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~Download Pdf ♧ Transcendence ♬ When A Visit To The Tower Of London Triggers An Overwhelmingly Real Vision Of A Beheading That Occurred Centuries Before, Cole Ryan Fears She Is Losing Her Mind A Mysterious Boy, Griffon Hall, Comes To Her Aid, But The Intensity Of Their Immediate Connection Seems To Open The Floodgate Of Memories Even WiderAs Their Feelings Grow, Griffon Reveals Their Common Bond As Members Of The Akhet An Elite Group Of People Who Can Remember Past Lives And Use Their Collected Wisdom For The Good Of The World But Not All Akhet Are Altruistic, And A Rogue Is After Cole To Avenge Their Shared Past Now In Extreme Danger, Cole Must Piece Together Clues From Many Lifetimes What She Finds Could Ruin Her Chance At A Future With Griffon, But Risking His Love May Be The Only Way To Save Them BothFull Of Danger, Romance, And Intrigue, Transcendence Breathes New Life Into A Perpetually Fascinating Question What Would You Do With Another Life To Live This novel has an interesting paranormal concept that plays out in a disconnected, melodramatic plot with forgettable characters It may appeal to younger teens who still love vampire stories, or are bored of vampire stories but still want that romance between beings with eternal life thing It may also interest readers interested in the concept of reincarnation.San Francisco high school student and cello prodigy Cole Ryan is visiting the Tower of London during summer vacation when she is overcome by an intense first person vision of an Elizabethan era beheading on the spot she is standing As she starts to lose consciousness a handsome teen who coincidentally lives in Berkeley, CA swoops in and prevents her from swooning to the ground Later Cole and Griffon reconnect in the Bay Area and he eventually explains to Cole that they are both Akhet , people who remember all their past lives Akhet are supposed to use their accumulate lifetimes of knowledge to do good in the world, but as Cole begins to be dangerously aware, some Akhet are rogue and spend their current lives seeking revenge for harm done in past lives Throughout the book Cole struggles to accept that she is an Akhet, to negotiate her romantic feelings for Griffon, and to avoid conflict with rogue Akhet who blame her for a past tragedy.Despite its cool premise, both the concept and the plot have way too many holes For example, none of the Akhet know how or why they are reborn and can retain their memories, or why it takes awhile for Akhet to regain their memories or why other regular people never remember their past lives Perhaps the author wanted there to be a spiritual mystery instead of hard and fast reasons just like in real life This is a fair narrative choice, but it does feel like a bit of a cheat.There are also a lot of plot holes and lazy plot construction the most glaring example is Griffon s maddening behavior of telling Cole, I can t explain right now anytime she is confused about why she is having flashbacks of the past or wants to knowabout why he is rushing off somewhere It also takes far too long for Cole to find out she is Akhet, which is frustrating since the book jacket lets us know what the deal is up front, which makes Griffon s evasiveness evenirritating.This book has a bit of a Twilight feel because of the similarities between Akhet and vampires for both there is eternal life and the irony of being one age in body and another in one s mind and life experience At one point Griffon tells Cole that he feels it s kind of creepy to look seventeen but be to actually be hundreds of years old when he is flirting with high school girls And like Edward in Twilight, Griffon is in the protective perhaps overly protective role while Cole takes on Bella s damsel in distress role.In general, none of the characters were all that interesting or memorable, which is disappointing because Akhet are supposed to be so special and almost like superheroes, but in the book their role as do gooders comes off vague at best.It is certainly great that the lead romantic male is of mixed race origins, and that the cover does not attempt to whitewash his ethnicity, and it is also great that the writing is clean enough for younger teens to enjoy But readers who are beyond Twilight like plotting and characters may give this one a pass For those who do enjoy this book, a sequel is planned for 2013. Transcendence is the kind of book that hits my sweet spot It s based in reality but an enhanced reality, a magical reality It s here and now but with a fun twist reincarnation I really loved the way C J Omololu weaved the snippets of memory of Cole s past lives into the narrative The flow was smooth and I always felt as though I was right there with her The overall writing is fabulous I love good writing where I might think, Wow, I love how she put that, without being yanked out of the story by showy writing I hate when the author is too present in a book Transcendence DOES NOT have that problem at all This is also true in Ms Omololu s first novel, Dirty Little Secrets She s a wonderful writer Probably my favorite things about this book is the little peek we get into the underground world of the Sekhem, an organized group of Akhet people who remember their past lives who use their ability to help mankind We just get a hint of it this time around, b c this story is an introduction for the character into that world, but I just