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~Read Book ♶ Princess Mia ⚖ A Princess On Her OwnMia Has Been Invited To Speak At A Gala For Domina Rei, An Elite Society Of Powerful Businesswomen But What Could She Possibly Have To Say Now That Michael Has Broken Things Off, Mia Can Barely Get Out Of Bed, And Her Parents Are Making Her See A Therapist School, Where Lilly Still Refuses To Speak To Her And Lana Suddenly Wants To Be Bff, Is A Total Nightmare Even JP S Efforts To Cheer Mia Up He S Being Really Sweet Aren T Helping What S A Royal To Do Just When Things Couldn T Get Worse, Mia Uncovers An Old Family Secret, A Long Forgotten Diary Of A Teenage Princess Of Genovia It Could Be Just The Thing To Help Mia Write Her Speech But It Might Also Change The Fate Of The Renaldos Forever Hmmm.This book was fighting a losing battle against itself.What do I mean by that I guess just that parts of it were great other parts made me want to barf Which, for me, makes it a typical Meg Cabot experience I feel like we re destined to not click, Meg and I.The GreatMaybe it s just that I ve read so many of Mia s diaries, but these characters are starting to find a place in my heart Especially Tina and Boris Bless their hearts Lilly, too, is starting to feel like a real person but I don t want to bless her heart I really liked the semi plot twist toward the end For those of you who ve read the series or just don t care about spoilers view spoiler Genovia is now a constitutional monarchy Alright hide spoiler OMG only one book left until royal weddingThis is my favorite book so far in this seriesGlad that Mia took a right decision on her own..She has grown up to make wise decisions after all. More princess stuff YES I really enjoyed this one and got choked up a few times as well Very interested to see where the story is headed On to book ten So Good Not sure if I m on board with the bomb Mia throw at the end. Ooh, look, I have a review for this one This is a strong book in the series Mia really grows up here and starts takingresponsibility for her actions And I liked her realizing that she SHOULDN T write Michael, begging himto take her back.I love the way her friends I m not including Lilly in that are so supportive of her I love the scene view spoiler when everyone, including Lana and Trisha, come up to her after Mia after Lilly blows up at her And Boris Such a good friend hide spoiler Okay, I have to say it was not her best My favorite part was when Michael finally emailed her I have to say that I really just didn t like how she agreed with Michael about breaking up I expected him to come back, or take her abck, in this book I have to say it was a let down for me I hope Michael comes back, I liked him. Shout out to Mia for FINALLY making positive decisions that don t just center around herself Can t wait to for her to finally pull her head out of her ass ALSO OMG ONLY ONE BOOK LEFT UNTIL I CAN READ THE ROYAL WEDDING SQUEEEEEEEE 3.5 stars So close to finishing the main series and reading Royal Wedding So excited Mia is finally growing up and I just love her.