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Multiplayer by John C Brewer is a pretty standard adventure novel with a twist much of the action takes place in a video game It would be a good book for a mid teen male reader, but came off a little young for me I won this book as a giveaway on Goodreads Spoilers Below The book is based around the life of a young man who has just lost his father to the war in Afghanistan and is quite bitter about it The young man in question experiences some growth in the book, but in painting the original character, Brewer spends in my opinion too much time repeating how the boy cannot like anyone from the middle east because of his father While he was trying to show what was going on inside the mind of the boy, it came off as repetitive especially as the boys behavior was already driving the point home.The epilogue of the book which sets up this book as the first of a series , is a little difficult to believe It does, however make me wonder if the later books might grow into an adventure series on the lines of James Rollins. This is a really good book I enjoyed it thoroughly, though some parts of it do reflect the younger audience that it is intended for. FREE BOOK ♄ Multiplayer ⚐ Hector S Father Is Dead Killed Fighting In IraqSo His Mother Moved The Family Back To Her Boring Hometown Where Hector Can T Connect Worse, His New Next Door Neighbors, The Zahedis, Are From Iran, And The Son, Sanjar Is Hector S Age But Sanjar Is The Last Person Hector Is Interested In Hanging Out With Trapped In A World Of Rules And Reality, He Escapes Into The Largest Online Game The World Has Ever Seen Omega Wars As An Omega Wars Vanguard Hector Can Be Himself And Not Worry About Things Like Algebra And Death Vanguards, Balancing Weaponry And Stealth, Are The Spec Ops Of The Omega Wars Universe Mercs Wear Hulking Powered Suits And Wield Chainguns And Plasmaces Smugglers Lurk In Shadows And Collect Information While Cybertechs Build Everything From Drones To Weapons To Powered Armor To Vehicles From The Ruins Of Post Apocalyptic Earth The Revolutionary New Character Type, Empaths, Uses A Brain Wave Sensing Headset That Allows Them To Discover And Master Telepathic Powers Such As Levitate, Sight, And PulseIt Isn T Long Before Hector Has Built A Clan, The Spartans, Intent On Carving Out Their Own Empire On A Map As Large As Earth Itself In A Virtual World That Never Sleeps Fortunately, It S All Harmless Until The Spartans Stumble On A New Clan That Doesn T Seem To Be Gaming In Fact, They Remind Hector Of The Online Training His Father S Special Warfare Unit Used To Conduct Before A Mission It Is Only After People Start Dying In Real Life That Hector Realizes This New Clan Isn T Interested In The Virtual World At All But Might Be The Same People Who Killed His Father, Training For Their Next Mission And That Impossibly, The Zahedis May Be InvolvedMichael Crichton Meets James Patterson In This Thriller That Explores The Virtual World Like Never Before, Bringing You Face To Face With Where Our Society Is Headed At Breakneck Speed It Will Leave You Looking At Our Digital Frontier With A New Set Of Digital Eyes Gamers, unite John Brewer immerses readers into the world where gaming and terrorism leach into the real world The characters are high schoolers that find respite in the alternative reality of Omega Wars, not unlike some of the today s kids The characters deal with real life issues death, dysfunction and parents He brings the story into modern day, introducing the issue of Muslim prejudice in the wake of 911 and the result of losing loved ones serving in the military Brewer s gaming knowledge is convincing and authentic It s hard to imagine he is not a gamer in spare time But this is far from Pacman The hardcore gaming characters uncover a plot that is using the gaming world to threaten the real world, ending in a high speed, adrenaline fueled finale For readers with a penchant for handling PS3, this story will connect I really liked Multiplayer by John Brewer It s not the normal genre I read Mystery or any teen book my daughter recommends but after all the good things I heard about Ready Player One, I thought I d give Multiplayer a try As a mom of a teen boy who games, I really enjoyed a glimpse into what goes on in the mind of gamers But the book is much than that dealing with current social issues I think the premise is very creative as well but I won t spoil it for you read it and see if you agree. I loved the main character I have a soft spot for the unreliable narrator, and for this reason I could have done without the prologue, but that might just be me All the characters in this book were very well written My other favorite part of the novel is how the online game becomes a second setting This was done very deftly and with amazing detail I read one review by someone who complained about that, all I can think is he must not read much It s beautifully done Part of reading or watching a play or movie or playing a game like Omega Wars is being willing to enter a state of willing disbelief Hecter is in the game, the game is a real place to him and the other kids in this book because they want it to be so badly I m curious to see how a sequel to this book will work, but I look forward to finding out The reason I read this book because it s about video games something I m interested in.I think this book is great for me.It has vocabulary I can understand and great dialouge I can relate too. Recommended for young adult males others who enjoy video gaming political thrillers First part of a trilogy. What are you talking about Multiplayer was awesome, and I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish This guy is certainly entitled to his opinion, but goodness it sounds like he has a massive chip on his shoulder The point of the game was to act as a mechanism to convey the story can you imagine having to read a novel where focus is placed on the rules of the virtual world than the actual plot Bleh, no thanks The premise and time period of the game, Omega Wars, was never fully outlined, either I actually thought that was kind of a clever trick, because you could create the game as you saw fit and make the story your own And if you hated it so much, why did you finish it Take it from me, this book is awesome you ll have to try it for yourself Multiplayer starts out with a decent premise, that terrorists are using an MMORPG to train for real world attacks, fair enough Then the book becomes an entire mess.1 Hector West, the main character, is an unlikable fuckwad who deserves to be beaten senseless for his borderline criminal actions, which usually get explained away as his dad got killed or Hector s right all along 2 The MMORPG in question, Omega Wars is absurb Its supposed to be a class based post apocalyptic PVP style game, but by the end of the book, its some second life like sci fi mumbo jumbo The book even trots out the The game is real than real life line at one point HAHThe terrorists create a real scale recreation of their target scenario, right down the street signs If the terrorists can do it, why haven t the players recreated the entire world too Then there s this class, called the empath in which the game via this special headset, reads you brainwaves and uses it activate powers I m serious Oh and the game requires anything you build to follow to real world physics principals, except there s this giant floating battle stations, mechs and you never get tried unless you sprint right Also strange is the developers are a mysteriously absent party You d think they d be concerned about the uses of their game nothing 3 The entire plot breaks down at the end as the main villain Mal X seeming to be able to play the game and hunt the players at the exact same time It is never explained how he s able to pinpoint player s locations Did he hack the game Were there complicit developers And a few FBI agents also play the game and know whats going on, but explain away getting the devs help as they re not a US company, like the FBI hasn t ever had to gain foreign assistance on an issue, and so the fate of the entire free world rests on the back of unlikable whiny retard and his bratty clan mates No matter where and when you set a novel it has to be consistent If you re going to ground the novel in real world politics and issues as the book does, then the MMO in question better not be some scifi ish otherworld thingy that doesn t make a lick of sense with a plot that stretches the bounds of plausibility with a main character who is not likable in the least The book might be enjoyable if one doesn t use a single brain cell trying to comprehend it Otherwise, steer clear from this teenage fantasy garbage.