and sparring of words was just hilariousWell, let me tell you, you overgrown creep, it takes than a big loud mouth and a flashy suit to impress me and this is one trashy little tart who has no plans ever to cross your path again I m surprised you didn t push me Oh, I forgot, didn t I I m only worth something to you as long as I m alive and kickingI also loved the scenes that transpired between Rosie and Constantine s mistressesDo you have a single sensitive bone in your body Rosie shook her fiery head Not where you re concerned I was a bit worried that I might be reading the signals wrong and that your lady friend might be sincerely attached to you But she wasn t, was she So no harm done Justine This is my wife Rosie Oh, don t mind me, Rosie said sweetly I m not the tiniest bit possessive about you If you get me in the right mood, I even loan him outOverall, The Secret Wife was an entertaining read with a good amount of fun and angst.