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Una novelita de Lynne antigua, de esas que se leen de un tir n La consegu en el canje para seguir con la colecci n y me di cuenta de que no ten a hecho el review.Los protas tienen mucha qu mica, sus interacciones son lindas, aunque es una novela de los noventa y conceptos como fax hayan quedado obsoletos, igual muy disfrutable. Great romantic comedy and I m not usually a fan of the genre This one cracked me up, however The heroine was so practical and matter of fact about everything and completely befuddled the poor hero He has a revenge plot, but it s basically just an excuse to be near the heroine. @READ KINDLE Ä The Vengeful Husband Æ Race To The Altar Maxie, Darcy, And Polly Are The Husband HuntersThe Terms Of The Will Maxie, Darcy And Polly Have Each Been Left A Share Of Their Godmother S Estate If They Marry Within A Year And Remain Married For Six MonthsThe Hunter Darcy Fielding, A Single Mom, Decides She Must ADVERTISE For A Husband But The Consequences Of One Night Of Unforgettable Passion Are About To Return To Haunt HerThe Husband Gianluca Raffacani Has Finally Traced The Mysterious Beauty Who Disappeared From His Bed She Is Advertising For A Husband His Perfect Opportunity For RevengeOnly, Luca Finds He S Married The Mother Of His Secret Child Three girls inherit a share of their godmother s estate if they marry within a year and remain married for six months.Soon they will realize that what they have inherit is basically good luck.All of them will be married under different circumstances and will stay happily married for the rest of their lives.Darcy is the second girl After a night of passion in Venice, Darcy became a single mother Now she is about to lose her home and the only thing that can save it is her godmother s fortune So, she puts an advertisement in order to get a husband for six months Luckily a super hot Italian, Luca, appears at her doorstep But she doesn t realise that he is the same Italian with whom she had the passionate night in Venice, i.e the father of her child Moreover Luca wants revenge because apparently that night an important ring was stolen, but he doesn t know that he is a daddy.Okay, I have to admit that I was laughing out loudly while I was reading this book The only reason that Darcy does not recognise Luca straightaway is because she wasn t wearing her contact lenses when they had sex for the first time in Italy So, she was almost blind When she loses one contact lense during their wedding she realises that Luca is her Italian fling and the father of her kid What a messYou don t understand, she began, in an unsteady attempt to defend herself, so confused was she still I could hardly see you that night, not in any detailyour face was a blur and out of focus you looked different I guess one bird for the plucking looks much like another, Luca responded with a sardonic bite that sizzled down her spine like a hurricane warning and made her turn even paler. I ve read the first book in The Husband Series Married to a Mistress last month and enjoyed it and thought that I might enjoy this one too And I did The Vengeful Husband is every bit as good as the first book, and in my opinion, even better I loved the story from beginning to end The plot is really simple and you might say, predictable but it was well written, with awesome dialogue and very likable characters A story like this is why Ms Grahamis my go to author of choice when I m looking for an angsty, feel good, entertaining read. This book made me laugh, well, when my eyes weren t rolling in my head.I really enjoy most Lynne Graham books She creates great bamboozled, in over his head arrogant ass hats that are brought down by curvy, sweet somewhat brainless h s Signor Vengeful Husband is one of the clueless H s In fact he raises the bar in cluelessness in than one category He falls under the trope of assuming the h s guilt over something to the point he has blinders on Kind of makes you wonder how this kind of trope hero become and maintain their tycoon status when they are so blatantly STOOPID I was prepared not to like Darcy as she was kind of a bitch in Married to a Mistress She s still a little bitchy about the female character in the first book, but it s fleeting.Darcy has inherited her father s manor house and is underwater Her evil stepmother and stepsister, who bled Daddy dry when he was alive, want her to sell because they want money With her godmother s bizarre will, Darcy has a chance to save the manor if she can just get a husband and stay married for six months She places an ad cause that s what any sensible woman does.Guess who shows up The man she had an affair in Venice three years ago right after being dumped at the altar He also happens to be daddy to her two year old moppet.Here is where we jump into one of the most implausible elements of any Harley land I have read, and that is saying something She doesn t recognize the best and only lover she s ever had because she took too much cold medicine and didn t have her contacts in Gosh, you seem so familiar You sound like my ex Venetian lover, you kind of look like my Venetian lover, you kiss like my Venetian lover, but who could you be Long story short The H has tracked her down because he thinks she stole a precious family jewel He agrees to her MOC then spills after who he really is Nothing she says will convince him that