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!READ KINDLE ⚓ Feyland: The Dark Realm (Feyland, #1) ☤ What If A High Tech Computer Game Was A Gateway To The Dangerous Realm Of Faerie When A Game Feyland Is The Most Immersive Computer Game Ever Designed, And Jennet Carter Is The First To Play The Prototype But She Doesn T Suspect The Virtual World Is Close Enough To Touch Or That She Ll Be Battling For Her Life Against The Dark Queen Of The FaeriesTurns Real Tam Linn Is The Perfect Hero In Game Too Bad The Rest Of His Life Is Seriously Flawed The Last Thing He Needs Is Rich Girl Jennet Prying Into His Secrets, Insisting He S The Only One Who Can Help HerWinning Is Everything Together, Jennet And Tam Enter The Dark Realm Of Feyland, Only To Discover That The Entire Human World Is In Danger Pushed To The Limit Of Their Abilities, They Must Defeat The Dark Queen Before It S Too Late Have you ever played a computer simulated, role playing game for a reeeeally long time and then felt like you have actually lived inside the game well, that s what happened to Jennet in Feyland, the mystical realm in the top secret software her father s company is working on.Jennet snuck into her dads high tech simulation room to try out the beta version for the game and after facing and losing to the Big Boss in the questing game, none other than the Queen of the Dark Realm, she begins to realize there s a whole lot of real in the magical realism of the game Jennet s life is slowly draining, in the game and in real life.And Jennet can t get any further in the game without assistance from a Hero Game rules She needs to find her Hero, someone in this new town who is a capable gamer and she needs to do it fast because her time is running out Enter Tam The super cute, maybe even hot, angsty boy from her school And while he may have the necessary skills to help Jennet he also has an unstable home life and a little brother who needs his protection too Tam has to choose between being there for his family or helping the cute, new girl in town.Will Jennet complete the tasks to get past the last boss in the Feyland or will her death be the second mysterious death connected to the game Can Tam handle the role of Knight in Shining armor that fate seems to have cast him into or will it be Game Over for everyone I really LOVED Feyland The Dark Realm I loved the main characters, I loved the world built up by the author The story has a great premise, it was well written and memorable It s one of those gamer sort of questions that you may have even wondered yourself What would it be like if you could actually live inside a game I have already downloaded the next book in this series, Feyland The Bright Court, and I m really looking forward to seeing where the story goes.Awesome Five stars Bullet Review This was a good solid read, and I enjoyed myself immensely It s basically like Ready Player One for Teens with faeries and in the future, but no 80 s nostalgia I thought the characters were pretty well done, and the adventure was definitely exciting I would be interested in reading the rest of the series at some point. Feyland The Dark Realm 3.5 pleasently suprised fangirl starsI enjoyed this YA journey into fangirl Not usually a fan of YA but I pick them up everyonce in a while, they seem to permiate the market right now.If you have ever played an RPG and become far too attached to your character hangs head you will have a soft spot for this book.Jannet has entered the forbidden land of FayLand, a computer game her father is working on, and loses than she barganed for.Enter Tam Linn yes I LOOOOOVED his name, havn t read the balad You should her knight in shining armor I had a lot of oooh moments as clasic faery tale elements came into play They had a cute little highschool romance blooming that may even have me reading the rest of the series gasp If you want a quirky fun light read give it a try. deleting reviews if you want to take a look at them you can do so on my blog, link on my profile This was an interesting modern take on the old ballad of Tam Lin, in which a man is stolen by the fairy queen.Feyland is a virtual reality game, the first of a new completely immersive type Jennet s dad is one of the game designers, so she gets to try the prototype, and discovers that the game is real than anyone realises She loses part of her soul to the Dark Queen and gets locked out of the game If she can t find a knight to champion her back into the game, she will die So she turns to her new friend Tam, who s a whiz at gaming.But Tam is hiding some dark secrets of his own They may be living in a futuristic society, but poverty and crime are still flourishing, and Tam s home life is way complicated and dangerous than a sheltered rich girl could ever imagine.But if they can t overcome their differences and work together to win the game, than Jennet s life may be lost.Feyland isn t the first virtual reality becomes real story I ve read, but I really enjoyed the way the author wove the fairy tale elememnts in with the futuristic ones