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2 3 stars I really did not like this one at all It was super frustrating the misunderstanding was dragged on and painful I hate it when the hero calls the heroine a bitch and never apologizes Ugh This is one of my least favorite HP tropesmisunderstanding concerning heroine s innocence virginity.The end was sweet, especially the epilogue, but the first 90% of the book was irritating as hell.Will not be re reading.P.S I bought this as a paperback If anyone would like it, let me know in the comments I ll mail it to you 3.5 Stars.This didn t bore me like some of the recent times HP s It was a second chance romance The hero was rude, bitter and an asshole jerk He didn t miss a chance to slut shame the heroine But surprisingly the heroine wasn t that clingy, doormat type She tries to defend herself, but yeah, she forgives the hero within 2 days Safety Issue view spoiler Hero and heroine had dated four years ago while she was 19 and the hero was 24 During their relationship, he didn t sleep with the heroine and he was faithful to her at least I hope so cause there was no mention of other women Then four years of separation Not sure if he was celibate during those four years cause again Author didn t mention anything about it So, there was no OW drama but definitely, there was lots of OM drama hide spoiler @READ KINDLE ô Crime of Passion Ø Her Crime Was To Have Loved Him You Go To Pieces When I Touch You However Had She Tried, Georgie Morrison Couldn T Deny How Physically Attractive She Found Rafael Bernaza But Four Years Ago He Had Devastated Her Emotions And Her Pride, And She Vowed To Never Let Him Get That Close Again So It Was With A Sinking Heart That Georgie Realized She Was Stranded In Bolivia, A Country Where Only Rafael Could Help Her 5 FULL ON WILD STARSTHIS BOOK WAS SERIOUSLY ONE VERY WILD RIDE So many misunderstandings Georgie was very misunderstood, and slut shamed for nothing It was absolute bullsh t crazy how Rafael wanted to sleep with her and was too hypocritical for words She was good for a f ck but not as a friend to his sister now that she was no longer a virgin Or so he thinks I should have hated him for offering her the mistress role until he took her v card It was so sexist and full of double standards I really should have hated it Instead I thought he was hot and when they get together on the side of the road it was insanely hot He just wanted her so much it was intense This is one hot by Lynne Graham and I love it when you don t hear about the hero having other relationships with women You know it happens but it s not in your face They are dealing with their issues and the other man brother angle was nuts Was that crazy to believe that bullshit against her She was just too forward in getting birth control as she thought she would need it him being so manly and how was she to know he wanted to marry her What does she read minds Anyways worth a read and a reread Off the charts HOT for a HP of this time LYNNE GRAHAM KNOW HOW TO CREAT DRAMA I was blown away by this one Review might contain spoilers Review definitely contains angry ranting Crime of Passion is the story of Georgie and Rafael.Time and again, I ask myself why do I torture myself with sh tty books and the reason is they re short and they kill time at work.Here is another book I enjoyed as much as I d have enjoyed having a UTI The heroine aka Ms.Virgin goes to a Greek Island to meet her best friend who s about to give birth using all her life savings, ofc is mistaken as a prostitute, robbed and jailed only to be saved by Mr.Asshat aka our hero Mr Asshat is the brother to her friend and has a Tragic past with the heroine No not that, he basically caught her in a bad place and since then thinks of her as a h o e Throughout the book Mr.Asshat slut shames Ms.Virgin, accusing her of manipulation, seduction and yes, you read it right, incest However shitty and mean Mr.Asshat is, he is able to seduce Ms.Virgin to give up the hymenz every 2 minutes with his amorous kisses and Austin powers sex appeal When Mr Asshat finally penetrates Ms.Virgin s cervical gates, he meets Mrs Hymen and Mr.Asshat suddenly turns Mr.Sensitive having a change of heart because ofc as described in the book, he thinks of women as either Angels or Whores Mr.Sensitive now wants to marry Ms.Ex Virgin There is some push and pull, but now Mr.Sensitive uses ALL his methods to woo Ms.Ex virgin, who s tots in lurve with him and easily seduced by sexAround 50 boring pages later, my favorite part Torture over I honestly hated this.NOPE.Unsafe1 5 I loved the heroine and she was way to good for him I loved it when he said she wasn t a virgin and she said neither were you or something like that He was totally gobsmacked at that Lol And he was pretty cruel to her too Badly I felt so sorry for her and his set of double standards Pretty over the top. I just loved this one, it made me smile Lynne Graham does a nice job of writing about angst and betrayal with humor I love seeing an alpha male thrown into chaos by the heroine Edited to add I ve re read this one several times now, I really enjoy it You have to approach it willing to accept some over the top characters, but this is a Harlequin, so I m