she is innocent when it is soo obvious a child could figure it out When he finally finds out the truth he is so horrified he can t even look at her Really Much groveling ensues, but he s pretty worthless at it He has scarred his Venetian family honor blah, blah, blah.Two points that elevated this book for me One, the moppet does not like the H cause he s kind of mean to her She s two Even the trusty bodyguard gives the H the stink eye when the H gets snotty with her, and the H gets a deserved smackdown when the little cutie pie calls him a bad man Actually shrieks it non stop at the airport so the police stop and ask questions Nothing like a toddler tantrum to bring the high and mighty so low.Two, the evil step mother and step sister get their own comeuppance from the H for being so snide and mean I will say this for the hero, he may sling accusations and threats at the h, but if anyone else does he shuts it down If there is any belittling to do, he will do it. Its been a really long time since I genuinely enjoyed reading HP I am glad I read this , I was giving up on HP Billionaire disguised as some unemployed so that he could get married to h That scenes were quite funny , When he arrives in a posh perfect tailored suit , she assumes he borrowed them , worse she thinks he took his car on loan and she actually feels pity for him , draws him a cheque for advance payment She believes that he is some no man and as a perfect choice to play her temporary husband for 6 months so that she could inherit her god mothers estate I had a good laugh reading that toss scene From the beginning you will pray for that HEA for Darcy and Luca , Its so evident that they love each other , but in a strange way I loved that wretched ring for causing that misunderstanding lol There are so many twists Graham definitely outshines herself , I don t intend to give away the spoilers but this is a must read if you love Intense but subtle flavour. This is the second book in the husband hunter series, and clearly the best This had all the right balance points between the hero and heroine So often LG writes truly alpha males that can run rings around poor TSTL heroines But in this series, the heroines can really stand strong against these rough riding heroes and it makes for a fun entertaining read.Darcy is a well written heroine and Luca is quite scrumptiousA man hell bent on revenge, yet has no idea what hits him when he comes up against Darcy. Note to self this is the one where they meet in Venice Billionaire Italian hero thinks heroine stole a family ring after an anonymous one night stand and answers her ad for a husband as part of his revenge Heroine needs to marry for six months to fulfill the terms of her godmother s will so she can keep her family home out of the clutches of her evil stepmother sister She has a two year old daughter from her one night stand with an anonymous Italian waiter who was working at the masquerade ball that she had crashed She was playing Cinderella with a found invitation to the ball on her honeymoon for one after she was jilted at the altar A virgin until that night, she was doubly jilted the next day when her prince charming didn t show up at their meeting place.Look how much story there is before the action even starts Why this backstory works There is a reason for the one night stand heroine was feeling low after her fiance fell for her beautiful bridesmaid who has her own book in this series The descriptions of the dress she wore, the ancient stately home, the hero and what he said, are of a fairy tale, rather than just a raw sexual encounter The heroine is not the least bit bitter about her lot in life The hero is full of restrained revenge, but he is also baffled at himself for his uncharacteristic behavior The mystery of the ring and the mystery of the heroine have kept her in him mind for three years And all his memories of her are beautiful He can t seem to erase them There really is a good reason for the baby staying secret She didn t know who the father was and couldn t describe him because she didn t have her glasses on at the ball What I loved about the rest of the story view spoiler The hero is never disrespectful to the heroine even when he s threatening to take her house unless she plays a whore in his bed his language is mild for a wronged alpha And he leaves her alone on their wedding night with a rueful smile when he finds the bed full of a toddler and two huge dogs The hero sticks up for the heroine against her stepmother sister from their very first meeting The hero doesn t have insta daddy vibes when he sees his daughter But he tries to make up for being bad man when he buys her a doll The toddler acts like a toddler from hell throwing up on the helicopter, crying through the airport making the hero s reveal of his true identity and his revenge scheme less than effective LOL The hero, like the heroine, handles the flat tire, trek through the rain, and stay at the Inn with equanimity and appropriate action And they are adorable together The heroine is one of LG s sunny heroines, but she is never ditzy or incompetent She just a nice person see her handling of her ex fiance and her neighbor The hero feels terrible after he makes the heroine cry when he criticizes her dress sense The heroine isn t going to feel bad about false accusations like theft, but she thinks she s not attractive and that comment hurt The