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I love Lynne Graham and cruel jerk heroes of her. The fact that I squeaked out a second star for this horror fest is a bloody miracle I hated the heroine I hated the hero I hated the heroine I hated the grandfather I hated the hero I hated the in laws I hated the heroine I hated the evil manipulative witch I hated the hero You get the drift.The H doesn t miss a move on humiliating, shaming, or blaming the spineless, hormonal virginal heroine for something she didn t do, SHOCK, and doesn t care who else does either Even after having sex with her and finding out she s a virgin, he humiliates her And the heroine, ugh, vacillates between I hate you and my womanly parts LOVE you Barf.Lynne Graham, you are better than this. [Free Ebook] ⚔ The Cozakis Bride ⚓ Olympia S Mother Needs Expensive Medical Treatment Now What Can She Do Olympia Has No Choice Approach Nik Cozakis And Ask Him To Reconsider The Marriage They Abandoned Ten Years Ago, In Return For Financial Help Nik Agrees, But On His Terms He Wants A Son Yes, Nik Has Seized His Chance For Vengeance Nick and Olympia had been engaged when they were young under 20 years old A few misunderstandings, a set up, lies, jealousy and pride separated them Now many years later, poor Olympia needs her rich grandfather s forgiveness in order to save her mother The only way to do this is to forget her pride and approach Nick again Nick agrees to marry her again, but sadly he still does not trust her The story takes place in two time periods Past, when Nick and Olympia fell in love for the first time Present, when Nick behaves like a complete bastard and keeps humiliating Olympia.Thankfully, there is plenty of grovelling when he realises his numerous mistakesWe were so young, and we were both so desperate to save face we couldn t be honest with each other She smoothed possessive fingers through his black hair, allowing happiness to channel through her in an exhilarating wave I don t want to look back any , Nik I The book initially captured my attention by upending a couple of typical HP LG scenarios Exhibit AThe impoverished heroine needs her wealthy grandfather s money to provide medical treatment rest for her sickly single mum The traditional Greek grandfather has shunned his daughter ever since she eloped to England with the heroine s father, who unfortunately died before they could be married This rift was widened after the heroine paid a summer visit to the grandfather in Greece as a teenager, became engaged to the scion of another wealthy family, and was then sent home in shame when the engagement was broken Gramps says the only way he ll support his daughter s recovery is if the granddaughter can fix what s broken get her former fianc to marry her No, we re not to the flipped scenario yet, although it is very unusual in Lynne Graham for the heroine to martyr herself for such a sweet relative Her mother is a saint She s a middle aged version of LG s laid back sweetheart heroines Our heroine is NOT one of the laid back sweethearts The heroine, who believes her erstwhile fianc only wanted to marry her for her grandfather s money, verifies that granddad s fortune would still be her dowry and heads off to negotiate with the hero at his elegant London office For three days she camps out in the reception area, willing to humble herself to get access to this man she hasn t seen or spoken to in ten years but hates with the fiery passion of a thousand suns At this point, I thought I had read the book before Heroine kept waiting for three days like a penitent while the entire office staff looks on in curiosity and sympathy is definitely something I ve encountered before in a category romance, but I didn t know how it could be this book The Cozakis Bride was published in 2000, and I stopped reading romance altogether in 1999 I thought, maybe, since LG is such a favorite of mine, I might have picked up one last book by her Possibly But I definitely knew how this scenario was going to play out On the third day, the secretly still in love hero would coldly relent and allow the heroine into his disdainful presence Wrong By the end of the third day, the heroine decides she doesn t have time for this sh t and storms the hero s inner sanctum, challenging him withAre you a man or a mouse that you won t face one woman Well, okay then I haven t read this book before Still, I m sure I ve seen that three days of reception area penance before, so if you recognize the book I m misremembering, please comment It would probably be a Harlequin Presents or Romance published between 1981 1995, although Loveswepts were also prone to similar melodramatic gestures of heroine humility Exhibit Bis a spoiler view spoiler The engagement imploded when the hero s evil wannabe OW cousin engineered a plot to make it look as if the teenaged hero and heroine were unfaithful to one another The hero, already an experienced rake, moved on to ten years of mistressing The heroine shut down romantically and sexually On their wedding night, the embittered hero discovers his bride is a virgin Okay The hymen defense is in play The heroine has proved her innocence According to Crime of Passion and Married to a Mistress, the next step is drunken hero groveling Nope But she was a virgin The hymen proves she didn t have sex in the hero s car in the nightclub parking lot with his second best friend Have you not read your own backlist, Ms Graham Our hero is too bitter to let biological facts interfere with his slut shaming This changes nothing Obviously Katerina interrupted you and Lukas before you could take full advantage of your sordid encounter But it