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this book teach us how to appreciate our life no matter what had happened to useverything that happen in our life have its own explanationdelisa was a naughty girl but also a brave girl..she had a happy family as some tragedy tsunami comes to her village, she lost everything in her life in a second. she lost her beloved sisters and mother.. 5th Grade, and apparently the first book from Tere Liye that I ve read The cover was still a gradation of Delisa s face, a wave, and her locket she could ve had as a present from her Mom when she passes memorizing the Du a prayers, if it wasn t for the tsunami disaster Truth is, I couldn t stop reading it The language was so touching and almost left me to tears I couldn t bear to imagine how a little girl survived the Aceh Tsunami, resulting her left foot amputated and lives now her whole life with her father, while carrying this terrifying memory in her mind How could I still be ungrateful as a man with all the things I have a complete family, a mansion that stands tall and majestic, non traumatic memories, and a left foot This book is a deep contemplation, understandable with simple but touching words Tere Liye has arranged for readers starting from 10 years old Although this might be a fiction, it may happen to any refugees of Aceh s Tsunami disaster Highly recommended @Download Book ⚞ Hafalan Shalat Delisa ⚜ Delisa Anak Perempuan Yang Bermata Hijau, Bening Dan Umurnya Baru Mencecah Lima Tahun Dia Hidup Dalam Keluarganya Yang Sebegitu, Dia Cuba Menghafal Bacaan Dalam Solat Dengan Bantuan Ibu Dan KakaknyaNamun Tuhan Lebih Tahu Apa Yang Lebih Baik Untuk Hamba Nya Tsunami Datang Melumatka Senyuman Pada Wajah Delisa Tsunami Mengambil Segala Galanya, Keluarga Juga Kaki Kecilnya Yang Tersisa, Hanya Dia Dan Ayahnya, Dan Dalam Keadaan Sebegitu Apakah Delisa Mampu Tetap Tersenyum Seperti Dahulu Dan Menyudahkan Hafalannya Aaaawrite First off, I like the story Who wouldn t fall for Delisa, such a smart, direct, adorable six year old girl who told her mum that she loved her because of Allah there s a reason behind this sentence, but it would be a spoiler if I wrote it here And it s quite, awrite, it IS inspiring and touching in many ways But, but, butThe conversion of Soldier Salam Well, all the hidayah stories in general are not as lame as chuckle You Know Who And I don t know, I wasn t there and couldn t put myself in anyone s shoe for the sake of it, but it seems too out of the blue And this book seriously needs an editor I don t find one in the credit part so either there is none or he she is ashamed of his her work Typos, even wrong words altogether Still readable again,enjoyable than You Know Who , but it could still be a lot better.But the most annoying part for me is the footnotes Really It s one thing to inspire readers to feel something, and another thing of encouraging by way of, I don t know, subtle mentions, anything But this book, those footnotes, actually tell you what to feel at certain parts of the book, just like those lame comedy shows with fake laughs In the end, I just ignore them altogether If I want people to tell me how to feel, I d go to a motivational training.But still, worth reading Go grab it and give it a try. It s amazing how Tere Liye describes the incident of tsunami at Naggroe Aceh Darussalam I feel like experiencing it myself The story involves a sacrifice of a child named Delisa who apparently lost her dearest family members except her father The way she faces life after tsunami is incredibly touching considering her young age I have learned so much about life survival from Delisa and I ve been curious about Tere Liye s book since then A must read what a wonderful book..thought me about what is the basic of love nyadarin kalo selama ini banyak banget ketidak ikhlasan dalam diri rinnyadarin betapa rin lebih sering ngerasa malu sama orang sekitar daripada malu kepadaNYAbagus dah pokonya in Indonesia language The basic of love is we love someone because of God. We love our parents, because of Allah. Because Allah give us the most beautiful gift our parents to us..this book reminded me about the insincerely in my heart. mostly, when i did something, i hope for a repayment. Yeah, that was so bad..and remind me that i used to fell embarrassed to people, not to God. We all know that this life is temporary, and we ll go back to our God. So, whom do we should feel embarrased about