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Although Boorman is not the best writer I have experienced in this genre, I find his choice of destinations inviting from Cape Speer in Newfoundland to whale watching in Tuktoyaktuk to the Horne Lake Caves of Victoria Island There s plenty of wonderful sites to explore in our great land. Anything by Charley Boorman is on my high list I have enjoyed watching Charley on movies and TV and reading his books since we were both kids His adventures never cease to entertain and teach me This book covers his personal experiences while filming his adventures in Canada and it is a great companion to the TV series It s a wonderful read. Love reading travel tales just makes the travel bug bite even harder though I was not familiar with this British actor travel writer nor did I know that his father was the director of the movie Deliverance This book describes his trip from Cape Spear, Newfoundland to Tofino, B.C mostly by motorcycle He participates in all kinds of activities, some extreme than others, from lobster catching in Newfoundland to diving in Tobermory, whale watching in Tuk, NWT, and cow riding in Calgary as a substitute for bronco riding He tries out kayaks, gliders, dirt bikes, and trains as a cadet for the RCMP I know he is being filmed, but he is up for any challenge from ice skating to rock climbing His musings on the past were quite thoughtful, like what was it like to be a miner Pretty awful, we both think A pretty good view of all activities available in Canada. Charley Boorman experiencing Canada East to West, in his own style And motorcycles, too. Great adventures, although Charley is somewhat self absorbed and competitive I want to explore Canada too. .DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☩ Extreme Frontiers ♭ EXTREME FRONTIERS CANADA Is Charley Boorman S Brand New Adventure Travel Book Travelling Mainly On His Much Loved Bike, Charley Will Explore The World S Second Largest Country Home To Some Of The Most Stunning And Challenging Terrain Known To Man Along The Way He Will Work With Alberta S Famous Bear Whisperer Travel With Native Canadians And Learn About Their Mythology And Shamanic Rituals Get Involved In The World Famous National Lumberjack Competition Work With The Mounties Search And Rescue Team And Visit The World S Smallest Jail In Ontario Along The Way He Will Take A Raft Along The Nahanni River Cross Canada S Only Desert In Okanagan Valley Climb The Canadian Rockies And Circumnavigate Newfoundland, Taking An Old Steel Sloop Through The Infamous Iceberg Alley, Stopping To Camp, Hunt And Cook With Local Foraged Food EXTREME FRONTIERS Is Vintage Boorman, Packed With All The Excitement, Adventure And Bikes Of His Previous Bestselling Books I flirt with travel books from time to time, and without consciously doing so I have stayed completely away from travel books that have to do with my birth home the USA and my adopted and spiritual home Canada.Reading about others travels in the lands that have been my homes has never appealed to me, but I am enough of a fan of Charley Boorman that I was willing to give his travelogue through Canada Extreme Frontiers Racing Across Canada from Newfoundlad to the Rockies a shot If nothing else, it helped me crystallize what it is that keeps me and probably many of us away from travel books about our place in the world Don t get me wrong It was fun And liking Charley as I do, it was particularly fun to see his reaction to things I know so well Charley twenty clicks from my house eating clams, excellent Charley marching in the Calgary Stampede parade, sweet Charley paddling the rapids, cool Charley shitting his pyjamas figuratively in the haunted room of the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, nice.Unfortunately, though, there was very little that really excited me, that did what I always want travel tales to do nothing made me want to up and travel Apart from Charley s brief moments up in Nunuvat and the Yukon, I have been everywhere he went on this trip, and I am sure someday, when it isn t the deep, dark, Canadian winter, I will get to those two territories I so long to see So nothing in the travel really jazzed me the way his trip to Magadan did back when he started this whole travel routine with Ewan MacGregor Hell, even his Extreme Adventures in each province weren t all that exciting I haven t done everything he did for instance, I haven t climbed Mt Fable or spelunked under the Rockies although I ve ascended plenty of faces and played in than a few caves in the Kananaskis but I ve done than a few of the things he did, and besides, and some of the things he did like hanging out with the RCMP don t appeal to me at all Still, it is always fun to be able to see your home through the eyes of someone else, and this book was definitely worth the time I wonder how folks from away would feel about this book If you ve read it, let me know if you have a sudden burning desire to come to Canada We could meet up for a pint, then head to the shore and take a polar dip in some ice cold water. I was really loooking forward to reading this book and to learn about places I have yet to visit in my country I have read the other books from Charley and Ewan McGregor and really enjoyed them Extreme Frontiers has two glaring mistakes in the book On page 80, he is in Winnipeg and he is to head to Regina, Saskatchewan not Manitoba as it states He then goes onto to say that Manitoba is the flattest province in Canada which maybe true, however, SK is famous for being flat as a pancake After I read this I couldn t devote any of my time into something that had such a huge mistake I also thought the book was very boring In the last books, there was dialogue between Ewan and Charley and they fed off each other and it was great to hear what they thought or felt on the same activity In this book it was mediocre detail and was missing Ewans side of the story.I woudn t recommend this book at all Charley Boorman s starting to establish a reputation as a good travel writer in his own right, having had done several travel documentaries and tie in books, both with his friend Ewan McGregor and on his own In this book, Charley travels across Canada, from east to north to west, by various means, getting to know the country, meeting new people and undertaking things he wouldn t have thought he d be doing He s got a good, informal sense of style in the way he writes pretty much the way he talks, and he keeps the reader drawn into the narrative There s the odd glitch a Canadian would pick up on, mind you, but it s fun to see a foreigner s point of view in this way, visiting your homeland Well recommended to those who liked Long Way Round and Long Way Down.