totally game for that What I really like is how this is both angsty and lighthearted at the same time LG did a fabulous job weaving in a lot of humor to the story I also love a hero who completely belittles a heroine all day long, but in the meantime has constructed a lunatic s bathroom with marble mermaids all over it because he thinks it will please her And finally, this heroine has some subtle, but awesome backbone, you have to read kind of closely to pick up on it all Of course there is a lot of virgin idolization here, but I like the digs she gets at him for his hypocrisy my ideal partner is not some international playboy, who sleeps with every woman he wants and then thinks he s got some God given right to marry a virgin Overall, a really fun and satisfying read. I really needed a HP It was really good I m on vacation with my family in Disney but stuck in the ridiculously expensive hotel room with my sick seven year old and this book kept me from climbing the walls They were so obviously in love the whole book and he was so crazy jealous it was the perfect combo for an enjoyable read. I needed a palate cleanser after A Perfect Marriage, so I re read this It s still so funny in parts I was struck this time by just how obvious the smitten hero was And how it probably wasn t such a bad thing that they had four years apart so the heroine could enjoy the world a bit before settling down And so the hero could learn some tolerance.I guess the unicorn mural and mermaid taps will live on forever shudder Original review An oldie, but goodie from Lynne Graham Caution slut shaming ahead it s the hero s weapon of choice.The story opens with the heroine in a Bolivian jail She impulsively decided to accept an invitation from her rich boarding school friend when a cheap airline ticket from England opened up Unfortunately, her friend never acknowledged that she was coming and wasn t home when the h showed up So the h, who doesn t speak Spanish, goes to a cheap hotel and then decides to sight see on her own She ends up in a remote area, hitchhikes and is accosted by the driver who thinks she s a prostitute because of her blonde hair, violet eyes and slutty clothes knee length denim skirt from the 1990 s snort She s in jail because she didn t pay for her ride.The heroine finally writes the H s name on a piece of paper He s the boarding school friend s older brother, the man of her dreams from her school days and the one who broke her heart when she was 18 Hours later, he shows up to spring her from the clink and to continue the slut shaming he began when she came on too strong in his Ferrari back in England Seems he thought the h was a sweet virgin at the time and he was shocked and horrified that she was so sexually aggressive.The h was a sweet virgin is still a sweet virgin and she eventually explains she got her smooth moves from magazines but for 2 3s of the story he thinks she s Jezebel incarnated view spoiler After she faints at the airport, he kidnaps her to his hacienda Now that they re both adults and he knows she sleeps around, he can have monkey sex without troubling his conscience The heroine keeps sputtering her defenses in between her enchantment of the mermaid faucets in her bathroom Four years before he was going to bring her there as his bride and had the room customized to her likes and noticing the hotness of the hero.When she finally succumbs to his seduction, he realizes she s a virgin and he was wrong about well, everything He grovels a bit and then announces they will marry and brings his aunt and a wannabe OW to chaperone Eventually the story of her stepbrother s drunken assault that the hero saw and the stepbrother s lies about having a sexual affair with her in the family home are all explained But LG weaves them into the narrative gradually The h resists marriage because he doesn t love her She impulsively drives away in a jeep that eventually breaks down in the middle of nowhere Hero he shows up on a horse to rescue her they have sex She still doesn t want to marry him, but relents when she sees him drinking in his office with a gun on his desk She immediately concludes that he s lost all his money and she declares she ll stand by him Hero is touched by this and has to explain why he is still able to afford an emerald engagement ring and new clothes for the h, etc Heroine decides to be happy she loves him enough for two and he s stopped slut shaming her, so life is good Until the day of the wedding Her stepbrother shows up and all the lies he told the hero four years ago are finally revealed Why the h was concerned about the stepbrother being beaten up is beyond me he crossed so many lines and she should have nothing to do with him Hero was completely right about the stepbrother Wedding is off because the H thought she was choosing the stepbrother over him.An hour later the H s sister shows up She gave the h the slip so she would turn to her brother in a foreign country this was her way of matchmaking Heroine forgives her for landing her in a Bolivian jail that was 170 pages ago ancient history Heroine declares her love Ditto for hero HEA hide spoiler Re Crime of Passion Lynne Graham brings us a Bolivian romp along with a second chance at romance.The h is 23 when the