our bad habbit to This is a book that makes so much changes in my mind..makes me become a better person..bagus deh pokonya yes, i say it s the best book Really enjoyed this book If not for the Michael J Fox reference takdak nama lain kaaaa and the reason why Delisa payah menghafal bit at the end she is, after all, only 6 , I d give this book the full 5 stars As it is, welllllll 4 stars should cover it Plus, I ll definitely be on the lookout forTere Liye reads Good book. this book.I m falling in love with The feeling comes softly, illogically I don t think of Delisa was still alive, or she was in death The final of Delisa s life wasn t a problem, because her life or her death was blessing I ve read this book, the simple story, then I m falling in love with. i remember borrowing this book from my highschool crush and almost crying during class because the story is super breathtaking and heartbreaking in the same time 12 10 will read again. It was fall 2005 when I got that which then I realized that it was one of the most amazing book I have ever read titled Hafalan Shalat Delisa One of my best friends named Rima brought that book to the school and later I borrowed it from her Delisa mau shalat sekarang Delisa ingin menyetor hafalan itu langsung kepadaMu Delisa ingin melakukannya sebelum semuanya terlambat Begitu saja, pikiran itu datang di kepalanya Menuntun Delisa menggerak gerakkan jemarinnya Delisa ingin mengulang hafalan bacaan shalat itu Di tengah tengah hujan deras ini Langsung kepadaMu Gemetar bibir Delisa mengucap takbiratul ihram Al la hu ak bar Dan Delisa seketika lupa kelanjutannya Delisa lupa harus membaca apa sekarang Delisa lupa seperti apa kata awal doa iftitah Delisa benar benar menatap kosong Ya Allah Delisa sungguh lupa Lupa begitu saja Semua kesedihan ini, semua pemandangan ini, semua kesakitan ini, semua perasaan ini Delisa lupa Bagaimanalah jadinya Semua hafalan itu seperti tercerabut begitu saja dari otaknya Tak berbekas sedikitpun Delisa kelu menyadarinya Delisa terpana tidak mengeti.And after that there was a footnote from the writer that while Delisa is confused trying to understand why her occasion is lost, a thousand of angels are preparing a palace for him in heaven With big letters on the front is written figura Alisa Delisa.Ah. Will the angels will wake the castle for us all in heaven The conclusion is, this book is beautifully written in the consciousness of worship This book leads us to love both life and death, to sincerely accept both grace and misfortune, and to love the beauty of guidance This novel is presented with a simple style but very touching The author let me introduce, the one and only, Tere Liye who has written lots of quality books such as Daun Yang Jatuh Tak Pernah Membenci Angin, Bidadari Bidadari Surga, etc has succeeded in presenting the characters, it s like they re so alive in my head Islamic and extraordinary Worth reading by anyone who wants to gain spiritual enlightenment Dramatically, without the need to hyperbolic Intelligence in innocence I, sometimes am embarrassed when reading about the tiny Delisa As if watching a documentary when I read it page by page Until I realized that it s a fiction book I admit it, I once thought it wasn t a fiction book, from the way Tere Liye write it Amazed Tere Liye explained at the end if this novel is absolutely fictious, but he actually managed to bring readers into the story he made As if we become one of the characters in it who was a witness, one who was the closest, from a struggle of a little girl named Delisa who lost nearly everything in this world of post tsunami that battered hundred thousands of people About Delisa who is so persistent to memorizes the whole passage in prayer to a necklace with the letter D, D to Delisa About Delisa who wish to do a perfect prayer for the first time even though her little body has been battered by the tsunami About Delisa who can accept her condition even though she had to walk with one leg, Delisa who misses her mother and her older sisters, Delisa who is angry at Him because her mother hasn t been found.About Delisa who s able to change our life I won t tell the summary of this book You can read one and you ll get the sensation I ve had both during and after read this book.Seriously, I got mindfucked when I read this book It s like the line of story stuck in my head and the characters play and live in my mind God, I ve got a fantastic movie in my head.