The fairy tale game was full of intriguing characters and situations, and the plot moved along well It felt fresh and interesting, and I m looking forward to the rest of the series. Feyland is the most immersive virtual reality sim game ever developed and Jennet is the first person to play the prototype since her father works for the company behind it She had no reason to suspect that the game is real, that the Unseelie Fey are trying to come through into the modern world using VR gaming, but soon enough she s battling the Dark Queen for her very life In order to get back into the game after being banished with her health slowly declining in the real world, she needs to find a suitable champion to fight in her name to help her defeat the Queen once and for all and reclaim what has been stolen That s where Tam Linn comes in, he s a fellow classmate at Jennet s new school and he s easily one of the best gamers she s ever met He could make the perfect hero in the game, but his real life situation is far from ideal When he finally agrees to check out Feyland with Jennet, he s blown away by everything the game has to offer What he doesn t yet realize is that this game can have deadly consequences, and that the fey are ready to make their move.I ve had The Dark Realm on my tbr for ages since it sounded so intriguing however, a friend of mine really made me decide to give it a shot She stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago as a Nook freebie and read through it in a day, plus she had nothing but good things to say about it Luckily, it was free on Kindle as well so I downloaded it and eagerly dug in Usually, freebie s can be hit or miss, but this one s most definitely a hit It s well worth the read just to see how the author combines virtual reality gaming and The Ballad of Tam Lin The two leads, Jennet and Tam, are well written characters, both of which are relatable for a variety reasons I liked seeing them open up to one another through the game and become friends when they wouldn t have ordinarily Marny, Tam s school friend, is my favorite side character she s a breath of fresh air I can also say that I would have liked to have seen of Thomas, the game s creator The world building is also excellent, as the author ably creates two very distinct worlds the real world and Feyland with quite visual prose By the way, the story also goes a little bit meta in a fascinating way Overall, The Dark Realm, the first book in Anthea Sharp s Feyland trilogy is a new favorite If you re looking for an imaginative and slightly futuristic twist to fairy tales, you will enjoy this story I need book two, The Bright Court, right now Since I met my husband in a video game I can relate to reality and gaming crossing lines So when I read the premise of this book I just had to get my greedy hands on it Well I can say I was NOT disappointed The story starts with Jennet who is such an interesting character, her father works in the gaming industry and is responsible for the creation of the best virtual reality gaming system ever created He brings home the prototype and Jennet of course gets to play She discovers the game Feyland and starts playing only to find out that it isn t just a game.Her father and the company move to a new town and Jennet meets Tam Tam is poor, and I do mean poor and lives with his mother and his younger brother Together they go into Feyland to retrieve her life force which the evil queen has stolen.Let me tell you, the characters in this book are tremendous I absolutely fell in love with Bug even though he s a minor character And Tam and Jennet are well written, and oh so easy to like These characters are written so well that you almost feel like you know them in real life Tam is a young man who has had an extremely hard life His mother disappears at times and he s left to care for his younger brother who has health issues.The Author has not only captured the characters but her description of the time in game is intense and I as a gamer can relate to how time flies by so quickly while playing I loved the scenes and the characters both in and out of the game Puck the loveable and mischievous fey, you ll have to read the book for information because I hate spoilers and I just know you ll love the characters as much as I did.What I will say is GO OUT AND BUY THIS INCREDIBLE BOOK Well written, enjoyable and it will suck you in As I said the line between games and reality is a very fine one to begin with and this author has blurred that line so much that I wonder now if my games aren t real than real life.Details Disclaimer Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review The free book held no determination on my personal review. I don t usually like fey stories, and I don t like futuristic settings because most books I ve come across seem to about poverty and fighting the evil government and sucky lives of the MCs and so on.The Hunger Games is great, but when other books use a similar formula, it gets old.I was losing interest in YA what with all the fool heroines and