know hope that we ll getinto it in the next book Ooooooo, I can t wait.My only complaint with this book is that I m done with it and now have to wait for the second one. Initial reaction Transcendence had many elements that intrigued me mystery, suspense, romance, loose ties to Egyptian lore, a decent time travel story, and nice characterization It does start a little sluggish with setting the pieces and people in the story in place, but once the story finds its stride, it doesn t let go I really enjoyed the relationship between Cole and Griffon.Full review Transcendence is one of the stronger YA fantasy time travel stories I ve read in a while Granted, it s not a pitch perfect story it has a fair share of times where it stumbles along with its toggle between the past and present Yet, I think what makes this story so appealing are the characters, the loose parallels of Egyptian lore, and the overall intrigue of how the mysteries established come together.Nicole Cole is a young woman who travels to London with her elder sister Kat and begins to have distinct visions of a past which feels familiar, but out of reach During one of the spells she takes while watching a frightening scenario of the past, Cole s helped by Griffon, a boy who seems friendly but seems to suspect Cole of her ability.As luck would have it, the two meet again in Cole s hometown and things becomecomplex thethat Cole sees Griffon The visions becomevivid frequent, and Griffon seems to be the only one with the answers that Cole needs The two become close as they learn about each other and discover that Cole s visions are of the past of her reincarnated past as an Akhet Those visions are pieces of a greater puzzle that will lead Cole looking for the answers, because they may be a stand against the danger that s facing both Cole and Griffon to their relationship and their lives.I think the biggest aspect I enjoyed about this novel were the characters and how they interacted Well done to Omololu for creating a racially diverse cast of characters that are rounded and realistic for what the story shows Cole s a good protagonist to follow she s inquisitive and while she does tend to stumble a bit in her pursuits, I think overall she stands well in telling her story and not being a damsel in distress like a lot of YA heroines tend to be Griffon is very sweet, a friend to and coming to the defense of Cole, though he carries some heavy secrets of his own I liked him a lot Cole and Griffon s developing relationship is genuine and natural in its progression.It is a fun journey to see some of what the Akhet s roles are and what their abilities lend It s lightly drawn, but the worldbuilding lore is enough to provide intrigue for the realm it establishes I think it took a little while for the story to build up to the point where it hit the ground running and steamrolled to the end Some might find the historical flashbacks jarring at first because of the particular characters and shifting, but it evens out as the story goes along, and makes sense as the pieces are put together in the Akhet s lives I didn t see one significant twist coming towards the end and that I thought was well portrayed for what it was The tension towards the end was well played, and brought to a satisfying conclusion that manages to tie the major threads the story establishes, though admittedly there were a few things I would ve liked to see evened out and perhaps had a littleconnection to the characters that were shown in the flashbacks.Overall, Transcendence is a refreshing YA fantasy time travel story with elements of mystery, suspense, and romance that s an engrossing read I m definitely looking forward to seeing where the author takes the sequel when it comes out next year 2013.Overall score 4 5Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Bloomsbury Walker Books for Young Readers. At first I wasn t sure what to think, I was sucked in but started to dislike Griffon pretty much right away I thought this book had the making of a beautiful disaster, but yet again, I was wrong This book is beautiful, but certainly not a disaster After Griffon comes clean, there was no way to not like him He is totally lovable.Cole is confused, pretty much throughout the entire book, and I don t blame her Just when you think you know what is going on, you, the reader, are left evenconfused and unsure of who is the bad guy in the story Even at the end, I am still confused, there was one sentence, one glimpse of another Akhet recognizing Cole that is never explained or brought up again, and I want to know who he is was in a past life ugh That has left me so frustrated But anyhow, Transcendence is fast paced and you keep learning new things about all the characters pretty quickly There is a nice mix of romance and action There are enough things left open that if the author wanted to write another book, which I am pretty sure she did according to her goodreads page, thenthings can be cleared up If you only read this book, there is closure and a conclusion it is not a cliff hanger ending.I highly recommend this book to teens and YA There is no sex or even alluding to sex, even though there is romance There is some violence, since part of the story involves fighting a bad guy, but it is nothing gory This is a nice clean YA book, something that is hard to come by nowadays Parents and teachers should feel ok recommending this book to kids, unless you have a