book opens and has decided to take a little jaunt to Bolivia to see her pregnant BFF The BFF had invited her to come over and wait out the last stages of the BFF s pregnancy and the h just finished her degree from a teaching college Since the h has a small inheritance and can afford a last minute reduced airfare, she hopped a plane and found a cheap hotel.Unfortunately she did not realize that her BFF had decided to go see family and so the h is left hanging Our Titian haired h is resourceful tho, so she just takes herself off to go look at things The h finds out that hiking up a mountain in flip flops isn t fun and then she finds out that she left her purse with her passport and her money in the now long gone taxi she arrived in.Not to worry, the h figures she will just hitch a ride But in LG s Bolivia, Titian haired ladies in above the knee denim skirts are looked upon as prostitutes, plus the h had probably doused herself in Tabu prior to her attempt at a hiking excursion Everyone in South America knows that when a lady wears Tabu, she is available for hire That perfume was originally created by Jean Carles in 1932 for the ladies of the night literally un parfum de puta and it packs a knockout punch of sillage Then again it had to, cause those ladies had some really strong smelling working conditions and had to wear something to overpower that So our Tabu smelling, denim skirted h gets propositioned by the guy who gives her a ride When she won t put out and then attacks the man with her nails when he won t hear the word NO, the guy gets her arrested After trying to communicate without a word of Spanish and no convenient Sara Craven h to make big gestures and speak very loudly, the h is forced to get the local constabulary to call the H.The h does NOT want to do this, but she has no choice, staying in a hole in the wall with bars on it is not a pleasant vacation option It seems our feisty Titian haired h had a thing with the H when she was 19 and he was 24 He is the brother of the BFF and four years earlier it was pink sparkly happy kitten love at first sight.Until the h begins to realize that this H is incredibly domineering and she was losing her feisty spark and might start to lose that wonderful Titian hair colour if she continues along in adoring doormat H supplicant status So the h goes out and gets a bit intoxicated Her step brother is the overprotective sort, so she doesn t think she is in any danger To her horror, the H finds her drunk and hauls her off The h pulls out her Cosmo Guide to hangin on to your man moves and he totally rejects her in the front seat of his Ferrari The mortified, drunken h then goes to spend the night at her step brother s house and the step brother starts kissing her The h is now thoroughly revolted, her step brother is her brother, period and she isn t the keep it in the family type Even tho step bro claims he was drunk and had a fight with his girlfriend and it was a stupid mistake, the h runs off to her one year younger male friend and when the H finds her the next morning, at the step brother s instigation, the H believed the h had a one night stand with her friend.With her step brother s harsh words of the H being into pumping and dumping ringing in her ears, the h goes to try and explain things to the H He doesn t want to hear it Even when the h cries and pleads, he is like an iceberg and the h finally gives up, broken hearted at the thought of losing her first and only true love.Now four years later the Love Force Mojo is still sizzling between them, but the Prince Charming Latin Wooer has been replaced by the Insensitive, Bullying Toe Rag of Nematodeness and things are not going well.The H, who took the h s fascination with unicorns and gold mermaid bathroom fixtures to heart, is STILL in full throttle fury over falling in love with a pure and virtuous Titian haired princess and then finding out she is a total teasing Tarty McTart and her sweetness and light and purity was all a horrendous act.So what does a heartbroken Alpha LG HP male do when he got his little heart bashed on the rocky shoals of non Transcendent non consummated Purple Passion Bliss He makes nasty comments about Harlots who could Harlot for England, kidnaps them to his remote hacienda and accuses the Titian haired Harlot of impulsive behavior and sleeping with her step brother.The h, who doesn t like this new version of the H much, is kinda thanking her lucky stars they did NOT marry four years earlier She now has the wisdom to see that this Bully Boy Toe Rag of a man is not only completely off his rocker, he couldn t possibly have loved her years ago Or if he did he certainly never trusted her enough to at least let her attempt an explanation The h does admit that maybe the H felt something for her other than lust when she sees her rooms all decorated in unicorns and custom mermaid bathroom fixtures However the H s obviously insane thinking patterns and his unwillingness to trust her leave huge gaps between being fond of a malleable virgin and sharing a life with your other half.So the verbal battles between the H and h are on and this h is not going to play doormat this time around Verbal blow for blow is exchanged between the two of them, until all the verbal