their insufferable love interests and lame plots but reading this book reminds me why I love YA books so much.Jennet is a smart MC.She s likable and relatable.Tam s actions constantly show how much of a hero he is.Marny is a nice side character.It s refreshing to read about a fat character who isn t a spineless wimp always wallowing in self pity.She actually has a personality and a brain.The fey folk are beautiful and tricky creeps.Parts of the story are so eerie and alluring at the same time.I saw this pic on Pinterest and this is totally how I picture Jennet I was sent a digital download of Feyland The Dark Realm by the author, Anthea Sharp, in exchange for a fair and honest review I d read the synopsis and thought it sounded interesting but really, hadn t the teenagers being sucked into a computer game plot been done before What really intrigued me, though, was the mention of the computer game being a gateway to the dangerous Realm of the Faerie I love fairy tales, especially retold tales, so I decided to go in with an open mind I try to always be open minded and positive about things I don t want to jump to conclusions or pass judgement before I truly understand what s going on I ve been burned before when I ve done that and, even though I was pretty sure I knew what to expect, I still wanted to give the book a fair try What I really didn t expect, was to be actually drawn into the game myself All I can say is, Wow The description of Feyland and it s characters is, in itself, a great reason to read this book The writing is like prose only not so much It s hard to explain but you actually feel the words I mean, Sparkling like moonlight on frost Yep Can t you picture it almost feel the chill Or how about, It was a cobweb whisper through his mind I know, right You can actually hear a faint whisper floating through your head but then, you re not quite sure if you really heard anything, or not The whole book is like that It s wonderful Even if you don t have a very creative imagination, you ll find yourself being able to see every level of Feyland in your mind.The Realm character descriptions are equally as magical You ll find yourself gasping at how wickedly beautiful the Dark Queen is, or wrinkling your nose at how bad the goblins smell Your heart will quicken when there s danger and you ll catch your breath once you re safe You ll recall fairy tales you saw or read as a child in every character you meet but they ll seem totally unique, at the same time The human, or real world, is a drastic contrast in itself, as well as to Feyland Everything is either decrepit and precarious, or impeccable and unassailable, almost like a sterile prison In fact, the whole story seems to be a contradiction of itself as the two worlds fight against each other As they start to bleed into one another, you begin to question where one world ends, and the other begins The mortal characters are pretty cool, too Jennet, the heroine, has an endearing vulnerability that she continually pushes through to draw on her inner strength As she travels through Feyland, she draws on this strength, at first, to save herself but eventually, to save those she loves, as well as all of mankind Tam, the hero, is less than poor and, at first, seems kind of cold and aloof He assumes that Jennet is judging him and works to appear indifferent You find out why as his home life is revealed but you wonder how he ll be able to help her with so much already on his plate It s soon apparent that there s much to Tam than you first assume He s a champion Simmer simulation computer game player , very responsible, and loyal to the bone I m convinced he s among the very best Young Adult heroes out there.The secondary characters aren t described in much detail but, miraculously, you tend to get a pretty good picture of them through various situations and conversations Some are detrimental to the plot, and some are just there to move the story along but the author gives you the sense that all of the characters are just as important as any of the others There s a definite ending to the story but, at the same time, there s hope that the story will continue because it s just that good These briefly mentioned characters could very well play a larger role in Tam and Jennet s future but, if they don t, you feel as though you got to know them anyway The 2nd book in the Trilogy, Feyland The Bright Court , is out now, with the 3rd to be released this fall, 2012 I really, really enjoyed this book This is one of those books where the words just flow so smoothly that you lose track of time It s almost like you re actually lost in the play of a game and can t believe what time it is when you finally look up Books like that don t come along all that often but when they do, you almost mourn them when you re through You miss the characters and actually yearn to read it again just so you can reconnect with them Give this series a try, I m convinced you won t be sorry You may even share a love hate relationship with me once you re done, sad that it s already over.