problem with the paranormal genre If you are Christian, this may not be a good one to recommend since the idea of the plot is that some humans are reincarnated over and over and will eventually remember their past lives I am Christian and would not have a problem with my kids reading this as long as I felt they would not get confused about their beliefs, this is just a story anyways.I received this book as an ARC I do not get paid to review books I do so in order to assist you in recognizing books that you might enjoy and also to assist parents and teachers in recommending appropriate books for your kids to read.Please readof my reviews on my blog sarahereads dot wordpress dot com While on a vacation visit to the Tower of London, high school junior and cello prodigy, Cole Nicole Ryan experiences a waking dream, a hallucination in which she is not an observer, but a participant She finds herself to be a young woman in 1538 about to be executed within the walls of the tower grounds When Cole comes to, dizzy and disoriented among the many tourists, Griffon, a young fellow American also from San Francisco, comes to her aid He later provides the initially incredulous Cole with explanations for her increasingly frequent hallucinations of different times, places, and identities She, like Griffin himself, is an Akhet one who has lived many times before and can actually recall and utilize knowledge from past existences Because these memories come only in bits and pieces at first, Cole s understanding of past events is limited, complicating her present incarnation Most Akhet use their experiences to aid the world upon return, says Griffon, but there are also vengeful rogue Akhet Nicole s cello student, Veronique, may be one of these, seeking retribution for wrongs done in another time when both young women were musicians Most of the book revolves around Cole s struggle to clarify her past connections to Veronique and Griffon, neither of whom is quite what they ve led her to believe.Transcendence, a fluffy paranormal romance told completely in the first person, may entertain fans of The Twilight Series who are looking for something a little different The premise of Transcendence is interesting, but Cole s past lives provided in italicized flashbacks are not fleshed out or compelling enough to sustain real engagement Unfortunately, the author has chosen to have the bulk of the plot revolve around the past life rivalry of two musicians, rather than thedramatic sixteenth century past life which Cole gets inklings of when visiting London Overwritten to the point of melodrama, the romance itself is also unsatisfying There are just too many rivers of tears streaming down cheeks, intense kisses, and references to Griffon s intoxicating earthy smell for the love story to be genuinely affecting Cole, an initially interesting and gifted young woman, becomes in the end only a melodramatic stock figure, too quick to abandon her music for love Griffon, supposedly a member of an elite group of Akhet who use past life knowledge to address world problems, is sadly under tasked in his role as rescuer of the damsel in distress Secondary characters in the book are similarly wooden and stereotypical from the cheerful and accommodating best friend to the over invested mother of the prodigy.Having read Omololu s earlier compelling Dirty Little Secrets which focused on the gritty life of a hoarder s child, I was expecting somethingfrom her here say, for example, a novelistic speculation on what romantic love might be like if one brought the wisdom of past lives to it While younger teen girls may enjoy this rather formulaic offering, older discriminating teen readers will find that in the end Transcendence is unable to transcend its limited plot and characters.I thank the publisher and net galley for providing me with a pre publication copy of this book. So i won this book for free through the giveaways here on goodreads I had never heard of the author before so I had not idea what to expect But boy i wasnt disappointed The plot of the story was wonderful The way it was played out made sense but also kept you wondering and interested The romance between Cole and Griffon was beautiful, how they just seemed to click It was a different type of story, fresh and new, which is what I liked so much about it I think that in some parts it should have elaboratedon the snipets of past lives that Cole was seeing just to give usof a look into what was happening I am also very curious to see where this whole thing with Drew goes too I hope that it gets elaborated on and we get to see the story behind it Besides Griffon and Cole who I loved One of my favorite characters was Rayne She was quirky, different and funny Shows that it is always nice to have a friend that actually understands or at least pretends to Now Cole she was a very gifted Cellist, but always wondered why it seemed to natural to her Why she was seeing these things all a sudden She thought she was going crazy But through everything she tried to keep a level head and do it on her own A very good female lead Then Griffon comes along, all strong, smart, knowing how to help and falling in love with her He was a sweet character By reading you could somehow feel how much he cared for her He was also very protective and just wanted them both to be safe Over all I loved the book I personally can not wait until the sequel comes out, as I will for sure be buying