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A pretty funny and informative account of one couple s account of s 5 month stay in Nepal to teach English in a remote village It details time in Kathmandu, slong with the trial of travel in the country and the major cities. I have just finished A Beard in Nepal and have to say I could not put it down, Fiona Roberts style of writing is both funny and sensitive whilst her humour had me just laughing out loud on every page And yet most of the time she is just laughing at herself The content was so fascinating the problems faced by high altitude, the dangerous adventures with simple activities such as a walk along a path or a bus trip in the mountains sounding like some new extreme sport, and her relationships with brown shiny cockroaches, flying insects, leeches eeuuw and other unwanted visitors including the elusive tiger, never seen but ever present I loved the book and really hope that there will be another book, I would love to hear about the children Fiona taught at the school, what happened to Wooley their trusty dog who adopted them, and of course whether Fiona and Ali Baba ever considered returning to Nepal I live in hope and can t wait for the next book @Download Pdf ⚜ A Beard in Nepal õ When The Author And Her Partner Were Offered The Chance Of Spending Five Months Teaching English In A Remote Village High In The Himalayas Of Nepal, They Didn T Hesitate, And Grabbed The Opportunity To Do Something Completely DifferentThis Book Is The Story Of The Time They Spent Living In The Small Isolated Village Of Salle, Which Is Almost Completely Untouched By Western Civilisation, And In Noisy, Dusty, Manic KathmanduA Compulsive Read, Often Humorous, We Follow The Couple From Liverpool As They Struggle With The Daily Challenges Of Altitude Sickness, Severely Restricted Diet, And Close Encounters With Wild Tigers The Book Describes Their Often Comic Attempts To Teach English To A Group Of Lively Youngsters In A Wooden Hut, Using Blackboard And Chalk, And Without The Benefit Of Electricity, Water Or ToiletThey Came To Love The Village People And The Children, Who Did Everything They Could To Make Their Stay In Nepal A Happy OneWhether Or Not You Ve Ever Dreamed Of Trekking Through The Magnificent Isolation Of The Himalayas, Or Of Spending Time Living In A Small Village There, You Ll Find This Book Compulsive Reading A Beard In Nepal II Return To The Village Is Now Published And Is Available On Incredibly Well Writtena Joy To Readan Adventure Tale Filled With Colorful Characterslaugh Out Loud HumorI Would Highly Recommend ThisA Fascinating Insight Into The Rewards And Pitfalls Of Doing Something Really Significant, Worthwhile And Life Changingbeautifully Written, Both Humorous And Poignantwould Highly Recommend To Armchair Travellersa Heady Mixture Of Travel Narrative, Humanity And Comic Escapadescannot Be Recommended Highly EnoughReading Fiona Roberts Book Is A Humbling As Well As A Joyful ExperienceI Selfishly Felt I Wanted Fiona And Tod To Return To Salle, Just So That Hopefully She Will Write Another Entertaining And Gripping Account For Me To Read A BEARD IN NEPAL RETURN TO THE VILLAGE Is Now AvailableSee Also GHOST OF A SMILE And VOICES By Fiona Roberts When the author and her partner were offered the chance of spending five months teaching English in a remote village high in the Himalayas of Nepal, they didn t hesitate, and grabbed the opportunity to do something completely different.This book is the story of the time they spent living in the small isolated village of Salle, which is almost completely untouched by western civilisation, and in noisy, dusty, manic Kathmandu.A compulsive read, often humorous, we follow the couple from Liverpool as they struggle with the daily challenges of altitude sickness, severely restricted diet, and close encounters with wild tigers The book describes their often comic attempts to teach English to a group of lively youngsters in a wooden hut, using blackboard and chalk, and without the benefit of electricity, water or toilet.They came to love the village people and the children, who did everything they could to make their stay in Nepal a happy one.Whether or not you ve ever dreamed of trekking through the magnificent isolation of the Himalayas, or of spending time living in a small village there, you ll find this book compulsive reading This is a great read You feel as though you are there, every step of the way. How this bit of trash ended up on my to read list I may never know but I want the couple hours, of my life, I spent reading it back What type of adult nicknames fellow travelers The Dumpies Don t most of us learn in preschool not to name call She later calls workers in the visa office the three stooges and states that all Nepalese are liars I assume she s expecting these three stooges to cater to her indignant english while in their country Its page after page of complaining sprinkled with descriptions of her clumsy falling JOYShe should stay home and stop writing books image error A Beard In Nepal is a warm and humorous account of the ups and downs often falling down of being a volunteer teacher in a remote village in Nepal Fiona Roberts leads us through the decision to take advantage of a life changing opportunity, dealing with high altitudes, narrow roads clinging to the sides of mountains, piles of rubbish and attitudes to dogs and other animals At the end you may not wish to visit Nepal for yourself unless you are a hardy traveller, but you will certainly have an insight into this unique country.One little niggle, though There are a handful of black and white photos in the book With the descriptions of the wonderful things that the author saw and photographed in Nepal, surely a future edition could be justified having photos in it, and in colour What a fun and quick read It gave a glimpse into the culture of northern Nepal, and from a quirky and witty perspective I did have trouble following what was going on at times, though that simply could have been due to the British humor and writing style I walked away knowing much about the people of Nepal though I actually feel as if I know the people of Salle the village the author spent most of her time in I recommend this book for any hoping to travel to that land in the future or simply wanting to get an understanding of what it is like You ll have fun reading it, I guarantee it. A Beard in Nepal is funny and touching travel book Fiona Roberts writes vividly and I really like her sense of humour The book is also quite informative which is nice because I am keen to learn about different cultures I will absolutely read A Beard in Nepal 2 too I was expecting a book about Volunteering in Nepal As Fiona was a volunteer English teacher over there I was waiting her stories with the kids, people generally and the impact this trip had on both her and them.I missed the sense of purpose in Fiona s volunteering trip Usually Muslims volunteer with deep purpose But Fiona s trip sounded as just a kind of adventure without being related to real deep purpose for the world.This book is good to know everything bad about Nepal Fiona kept talking about every bad thing for 11 chapters, she didn t mention the kids in deep way before chapter 12 I was frustrated because of this.She mentioned what s bad about their diet, attitude, treating dogs, corrupted system, buses, music and loud voices, the roadand a lot of complains She didn t start to tell the good side a little but in the last few chapters which weren t as deep as I thought as well.In the end, It is good to know how she saw this trip May be, It is also good to be aware of the hardships of travelling to Nepal.Yet, I am not planning by any way to read books for Fiona I don t even know what to do with the hardcopy I have, As it would be hard to reread that book later anyways. I enjoyed this, mainly for the fact that I miss Nepal and just hearing about it s craziness makes me happy.Would have liked to hear a bit about the kids in the school and I don t think her husband sounds all that nice.I will probably give the next one a go though cos Fiona s writing is enjoyable.