doesn t make you innocent You still betrayed and dishonoured meyou still behaved like a shameless little whore without an ounce of remorse Ooookay No easy solutions here The hero s prejudices are deeply entrenched I m horrified and intrigued There will be drunkenness, but he s going to leave the honeymoon yacht to do it because he can t think clearly around the heroine hide spoiler Okay I generally like LG This one was a bit odd How to explain There were some situations which happened and people reacted to them as if they had been much worse I guess the whole book was full of over reactions For example the OW Sure she did a bad thing and she spoke nastily to the heroine but I guess she wasn t written bad enough for me to believe the reaction she got Also a big deal was made out of how poorly the hero s parents treated the heroine but there was no actual scene of them treating her badly The hero was a bit of a goober too I forgive him for believing the OW when he was 19 but to try to figure out a way that she could still have been cheating on him 10 years ago after he sleeps with her and finds out she s a virgin Just stupid Surely instead of saying she must just not have gone all the way he might have thought hmmm, she says that she was set up back then and golly turns out she s a virgin Maybe I ll ask her to explain what happened and try to listen with an open mind this time Still it s LG and she can nearly always suck me in. 3.5 stars Talk about drama On the one hand, there are the deep emotions love, passion, bitterness, angst and betrayal And on the other, there are the tropes a reunion, misunderstandings, a marriage of convenience, the other woman, revenge and unrequited love Wowzers Sounds like a stellar read, right Yes, and no.While I liked this, the bitterness between Nik and Olympia drained some of the romance Nik s behavior, too, frustrated me a little After receiving evidence that Olympia probably hadn t betrayed him ten years ago, Nik still clung to his mistaken belief about her, nor did he ask Olympia to clarify this anomaly Are you kidding me view spoiler While making love to Olympia for the first time, he discovered she had been a virgin after all But to Nik that still did not absolve her of cheating Stubborn much hide spoiler I was actually thinking about a 1 4 of the way through this book, that it would end up a wall banger I hated the animosity between the heroine and the Hero I also did not like the way her grandfather was so hard and punishing.but somewhere at the half way point, I fell in love with all the characters except the evil cousin and couldn t put the book down This is a passionate story about revenge and the ability to forgive I m not a big LG fan, but this book won me over. Re read Still four stars for the waiting room penance as reeder called it and the fact that the hero didn t know whether he was coming or going Heroine had him tied up in knots The Alhambra is a magical place and I m glad they got to enjoy it A second chance story with a vengeful hero, an OW cousin who is still around to cause mischief and desperate heroine who isn t afraid to dare the hero into listening to her are you a man or a mouse so she can get medical treatment for her mother view spoiler The H h were engaged as teenagers Because of the hero s cousin the wanna be OW the heroine thought it was an arranged marriage and that the H wasn t that into her because she was overweight and unattractive and the only thing keeping him sweet was her huge dowry The H was trying to keep his hands off of her because she was so young The cousin used these insecurities to set them up The H s friend pretended to make out with the heroine in the parking lot of a club, while the roofied H was kissing a random girl This caused a big scandal They both thought the other was cheating The engagement was off, causing the h s grandfather to disown her and her mother again.Fast forward ten years The h s mother is ill They have been living in poverty In desperation the h goes to her grandfather who will only help if she marries the H so he will have someone to pass his company on to The heroine goes the H s office only to have to wait in the lobby for three days until she barges into his office The hero is still angry about the events of the past and sees his means of revenge marriage and an heir and then the heroine can live some where away from him They have a wedding where his parents treat her with disdain and the cousin pretends that the h is being rude to her They go to a yacht for their honeymoon where the heroine is confronted with a message on the mirror and pictures of the H s mistress Once they go to bed the H realizes she s a virgin, but he s still mad about the past He takes off for a week, leaving the h on her own on the yacht They reunite in Spain after the hero has been thinking He realizes they were young and made mistakes and is willing to let the past go All is well The heroine is pregnant Then the heroine sees the tabloids he was with his mistress during the week away Another fight Heroine kicks him out after telling him she s pregnant He s very happy and then worried because the heroine could have injured herself when she hit him Hero finds out who sold this story to the papers He has a big confrontation with the cousin in front of his parents, the grandfather and the heroine Cousin confesses to meddling in the past and present HEA hide spoiler Without a doubt one of the best marriage of convenience stories It was so good,I couldn t put it down The characters are easy to relate with and to fall in love with them These two were made for each other and their chemistry was hot Very emotional read