it I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley.This is a fantastic book I m so glad it s got a sequel because I definitely wantof Griffon and Cole I was hooked from the first chapter that describes Cole and her sister Kat on a Spring Break trip to London That s where Cole starts having disturbing visions and she meets Griffon for the first time.When she returns home to San Francisco and the visions continues, Cole thinks she s going crazy She reconnects with Griffon and he helps her to understand what is going on with her The evolution of Cole s understanding and acceptance of who she is as an Akhet was perfectly paced She was of course shocked and skeptical but grew to trust Griffon and his explanation Through this their relationship progressed That was also done flawlessly, with Cole having to overcome her own normal teenage insecurities to pursue a relationship with this unique guy.The rogue Akhet storyline was good but one that I figured out early on Although there weren t any shocking surprises, I was still riveted and anxiously awaited the final resolution.A chance meeting between Cole and one of her sister s co workers sets the stage for book two Thankfully this one doesn t end on a cliff hanger but I am excited to see how this latest plot wrinkle will be explored in next year s book, Fated.This is an exciting new series and I m excited to readfrom C.J Omololu A captivating storyline with plenty of romance, mystery, historical references, suspense and reincarnation Transcendence introduces readers to an incredible world, fascinating characters and a unique story line I ve not read a lot of YA books that tackle reincarnation, and I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed C.J s story I found it to be an incredibly intriguing, fun read I didn t think this would be a story that I would get as swept up in as I did, and I really enjoyed it Being a fan of history, I loved the way past connects the characters now days Their ties to each other, and glimpses into various moments into the past lives of Cole was well written, and interesting There s a part of me that thinks it would be awesome to be able to remember past lives, and to have been alive during key events during history, than there s another part of me that feels that it would be daunting to remember all those lives, similar to how Cole first felt when she came into her powers Cole, also known as Nicole was a fun character to get to know I felt like I understood her freaking out over the various flashbacks she has, though she has no idea why she s having them at first and why Theglimpses I got, theI wanted to know what her past lives The other character I adored, who also shares the spotlight with Cole is Griffon This boy doesn t just hold secrets into Cole s past lives, but he s that perfect gentleman who s always been a part of Cole s lives I loved that while there was an immediate attraction and connect felt, which made perfect sense, there was a well paced build up to the romance the develops between the two Griffon is so patient with Cole, and he does everything he can to help her grow into her powers and accept what she is and what she can do I loved seeing how Cole was able to start trusting in him as well as fall in love with him Griffon has always played a big role in Cole s lives, and I loved the role he played now.Another thing I liked about this story is the way C.J explains how reincarnation would effect a person now days She created a realistic back story and made her book s reincarnation creditable with the history behind what Cole and Griffon are They are what the Egyptian called Akhet s, meaning a people who can remember past lives they have lived before that can span hundreds to thousands of years While both Cole and Griffon are both teens now, in past lives they could be different ages She made it feelrealistic with knowing they would have relatives who are still around, despite the ages of some of the characters C.J s vivid world building and writing was well paced, and really brought her story to life by giving it that realistic touch Her descriptions, and her reasoning for why things happen was well executed and one of things that made this book so enjoyable for me. Review What were my expectations of this book Hmm I thought it sounded interesting enough and I figured I would enjoy it but never did I think I would end up liking the book so much.From the first page, I was hooked I could hardly believe it myself as I looked down and realized I finished the book in a matter of a few hours but it was just that good Everything about the book from the characters, details, even the little things they said had me smiling and eagerly reading on Another cool factor about this book was the flashback from previous lives Cole kept having throughout the book I ve always been fascinated by reincarnation and honestly I m kind of a believer in it I mean, how cool is it to think that you were maybe a queen or rich in a previous life The best part A great love story I loved the relationship between Cole Griffon it was realistic and didn t feel forced or fake at all Yes they did know each other for a short amount of time and the fact that he ironically lived closed to her back in the U.S was a little non realistic but it almost seems normal and natural in the book Transcendence is a must read for everyone, especially if you re looking for something fresh and a great love story.