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~Free Book ♷ Married to a Mistress ♈ Race To The Altar Maxie, Darcy And Polly Are The Husband HuntersThe Terms Of The Will The Late Nancy Leeward Has Left Each Of Her Three God Daughters A Share Of Her Estate If They Marry Within A Year And Remain Married For Six MonthsThe Hunter Maxie Kendall, Who, Because Of Her Father S Compulsive Gambling, Is Faced With A Debt She Can T Settle Nancy S Bequest Could Be The Answer To Her PrayersThe Husband Greek Tycoon Angelos Petronides Has Waited Three Long Years To Bed Maxie He Mistakenly Assumes That She Once Was Another Man S Mistress, And Now She S In Need Of A New Sugar DaddyOnly Angelos Finds He Has To Offer Than Money To Make Maxie His Massive rant to follow.If you liked this book, you might want to stay way.This had the shittiest double standards concluding with women are to me subservient to men, so no, I m not really going to soften the blow. Plenty of reviews for this one, so I won t get into the plot I have this listed under revenge by hero but it s really of blackmail plot, since our smitten hero really, really wants the heroine in his bed first as a mistress then as a secret wife and then as a real wife It s adorable to watch him move the goal posts so that heroine will feel safe and secure with him I really liked the chicken pox scene and the poor hero taking on five thugs to protect the h I wasn t as impressed with the heroine The dyslexia hangup and the fact that most of their conflict hinged on a misunderstanding she was not the old guy s mistress knocked a star off for me.But those aren t huge quibbles The hero than makes up for the heroine s deficiencies Lynne Graham did a great job setting up a very memorable trilogy All of them are worth reading. Let me get this clear first, she was not his mistress HP s manipulating book title is really really getting old She ruined her reputation because of a big stupidity and the hero thought to make her his mistress She didn t agree to this obviously There were some drama and heroine did try to fight the hero but I find it sometimes plain stupid But she tries to fight and pushed him away Stupid or not at least, I can give her some credit for that The hero was one of the cruelest, meanest jerk and there was that same old question why the heroine loved the hero He agreed to marry her but only one condition that they have to hide the fact they were married like some dirty little secret Still, the heroine marries her You can understand why I said that she was stupid and immature After, he marries her and finds out that she was a virgin obviously he tries to make some groveling which wasn t good enough and then HEA I can see that the hero was obsessed with the heroine Sometimes people can make mistake by thinking that his obsession was love but make no mistake if you love her then how the hell you were cruel to her So definitely his 10 days little groveling was not enough Safety Issue The hero wasn t celibate after meeting the heroine They know each other for 3 4 years But it was safe after they got together. This is one of the few Lynne Graham books that I actually liked I understand that it is the first in a three part series, and the second book Vengeful Husband is supposedly even betterCan t wait to read that Surprisingly, the reason I liked this so much was for the Hero.and yes he was typical alpha, arrogant, close minded, rough handedbut he had ALOT of redeeming qualitiesIt was obvious in his alpha way that he truly cared for the heroine For example, ditching his date to take care of her with the chickenpoxtaking on 5 men to rescue her, worried that she would walk out on him over a misused photograph and article, seeing enough of the signs to recognize her dyslexia and helping her through itand finally putting all the clues together to realize that she wasn t what she portrayed to the world So often we read about these self made billionaires who don t see the clueswhich is absolutely ridiculous because they would not be billionaires if they weren t really very very astute men able to cut through all the bull in a matter of seconds What I didn t like.all that virgin baggage that authors love to play up that supposedly all of a sudden makes for a better person Also the heroine came across very annoying at times and very immature. Three girls inherit a share of their godmother s estate if they marry within a year and remain married for six months.Soon they will realize that what they have inherit is basically good luck.All of them will be married under different circumstances and will stay happily married for the rest of their lives.Maxie is the first girl She is a stunningly beautiful woman, but unfortunately her beauty is her curse All men want her, but nobody really loves her Angelos pursues her although he feels that she is not good enough for himIf I ever marry, my wife will be a lady with breeding, background and a decent reputation It was an absolute pleasure watching Angelos following Maxie around almost everywhere pretending that he doesn t really care about her.And it was an absolute pleasure watching Maxie being bitchy all the time and denying himI like my own space I would buy you your own place and visit An angry flush chased Maxie s strained pallor I m not for sale Except for a wedding ring I enjoyed this book She had him so tied up in knots that for most of the story and I loved how Maxie stood up for herself and gave as good as she got And I adored Angelos He s such a great guy and I was so giddy to see him with Maxie and how he tried to deny his feelings for her and failed Angelos and Maxie are absolutely sizzling together The romance isn t sweet at first, they fight constantly, but the dialogue, snark, the banter, the sexual tension, everything between them uber chemistry Then there s the scene where he confessed his love That big gestures he did for her seriously had my heart melting Great Lynne Graham I normally find it tough in an HP to find characters falling in love for the first time truly believable, especially where they fight all the time the books are too short for it to be believable , and normally I prefer stories where the characters were in love in the past, because with that history you can understand the love despite the fighting cruelty But this is a good one and you can really feel that Angelos can t help being totally in love with Maxie the whole time, even if he tries to hide it. I really enjoyed this one The hero wanted the heroine as his mistress and since he knows that she was already someone else s mistress, he can t understand why she d turn him down once she s free Of course like almost all LG heroine s she is really a virgin who had been forced to pretend to be the other man s mistress They fought throughout the whole thing Sometimes he would come out on top and sometimes she would I can take a lot of bickering if the winning is not all on one side She had him frustrated 6 ways from Sunday He treated her emotionally like crap several times but you could always tell he was just clueless about what he really wanted and was refusing to change his mind She didn t help him out any She kind of went with the well if that s the way he feels, I ll just live up to his bad opinion There were a lot of fun scenes in this one if you like over the top melodrama which is of course what I read these for.Okay I ve read the 1st and 3rd of these books, now I have to hunt down the 2nd. Married to a Mistress is the story of Maxie and Angelos.Every month or so I pick up a Lynne Graham, because she was the first romance author I ever read and try to fall for her again I fail, yet again.This was a really bad read for me.From bipolar main characters to detestable secondary ones, this annoyed me to no end The heroine is always a slave to her circumstances, be it in the further past, recent past or present Easily blackmailed by the men in her life, things take a turn for the worse when her godmother dies with a will, demanding she stop hoeing and get married a horny dude aka hero gets sups attached to her, and starts stalking her she runs out of money to pay back her lecherous father s debtsIf you like a sacrificial tstl heroine, an obstinate hero, n number of misunderstandings, slave to sexual attraction and just insane amount of drama, slut shaming, tantrums this is for you.I didnt like it at all.SWE 1 5