animosity just EXPLODES into a huge lurve club boudoir bouncing trip to the Golden Shores of Transcendent Bliss.The h is torn between the ultimate heights of ecstasy she just reached and the H s continued expression of his Tarty Tramp opinion of her Harloty Person The h is about to cry and just wants a bath Then the H notices the sheets That unicorn grooming licenses have been revoked is glaringly obvious and for the first time ever in HPlandia, we get a pretty decent grovel and H apology in the middle of the book.The h is still furious and hurt tho So even tho the H asks him to marry her, she isn t going to be that easy The H has to up his game in major ways and to start with, he hauls out his sweet little ancient aunt and the wanna be boring, snobby, beautiful wanna be OW to chaperone the h until he can get her to altar.The h isn t going down without fighting and there are some wickedly funny moments when the h takes off across the landscape, gets chased by an alligator and then has car trouble in the middle of nowhere There are passion filled purple lurve club moments and the h decides to play the H at his own game She now agrees to marry him because he can support her in the lifestyle she wants to be acustomed too and the H almost faints with shock Really the h loves the H and always has, but she isn t going to be the one kicked around this time The average LG H may be clueless on the emotional intelligence front, but that doesn t mean they aren t cagey With the wanna be OW making disparaging comments and put downs to the h every chance she gets, the H decides to go for the sympathy ploy.In another hysterically funny scene, the slightly drunken H makes the h believe that he is suicidal and going bankrupt The h s soft heart makes her drop her mercenary tart act right away and the h is providing lashings of sympathy and support Knowing he has stumbled onto a good way to win his girl, the H does his best to play up the h s mistaken notions while not actually lying to her There is a fall off your chair laughing moment when the h frets that the poor, financially beleaguered H is going to have to sell off his private jet The h is just so worried for the H, because she really can t imagine him traveling economy class.The H manfully swallows back his laughter and accepts the h s empathetic hugs Then the h s step brother shows up, he heard about the wedding and everything goes pear shaped The H starts beating the tar out of the step brother and the h is absolutely horrified.She tries to stop them from fighting, but the H s bodyguards hold her back The h is frightened, appalled and now totally convinced that the H really is a mental case She yells at the H, she yells at her stepbrother and she calls the wedding off.It is at this point that LG reveals what she had pretty broadly hinted at before Four years earlier, the step brother was in love with the h and manipulated and outright lied to the H to break them up The H reveals that the step brother told the H that he and the 19 yr old h were seekrit lovers and had been for two years The H saw the brother forcing a kiss on the h and he believed him at the time Of course when unicorns were banished, so were the veils over the H s eyes and he realizes that the h isn t the only one who only sees what she wants to see in people.The H knows that the brother is a sewer slurper slime pustule, but he doesn t want to hurt the h, so he never tells her what her brother said Until the brother shows up and the h is furious and calling off weddings.It is every man for himself when you have to keep the love of your life from dumping your hiney So the H tells the h what her step brother did and the h finally gets the hostility If the step bro had not been running away as fast as he could after the big revelation, the h would have managed to complete her kick to his dangly bits and really made him sorry.Now the h has to go do her big grovel moment to the H for missing so much that now seems obvious This new bit of information is the breaking of the floodgates for the H and h, they can now confess that still really do love each other and passionate appologies are proffered by both of them and the wedding is back on There is a very nice true love avowal moment and finally the the h s BFF shows up with her newborn son named after the h The BFF also admits that she has been trying to lure the h to visit for years, mainly to leave her stranded so the H would have to rescue the h It appears that the BFF is the Pimp Momma of all Pimp Momma s and no one seems to mind that the h got thrown in jail and almost attacked The H and h get married and the h is deelited that he gets to keep his jet We leave them consummating the marriage while joining the mile high club in a pink sparkly LG True Love Forever HP HEA.This one is pretty old skool on the tart shaming at times, yet LG still manages to convey that the H s words are mainly because the h really did break his heart four years earlier and he is a manly H and can t let on that she hurt him.The h, while still being the sweetly classic HP h, has a bit of a bite herself She manages to hold her own for the most part against the H and that is what keeps this book on the perennial reading list of preferred HPlandia outings.