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I can finish an 800 page book in a day but I took 3 days to finish this I picked this up because I used to have a friend that worshiped this book, most probably because the ship sunk on her birthday and it was the only book that was famous she read at that particular time.It was a bumpy ride for me Even had nightmares because of it.I liked the language It s one of the most delicate things I ve ever encountered Geography on point The background was an intricate tapestry of custom, pride and family ties but I can t find anything to like with the protagonists, namely Zainudin and Hayati.I actually had high hopes for Hayati when the author described she would probably bring changes because her name is different than the rest She didn t Just another pretty face.I cringed at most of the letters I find Zainudin s letters very difficult to digest How he begged and then angry because there wasn t any reply, how friendship was somehow equivalent to love, how he kept going on and on about how unfortunate he was from the beginning until the end It was quite tiring for me Pity is not Love That was my limit.I understand why it s one of the most famous classical literature of Indonesia Hamka brought forth groundbreaking issues and even for the time being not all of it has been resolved It s a bold move with simple Romeo and Juliet idea It made people think and try to avoid the same outcome as fated in the book It s a brilliant move, actually It should not end any other way.And yet I find it lacked hope for the characters, but it revolutionized the readers This book reminded me of Les Miserables though I loved Hugo s book, I can t say the same for Hamka s. Being my first time reading a classic novel, I have to say that this book is a page turner The language was quite hard to understand which is reasonable as it was written in old Malay Indo and Minang languages , but as you proceed, you ll somehow be deeply engrossed with the poetic diction Judging from the cover quote, one may think that it is just another cliche love story, but this story is muchthan that as it emphasizes the aspects of the Minang tradition, the difference in social status and the compliant role of women I was also captivated by the way he narrates the settings It was as if I was there feasting upon the beauty of Indonesia the mountains, the sunsets, everything Definitely a recommended book for classic literature lovers. This book is definitely a legend I have been hearing so much about this book Production have been making this story into theatre performance for so many times Reviews were practically everywhere The book itself has been re write, re published many times Some said that the story impersonates The Titanic, but the story wasn t about a sinking ship It s all about a sinking relationship The Van Der Wijck ship was just a closure.TWO WRONGS WILL NEVER MAKE A RIGHT.This is definitely a great story of how 2 different social status impacted a pure relationship A great story of showing no matter how pure one s love is, it won t work when the other one is just looking at the others opinion and wealth.HAMKA wrote this story amazingly He is very detailed It was beautiful His little details on how he describe the Kota Mengkasar in the evening, how detailed he was about Zainuddin and Hayatis letters The story was not about a sinking ship It is a story about a sinking relationship being blind by wealth and social status The ship was the closure. great novel in the end. first time I read this, I feel bored by the long letters written by the two person Zainudin Hayati I also hate the character of the man, that I thought was too mellow weak But when I read the last chapter, in my wet cheek soaked eyes, I finally realized the message that Hamka tried to tell, about the development process of a naive man s mind to a grown up revengeful man Again, it s a story about someone s ego that destroy his happiness Hamka also successful in describing the trend of the society in that era, the bad things that caused by the feodal system etc This is a great novel I ve readthan 5 times, but still crying whenever I got into the last chaptershuhuhu ( DOWNLOAD EPUB ) ♂ Tenggelamnya kapal Van der Wijck ♿ Cerita Ini Berkisar Tentang Semangat Juang Zainuddin, Bagaimana Merana Dan Melaratnya Hidup Zainuddin Setelah Cintanya Ditolak Oleh Keluarga Hayati Kemudian Beliau Bangun Semula Dari Segala Kedukaan, Membuka Lembaran Baru Dalam Hidupnya Menjadi Seorang Penulis Yang Ternama Dan Berjaya Ia Menceritakan Tentang Kesetiaan, Cinta Dan Kasihnya Zainuddin Terhadap Hayati Meski Hayati Sudah Berkahwin Tetapi Sebaik Mendapat Tahu Tentang Kesusahan Yang Dihadapi Hayati, Lantaran Suaminya Yang Suka Berpoya Poya Serta Tidak Bertanggung Jawab, Zainuddin Terus Membantu Tanpa Ada Dendam Dan Benci Sesungguhnya Cinta Yang Suci Itu Akan Terus Mekar Di Dalam Hati Hingga Ke Hujung Nyawa Begitulah Jua Cinta Antara Zainuddin Dan HayatiSumber Laman Web KKUM Forbidden love It hurts so much by reading it Betul lah orang kata right person but wrong timing In my opinion, like most other old literature, Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck also takes a classic theme, namely the love story between a pair of young couple Gulf between them is still around issues of wealth and indigenous and does not get the blessing of parents However, Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah or often called HAMKA packed love story in its own way which ultimately has its own power for this long literary work I like reading this work brought back into the past This work also reminds me of the time a period in junior high Because while junior end of each lesson Indonesian or when my friends and was bored, my teacher always told the story being serialized Zainuddin and Hayati So every Indonesian lessons we always look forward to the continuation of the story about Zainuddin and Hayati. Finished this in 1 day So many messages we can get from this story I can re read this and still not get bored. My first impression was This book probably talks about war Indonesia against the Dutch But I was wrong The love story between Zainuddin and Hayati is way better than Titanic. The romance part is not the precedence of my choice to read this book I was interested in how Hamka criticized the Minang tradition and the subservient role of women as portrayed in this book His eloquent narrative style is also one of the factors as to why I enjoyed reading this book very much The feels seep into me, the reader But it s not enough to make me cry toward the end It s not Hamka s fault, it s me Overall, this is a book that is rich with the description of the Minang society and the emotional narrative Go grab or borrow a copy