hero never wavered from his revenge scenario until the truth was revealed at the end He softened, but the intensity of his feelings kept the story moving hide spoiler Re The Vengeful Husband Lynne Graham s second book in the Husband Hunter s trilogy is a seekrit baby book under the guise of revenge.The h in this one is Darcy and she too has a shot at a million dollar inheritance if she manages to get married for six months Darcy needs the money Her father, who was an idiot, left her a 400 year old family estate in deep dept and her slime gulping evil step mother and step sister are hell bent on getting Darcy to sell so they can claim part of the proceeds.Darcy is kind witchy for a lot of this, mainly because three years earlier, Darcy was engaged to be married But her fiance fell in love with Maxie, the h from the first book and tho Maxie did not encourage the man in any way, shape or form, the ex fiance dumped Darcy and Darcy has blamed Maxie ever since.Which is completely hypocritical, because she has her ex fiance visit all the time and he brings along various girlfriends So Darcy is a really passive aggressive doormat Darcy is also a single mother.After the aborted wedding debacle, Darcy went to Venice, took too much cold medicine and did not wear her contacts and had a hugely passionate one night stand with a guy whose name and face she can t quite remember Darcy snuck out her lover s window the next morning, tho to her credit she did wait for hours at a priorly arranged location to see if her man from the night before would show up before she had to leave Venice.He never showed and Darcy took a little Venetian souvenir home with home with her in the form of dark haired little girl born prematurely 7 months later Now Darcy s dad has died and her overdraft at the bank is fully extended Her family estate has huge mortgage payments due and Darcy has had to let staff go, which means her little area of HPlandia is getting economically depressed.So Darcy places a discreet ad for a husband The Wealthy Italian Businessman H, Gianluca, who believes Darcy snuck out because she stole a valuable family heirloom ring from him, has obsessed for three years and finally tracked her down.Luca finds out about Darcy s mortgage and in seeking revenge for the stealing of the family heirloom, he buys it with the intention of marrying Darcy and then holding her estate hostage to the return of the ring.All goes as Luca plans, tho Darcy doesn t recognize Luca as her one night lover and unicorn banisher at first Luca also has some intense feelings of lust upon seeing Darcy again, so when he accuses her of stealing his jewels, he insists on boudoir moments too.Darcy is gobsmacked that Luca thinks she is a thief, plus she still to has to worry about the mortgage and Luca forbids her from trying another bank for a loan There is also the little matter of Zia, who is Darcy and Luca s two year old daughter.Luca thinks Darcy was already preggers when she met him and he assumes Zia is the ex fiance s child So Luca doesn t exactly start out as good dad material Zia, whose personality is very inherited, lets Luca decisively know in the airport just how much she doesn t appreciate his attitude.It is hilarious, Zia is screaming bad man all the way through the concourse and everyone is looking at the normally reserved Luca like he is a horrible thug We all get to Venice and the lurve club events are very purpley passionate and then the other shoe drops.Luca finds out his sister is the one took the family heirloom ring and his embarrassment and remorse is epic He confesses to Darcy about his plans to boot her off her estate and the Darcy is pretty upset by his revenge scheme.Darcy and Zia leave Luca and return home to England In the interim, Darcy still needs cash to keep the estate going, so she sells a newlywed interview to a gossip magazine for a large check Her ex fiance manages to show up drunk in the middle of all of this, right as Luca has returned to plead his case.The ex fiance is sent off with Darcy s BFF and Luca tries his best to woo his way back into Darcy s good graces When the evil slime gulper step mother and sister show up, Luca kicks them out in grand style Darcy finally lets on that Zia is also Luca s daughter and we gets some Luca Zia buying frilly socks bonding time.Luca makes the mistake of letting Darcy believe that he wants to stay married to give Zia a dad, so they both have a few weeks of London mopey moments while Darcy s estate gets refurbished After a lot of angsting and noble restraining of lurve club passions, Luca confesses his deep love and devotion for Darcy and tells her that her gushy romance interview about him for the gossip mag gave him the hope to carry on Darcy finally admits her love back and the two of them plan to live in Venice and keep on lurvin it up Hopefully all the practice will mean that another stork will soon be on the way and LG leaves us in no doubt these two are in love forever, for another shiny, pink sparkly HEA.This one is pretty cute and a great addition the HH series Tho these two are not the sharpest tools in the shed, I tend to think it was the rush of Lurve Force Mojo to their brains when they hadn t time to acclimate to the intensity yet We will see Darcy and Luca again in Damiano s Return, they are much settled there, but this one is a great day at the LG HP Office and worth the read if you run into it.